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Montway Auto Transport 
4740 N Cumberland Ave
Chicago, IL 60656
Phone Number:877-737-8988
Time On Site:7 Years, 0 Months. Since 7/26/2008
FMCSA Licensing:
Common CarrierNone
Contract CarrierActive
Broker None
Common CarrierNone
Contract CarrierNone
Broker Active
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Company Type:
Carrier / Broker
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Instant car shipping Rate CALCULATOR at WWW.MONTWAY.COM - Display your price quote in less then 10 seconds. No hassle , No phone calls , No personal information - just a simple, competitive price. Montway, Inc has a Carrier License ( owns a car carrier fleet ) and a Brokerage License to access pre-screened and approved car hauling fleets across the nation. One of the very few BBB Accredited car transporters - completely licensed, bonded and insured! Delivering your auto and peace of mind!
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    Montway Auto Transport reports that they have an average of 50000 customers per year. Currently, this site has 679 reviews posted by individual customers for the past 365 days. So approximately 1.36% of Montway Auto Transport customers have posted a review.

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    Subject: 2012 Focus
    Review:I called for a QUOTE to ship 2012 Focus from Orlando to Milwaukee . I was given a price of $ 750. Can we pick up car right now ? sure I said it was paid for When i booked I was reassured , No problem on the pick-up TIME Thats a regular ... [ More ]
    Response:Dear Russ Dohr, We are truly sorry to hear of this issue. It is imperative that customers have a clear understanding of the terms they accept when entering a contractual agreement. Our terms are publicly published on our website, disclosed prior and during booking, written in the customer agreement and within all communications thereafter. We want our customers to be clear on these terms so they can make any necessary personal arrangements. Our goal is to transport your vehicle, never to inconvenience our customers in any way. We do stand by all our quoted prices. An option was presented to you with a different carrier, which was at a different quote. You accepted the quote in writing and allowed us to proceed with the order. We always present customers with all available options and always try to work around the customer's arrangements and schedule. We would not have proceeded with this carrier option if you did not approve and accept the contract in writing. We understand your frustration and a resolution has been extended to you if you choose to accept it. Please contact us at 224-300-5393. We are the industry experts transporting over 6,000 vehicles a month and have a network of over 13,000 carriers. Montway is 100% dedicated to the customer and our service and care is unmatched! [ view ]
    Date:7/29/2015 4:28:00 PM
    Subject: Interior Damage on Delivery
    Review:After researching may carriers I settled on Montway. The did a good job of answering my questions and setting up the shipping with D&A Trucking of Philadelphia. At pickup time they were 2 hours late, and claimed the truck couldn't fit in my p... [ More ]
    Response:Dear Michael Reffler, We are really disheartened to hear of these issues. It seems that the carrier, D&A Trucking and their insurance company Essex Markel have denied your claim. Please know that we do not control the insurance companies, they have their own rules and regulations and to appeal their decision you can file with the State Department of Insurance and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, they have the upper hand on all insurance companies and can veto their decisions. D&A Trucking is still suspended due to your case and they can't take any loads ever again. They state they did not do the damage to your steering wheel and they do not perform interior inspection. Regardless of that, we have still suspended them. They can't do business with Montway. We also reported the issue to Central Dispatch, which is the national load board where all carriers and brokers interact, however they asked for proof the carrier caused the damage at which we failed because we have none, as you have provided us none. Their report is still pending for lack of documents. Montway never took possession of your vehicle, and we never damaged it either. Instead we helped you throughout and provided you valuable information for your claim as well as continued sanctions and negotiations with the carrier on your behalf. This review is more appropriate for D&A Trucking's profile page. We can only assist as far as your own proof goes. We don't have legal power to adjudicate against the carrier or their insurance company and collect the money from them. We have legal boundaries to abide by. We press business sanctions on the carrier to pressure them to come to terms with you. Even though we don't have prevailing proof we are still holding them responsible as we trust our customers, but that does not give us the legal right to take the money from them. In addition, you never sent us any documents or pictures regarding this case. We need your help (with proof and documents) so we can help you in return (with resolution). We can still attempt to negotiate resolution from the carrier if you please send us the required documents. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences you have faced with D&A Trucking and their insurance company, Essex Markel, however please recognize the fact that Montway did not take possession of your vehicle and did not damage it, but has only helped you with your claim from the very beginning, as you are our valued customer. It is only fair if you place the review for the company who actually damaged it or the company that denied your claim and not for Montway. Montway is 100% dedicated to the customer and our service and care is unmatched! Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to assisting you. [ view ]
    Date:7/27/2015 9:34:00 PM
    Subject: Car Transport from CT to TX
    Review:VERY happy with the way Montway handled everything from start to finish. I had never paid to have a car transported before and of course its a big expense. Lots of other companies played games with their quotes. Some had given me what they said was t... [ More ]
    Response:Dear Ann, Thank you so much for the fantastic review! We love to hear about our customers' experience. We strive for customer satisfaction so reading this just made our day :) Thank you! We have a team that only updates prices as the market changes and we always try to give our customers the best price that will get the job done as quickly as possible. We work with highly reputable carriers to ensure that our customers' vehicles are in safe hands. We go out of our way to make customers' requests happen. Montway is 100% dedicated to the customer and our service and care is unmatched! Thank you for choosing Montway, and looking forward to delivering your vehicle and peace of mind in the future as well! [ view ]
    Poster:Ann S
    Date:7/26/2015 6:41:00 PM
    Subject: DO NOT RECOMMEND!
    Review:The driver did not show up to pick-up my car. I called and called and called. He finally answered with "what, is your car damaged." He then "rescheduled" the pick-up...did not show up again. When he finally picked-up my vehicle, h... [ More ]
    Date:7/21/2015 8:40:00 PM
    Subject: Assessment of Montway
    Review:Overall great experience working with Montway. Dispatcher was very professional and helpful. Driver kept me informed of his time of arrival on both ends. He was concerned enough to advise me to remove Vette knockoff hubcaps and did it for me. I inten... [ More ]
    Response:Dear Ed, Thank you so much for the kind words. Our customers are our top priority and we do our best to provide them with great service. We are glad to hear that the carrier did an awesome job with taking care of your vehicle Montway tries to provide customers with affordable prices that will still get the transport done in time. We only work with the best carriers in the industry and our vetting process is thorough. Thank you for being a valued customer. Looking forward to service you in the future as well. Keep in mind we offer discounts for returning customers. Montway Inc [ view ]
    Poster:Ed CothranThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:7/14/2015 2:06:00 PM
    Subject: Extremely dishonest
    Review:I initially chose Montway because I was called by the manager and he told me at 2pm the car could be picked up within 2-4 hours. The car was not picked up until 1am from Anthony at l&s companies. Anthony was very nice and answered phone calls an... [ More ]
    Response:Montway makes our customer aware in advance of our door to door policy. This information is provided on our website as well at the time of booking and any communications thereafter. Carriers will pick up and delivery as close to the customer door as legally and safely as possible. Most carriers are operating with 18 wheeler 2 level trailers with 7 to 10 cars on them and the customer location may not be accessible to such auto haulers. There may be restrictions on the customer residence: too narrow roads, one way street, speedy bumps, weight restrictions, low hanging tress, bridge tolls, etc. that can prevent door to door service. For such cases the carrier will request the customer to meet at an accessible location. Please note all service dates are estimated, this is auto shipping standards and Montway does not have control over these factors. We try our best to be as accurate with our estimated service dates as possible providing customers with updates throughout the process via email and phone. Montway values the feedback of our customers we try to make sure each customer has an enjoyable experience. We did reach out to the customer to offer to make things right in hopes of settling the issue directly and addressing all of her concerns however the customer has not allowed us the chance to do so. We understand and respect her decision if there is anything we can do to fully address your concerns please contact our office 224-300-5393 [ view ]
    Poster:Liliana Crosta
    Date:7/8/2015 1:32:00 AM
    Subject: Looking for somedy to LIE to you and make you lose money?
    Review:We first contacted this company at the end of April to get the information before booking our transportation. After several contacts in which we were advised 1 - 5 business days to pick up and 7 - 10 to arrive, based on this and since we needed the c... [ More ]
    Response:Dear Celina Moreno and Eli Blatt, We are truly sorry to have lost your business. It is imperative that customers have a clear understanding of the terms they accept when entering a contractual agreement. Our terms are publicly published on our website, disclosed prior and during booking, written in the customer agreement and within all communications thereafter. We do not provide a 5 day window. We estimate assigning a carrier within 1 to 5 business days. Even though our estimations are highly accurate, just over 95%, we still inform customers we can only provide estimated dates. We want our customers to be clear on these terms so they can make any necessary personal arrangements. Our goal is to transport your vehicle, never to inconvenience our customers in any way. We estimate the dates for multiple reasons, reasons which impacts the entire transport industry. Traffic delays, detours, speed limits, weather delays, mandatory rest stops, pickup/delivery client availability delays, weight station checkups, police inspections, truck breakdowns, driver's health issues, are just some of the issues that cannot be anticipated. We understand this is potentially inconvenient for customers, so we combat that with information and keeping customers informed. Guaranteed pickup date service is also available, however at much higher cost to the customer. The additional fees for guaranteed pickup date service are customized for the specific vehicle size, weight, requested date - weekday vs. weekend day, pickup location - rural or city downtown vs. direct access to main route, etc. The additional fees are paid directly to the driver for his service to re-schedule all other pickups/drop-offs and ensure he makes it to the pickup location on the requested date. Unfortunately, you chose the economy shipping package, which only includes estimated dates. Regardless of that we had more than 10 agents dedicated working on this order and doing the impossible trying to accommodate the customer's request as well as provide him with exceptional customer support. We ship more than 1500 cars a week, we know how important dates are for customers, which is why we always advise them based on their budget and schedule of all possible options - expedited service vs having a backup person to release/accept the vehicle for you, etc. Montway is 100% dedicated to the customer and our service and care is unmatched! [ view ]
    Date:7/6/2015 9:26:00 PM
    Subject: Very happy
    Review:This was my first time using a transport service and I had some concerns, however the service was seamless as the car was picked up and delivered early with direct contact to the driver at all times. Job well done ! [ View ]
    Response:Dear Sven, Thank you for the nice review! We highly appreciate customer feedback, and it makes our day to hear customers are happy with our service! Thank you for sharing your experience with our fans! Looking forward to delivering your auto and peace of mind in the future as well. Montway Inc [ view ]
    Date:7/4/2015 12:33:00 PM
    Subject: great company!
    Review:Throughout the process they were in constant contact with me so I never had to worry where my beloved bus was! The driver went above and beyond to make sure that the vehicle was delivered right to my door. This was very tricky as I live across a ri... [ More ]
    Response:Melissa, than you for the fantastic review! Rivers and mountains won't stop us! We do everything we can to provide the best service possible. We have a team of expert dispatch and customer relations and our goal is to deliver you auto and peace of mind! We'd love to ship your bus in the future as well ;) Montway Inc [ view ]
    Poster:Melissa SelbyThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:7/3/2015 5:52:00 PM
    Subject: Transport
    Review:The vehicle picked-up in the 24 hour window given in WA. The truck broke down and I was alerted promptly about the delay. Delivery of the Vehicle in FL was arranged around my schedule. The driver was nice and easy to get in touch with by text.Overall... [ More ]
    Response:Dear Corinna, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. We love to hear from our customers. Issues do happen and the trucks can break as they are simply machines, but nevertheless, we do our best to manage every situation with professionalism and courtesy to our customers. Our top priority is to provide customers with the best service possible! Thank you for choosing Montway! [ view ]
    Poster:cglThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:7/1/2015 6:49:00 PM
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