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Car Shipping Pros 
1201 S Lejeune Rd
Miami, FL 33134
Phone Number:1-888-389-9927
Secondary Phone Number:616-622-4899
Time On Site:3 Years, 5 Months. Since 9/30/2012
FMCSA Licensing:
Common CarrierNone
Contract CarrierNone
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Company Type:
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With Car Shipping Pros, you have the best guarantee we can secure some of the most reasonable rates based on the amount of cars we move a month! Is that simple. Our 40k LIKES ON FACEBOOK from previous repeat shippers show you we are #1 in this industry and we have the largest carrier network nationwide so odds are we probably have a truck near your demographic region today! Call 888-389-9927 and we will check your route for you and give you our most attractive auto shipping quote!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Think the lowest price is the best option? Did you know lower rated carriers with older trucks are the ones that will be interested in that low price? Older trucks = more probability of break downs and damage = delays and higher costs in rental car fees. The lowest prices are issued by desperate companies with the lowest ratings. Still think price is the same as value? Think again. We here at Car Shipping Pros price competitively to ship within a 72 hr window. Route Specialists standing by to answer all of your logistics and scheduling questions Mon-Fri 9-7 Sat 10-6 Sun 12-4 Email 24-7 - We price to ship so you have the peace of mind you will not be left stranded waiting to be picked up or even worse have to incur rental car fees due to delays in delivery.We also provide enclosed shipping for collectibles and high end beauties RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE to ensure you catch that flight at competitive rates******************* AAA specials, military rebates, senior citizen and AARP discounts******************* Join the 40k people who LIKE our Facebook page at : Stay up to date with monthly auto shipping promotions Never pay a dime at the time you start the process and book your reservation with us! Stay in the driver's seat, always empowered with Car Shipping Pros and avoid all the shenanigans you hear about in the auto shipping industry. The never leave a man behind approach guarantees you will have your vehicle picked up REGARDLESS what difficulty rating your route is tagged with!! Door to door service for your convenience. Call today 1-888-389-9927 We are AAA recommended ,5 stars across the board REAL REVIEWS from REAL clients on here ======================================================================================================================= See our state of the art trucks we use for auto transport at to view our beautiful gallery of previously shipped vehicles. Car Carriers used are on the site. For military auto shipping visit ====================================================================================================================================================== Never require any up front deposits or fees prior to assignment of a pick up date and we solely specialize in our exclusive door to door service. Book today without paying a dime so you are fully protected. The same carrier you're going to hand your keys over to, is the same one delivering at your front door at the final destination. We certainly can accommodate last minute moves and do cater to the brave men and women who we owe our freedom to, our military. We work closely with the United States Marine Corps as well as other branches of the military, providing a smooth, hassle free move during deployment or leave. Wonderful discounts with military ID. Visit : ====================================================================================================================================================== No gimmicks or games just the straight forward, honest approach you deserve so very much as a paying consumer. Call 1-888-389-9927 to experience the Car Shipping Pros difference today. Remember 80 percent of the time the first company consumers choose does NOT get the job done. Fall in the 10 percent that gets it right the first time and call us today! ====================================================================================================================================================== We offer reasonable prices while always valuing the safety of your vehicle while ensuring it is promptly delivered. Typically a quarter of a million dollar in insurance coverage is included. ====================================================================================================================================================== Highly trained logistics specialists at Car Shipping Pros standing by to offer you a free, no obligation auto shipping quote at: 1-888-389-9927 OPEN MON-FRI 9am-7pm EST SAT 10am-6pm EST Facebook page has car carrier pictures utilized in auto transport. Join the 40k to LIKE US and receive special shipping deals, discounts, and monthly promotions
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    Car Shipping Pros reports that they have an average of 5010 customers per year. Currently, this site has 11 reviews posted by individual customers for the past 365 days. So approximately 0.22% of Car Shipping Pros customers have posted a review.

    This means that 99.78% percent of their customerís opinions are not represented on this site.
    Subject: Service
    Review:I am very pleased with Car Shipping Pros. My local (Florida) car shipment was swiftly & professionally done. Thank you for the wonderful service! [ View ]
    Poster:janet ferro
    Date:11/12/2015 3:28:00 AM
    Subject: Excellent Services
    Review:They were the first one to call me for quote. The sales person Tammi was great to answer all my queries with full patience. They have tied up with excellent car carriers - Z Promotion LLC. The driver Greg is a great person to deal with. My 2 cars wer... [ More ]
    Date:10/25/2015 4:59:00 PM
    Subject: car arrived safly and
    Review:I had my car picked up in WA and shipped to FL. Car shipping pros were excellent at explaning the whole process for me since this was my first time shipping. They gave me a great rate $1050 and my car arrived safely in FL , thank you Leo, you were gr... [ More ]
    Response:Rob please whenever you ship again when you return to your mothers house please call us you know we will get you done again at a reasonable rate of course and safely as safety comes first! The carrier transporting this was amazing too so we are happy to see it was a terrific fit! [ view ]
    Poster:rob This reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:7/13/2015 2:29:00 PM
    Subject: No complaints they did right by me
    Review:I had gotten a $900 rate and Car Shipping Pros was able to transport my vehicle for $100 less. They found me a ca err tier within a few hours of me calling and picked up my vehicle on time and delivered it on time. Justin was my rep and he did a grea... [ More ]
    Response:Justin is one of our best so thank you again sir for shipping with us. Next time use Leonard he is named just like you and he actually works for us LOL We believe in giving every rep we have a shot so thank you for taking the time to write this amazing review. These reviews are so important because they let future shippers know we mean business each and every time so THANK YOU SIR! Any auto shipping quote requests please go to =================================================================================military go to rates senior citizen rates student discounts and of course active retired military rates========================================================================================= [ view ]
    Date:7/13/2015 2:27:00 PM
    Subject: Great job!
    Review:Justin did a great job for me and explained everything very well on the first initial phone call! Thank you so much man had a great experience! He helped set up my sons F-150 get shipped was super cool and explained everything and he kept in contact ... [ More ]
    Response:Justin we thank you so much for writing a wonderful review about our company. WE DO work VERY VERY hard to make EVERY shipment a successful one however we also like to let shippers know listen there are variables liek weather delays that no company can control and weight station delays and of course blow outs flat tires during hot summer months increase causing drivers to be delayed at delivery. 9 times out of 10 these variables do not happen but again we always like to be transparent so folks remain open minded about delivery date windows. If you wish to get a free no obligation quote call 1-888-389-9927 Justin is extension 106 and he works with military personnel too! [ view ]
    Date:7/13/2015 1:40:00 PM
    Subject: Terrible customer service
    Review:I don't usually write reviews, but as they say a good experience may not be spread as much but a bad one will. It start back in new Jersey, where I generaly go to visit my sister. I happened to find a car which I liked on the second last day of my jo... [ More ]
    Response:Thank goodness these previous reviewers all were kind enough to share their great experiences with the world in a positive fashion! Mr. Shardul Mehta, we got you officially assigned to a truck going 3 thousand miles for $200 less then the $1400 going rate. We applied AAA and monthly discount promo codes to drop the rate and get you out bare skin and bones. So I ask again sir , what exactly did we do wrong here? Mr. Mehta this is America where profitable organizations make a profit yes and charge their corresponding fees sir. God Bless America! We are capitalistic by nature and companies in the auto shipping industry like us specialize in car shipping not free shippings. Also when you say deal with this company. Carriers simply can not afford to deal one on one with private loads sir as the level of customer service they would have would be simply unbearable for them driving and all. So yes brokers deal with private loads like yours and we work with our team of drivers. Anyone contacting this carrier company will in fact be forwarded and relayed to us as they prefer to deal directly with bulk dealership loads. We also are not a taxi service which is clearly what you demanded the carrier and us both provide for free of course after you continuously hounded the carrier to drop his fee which of course he would not, AFTER you signed a legally binding contract you agreed to? The carrier demanded the $200 fee before even accepting this load because he wanted a guarantee your car would be there after you made it crystal clear you would shop around until the end not seriously committing to any shipper at all. He clearly did not feel he would go pick up a car that was possibly not there. With rising fuel costs and insurance costs these carriers have a right to protect themselves sir rightfully so. You purposefully gave us a zip code that was popular so we would dispatch it to a driver and then called back and proceeded to change the zip code to a much farther one again all part of the continuous absurd haggling techniques. Bottom line Shardul we are a rock solid company that works hand in hand with the federal government and the Marines and military. We follow a code of ethics and high standards we apply on EVERY load. However free transports we do not provide sir or free taxi service. We do provide an exclusive door to door service AS LONG AS THE 100 FT LONG CAR CARRIER CAN PHYSICALLY FIT ON THE ST OF THE DELIVERY AND PICK LOCATIONS. We in fact were very clear of this and we shared this with you verbatim. If anyone here knows us and has dealt with us they know we are a VERY TYPE A personality type of crew from the gals to the fellows that all make up our wonderful team sir. We are not perfect as we remain imperfect folks dealing in an imperfect industry with some times even the challenging ways of mother nature. One thing is for sure though, we work hard at what we do honestly. You got a steal sir not only a deal however the world for free is not within the scope of reason. [ view ]
    Poster:shardul mehta
    Date:6/19/2015 8:30:00 PM
    Subject: amazing as always
    Review:Listen America... these are my go to people! I started using them in 2013. I'm a car salesman yes, but I use them to transport my personal vehicles as well, since I'm on business across the country. Their driver network is as solid as they say. And i... [ More ]
    Response:David you know is reviews like these that truly let us know we are doing something right! Before I go on. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share with the world your great experience in auto shipping with car shipping pros! As you know being a car salesman Dave, mother nature NEVER likes to cooperate, weather delays do occur and that's neither here nor there and we do account for these variables when we diligently dispatch and assign folks to a truck for pick up. We always say listen allow about 3 days flexibility so we have these drivers we assign confirmed making sure they have the quality of insurance policy amounts we mandate here at car shipping pros and just cross our t's and dot our i's to the best of our ability so everything runs smoothly. And yes Tammi is amazing and extremely knowledgeable because ALL of our transport coordinators pass a 2 week classroom training course before they can even take 1 call! So everyone in our team is well prepared and competent because the last thing anyone needs is dealing with an incompetent rep arranging the transport of your 2nd most valuable possession - your automobile! ================Call 1-888-389-9927 for a free quote today and ask about our monthly specials running currently ================== [ view ]
    Poster:david cadet
    Date:5/31/2015 7:25:00 AM
    Subject: Car shipping pros
    Review:Sold one of our car and shipping it from FL to TX is a breeze with Car Shipping Pros. At first I was hesitant but their shipping consultant is very knowledgeable in explaining the process. Car buyer received the car in pristine condition, i would def... [ More ]
    Response:Florida to Texas auto shipping IS one of our specialty routes just as Fl to NY the back haul and California to Fl and the east coast at this time. Not to say we do not specialize in all 50 states of course we do however some popular routes in our agenda have trucks leaving weekly week in week out so assigning folks to one of our high quality state of the art trucks is a cinch! We are happy to hear the car buyer received his car in the same pristine condition the carriers picked it up in! This is the general rule on how 99 percent of ALL our shipments run- - - - SMOOTH! For a free auto shipping quote and to view pics of all the car haulers utilized in the past and now go to or call us at 1-888-389-9927 We are usually open until 7pm EST [ view ]
    Poster:Warren WestThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:5/25/2015 11:16:00 PM
    Subject: Terrific Car delivery
    Review:I was pleased when my mother gave me a call that the car I ordered from NY - FL arrived yesterday. She loved my present and she would also like to send her thanks to Car Shipping pros. They made my surprise possible! [ View ]
    Response:Well is always good Amy when our mothers give us cars!!!! LOL congrats ! And we are really appreciative we had the opportunity to actually serve you ma'am to your expectations! Ny to fl is like we stated previously one of our specialty routes yes. For a free quote call 1-888-389-9927 open sat as well 10am to 2pm is where you can glance at our state of the art car carrier pics used in the past to transport vehicles [ view ]
    Poster:Amy BakerThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:5/25/2015 3:56:00 PM
    Subject: Successful FL to WA shipping!
    Review:Car made it to WA in perfect condition. It's been great doing business with Car Shipping Pros. All transactions were done fast and stress-free. Communication was great from pickup to delivery. Thank you car shipping pros! [ View ]
    Response:The great state of Washington yes! I think is so important for companies to actually be friendly. compassionate and positive with the folks that bottom line pay our bills OUR SHIPPERS! A positive attitude goes along with great aptitude and capacity to do a terrific job when shipping vehicles. A lot of companies can offer you a low price in a 1980 truck that will be delayed weeks getting to its final destination and then ignore you ONCE YOU ARE ON A TRUCK! They wipe their hands clean and that is all she wrote but not us. We try to be as accommodating s possible and that to first time shippers is peace of mind - plain and simple! Call 1-888-389-9927 and ask for a free national auto shipping quote. Please ensure you say whether you are a senior citizen a student or an active or retired member of the military as these are ALL discounts we offer to keep costs low! Try car shipping pros you will be glad you did! [ view ]
    Poster:Linda FrittsThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:5/21/2015 4:18:00 PM
    Subject: Awesome Service
    Review:Thank you Car Shipping Pros. Just as promised, here's my review when I arrive in Japan. Car Shipping Pros did a great job in doing a rush delivery before I leave the country. Keep up the good work and a big thanks to the people behind this company! [ View ]
    Response:Beverly we know you are military always stationed internationally so THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU maam for taking your valuable time so others save theirs and just go straight to us when dealing and arranging their auto shipping needs! As always we specialize in direct door to door service and there is not a million unfavorable reviews from shippers saying how horrible we are . LOL so that is always a plus not solely on this website but others alike! [ view ]
    Poster:Beverly Dantonio
    Date:5/19/2015 9:08:00 PM
    Subject: I really liked these group of folks THANK YOU
    Review:So I called Car Shipping Pros and I too did my research and I was expecting a certain number of bad reviews on all companies but thats really expected when travelling at hotels with shipping companies etc. I really did feel comfortable speaking to th... [ More ]
    Response:We are very happy Maureen that you actually found us to be such a terrific company! We always strive for great customer service and shippers are not just a number for us they are our pride and joy and so is their car! Safety comes first with car shipping pros so we are grateful we could provide you with such amazing service- - - - - - - - - - - - for a free quote call 1-888-389-9927 - - - - - - [ view ]
    Poster:maureen This reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:12/26/2014 12:51:00 PM
    Subject: They Lost My $40,000 Vehicle!!! BEWARE!!
    Review:B E W A R E ! ! ! I did my research, got several quotes & chose these guys. They contracted the job out & my vehicle was picked up June 30, 2014. They lost contact with the driver & the load of several cars. They then denied responsib... [ More ]
    Response:Mr. Harris: We explained to you that the carrier companys insurance was the one handling the loss of your vehicle. This was the exception not the rule and we have no control of how much the insurance company states your car was actually worth (which as we both know was not $40k more like $10k) I understand there was a dispute between what you though your vehicle was worth and what it actually WAS worth but these insurawnce companies DO GO BY black book more then kbb. Especially since your vehicle was USED Fredrerick and not NEW. This IS and remains an important aspect of the evaluation and valuation of a vehicle. As far as us returning your funds that refund was not approved because our employees spent several weeks dealing with your mul;tiple phone calls you rightfully so had since you had questions and we remained happy to assist but those employees do need to be compensated. In our contract it stupulates once we render services and we deliver to you to the contract carrier the transaction is ended by that carrier since it was begun by us. The insurance policy on file was given to you and the reputation of the company even was also given to you so therefore we indeed in fact did our due dilgence from step 1, just like we promised. We do not deserve or warrant this review as we also helped you along the way with filing the claim with the contract carriers insurance company. WE REMAIN TOP 8 IN THE NATION FOR A REASON. And the insurance company has already made an offer to you you were not happy with. Contact Progressive. Write reviews on them and the contract carrier company. We did our job. And we held your hand thorughout the entire transaction as we never hid or ignored your calls. We do wish you the very best Mr. Harris and remember emotional value has very little to do with actual property value of your car. To your auto shipping success! :) [ view ]
    Poster:B. Harris
    Date:12/10/2014 3:27:00 PM
    Subject: Pleasantly Surprised
    Review:It was very nice. Thanks. The car was in great condition. There were a couple spots that I thought were new nicks, but turns out it was just some kind of adhesive that came off with rubbing compound. Car was otherwise very clean. Walter, the drop of... [ More ]
    Response:victoria thanks so much for your kind words. We honestly try to always pair up our 5 star rated truckers in our safety network with our shippers. This industry I suspect like in any industry, has variables as we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. Mother nature also never usually cooperates this is why we advise our clients to book with ample time to allow our drivers a 3 day pick up window and 3 days delivery window so all goes according to plan . Walter sis one of our gems! He has always been on time with pick ups and deliveries. =======================================================call 18883899927 for a free no obligation car shipping quote we are open dec 26 dec 29 dec 30 until 7pm and half day on new years day!=============================== [ view ]
    Poster:Victoria C
    Date:11/13/2014 3:55:00 PM
    Subject: Easy and painless auto shipping
    Review:What a happy surprise! We shipped a brand new Mini Cooper with great trepidation. Bettzy was reassuring and professional on the phone. Double bonus: she managed to find us a driver THE NEXT DAY. The car arrived in perfect shape. Price was right. ... [ More ]
    Response:Maggie thank you for taking 3 minutes to write such a wonderful review for Bettzy! She really is one of our prized gems! And yes we work fast in this case 24 hrs! We knew how much of a sense of urgency you had so time was of the essence! For quotes go to our website and get an instant quote at or check out our 31 thousand likes on facebook [ view ]
    Poster:Maggie Morrissey
    Date:8/11/2014 11:44:00 AM
    Subject: Wonderful Customer Service & Great first experince in Auto shipping....
    Review:This was my first time shipping my vehicle and I seen so many negative things about the auto shipping industry. I was so scared of possiable scams and other horror stories. But Bettzy at car shipping pros was wonderful. She anwsered all my questions ... [ More ]
    Response:Sophie thank you so much for all the awesome comments you mentioned about Bettzy. She is one of our best team members but everyone in all honesty at car shipping pros is knowledgeable and well trained so we overdeliver. AND WE DO CARE! UNLIKE SOME OTHER COMPANIES THAT LOCK YOU INTO A 10 DAY CONTRACT AND THEN TAKE YOUR MONEY FOR DEAR LIFE REGARDLESS IF THEY SHIP YOUR CAR OR NOT we always strive to do right by the shipper. Challenges do occur in this industry because we deal with mother nature, inclement weather, weight station delays, float tires you name it but we as an auto shipping company know that if we cross out Ts and dot our Is and earn shippers business from the get go, we have a fairer shot of the shipper having a fantastic experience! We are also Sophie the only company in the industry thats rock solid and our facebook likes of previous repeat shippers demonstrate it! Over 20k likes today! to get our best rate to ship your vehicle today! [ view ]
    Poster:SophieThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:7/30/2014 5:12:00 AM
    Subject: dishonest company, unrespectfull, asking extra money
    Review: Review: this company is a group of thieves, and dishonest, they arranged driver for me, during the delivery the Driver called me, threatening me over the phone asking for extra 100 $ or he will not deliver the car, don't deal with this company, Bet... [ More ]
    Response:Hassan I think we both know we earned the $100 we made off of your transport sir. We lowered our fee which is something we never do even after you made the decision of placing more then 200 lbs in the car visibly blocking the drivers visibility. When the driver who will get fined $500 minimum penalty arrived at your front door sir he instructed your mother to either unpack the belongings from the car or he would rightfully so charge $100 more which was a deal in itself as he was the one taking the risk and risking DOT shutting him down and inspecting his entire truck for drugs as this is the procedure that is done when they see belongings packed in cars that are not supposed to be there to begin with. When your mother was complying and removing the items you instantly called her and asked her NOT TO REMOVE A THING that you would pay the $100 cause after all you were a doctor. You then proceeded to call our company daily multiple times asking for $100 back which you were advised we do not work for free especially based on the bad decisions YOU YOURSELF MADE HASSAN. You had the opportunity to have you mother remove all belongings as she was doing or a portion of them as the carrier was even nice enough to allow some items but not the entire vehicle as we are a car moving company and not a household moving company. You neglected to act civilized with the driver on the line Hassan utilizing profanity and even mentioning at one point you were a doctor and didn't have to speak to a driver on the line cause that was beyond your socioeconomic category yet this review came in for $100? As we told you before and we will reiterate again, belongings in cars are allowed out of courtesy and not obligation and is ultimately up to the discretion of the driver and not us. We allowed a reasonable amount, you made the decision to take advantage of it and then were upset at your own decision when you were charged $100 at pick up. However the driver could have simply left and left your car for someone else to pick up but you instructed your mother to go ahead and repack the stuff. In the end we know as a corporation we can not simply please every single person. But dishonesty we are not on the contrary we remain one of the most well rounded companies with reasonable prices out there. Variables exist in any industry sir and unfortunately we deal with irrational minds that wish to take advantage of any situation to get a buck back. Our company has value and we rendered services as we always do not even charging up front to do right by the client so to this review I say: We always try to do the right thing. You should learn from our actions and take notes. Be well Hassan and understand at least in America, the world is not handed to you for free. All services have a price tagged to it. We offer the best value to every one of our valued and precious clients we serve. [ view ]
    Date:7/26/2014 7:24:00 PM
    Subject: AWFUL experience - AVOID GT Transport
    Review:The broker, Car Shipping Pros, was marginally acceptable (they tried to help, but not helpful - hence this review). The carrier, GT Transport, was AWFUL. Truck arrived with over $3000 damage and GT Transport refused to pay for it (said WE had to pa... [ More ]
    Response:Robin this case as we shared with you, was the exception and not the rule Robin as you know and you mentioned, these carriers we utilize day in day out are all part of our safety network of carriers, all with high credentials and rock solid ratings. This industry of ours has variables like life itself and when inclement weather for example happens, or truck repairs slows us down a little due to the carrier having to stop forcefully, or hydraulic systems don\t raise any more, we certainly don't hide or not answer the calls like we unfortunately hear some of the folks in these industry do. We face every challenge focusing on the solution every step of the way just like we did Robin on your deal. We were diligent and asked you for the bill of lading and when we received it it demonstrated you had signed off that the vehicles were delivered in the same acceptable condition they were picked up in **why the insurance company declined your claim because the bill of lading is the legally binding document that proves if there was damage or not. We instructed you to be present BOTH at the 5 point inspection at pick up Robin as well as delivery. This obviously was not done. If you would have been present or paying attention then you would have been present to notate on the bill of lading the alleged damages your vehicles had. We helped you in every step of the way with the insurance claim however please understand there is only so much we can do when the insurance companys adjusters themselves decline teh claim due to factual evidence demonstrating you released this carrier company from all liability when you signed off the cars were in great shape at delivery on that bill of lading with the 2 safety checks on it. Things happen in this industry and we arent ranked consistently top 10 auto shipping companies nationwide by being mediocre and dropping the ball. We deal with a third party and their insurance company and in thsi case a weak case at best. We are an auto shipping company and a darn great one but we are certainly not miracles workers when factual evidence proves otherwise. [ view ]
    Poster:Robin Sampsell
    Date:5/2/2014 4:03:00 PM

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