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I feel that I was robbed by Alex Orihuela. We are military moving across the U.S. Our contract/order form was submitted to Alex orihuela on July 28th, even called him personally with my credit card number. Alex reassured me that the order would be fulfilled in the allotted time which was one week. I received several automated email from him with the following: Dear Tamara V, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to transport your vehicle. We are currently working on your order diligently and wanted to give you the courtesy of letting you know, we are making it top priority. Our goal is and will always be our clients satisfaction. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at 888-553-5802, or email We are here to answer your questions from 8am to 6pm. Sincerely, Carlos Orihuela Patriot Auto Transport LLC 888-553-5802 I called him on Friday July 31st for an update and again he reassured me that he was working on everything and he would call be the following monday evening to work out the dated and time for the vehicle to be picked up (had to be picked up by Wednesday morning, August 5th). It's now Tuesday August 4th, 19:11, both my husband and I have called Carlos and left numerous messages with him and we have not received any call back. We've called his cellphone and no response. I leave town Wednesday afternoon August 4th, I have a screaming 2 year old to deal with, husband is away on military orders, and I have no way to ship my car. This company took my financial information, offer a service, but I have no returns to show for it. To me that's the definition for SCAM. Thank you patriot auto transport LLC for ruining our move, thanks once again. I hope everyone reading this review learns from my mistake. ...[More]
By Tamara V on Patriot Auto Transport LLC about 2 Hours Ago
They claim to be world class but they are world last . I had an horrific experience dealing with them I booked a pick up 2 weeks ago and they committed to a 3 day window that never opened . I called them numerous times the week of pick up and was getting the run around . It was impossible to get an answer as to date of pick up . It was always about the window even when the window was closed . They are masters at the shuffle game . The time window closed and I engaged another company , paid more because my time constraints were very narrow . If you are looking for pain and an unreliable company , you found it , good luck ...[More]
By Eve Lederman on Auto Transport 123 about 6 Hours Ago
Michael, the owner, set up a date and time for pick-up. This was in April!! We paid $300 down to pick it up on 6/19 between 3 and 5. He never showed up and never called. He took our money, but there was no service. He still has not returned phone calls or e-mails or texts. Our car is still in California and we are in Texas. We are devastated. We had to rent a car. He owes us big time! Do not use this company!!!! We are still attempting to get our car to Texas. ...[More]
By Cynthia on Auto Transport Family Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
This shipping company is the worst company I have ever done business with. I booked with a company and they called me and warned me to look up the reviews of the company. Then for more money I booked with them and they used the company that they warned me not to use. The called me and asked me to take down my last review and said they would refund some money. Today 1 week late the truck driver calls and says I cant get my truck to your street so you need to hire a tow truck driver to pick up the truck and bring to your house. I said I put in the ad the truck does not run and it needs to be delivered to my house. Now they want me to pick the truck up this is a fucking joke. NEVER USE THIS PIECE OF SHIT COMPANY. I just called and said I don't want to be transferred I want to speak with someone and the stupid lady transfers me to voicemail and now wont answer the phone. ...[More]
By Blake Livergood on Direct Auto Carrier about 7 Hours Ago
I received a quote from one of their male employees after having a friendly pleasant phone call with him. I was quoted $870.00 for the transport my car from California to Florida with a $270.00 down and the rest cash on arrival with the car to be picked up on 7/03/15. Two days before the scheduled pickup day Gary called to say he had a driver lined up but the cost was now $1350.00. I could not believe this was the same company that spoke so nice on the phone when they wanted my business. Their excuse was that they did not realize it was going to be over the fourth of July so the price had to go up. I refused to have the contract honored with this so call trickery and unprofessional business tactics. I will not be doing business with this company and I advise all others the same. I will continue my rights as a tax payer to brand this company as a Rip-Off....[More]
By Dwight on Car Delivery USA Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
This company is a scam. To put it nicely, this company is 100% garbage. I initially contacted the company about arranging transportation for a vehicle, where they quoted me $535. I called them within 10 minutes, and they stated that the price was actually $595. Regardless, I made arrangements through them anyway. They stated that the vehicle would be moved within seven days. On day three or four, I called the company to ask a general question, but could not get through. I decided to e-mail the person that sent me my original invoice since it had his e-mail address on it. His name was Paul. After three days, I still had not heard from him. I decided to call the company again. I could not get through, but the answering machine instructed me to leave my name and number, and they would contact me later in the day. Nobody called for two days, so I decided to call them again, and I did get in contact with someone named Susie. She stated that she was unaware of anyone named Paul working there. After talking to her for about five minutes, she stated that Paul was too busy to return my call. So, I’m not sure if someone named Paul actually works there. Matter of fact, whenever I would call, it sounded like there was a party going on in the background. Anyway, she told me that she would ensure that a vehicle was dispatched by the end of that day to pick my vehicle up and would send me an e-mail. I waited two days for an e-mail, but never heard back from the company. Once again, I left my contact information, since I couldn’t get through on the phone. When I finally did get a hold of someone, the same person, Susie, told me she was too busy to call me back. Then, she said that she would need $150 more before they would ship the vehicle. I understand how the process works. The shipping companies will place a bid, and hopefully a truck driver will agree to ship the car for a certain fee, then hopefully, the truck driver will actually deliver the vehicle. I shipped a vehicle about 10 years without any issues. However, once again, this company is one that will try to bait you in with a low bid, then slowly try to “milk” additional money out of you. If you have any brains at all, shop somewhere else. I am 40 years old, and this company is so bad, I felt compelled to post my first review of any kind. I’ve had bad service before, but not so bad that I felt the need to spend 15 minutes of my life to post a review. I simply don’t want anyone else to waste their valuable time with this company. ...[More]
By Jason Wahlers on Stateway Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
ComplaintOn 01/12/2015, I scheduled a car pick up for my son's car and paid a $200 deposit to Nationwide Transport Service and they arranged to have Exit 15 pick up my son's car on 01/13/2015. The load number is **** My son's car is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra. On 01/21/2015, the car was delivered to my son in Junction City, KS and he gave them a cashier's check for $600 that I provided. My son realized that the car was damaged and they agreed to pay to have the car repaired. My son and I gave the company estimates of $930.12 to get the car repaired. My son is in the service and was deployed overseas. He tried for 2 months to get the money from Exit 15 but did not succeed before he left the country. I have taken over to try to get the money for the repairs to the car for him.Desired SettlementI would like for the company to provide $930.12 in a check made out to me so that I can hold the money for my son so that he can get the car repaired. I made a complaint with the BBB and they now have a D+ rating in MO. Unfortunately their Salt Lake City review is an A+ because no one has filed a complaint....[More]
By LH on Exit 15 Trucking about 8 Hours Ago
these guys sent me a quote for transport from las vegas to montana Quote was for $445, clicked online to get this order going so i entered info and card information. they called back and confired the order and updated the quote ammount to $1500, at this time I said cancel and delte the information, emily then said its done. Two days later I get a charge for $145 , I called 7-21 the date of the charge and was told it would be credited. I have called over 15 times and now its 7-27-2015 and still cant get a call back and numbers are disconnected, or go to voicmail. Scammer, so beware and stay away, ...[More]
By rootney on Stateway Auto Transport about 9 Hours Ago
Within a week of posting my review, I received a called from a representative from SHIP YOUR CAR NOW. He stated that he was calling to "Make sure I received the best experience possible", but he was actually calling to BRIBE me. He said that our original representative "made a mistake" in how he handled our situation. When I asked for clarification on what the "mistake" was, whether it was a mis-quote of the original price or rather calling us back to tell us we had to pay more, he skirted around the question. He then offered us $100 in exchange for THE REMOVAL OF MY ORIGINAL NEGATIVE REVIEW. I have never been so shocked by a company's behavior as I was during this conversation. If you are reading reviews of SHIP YOUR CAR NOW and wondering why they have 5 stars, THIS IS WHY. They are calling and offering people money to take down bad reviews. If people who had been offered this bribery were refusing it many others would be saved from dealing with this company and incurring damage to their vehicles and losing their money. DO NOT SHIP WITH SHIP YOUR CAR NOW. IT IS A SCAM. ...[More]
By Alinna on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 10 Hours Ago
price was quoted and was told that they would call with pick up info which was told to me was to be on friday july 31- -after repeated calls and NEVER being called back, I hired another carrier- -today is August and I still have not heard from them- although they did take my money for the transport this will be reported to the BBB...[More]
By m.newman on Passage Auto Transport about 11 Hours Ago
Long story as short as possible. I hired Perez Transport LLC on 7/22/15 off of Central Dispatch to pick up my 2015 Z06 in Corpus Christi and deliver it to Lenexa KS on 7/23/15. Perez was paid in full for the trip when he picked the car up. On 7/24/15, when the car had not arrived, I made several attempts to contact the owner, Fernando Perez. After having to threaten him with legal action, he finally responded and gave excuse after excuse. From July 23 to July 29th, my car was sitting in a semi truck boneyard out in the open and unsecured. Not in the enclosed transport I paid for. On July 29th, I was forced to threaten him again with legal action after hearing excuse after excuse. He hired a company called Alinc Transport out of Chicago to complete the job and get the car from Mesquite to Kansas. I have nothing but good things to say about Alinc Transport and the owner, Vad. He called me to let me know the condition of the car when he picked it up and informed me of the damages done to it by Perez Transport LLC. He also informed me that the car was left in the semi truck boneyard, unlocked, behind an open gate with the keys in the tailpipe. Vad followed through as promised and got my car to Kansas the next day in an enclosed transport. And now, Vad has brought it to my attention that Perez stiffed him for the transport payment. I have also found out that this is not the first time Perez Transportation has done this to someone. Here is my effort to make sure it does not happen to anyone else. Please feel free to post this message in its entirety on any boards/forums/blogs you feel could benefit from it and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. STAY AWAY FROM: Perez Transport LLC Fernando Perez 1028 Primrose Mesquite, TX 75149 214-680-1415 PLEASE SUPPORT: Alinc Transport Vad-owner 773-742-0220 Skip Harmon President/General Manager Allen Samuels Chevrolet Corpus Christi 817-319-2298 ...[More]
By Skip Harmon on Perez Transport LLC about 12 Hours Ago
When I first reached out to the folks at Dynamic Auto Movers, they were MORE THAN HAPPY to offer to transport my car for me. I made one major mistake however. I told them that I needed to move the car on a specific day. Once I did that and planned my schedule completely around that date about a week before the move, they indicated that they could no longer transport my vehicle for the original price agreed upon even though we had a signed and binding contract. Instead it was going to cost me $100 more because I wanted my car picked up on a specific day even though they had this information 30 days in advance!!! Not having much choice because of the plans I had made that revolved around my pick up day, I reluctantly agreed. The whole reason I agreed to this was because I was now in such a tight spot I couldn’t get out of with the plans I had made so I agreed with the understanding that a driver would be at my residence to pick up my vehicle ON THE ORIGINALLY PLANNED DATE IN WHICH I NEEDED THE CAR MOVED. A new contract was drawn up reflecting the additional $100 which I then signed and sent back to the company. Additionally, like the first contract I indicated my debit card info in the blanks on the form where needed. For some strange reason the employee, (Miah), that set up this move for me reached out to me on two separate occasions requesting my debit card information AGAIN. I asked why she was continually reaching out to me for information that she already had ON HER OWN COMPANY DOCUMENTATION. After several minutes she indicated that “Oh yes I see it now. It’s not often that people fill out the company agreement correctly so I don’t normally look at that section of the agreement”. Having that sorted out, I thought, with the understanding, again, that I was agreeing in writing to the extra $100 so that the driver would be there on the day I needed them, on the day of pickup I was informed by the driver that he no longer worked with the company and that his company should have called me which they never did….EVER!!! The only solution that Dynamic Auto Movers could provide was for me to drive my car 30 miles to the drop off point and take a taxi home. So in summary, I paid $100 more to have a driver show up on the day I needed them, which didn’t happen with ME driving the car down to the company’s drop off terminal. Dynamic was able to get an additional $100 dollars out of me for ME to drive my own vehicle to the company drop off point. Hey Dynamic…. How about reimbursing me the $100 dollars extra I spent to DO YOU JOB FOR YOU?!!!!! It’s a 50 50 risk with whatever company you use but a 100% guarantee that if you use this company YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!!! AVOID THIS COMPANY OR USE THEM AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!! ...[More]
By Nick on Dynamic Auto Movers about 12 Hours Ago
I have been fascinated by the quote of $980 given by Mr.Robert and i have been informated that includes everything and no hidden costs. And they charged $185 as the broker fee and i have informated that i have some clothes under 100 lb in car trunk which he said is standard weight which is allowed and wont be charged. Now the fun started on the day of pick up - the driver said he need's $150 as the car is having some clothes and i had to literally fight with him but failed and finally paid him $120. So finally car is delivered on time (which is only the best thing so far) and guess what the balance amount i had to pay the driver on the delivery date is $950, so i have ended up paying total $1255. Stay away Plaza transport....[More]
By Kiran on Plaza Auto Transport about 13 Hours Ago
Parker coordinated the delivery service, that part went well however the delivery company was where service diminished. The pick up went well, after that the communication was poor regarding status and delivery delays/complications. When contacting the delivery company for status they were hard to reach and then the information given was often inaccurate. The car was delivered late by 8 days. ...[More]
By Shannon on MJ Parker Trucking about 14 Hours Ago
Quoted me 350.00 and locked in shipping date with 2 open slot for sure, charged my credit card before he would even help me. Lied about shipping it out on Friday so I drove 5 hours to load vehicle. Once he got my money he said a shipper will contact you later today. 4 hours later no shipper. Then said now it's $100 more. By this time I arrived in SC from VA to load vehicle then he said "oh sorry slot gone, funny how he was sure and promised me it could ship it out that day to get my money. That guy was the worse customer service rep, he really only cared about your credit card number and didn't care about anything else. He lied I hope the company look into the first guy that took the quote and fire him. That person cause me to drive 5 hours and rent a hotel room because there was no shipper in the first place on Friday. He just lied!!!!!!!!!!!! After I was there he then said "oh I'm sorry there is an additional 100. charge for what? Stay Away From This company, other companies will help you without charging your credit card first, he could car less whether you ship on promised day ...[More]
By Roy on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Aug 4 2015 2:32AM
This company was provided nearly a month to prepare for a pickup truck transportation from CA to VA. I would periodically check in and everything was going fine on meeting a specific pickup date of 4 Aug 15. As we got closer to the pickup date which is tomorrow 4 Aug 15, I would routinely receive essentially 'song and dance' updates including from the owner. Not only was the company incompetent in planning and fulfilling its pickup responsibility, but the owner was rude and uncaring about not being able to meet the pickup date which was critical and they had essentially a month to prepare. I want to communicate this so nobody else makes the same auto transport selection mistake I did....[More]
By G Lewis on Nationwide Auto Transportation on Aug 3 2015 10:16PM
I was promised at the time of booking the car would be Enclosed on a 2 car trailer, once loaded the car would remain loaded until delivered to me per James O Connor with Direct Auto Carrier. James informed me that they owned their trucks and they did not act as a "broker". All good at the time of booking since I am a collector that only deals with professionals that handle my cars with ultimate care. Well, just the opposite happened, claims their truck broke down so they hired another company to haul. This hired company had soft sides, far from a clean enclosed delivery. The car was delivered and looked like a black mess, the car is white. NEVER WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS CARRIER. I was sold something completely different from the service provided and now no one will return calls....[More]
By Roger on Direct Auto Carrier on Aug 3 2015 10:12PM
DON'T DO IT !!!!! - I Inherited a car from a brother that died suddenly and need it shipped to my home. Called 'Destiny Auto Shipping' to transport the car from TN to CA. During the initial call they assured me they had "their own" trucks (not contracted out) and would be able to pick up and deliver promptly. They quoted me a total cost of $850 "all-in". They agreed in writing to my specific instructions and we scheduled a pick-up. The contract required a $200 deposit which I paid using a credit card - this deposit was clearly detailed in the contract. When the driver showed up it was immediately clear they had sub-contracted the service with another company (Abraham Express from SoCal). This was the first of MANY OUTRIGHT LIES BY Destiny. As I had a very tight schedule and had already paid a deposit I had to let this go. The driver was very careful when loading the vehicle and took many pictures of the car before and after securing the vehicle to his truck (in addition to the many I took). I specifically asked the driver about the fee for transport and he confirmed it was $850 (same as Destiny quoted and on the contract). I also spoke to the driver about his schedule and he confirmed he was heading directly to their offices in SoCal so I would likely see the car delivered to me in Nor Cal within a week. The driver left and I continued to deal with my brother’s estate. Early the following week, now back in CA, I received a call from Abraham Express looking to schedule delivery of the vehicle. They told me I had to give $850 Cash/Money Order to the driver upon delivery. I corrected them and said the agreement with Destiny was for $850 TOTAL and I had already paid Destiny $200. I sent them a copy of the contract to confirm this. They politely said "their" fee was $850 and I should call Destiny about any contract I had with them. Further, they wouldn’t deliver the car without full cash payment of $850. I immediately called Destiny to clarify. Suddenly it was amazingly hard to get through to anybody at Destiny. Several calls and emails went completely ignored. I finally got hold of a guy saying he was the manager. He told me they fired the sales person I worked with due to this matter (another lie confirmed by later calls) but the company would not take any direct responsibility for the additional charges and they refused to refund any part of the $200. After nearly an hour of back and forth, they offered to give me $100 credit towards a future auto shipment - NOT BLOODY LIKELY !!!!! After hanging up I made several calls to legal sources to better understand my options. I then called Destiny back (again several more call/emails ignored) before reaching the so-called manager. This time he told me if I wanted the car I had to pay Abraham the full $850 and, if I didn’t call them and agree immediately, Abraham would begin charging me $100/day for storage. At this point he refused any consideration and told me flat out that I was welcome to sue them and take my complaints to the credit card company. I immediately called my credit card company to dispute the charge and discovered they had actually charged me $215 (instead on the contracted $200). I called back and was told this was an additional 'credit card fee and taxes"- once again nowhere noted in their contract. After several more calls, I once again got the "too bad for you, it's your problem" answer. I ultimately called Abraham and agreed to paying $850 for my now hostage vehicle. The good news is the car was in perfect condition when it arrived. The bad news is Destiny Auto Shipping is the absolute MOST DISHONEST COMPANY I have EVER Dealt with. They blatantly lied at virtually every step of the process and simply told me to pound salt if I didn’t like it. If you've taken the time to read my rant, please also take my advice and NEVER USE DESTINY AUTO SHIPPING. They operate out of two offices, one is noted in Beaverton Oregon and the other is in Miami Gardens. Florida. I would be very happy to provide more details if I can help in any way to keep others from being robbed by these thieves and scammers. ...[More]
By Leigh Jackson on Destiny Auto Shipping on Aug 3 2015 8:26PM
The Good: Reasonable to Good pricing. No serious back-handed tactics. Everything was mostly straightforward. The Bad: Their website seemed to suggest I could pay by credit card. Only the $200 "administration fee" can be paid by credit card. The remaining $950 is COD, thus is can only be cash, or cashier's check, etc. No personal checks. George who was the driver was very difficult to work with. Nice guy, but was always whining about getting to your house. I decided to work with him and drove 45 minutes to his truck stop to deliver my car. Did this all a day earlier than I originally wanted, just to help him out. Gave my father-in-law on the other end of the country the same complaints about delivering the car. We decided not to be so accommodating this time and make George actually get the car to us. Overall, George actually did a fine job. His whining just got very annoying in trying to make delivery arrangements. If you're willing to overlook the poor customer service of the drivers they choose, this group can be a good option because of their mostly-honest procedures, and reasonable pricing. Miah did her job well. Just chose a bad driver. It happens, but she refused to accept the consequences of her choice. Then she starting complaining about the "poor" review I left, saying her boss is going to fire her because of 1 bad review. I didn't realize such low-ball tactics were used here in the USA just to get a better review. Miah's job of arranging transport was fine, but her professionalism after the fact left much to be desired. Note: I am not receiving compensation for this review, but I was urged and repeatedly called to leave a good review (does "leaving me alone" count as incentive?)...[More]
By Nic on Dynamic Auto Movers on Aug 3 2015 6:59PM
While it is a gamble to use a car transport service not knowing whether you will receive good or bad service, I can say without a doubt that it is a 100% guarantee that you DO NOT want to use Ground Force One to do your automobile transport. The individuals there, (Jackie and Sasha), will inform you that they will assign a driver and give you his or her cell phone number the day before your automobile is to be picked up. Having this in mind I contacted my driver the day before, no problem. He said he would be there in the morning to pick up my vehicle. I contacted the driver on the morning of the pickup – same thing, no problem he indicated he would be there to pick up the vehicle – no problem. When a few hours went by and he didn’t show up I called him again. This time he told me and I quote “I am no longer working with this company. Someone should have called you to inform you. You can call the main office number but they will probably give you a song and dance.” Upon calling the main number, the designated phone number to leave messages on, and the Ground Force One Emergency Number I received no reply from anyone at this company EVER!!! It was only after I called the Broker, Dynamic Auto Movers, who set up the job with Ground Force One that I was informed that the only option available for me would be that I would have to drive my car, myself, down to the terminal some 30 miles away to drop it off if I still wanted the car to go on the day of pickup and THEN I was told that the only way for me to get back to my house after drop off was to take a taxi home that I would be fully reimbursed for. As soon as I paid for the taxi they THEN informed me via email that they would only cover 50% of the cost of the transportation even after I provided them with a receipt. When I called them to get the final amount of the cashier’s check I had to provide the driver with I was told they would only cover 35% of the cost of the taxi. Holding my car hostage until I paid the amount they demanded, I had very few options to comply with their demands despite how unethical and dishonestly they had behaved on this transaction. Again, I know there are a lot of 50 50 situations when you select a company to transport your automobile. The only SURE 100% thing is NOT TO USE this company! No customer service support after hours or weekends – let alone during normal business hours, very dishonest people who change a written agreement on a moment’s notice, no organization, no integrity, and an attitude on the phone that gives the customer the impression that these people don’t have a CLUE what they are doing or how to run a business. ...[More]
By Nick on Ground Force One on Aug 2 2015 2:42PM
After a long, long communication via email, phone etc, we planned for a pick up date. Unfortunately the car wasn't ready and we adjusted the pick up date (only 24 hours later), and they stopped answering my calls. Finally I contacted the operator and she told me that Clarence wasn't available, well, thanks for letting me know!!!. Someone else picked up the slack and got a pick up date ready again. The next day had a call that the company they picked wanted more money, so he was going to give me $100 dollars back for the inconvenience and that he will find another company. Well, 24 hours later I received the full refund and no email with an explanation. I still haven't heard from them and I am pretty sure I never will. Reason other reviews I came to the conclusion they only deal with easy moves, if a move is either to far or complicated they will try to help you but at the end is just a bluff. I had to buy tickets to fly to the west coast and drive the car to Colorado cause I have a deadline for storage. I will not recommend this company, not for the services since I didn't get any, but for the costumer services and lack of trust, not trustworthy....[More]
By Ariel Rodriguez on Mercury Auto Transport LLC on Aug 1 2015 10:52PM
DO NOT use this company. Don't let DIY Transport fool you... They will be very responsive and friendly when booking the move. In fact, they were completely on time and efficient during that communication and the associated logistics. However, when things go wrong, they fall off of the map. They have given me the run-around for the past 2.5 months regarding damage that was done to my car during transport from NC to TX. I have invested hours and hours of time talking, emailing, getting insurance quotes, etc. only to have them stop returning my emails or calls. I repeat, DO NOT use this company. My contacts during this transaction were Gail in Sales and Anthony, their head of "customer service". Cost was about 875$ for the move and over 500$ for the damage....[More]
By Daniel on DIY Transport Inc. on Aug 1 2015 4:20PM
I was lied to and promised that pick up of my truck would happen. It was one excuse after another for 6 WEEKS! I was inheriting a vehicle in Sask, was left to me by my late uncle. Had to be picked up by July 30th 6 weeks ahead of time I called to make the arrangements with Steve and he lied to me over and over about trucks being on their way and break downs and excuse after excuse. The property sold and along with it went my truck. It was the only thing I had left to remember my uncle by aside from my memories and thanks to this CRAP A**HOLE company I lost the one thing that my late uncle wished me to have!!!!!! I am beyond furious with this company and anybody who is stupid enough to hire them after reading this is dumber than this company!!!!!! Please I beg anyone who is considering using them make damn sure whatever your shipping doesn't mean anything to you because you probably wont get it!!!...[More]
By Kathy on Vehicles in Motion on Aug 1 2015 3:39AM
Rapid Auto Movers is a dishonest and thievery sort of business. I made my initial deposit in March for a pick up in late July. There was no contact a week before the move nor was there contact on the actual pick-up day. When a rep finally called me, they said, they had to up my price $650. The "manager" went on to explain that there was nothing he could do to honor a 3 month quote that was on the books and that the 2 associates who helped me were fired. DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, USE THIS COMPANY! ...[More]
By RJ on Rapid Auto Movers on Jul 31 2015 11:31PM
Order 874154-BT They were to pick up a car of mine in N. CA at my residence, take it to the port, ship to Hawaii, then deliver to my new residence. It was a know non-op car.. classic collector's dream, a 1972 BMW "2002" round tail light model. This was not just some car I threw money at either. I hunted for 10 years to find one. I put a year of work into it to rebuild. I scoured the world for hundreds of parts to rebuild her back to better than new. They had a week to pick it up until I moved, said "No problem, give us 1-3 days". A week went by, and I was forced to catch an already scheduled flight to HI. Now I'm not there, still no word, car is still sitting in CA. I call them to see what's up, and they have basically been sitting on their hands doing nothing because I was "mis-quoted". Okay, originally quoted $1775, now they want $2050. I am SO desperate at this point I say okay just make it happen. Another 3 business days (not even including the 2 weekend days tow drivers work regardless) goes by and still nothing. Now I am absolutely furious. After calling multiple times a day and speaking to 3 people, I finally get it picked up after 12 total days. Success? Of course not. Tow driver gets the car to port, they have not booked it properly, now they want $3600 plus. By the way the tow driver has been sitting on a 100+ degree parking lot for 3 hours while they refuse his calls or just hang up on him. He has no choice but to leave and store my car, as it's getting so much attention it's about to be stolen off the truck if he's not right next to it. On the phone they again just tell you what you want to hear, then do whatever the hell they please. They say "No problem, we'll work this out for you no matter what. We don't even want to make a dollar at this point, we just want it out of our hair". What do they do while I am asleep? They go ahead and pay themselves in full, I suppose for a job well done... right? Now another $1650 gone from my bank account, a grand total of $2050. My car has not left 45 miles of my driveway even. They're not paying and will not pay the tow driver, so now he owns my car by law. Fees and storage are in my name now, even though they did this horribly botched deal, and he's going to lien sale my car in order to get the money THEY owe him....[More]
By Gregg D on Auto Transport 123 on Jul 31 2015 10:01PM
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