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By ROGER V on RoadRunner Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
I can't believe how nice and competent Nick seemed at first. He seemed honest, gave me a good price, and although this is a pretty new small company, I decided to go with it. He quoted and guaranteed me $750 door to door verbally and in writing from California to New York. I needed to change my destination to NJ, and he said he could even do better than $750. I needed my car in NJ by May 26 to start a new job, and he guaranteed me it would arrive well before then. May 13 he calls me and rushes me to cough up $950 to transport my car. What about the $750 price guarantee? He then adds its +/- $100 from the quote price. Never mentioned this at all. Still $950 is $100 even above $850. He finally goes down to $900 and has the nerve to act like he's doing me a favor. He said that he would have to "re-list" and I wouldn't get my car in time. BS. At this point I'm screwed because I have no time to use another company, so I'm effectively forced into this jacked up price if I want to get my car and start my job in time. He guarantees me again I'll get it before May 26th. I reluctantly go ahead and hand over my car to Vista Logistics on May 15. May 23, 24, 25, 26 I call Nick and Vista. No responses from Nick until the 25th. Nick defers all responsibility to Vista and is completely useless and unsympathetic. No apology. No offer to compensate. Nothing. Vista is completely MIA until the 26th. I am incredibly stressed out as I'm being royally screwed right before I start a huge job. Morning of the 26th I have to pay $170 for cab to and from work. I'm late to my first day as the cab company is late. My team at work knows I'm late, and I'm off to a fantastic start for this huge job. Wonderful. This all would have been avoided if Nick and Vista were decent companies. After battling Nick and Vista I finally get my car on the 26th in the evening. They had the nerve to ask if I can get the car tomorrow. Pay another $170? No way Nick and Vista. Additionally, my car is in FILTHY CONDITION. ABSOLUTELY FILTHY. The towing company who delivered my car even said that it is filthy and he would complain about it without my asking. I haven't gotten any apology or anything from Nick or Vista. At this point they have ruined my first day at work and professional reputation, forced me to pay hundreds of extra dollars out of pocket, unnecessarily stressed me out, and worst of all, they don't care at all. I cannot give them a good review for what they have done to me. They will be hearing from my attorney very soon. As a customer- more like a victim- I strongly recommend to NOT go with Nick, Economical Auto Transport, or Vista Logistics. ...[More]
By Dean on Economical Auto Transport Inc. about 13 Hours Ago
BEWARE of this company and this individual. When he contacted me and gave me a quote, i stated I had a budget in mind and and he stated he could meet that price if i gave him time, so i gave him 3 weeks to which he could not provide the service. I previously shipped my car with Mercury Shipping who did an excellent job. This man is insistent and will do anything to get you to sign a contract and pay a deposit. It does not cost anything to find a driver, all they do is put in a request in a software called Dispatch and the first available driver that will ship your car for your price will accept it and then the DRIVER will contact you to make arrangements to pick up and deliver your car for the price YOU set. STAY AWAY from ALL WEATHER AUTO and NEVER pay a deposit. You pay the driver upon delivery. I will never use this company or refer them to anyone. The driver however was professional and courteous, Now that I have their company info that is who I will refer people to....[More]
By gerardo on All Weather Auto Transport about 16 Hours Ago
Bait switch bait switch. I had a long discussion with Sam prior to placing order. He assured me his quote was accurate. Said for a higher price he could guarantee immediate pickup but my car would ship in under a week. I agreed to $700 and gave a $100 deposit. I heard nothing for about five days, then received a voice message saying if I wanted my car moved there was a driver in the area who could pick up within the hour for $800. I wasn't ready to be there in a n hour nor did I want to pay $200 extra. I called Sam and again he assured me there was no problem but only a driver trying to fill his truck at the last minute. I reminded him of our agreement and what he said. About a week late I received a rather rude voice message. If you still want your car moved us back, driver wants $850. I didn't call back. So the gave the order to this driver anyway who called. We had a long conversation about these tactics and they were very nice. Since I had now waited almost two weeks I allowed them to pick it up. Since then I learned that there was a zero percent chance of that car shipping to Phoenix for under $900. So obviously Sam lied, his dispatch lied and they took my money not caring of the car actually shipped or not. Bad part is I had another carrier I wanted to use for $900, someone that obviously wasn't full of crap, but Sam had sweet talked my wife into this great deal. So my message to all. Avoid this company no matter what. Sam you're a liar. Not the money but the principle. I have money and also my integrity, not so much in your case....[More]
By Doug Kydd on Vantage Auto Movers about 17 Hours Ago
Believe the bad reviews!! Was quoted $400. It eventually went up to $575. They told me they would have the car picked up in 7-10 days. This company was quick to take a deposit. After I made the deposit I did not hear from them. Not even once. Every time I called they said "we should have someone to pick it soon." My 7-10 days quickly turned into over two weeks. They told me the reason my car wasn't picked up was because no one was traveling the route I needed. I called to cancel the pick up considering I had a flight scheduled for the following day. Just for shits and giggles I called another company (olde towne logistics) to see if I could have my car shipped. They had my car picked up that same day and shipped for $500. So much for no one traveling my route. Vantage auto movers quotes you a low price just so you'll make a deposit. Once you make your deposit they are done with you. Not to mention after you make your deposit good luck trying to speak with someone. I consistently got voicemails or someone telling me the person I needed to talk to was not in the office. Completely ridiculous. The Better Business Bureau really should shut this company down....[More]
By Haleyna on Vantage Auto Movers about 17 Hours Ago
I needed my car transported from NY to CA. Tod guaranteed me that he's got a driver to pick up my vehicle on 5/22/15 because it's a popular route. I put a $150 deposit, flew to NY to take care of this matter. On 5/22/15 I waited and NO driver came to pick up my vehicle. I called vantage auto to find out what's going on. I was informed that they are looking for a driver and if no one calls me for pick up by 2 PM call them back. I called them at 2:30 PM and they gave me the run around. Tod informed me that he finally found a driver but I have to meet him in NJ. Why do I have to drive to another state when the agreement was for my car to be picked up in NY. Tod told me to give him some time to find a driver to come down to NY. I was scheduled to fly back to Cali on 5/24/15 and still no driver for my car. Tod also told me to leave the keys to my car on the tire so when he finds a driver he can just pick up my car. Now this guy is basically putting my car out there to be stolen. That's STUPID of him to even give me that suggestion!!!! On 5/26/15 I'm finally back in Cali and spoke to Adam about my refund. He told me, "but you signed a contract with us?" Yes, I did but VANTAGE AUTO NEVER FULFILLED THERE PART OF THE CONTRACT! This company is full of LIES to lure you in to using their service. DON'T TRUST VANTAGE AUTO, DON'T FALL INTO TO THEIR LIES. Consider this as a WARNING!!!...[More]
By Cali on Vantage Auto Movers about 17 Hours Ago
Driver would only pick up and drop off near Interstate. Driver (Paul) lives in town near me. He parks truck near his house and delivers cars from there. His wife takes my car and follows him to drop off other car. She drove my car over 200 miles and left car empty. Had full tank when car picked up. Broker apologizes but company denies driver drove car. Beware of this outfit...[More]
By john pompea on carborg inc about 18 Hours Ago
DO NOT USE TRUCK IT TRANSPORTATION. THEY ARE CROOKS. I paid $1,500 to have my car delivered in 5 days. It took 15 days to be delivered. This ruined my family's move to a new city and my wife's new job. After over a week of lying to me about the arrival date, and yelling at me on the phone for continuing to check in on the status, my car finally arrived 10 days late with a big piece of metal hanging off under my engine. All they've offered me is a 10% discount. They are complete garbage....[More]
By Dustin on Truck It Transport Inc. about 18 Hours Ago
Response from Truck It Transport Inc.
Chris Cooper about 17 Hours Ago
We have been in constant communication with the customer regarding the carriers breakdown. Please feel free to review the actual carrier regarding any...[More]
I called and they gave me a quote which was acceptable. I was told they would pick my truck up in 1 to 7 days. After 4 to 5 times of being put off and 2 weeks go by, I told her that I was done and would do something else. A guy then called and told me he would try to solve the problem and would get back to me by 5 pm that day. More lies, that never happened. I finally had enough and bought a plane ticket and flew to Texas and drove the truck back to Iowa. I have never in my life ever been lied to and put off so much. Terrible experience and a lot of wasted time. The only thing this company is good at is making excuses and putting you off. One other funny thing is that the lady said there are no transports going to my part of the world and that same day I saw three transports in my town....[More]
By Mike Hansen on Cavalier Auto Transport about 21 Hours Ago
Response from Cavalier Auto Transport
Lauren about 20 Hours Ago
Mike we are sorry that you had this experience with our company. We worked hard on your order everyday and contacted you consistently with updates. I ...[More]
Went through uship and accepted Aria Auto Transport's quote. Talked to them several times over the last 2 weeks. Pickup was requested for 5/22. Talked to Aria on 5/20, 5/21, and 5/22 assuring me that they were going to pick up. Last discussion was on 5/22 at 12:34 p.m. PST where I was told they were still looking for a shipper. Called main number and emailed this morning 5/26 - ring no answer for the last hour....[More]
By RJOHNSON on Aria Auto Transport about 22 Hours Ago
They have accepted my order 5/14/2015 and promised to deliver a car by 5/29/2015 (~1000 miles). Since then ( 5/14/2015) I never heard from them, so after 12 days of waiting 5/26/2015 I've cancelled the order because they didn't follow their obligations. A lot of wasted time and vain expectations. They crashed my business plans. Awful, unreliable company and service. They use a free public e-mail and their phone is always on auto-responder. It looks like a single person that works remotely from home, not a company you may rely on. ...[More]
By Ben on Truck It Transport Inc. about 22 Hours Ago
Response from Truck It Transport Inc.
Chris Cooper about 21 Hours Ago
We ask all customers to read there greetings email/invoice email to ensure a smooth shipping process, this customer did cancel near the end of our est...[More]
Made agreement on 19 Feb for pickup of our classic mustang no later than 1 April. Communicated several times to verify no hitches in arrangements. It became clear on March 31 that Safeway was not going to deliver. So we arranged with another transporter for delivery. This cost me several days, and several hundred more dollars in transport fees, lodging and missed appointments back home. All along the Newsons were friendly and seemed to be positive on ability to deliver. When they finally admitted they would not deliver, I was further disappointed that they would not refund our $100 deposit....[More]
By Terry Brekke on Safeway Car Transport LLC about 22 Hours Ago
I am writing to dispute the response posted by Dream Auto Transport in regard to my initial review and to provide future customers with an accurate understanding of what they are getting into. Per Dream Auto: “Nensi was a last minute reservation and was informed that we possible wouldn't have enough time to obtain a carrier on her behalf. And once we did have a carrier able to assist and trying to negotiate with the carrier on the cost we were willing to pay.” RESPONSE: I made arrangements with them on April 21, 2015 on which they assured me that they had ample time to make the arrangement for April 30. Yes, as a military family we received last minute orders so 9 days notification was all I could give them; however, they informed me that there were not issues with the time line and in fact assured me there were no issues. I have email proof of this communication and the contract signed date that collaborates the time line. Per Dream Auto: “Ms. Nensi being frustrated and in a panic starts contacting other brokers companies that work in the same network so would be speaking with the same carriers. Who of coarse then talk Ms. Nensi into paying more to the carrier claiming they were expediting her service knowing that if they could offer the carrier more money he would stop negotiating with me.” RESPONSE: I did become frustrated after Dream Auto ignored my phone calls but would answer them when I called from a different phone number such as my neighbors. It became evident they did not have a driver or a way to get my cars on April 30 starting on Monday April 27. I called them numerous times and once I realized that they just ignored calls from my phone number, I contacted a single other providers who on Wednesday, April 29 told me that they would do everything possible to get my cars. And they did. My contract with that company was signed and made only 12 hours before the arranged pick-up was to take place. Per Dream Auto: “I let Ms. Nensi Know exactly what was going on and what that would do.That she would just be out bidding her self through another broker And reminding her that she is supposed to give us 7 business days to get a carrier assigned as for the contract we agreed on. But Nensi went ahead and had the other broker company steal the carrier we were negotiating with away by paying him more money. She Simply didn't allow enough time to complete the schedule and used the same carrier that we were getting to assist her but Dream Auto get no credit for it. And now she writing a review saying we no showed. What a slap in the face.” RESPONSE: Not only did I place my trust in these people as they knew I was traveling with two kids, 5 month old and a 2 year old, but I gave them every possible chance to show me they were able to get my cars. Since my flights were scheduled to leave the next morning and Chase completely ignored all communication from me the day they were supposed to get my cars, I did make arrangements with someone who was able to get my cars and store them until they were able to pick them up. Chase never even attempted to make an arrangement to store my cars anywhere until they were ready for pick up and we were flying out the next morning. I was forced to pay more just to get the storage for my cars until the company could ship them. LASTLY: Chase from Dream Auto informed me that he would issue a refund and after 30 days he has not. Then he started throwing back email responses about contract verbiage. To top it off, he admitted he had to ‘write reviews’ to offset my single bad review on this site. After sending an email to all of the publicly published email addresses for Dream Auto, a guy named David responded. To my amazement he can actually professionally communicate and spell. He told me he tried to reach me after posting my first review to negotiate the refund, stating that if I had removed it he would have issued a refund. So that is who you are dealing with. A company that bribes their customers whom they were not able to service into removing reviews or otherwise writes their reviews to keep their score up. But as I told them, God and Karma work in amazing ways. ...[More]
By Nensi Dupuy on Dream Auto Transport on May 26 2015 2:52PM
Eleventh car moved. Worst experience. Send car to my son at college. Promised 7 days latest for delivery, arrived on day 17. Promised single driver - not true. Promised single truck - not true. Promised we could track our car daily - not true. Promised price (through signed contract) - price changed after pickup. Son needed car before college finals. Arrived after finals and after dorms closed. A nightmare. When we could not track - stopped returning calls and ignored emails. Please don't put yourself through this. Select anyone else. Really thought David and Joe were honest but once you make your deposit, they could care less. ...[More]
By Tracie on United Auto Movers on May 25 2015 8:20PM
I have no idea how this company has even 1 good review, the only think I can think of is that they are posting their own fake reviews. They make a low bid so you will pick them on sites like but then they hit you with hidden fees and in my case lied to me for 4 days telling me that my car was going to be picked on "today we guarantee it." But 4 days later and my car wasn't picked up. And to make matters worse after I cancelled with them they still had the nerve to charge my credit card. ...[More]
By ThalShah on Auto Transport 360 on May 25 2015 11:05AM
I contacted the moving company a month prior to moving to transport my 2 cars from Mississippi to California, 2200 miles. They told me that they would contact me every week until the move week and then every day after that. I was never called by anybody and I had to call over and over and over, and no one ever called me back. I ended up calling the owner of the company the last week, and they guaranteed me transport for my 2 vehicles, but they never did. The last day I called I them I was flying out that day and they said the couldn't find me a transport. Worst company and experience ever, don't believe the positive reviews, it must be fake. I'm a government employee and I was being transferred for my job and my whole life was wrapped around these guys transporting my car, it was so stressful, and they failed me, don't let that happen to you....[More]
By Jon on Passage Auto Transport on May 24 2015 7:50PM
Response from Passage Auto Transport
Passage Auto Transport on May 25 2015 2:25PM
Dear Jon, We truly apologize that your two vehicles were not able to get moved, with so many factors weather, traffic, etc. it can sometimes be a li...[More]
Diesel Auto Express Review I recently purchased a vehicle from Grayson BMW/Mini, Knoxville TN, an absolutely stunning Mini JCW Roadster. Grayson put out for bid the transportation of my vehicle to my home south of Portland OR which was accepted at $1050. On 5/11/15 the vehicle was picked up without advance notice, thus my vehicle was "caught" in the detail shop when the driver showed up unannounced.  Grayson told me the vehicle was on the move and it would probably be about a weeks journey.  I called Grayson daily inquiring as to the whereabouts of my vehicle as the trucking firm (I didn't know the companies name as of yet) had not contacted me their customer as of taking possession of me vehicle. Fast forward a week to Monday the 18th when I fully expected the delivery of my vehicle.  I'd called Grayson that morning again asking for information on my vehicle, nobody knew where it was because the trucking firm had as yet to communicate.  By the time I arrived home from work that afternoon I was getting pretty concerned about what had happened to my vehicle.  Another call to Grayson this time with a caveat... either I hear from the trucking firm within thirty minutes or I was prepared to call the police and report the car as stolen... I had $20K on a $42K car and no one knew it's location.  Grayson called the trucking firm and I asked for the phone number as well... up until this point I'd not received any contact information from Grayson or the trucking company, I now knew them as Diesel Auto Express. I was the customer of Diesel not Grayson thus Diesel should have been in communication with me. From the point of pickup, I had been told that my vehicle would be delivered on Monday, May 18, as the trucking firm did not like to drive on the weekend.  Because this information had been given to me by Grayson at this point, the afternoon of Monday the 18th, I honestly felt as if my vehicle had been stolen as I’d not heard one word from the trucking company for a week even though I’d called Grayson repeatedly to inquire of it’s whereabouts.  Grayson could not inform me of my vehicles location all through the week of transport as no one had communicated with them either. Within a very short time Diesel called me and explained that their policy was to call 24 hours in advance of picking up a car... the driver had simply appeared while the vehicle was in detail with no advance notice.  Diesel further explained that they typically call the recipient 24 hours in advance of delivery and that my vehicle had been in Vancouver WA since the afternoon of Sunday the 17th a bit less than an hour away.  Obviously they had no intention of calling me, their customer, to inform me of the whereabouts of my vehicle. Several hours later another employee of Diesel called me, this time starting off by explaining their policy on calling prior to pick up and delivery, neither of which they had done.  Further they explained that their normal turn around time was a week to ten days. Diesel then went on to say that I could call them anytime to be updated on the location of the vehicle.  To this I responded that I did not have any contact information on them nor did I know this service was available as no one had called me.   All I knew was that the vehicle had been picked up a week prior. I'm the customer, they should have called me to let me know who they were and what their schedule was for delivery of my car which was in their possession.  Possession of my nearly half paid for car but had failed to inform me of their intentions for delivery.  Now the topper they informed me that the cost was $1100, not the $1050 that I’d been told by Grayson on May 6th. I'd spoken on the phone with Grayson... they had put the transportation out for bid at $1000 and no one was interested.  It was raised to $1025 same result.  Then at $1050 there was a response which I’d agreed to. At this point I told Diesel that it sounded like they were dumping the entire communication problem off on Grayson.  They said yes Grayson should have told me all of the contact information.  Not a good way to run a service business by dumping their responsibility off on someone else.  This is not Grayson's job but Diesel's as I'm their customer not Grayson.  Diesel also said they would be calling Grayson to find out what the details were on the shipping arrangement, something they should have been aware of prior to picking the vehicle up. I never did receive a formal contract from Diesel, nothing other than a piece of paper similar to what you would do on a walk around for a rental vehicle. Now the vehicle was scheduled to be delivered Tuesday between 9 and noon.  I took the day off so as to be available to take delivery. I'd agreed to a price of $1050, not the $1100 now claimed by Diesel.  If that was to be the price I should have been informed from the start, not after the fact. Finding Diesels website the first thing I saw was a photo touting their vehicle tracking with "Advanced Dispatch System"... A little late for that I think.  If I'd known who had my vehicle I could have used this feature and felt 100% better about the entire situation. But since Diesel neglected to contact me at any point I knew nothing of it's existence. In the end my vehicle arrived around 2 PM on Tuesday the 19th, I could have gone to work and saved that vacation day for a real vacation.  I paid their inflated fee of $1100.  My sales person has graciously agreed to refund the difference to me and has informed me that Grayson will cease using the services of Diesel Auto Express because of this particular transportation fiasco. So what have I learned from this first time adventure of transporting a vehicle across country… Communication is key to a happy customer… Hopefully Diesel Auto Express has learned a valuable lesson as well. ...[More]
By Hugh Wolfe on Diesel Auto Express on May 23 2015 7:46PM
Not having much luck getting a Chevy Avalanche moved from a dealer in southern Illinois to Las Vegas, Nv. (You'd think I was trying to move something from Bismarck North Dakota to somewhere in Newfoundland.) After getting several calls and emails from Angie Miller from Dynamic Auto Movers, I decided to go with them, as she was apparently eager to get my business. I explained I was somewhat crunched for time, and I had been getting nowhere with no communication from another broker I tried. "Don't worry Mr Rose, I'm getting right on it, and it should be no problem getting your job done. I will call you tonight before I go home and let you know where we're at, and I will call you tomorrow morning as well." That was 2 days ago. No calls, no email. no text. No business. Cancelled. ...[More]
By Mike on Dynamic Auto Movers on May 22 2015 8:31PM
By Steve STONEHOUSE on Tim Logistics on May 22 2015 7:12PM
1 Flat-rate claims they will "stay in constant contact" - Ha! Once our car got picked up, that was the end of any communication. I had to deal with the carrier driver of 1 Transportation Inc, Robson, who could not really speak English. I had to call him 3 times to confirm delivery time. It was at first in the morning, then around 5p, then 7p, then 8p. He was supposed to call 30 min out. At 9:15p, he called to say the car was already unloaded and we needed to get to the Walmart parking lot. It was dark and raining. We wanted to pick it up in the morning; he refused. We wanted to watch our car being taken off the carrier - already done. Driver, Robson, was rude and didn't really care about anything except getting his money. This is obviously an acceptable carrier for 1 Flat-Rate. I would not use them again....[More]
By Vickie Adkinson on 1Flat-Rate LLC on May 22 2015 6:54PM
On 5/5/15 I booked a car for transport from AZ to MD. Car was supposed to be pick up window was May 19-21. I called on 5/13 to ensure all was set. Sales rep was very quick and stated the shipment is set. I sent a follow up email on 5/18 and was sent a reply on the 19th stating "dispatch will contact you soon" from Larry Horvath. I called late afternoon on the 19th and was told dispatch would call soon. Midday on the 20th I called and was told someone would soon. Three hours later no one called so I called again in the afternoon and the sales rep discovered that someone put the pick up for June not May. The dispatch supervisor Klsha spoke with me and said she would fix the problem. No one ever called back so on the 21st I called in the morning. Everyone was in a meeting but someone would call me back. After several hours I called and Klsha was still working on finding a carrier. I called again at 4pm EST. Klsha was still working on the issue. An hour or so later Klsha said she found a carrier. The carrier was at a car dealer and would be calling soon. No one ever called and on the morning of the 22nd I called at 9am EST. Reception stated no one was available and Klsha would call me back in a few minutes. I decided at that point to give up on Tim Logistics and called Road Runner Auto Transport. What a difference!! I will write a review on Road Runner once the job is done. At 2pm EST Klsha called me - guess minutes are measured in hours at Tim Logistics. If you want a hassle, no return calls, and empty promises go with Tim Logistics! I challenge them to provide any feedback....[More]
By George on Tim Logistics on May 22 2015 6:07PM
When I contacted All Day auto Transport about shipping my car from Maryland to Idaho I was quoted $1,890.00 for enclosed and $1,390.00 for open transport. With in 2 hours of confirming my order I received a call from Amanada telling me they had a truck that would deliver my car but the driver needed another $500 at delivery. I declined that price as it was well over the $1,8900 they had bid. They transferred me to a supervisor who assured me that the $1,890 was a good bid but they would be unable to move the car at the price and I needed to accept the $2,390 cost they had found to ship the car. I received one more call from them telling me I needed to ship the car at the higher rate or they wouldn't be able to move the car. When I called to cancel my order with them, I was told that the order had been canceled days ago. They did nothing to get my car moved for the price quoted....[More]
By C.L Caudle on All Day Auto Transport on May 22 2015 5:26PM
Response from All Day Auto Transport
Carlos Bliffeld about 15 Hours Ago
Mrs. Caudle requested a quote for an open carrier and than she called back and ask for an enclosed carrier and did not understand that the enclosed tr...[More]
Regal Transport is a broker, not the actual transport service. They do not transport the vehicle themselves, they put your quote on central dispatch, then wait for someone to make a bid. They initially told us that our quote would be $650 including a $150 deposit. We paid the deposit and heard nothing from the company until the day they were supposed to come pick up my truck, when I called them. They didn't communicate with me at all, unless I called them. Then, they would tell me they would call me back, and never would, so I would call them back the next day and they would give me attitude. After 3 days of terrible communication and extreme lack of help, they found someone that would ship it for $650, even though we already paid the $150 deposit from a $650 quote. So, we ended up having to pay $800 instead of $650. This was already a very expensive military move for us, so I am pissed that they ripped us off after lying and not communicating with me. I highly recommend finding the actual shipper yourself and not paying a deposit. Regal is very unprofessional, has crap for communication and ripped us off. ...[More]
By Jessy Jurek on Regal Auto Transport on May 22 2015 12:50PM
Stateway transport from Wheeling IL is the worst company ever. The quote was good but they couldn't find anybody to transport my car. They kept changing their story and was told by Bill that it would be a guarentee pick up before 7 seven days. Manager Tim told me that it would not be. Then Tim wanted me to get the car two hours away from the pick up spot so someone would pick it up. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worthless company nothing but lies. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY....[More]
By Tim on Starway Logistics LLC on May 21 2015 8:35PM
I called a month in advance to have a vehicle transported from Texas to North Carolina. After setting up the details with Nationwide Transport Servies I never heard another word from them. I called three days before requested pick-up date and was told by Mark that he would call the following day. I did not hear from him and only got through to his voice mail when I tried repeatedly to contact him. I contacted another company trying to find someone to transport my vehicle only to be told that as long as Nationwide had my transport request in the system, no other company could help me. So I was held hostage by a company that refused to give me any information as to the status of my transport request. After repeated calls to whoever would answer the phone, we were finally able to get Nationwide to take our request off the system so we were then able to do business with another company. Yikes, what a messed up company....[More]
By Margaret on Nationwide Transport Services on May 21 2015 8:06PM
Response from Nationwide Transport Services
Jason Foltz on May 22 2015 12:16PM
This car was scheduled for pick up today 5/22. I personally talked to the customer twice on 5/20 and then left her a message same day at about 600pm....[More]
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