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Waited four extra hours and communication was poor! The driver drove the car in and left his muddy footprints on floor mat then asked for water, which I would have offered! Told me no discount or anything even though he was four hours late! I have Hernandos responses available which are rude! Jari O didn't even call back!...[More]
By V. Adams on 7 Star Auto Transport about 2 Hours Ago
I accepted their quota based on their commitment to have the car picked up on a confirmed date. they did not pick up the car as agreed and the agnet would not answer the phone nor reply to emails. Another person called and gave invalid reasons and asked for an extension until money which i agreed on but again the did not do. due this delay and game playing the car so far is costing me $160 for storage. I say they are nothing but a punch of crocks ...[More]
By Badr AlSaleh on United American Auto Transport about 21 Hours Ago
At the onset I felt OK with this company, although the rep did not call back as quickly as he promised (I had to call him). The price was 850 with 150 down originally, then Changed to 200 down because of a driver change. I was given the contact name of Vlady and Olga from Pacific Express. They were to pick up the vehicle on 10/10 and would call the night before. They didn't. I called Olga and left a message. No returned call. Called Vlady. He said hee wasn't coming unless I paid more money. Said the broker was a crook and he would never agree to work for so little. He then hung up. Called Upscale, mailbox full (always full). And was forced to go elsewhere. I did and everything worked out fine. Used Bears Transport and they were great. Avoid Upsacle and Paciofic Express. Total idiots....[More]
By Tom mccormick on Upscale Auto Transport on Oct 13 2015 2:15AM
jared said he couldn't remove his estimate from the Internet for a couple of hours, after I told him I was going with another transport company for a lower rate , I feel this is unacceptable to cause problems for me to use the other company. Thank you for listening. His original quote was for 495$ .then more after a phone call to me. This sucks.U...[More]
By Mark on Affordable Auto Transport LLC on Oct 13 2015 2:09AM
First things first - if you are shipping a car, go straight to the shipping company. DO NOT get a broker. Grifo is a broker. When this whole process first started, Donna was truly helpful. Catered to my every need and answered every question. Donna called and texted me every day, which was odd, but it kept my heart at ease. She made sure, 100%, that our cars would be delivering at our hotel which we were staying at for 1 night, the night of 09/07 or the morning of 09/08. My boyfriend and I were moving across the country and that was scary enough, so our minds were anxious as is. He booked his car to be shipped a month in advance, I added mine about a week or 2 later. The truck had room; I was basically just hoping on his order. Since he booked so early, you would think we would have 0 problems getting our cars on time. They were shipping together, got the price we wanted and had 0 problems. Perfect! What better plan could possibly happen? Things started getting weird when my boyfriend would tell me what Donna told him (through the process of booking it) and she would tell me a totally different story. I confronted Donna about the matter and she would say "oh men will be men! He just made up his own scenario, I don't even know how we would come up with that, men just forget everything!" As if that wasn't degrading enough, she continued to put emphasis on how stupid men were every time we spoke and she kept telling us personal issues about herself, for example her doctor appointments and what they entailed. She told us it would make more sense to have our cars picked up at the mall near our house (because it has a big parking lot) as opposed to our residential area. A couple days before they're being picked up, she's talking to me about picking them up at my boyfriends house and I said "no - you told us we're having them picked up at the mall," she goes on to tell me "no I never said that," talking to us like we're stupid. So we just had the shipping company come to my boyfriend's house to pick up both of our cars. The truck came on time, we got the time slot the night before. We said to the driver "so our cars will be there on the 7th or 8th right?" And he was like "no, our lead time is 8-10 days," which wasn't his fault, but that doesn't change the fact that we were angry. We called her and she reassured us the driver was wrong, it'll be there the 7th or the 8th, then she changed the subject and told us "oh it's even shipping in a closed truck! That's so awesome for the price you're being given! No rocks will hit the car like it would if it was open!" She was trying to distracting us from the topic of which we were angry about. The driver told us our cars will arrive the 11th. My boyfriend and I were moving across the country and we wouldn't have a car for a week? He booked a month in advance, why shouldn't we have our cars picked up earlier at home, to be there on time? Because Donna said if our cars get picked up the 1st, they'll be there the 7th or the 8th, no problem! Why couldn't we have had them picked up 08//28 or the 29th? Those dates were suggested by HER. Being that she should be the expert on this based off the fact that is what her job literally entails, she should know better than to push our luck. While our cars were in transit to our new home, she would not pick up the phone, or would for a minute or less and tell me she would call me back and never would. At that point, I started getting angry with her because I felt so helpless and vulnerable. We took matters into our own hands and just started talk with the shipping company for updates and avoided calling Grifo. In the end, our cars arrived the 11th and we had to get a rental for the 5 days we didn't have a car. We had to change the delivery location as well (which didn't change the price, but it was a hassle doing so). We called and called Donna, no answer, her inbox was full, called from different numbers, spoke to the owner of Grifo and he couldn't care less about our situation. We wanted Grifo to refund the money we spent on the rental, which is totally reasonable being that it was her fault. To this day, she still won't return our calls. I most certainly do not recommend Grifo. Just go straight to the shipping company. I recommend CFR Rinkens, they were straight forward and genuine. This review is on Yelp as well. If Grifo wants better reviews, please be more professional and precise. ...[More]
By Emily on Grifo Auto Transport on Oct 12 2015 9:48PM
Response from Grifo Auto Transport
Melissa Grifo about 16 Hours Ago
Emily it's very frustrating to explain to customers the ONLY way to coordinate with a carrier is through a broker. It's also very frustrating how cus...[More]
Orderd boat to be transported. actual carrier changed pickup date several times and cancelled at the last minute.I had to find someone else. I paid 865.59 to we will transport it. Request a refund. They are keeping my money even though the transport never happened. Simply stole my money. The worst experience ever. William Meyer is a thief. ...[More]
By elisabeth biedermann on We Will Transport It Corp on Oct 12 2015 9:14PM
I was told one price and charged $225 higher from them, held hostage by trucker to get my vehicle. Be ware of what they tell you. I had a large number of companies bidding on the shipping of my vehicle. I was given assurance by Anthony that the cost would be one price and then when the unit was in transport was transponder a much higher price by the trucker. No information was given me before the shipping. ...[More]
By James pellicciotti on All Weather Auto Transport on Oct 12 2015 9:02PM
Working with Henry Jordan started off well and he was very friendly however I had to ask for the contract several times and when the move date came about, it was less than smooth. On the morning of the move I had been told to expect the driver between 7am and 9am. I was also told that the driver would call me the day before with an exact arrival time. That never happened. At 9:30am I called the driver who said that he was told he could come at any time that day and that he was only told about the job the day before...... When I told Henry (my sales contact) he said that was all wrong and apologized. When the driver arrived he would not give me an ETA for delivery to the end destination....He said it might be Friday but it also could be Saturday. The driver said that he needed cash payment or certified funds / cashier’s check. Payment arrangements had already been arranged with Henry using a credit card. Again I had to call Henry who assured me that my payment was all set. Later that day the driver called and said that he needed my credit card number..... Concerning but, I just gave it to him. The car arrived at the end destination far earlier than I did and so the Driver called me and we agreed to leave it in my driveway. When I arrived at our destination hours later, my car had a flat tire. I immediately called the driver who of course denied there was a flat tire. He went on to say that he was now hundreds of miles away and there was nothing he could do. I suggested that he call a local company to come out to fix it and he of course would not do that. So, I called Henry Jordan who to this day has NEVER RETURNED ONE CALL OR EMAIL OR TEXT MESSAGE!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN AS MUCH AS A CALL, A TEXT OR AN EMAIL AND I REACHED OUT TO HIM AT LEAST 8 TIMES!!!! It is also worth mentioning that Henry asked me twice to go on line to give him a good review BEFORE the car was picked up, which like an idiot I did. My bad. I went on line & reviewed the sales process and complimented Henry on his friendly disposition etc. I am now going to start the "claims" process which should be a lot of fun! I CANNOT STRESS HOW BAD THIS COMPANY IS TO WORK WITH. TERRIBLE!!!! I have had bad customer service but this ....... this is NO SERVICE. They damaged my car and ignored me! I had to pay to have the car taken from my driveway to the mechanics to be fixed, pay for the new tire and also pay for a rental car….. ...[More]
By Marian McGrath on Premium Auto Movers on Oct 12 2015 7:29PM
By YES on New Way Moving Services on Oct 12 2015 6:21PM
Very unhappy with the service to ship a car from CA to Washington, DC. The tried to charge us over $100 more than the original quote. It was indicated to me that the car was to be delivered on 10/13. I had a wedding over the long weekend in Florida and the driver indicated to me about 4 days ago that he might be early. I explained to the driver that I could not be in DC before 10/12 because I was away for the long weekend. He indicated in could take him 6 or 7 days depending on his route and it was would likely only get there on 10/13 or later. I said to please call me with an update and he promised to call me 2-3 days before he delivered the car. No call was given. On 10/10 I get a frantic call that he was going to deliver the car the VERY same day. I was in Florida with my wife and had to take the last flight out to get in here on time at a cost of $141.10 (lucky it was not more). I had to leave my vacation early and my wife in Florida. I called the driver when I landed and he told me that he was going to deliver the car at 2 AM and that I needed to meet him in Alexandria, VA not Washington, DC. We paid to have the car delivered to DC and how does he expect me to get there when he has the car ? My wife is in Florida and I have no one to drive me. Its was a long weekend and everyone is out of town. He then told me to pick it up at 7 am. I now have to wake up at 6 am and take a taxi all the way there ? Thanks for ruining my vacation ! I have sent the same review to the company. Will update when I hear back. ...[More]
By Raj on Ez Auto Trans LLC on Oct 12 2015 4:06AM
After some review and research, I picked up this company to ship my car. From my initial contact with Sam, I cleared everything about my schedule and he clearly told me that he will assign a driver and will let me know about him one week before the pick-up date. Meanwhile, I receieved a phone call from another company (Mr. M) stating that Nation Auto Transport is a brocker and I answered that I will wait to receive the driver's info. He said that he'll contact me again. Eventually, it became one week befor pick-up date and I received no call. I called them myself and asked for the status of my order. Sam ironically said that this is a policy of the company that driver's info should be given to customer two days before pick-up date. Despite my impression that I want to make sure that you have a driver available, he just insisted that they need to do some paper works to finish up with the (assumed) driver! I received a phone call from Mr. M again and he said that my order is still on borad and he clarified that Nation Auto Transport has put a very low value for driver's portion ($600) while the actual value should be around $750. I had a doubt to believe Mr M since he said that he a driver available in my area and he doesn't need any deposit for the order. Yes, it was sounding like another brocker. So, despite feeling terrible, I decided to keep going on with Nation Auto Transport. Two days later (right two days before the pick-up date) I contacted Sam. He didn't answered. I contacted whatever phone # I knew from the company and they just passing me from one to another by saying "Wait a second"!!! Eventually I connected to Sam, and after a hell of quarell, he spilled the beans that the assigned driver cancelled the order since he found some better offer! He said that I have to be more felexible about my pick-up date! No way. I had a hell of packed schedule and that's why I provides an estimate pick-up date and let them know about my schedule from the start. Anyways, it was Mr. M who was correct and the next day I contacted him and literally begged him for a solution. Fortunately, he said that there is driver who will come to my location in a few days and under my situation, he contacted the local coordinator and we agreed that I drop off my car myself instead of waiting and changing my schedule. I skip the rest from here since it's not related to Nation Auto Transport. Concluding that Nation Auto Transport is a brocker with untrustfull staff. Don't even think of this company if you are not "flexible". ...[More]
By MG on Nation Auto Transport on Oct 11 2015 5:30PM
Boss auto transport play a lot of games. I call kelly to give confirmation that contract was signed and was told id recieve a call back but never did. So over the weekend i was stuck wondering if my vehicle was ever picked up, so i called again and was told she is going to speak with dispatch and call me back, and again no call back. Two hours later i decide to call, this time i spoke with the manager and was told that she had left for the day that if anything he can help me and told me the same things kelly did. I never recieved any call back from this company once! They push you around and as for them saying they will help 24/7 is a lie they have no concern for anything but getting paid. This conpany is a pathetic joke and probably the reviews that are good on here are writen by the employees to gain your trust beware....[More]
By daniel mendoza on Boss Auto Transport , Inc. on Oct 11 2015 4:15PM
Under-the-gun to ship a car, I submitted my telephone number to a car-carrier website and soon received calls from several transport companies. Terry from FastTrack called to educate me on how the car transport system works, explaining that it is the amount of $$ posted to a transport site which attracts a truck and driver to you. Supposedly, $900 will get you a desperate driver next month or $1200 will get you a driver sooner. I was told FastTrack had the lowest brokerage fee at $110.00 and I found that to be true at the time of my brief research. Terry advised me there were 5 trucks “in my area” and that my car could be picked up as early as the same day (Friday, July 10), but no later than Monday, July 13th which was my deadline since I had a flight to catch on the evening of the 13th. The reason for my negative review is the fact that I was verbally guaranteed pickup of my car no later than Monday, July 13th. During the same conversation with Terry, being the skeptical person I am, I asked a second time about the “guaranteed” worst-case pickup date, and she confirmed it was “July 13th”. A little while after e-signing the contract and payment of the $110 brokerage fee, FastTrack provided me with the phone number of the driver. Calling the driver, I learned my car would be picked up on…wait for it…Tuesday, July 14th. Calling to vent my frustration was a pointless waste of time, as they were paid only $110 for their services and are not about to take flak from a customer. Derek runs the company, and he told me flat-out: The contract does not guarantee a pickup date and anything his mother guaranteed on the phone is irrelevant. The actual brokerage fee wound up being $250 for me ($110 + $140 airline ticket change fee). Bottom Line: Regardless of what is said during a telephone conversation, all that matters is in the contract you sign. If you are given a verbal guarantee, ask for it to be added to the contract; if they won’t do that, you know they are just saying whatever you need to hear so you will sign their contract any pay them the crummy $110 brokerage fee. Read the contract. ...[More]
By Jason on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Oct 10 2015 2:23PM
firstly autotransport123 is a BROKER. They are not a Transport company. I don't care what the website says or anything. The actual transport company was Bruno777Inc. Apparently no one at Bruno speaks english very well at all. I called Autotransport123 for a quote. I spoke with a Dan Fisher and got a quote. I told Dan I would call back in a few hours, after speaking with the actual customer who needed the bike shipped. 15 minuets later Dan was on the phone talking a mile a minuet asking if I had talked to the customer. Apparently Dan can't listen, he only talks. Dan can't spell either. So finally the deal is made and all is supposed to be well. Friday, 20 minuets to 5pm, AFTER the bike was picked up in the morning, Dan calls up and leaves a message that my credit card is no good and something about not transporting the bike. (this is after he told me everything is good the day before)... I call the card company and no one from Autotransport123 tried to put a charge through. Obviously not only can't Dan spell, he can't write numbers down well either. So after calling the card company, at about 5 minuets to 5pm I try to get a hold of Dan. Dan has supposedly left already for the day, even though I believe it was Dan who at one point answered the phone, said he wasn't there and put me through to voice mail. So I got through to some one in Washington state at the company and pretty much got things straightened out. Who ever I spoke to there at least knew how to listen and wasn't just talking to hear themselves talk. ALTHOUGH I called back Saturday morning and still the right hand had little clue of what the left hand was doing at autotransport123. BTW while talking to Dan he was insistent on how I was also going to leave a 5 star rating here. Long story short the bike did arrive here. Then the day after the bike got here Janine Hecht calls to tell me how to leave the 5 star rating and guide me through it. I hung the phone up. I'm not leaving a 5 star rating. If anyone should be rated it should be Bruno 777 since they are the transport company. Next time I'm simply going to drive up to NJ and bring the other 2 bikes back here myself and do away with all the nonsense from autotransport123. ...[More]
By jon Geary on Auto Transport 123 on Oct 10 2015 5:12AM
Crook. Scammer. Liar. Someone has to deal with Gerry (Full name: Gerald Louis Giovannetti). A civilized society cannot tolerate such a despicable person. Took 1679$ from me to transport a car from Montreal to Vancouver. Car never left Montreal. Never returned money. After 3 weeks of constant lies, and delays, Gerry had the gall to send me to an industrial parking lot to ship the car with a trucking company, Maven Transport, without actually paying them to transport the car. Gerry instructed me to go to a parking lot in an industrial neighborhood of Montreal. I met the Maven Transport driver there, and was surprised to be given a blank form to fill out with no mention of Gerry or Auto Rail. It's as if I was hiring the trucking company myself. Confused, I filled out the form putting Auto Rail as the shipper. The driver loaded the car, and I left thinking the car would finally be on its way to Vancouver after three weeks of lies and excuses from Gerry. I hadn't even had the time to cross the street, when the Maven Transport dispatcher, called me to inform that they were missing information from Gerry, and would therefore have to unload the car. I call Gerry. Amazingly, as anyone who has business dealings with the man knows, he picked up on the first ring. I tell him to call back the Maven Transport dispatcher. Even more amazingly, the dispatcher calls me back a few minutes later to tell me that all is good, and that the car will be on its way to Vancouver. I leave wondering if dear Gerry's nefarious online reputation, generally confirmed by my own dealings with him during 3 weeks, may somehow be undeserved. An hour later, I'm relaxing and enjoying a pleasant lunch when I get a call from the Maven Transport dispatcher informing that Gerry has given them false information, has not paid them, and that the truck driver will be unloading the car at the next truck stop. After discussing with the dispatcher, and providing him all the documentation, I manage to convince the dispatcher that we are both victims. He agrees to send the driver back to the parking lot to unload the car, on condition that I pay for a tow truck to unload the car from the flat bed transport truck. I agree. The tow truck ends up costing me another 97.53$. The dispatcher informs he that not only did Gerry not pay him, Gerry provided him with the number of a Burger King as the number to contact in Vancouver, and gave the address of an auction house as the drop off address of the car in Vancouver, leading him to believe he was going to sell off the car. Countless people have been robbed by Gerry, as a quick Google search will show. There have been not one, but two reports on CBC on clients who were scammed by Gerry. Why is no one acting to stop this man? ...[More]
By Alexis on Auto Rail Forwarders on Oct 10 2015 4:52AM
Response from Auto Rail Forwarders
Nick about 16 Hours Ago
oh my go you have got to be kidding... we will respond with an update... obviously a mis communication... we have been off on the long weekend and ...[More]
The pickup never happened at the agreed time. They were to show up on Friday and showed up late Monday evening. We were told the driver was in traffic court.They arrived in California on Tuesday evening. Driver slept and the did not deliver the car until late Wednesday night. The Bill of Sale was given to the driver. The delivery driver said he did not have it. Found out anther driver had moved the load from Kansas. It was transferred to a trailer for delivery. As it came around the corner the drivers door was open and swinging back and forth. It is an old truck that needs restored but it does not need additional work. the driver called his office and they were to bring the Bill of Sale to me the next day. It has been over 6 weeks and the Bill of Sale has yet to be delivered to me as promised. Several calls have been made and many promises of its "in the mail" have been received. Legal action is being started to get the paperwork. Do not use this company or any they refer you to. Update to the entry. Spoke to the broker on Wednesday. They begged me to take down the review. Said the Bill of Sale would be overnighted to me by Friday. Its Friday and no Bill of Sale. Review stands. They may only be the broker but they picked the company for me....[More]
By Gary Geis on Evergreen Auto Transport (INACTIVE) on Oct 10 2015 1:17AM
The pickup never happened at the agreed time. They were to show up on Friday and showed up late Monday evening. We were told the driver was in traffic court.They arrived in California on Tuesday evening. Driver slept and the did not deliver the car until late Wednesday night. The Bill of Sale was given to the driver. The delivery driver said he did not have it. Found out anther driver had moved the load from Kansas. It was transferred to a trailer for delivery. As it came around the corner the drivers door was open and swinging back and forth. It is an old truck that needs restored but it does not need additional work. the driver called his office and they were to bring the Bill of Sale to me the next day. It has been over 6 weeks and the Bill of Sale has yet to be delivered to me as promised. Several calls have been made and many promises of its "in the mail" have been received. Legal action is being started to get the paperwork. Do not use this company or any they refer you to. Update to the entry. Spoke to the broker on Wednesday. They begged me to take down the review. Said the Bill of Sale would be overnighted to me by Friday. Its Friday and no Bill of Sale. Review stands. They may only be the broker but they picked the company for me....[More]
By Gary Geis on Premium Auto Movers on Oct 10 2015 1:12AM
This is a rebuttal review after Upscale Transport reported me as a non customer to if you check my review below, they reported me as non customer after replying to my review and giving explanations. In any case, I proved myself a genuine customer of upscale transport and now writing a rebuttal review for them I would like to tell you all how upscale auto transport deals with negative reviews after their horrible service. This is by far the most unprofessional company ever. After I posted my honest review about this company, their representative named Kay started calling me and leaving me voice messages asking me to delete my review, otherwise his managers would fire him. He even sent me emails to delete the review, otherwise he would be jobless right after Christmas. Obviously these were tactics thought about by him and his managers together to get the negative review deleted. Excerpt from his emails is as follows: ========================================== 1. Do you think you can help me in regards to the reviews and ratings? I still have management on my case and what I believe possible termination. I’m trying to make sure I’ll have a job after our holiday vacation. 2. Ok great thanks I hope someday you feel what’s its like to be in our shoes and someone denies you help… with time your review will pass no worries. Not every man backs up his word… God bless sir ====================================== Based on above, you guys can decide if you want to deal with this company or not. I am going to leave that up to your discretion. ORIGINAL REVIEW WITH UPSCALE"S RESPONSE IS AS FOLLOWS: I signed a contract with Upscale auto transport on October 3, 2014 to transport my car and motor bike from Seattle WA to Atlanta GA. The first pick up date as per the contract was Oct 30. I paid a deposit of 179.95 dollars on Oct 3 for my car and then $104.95 more on Oct 9 for my motor bike making it a total of 284.9 dollars . Total price quote for both vehicles as per contract was 1275 dollars . 2 days before the first pick up date, I got a call from one of their agents saying that the price now is 150 dollars more which was in violation of the contract. They were trying to mint extra money at the last minute as they knew that it would be hard for me to ship my car around Oct 30 and I was flying to Atlanta on Oct 31. The reason they gave me for jacking up the price at last moment was that their Sales person Henry who booked my order did it on a low price and now he is fired. Also, they told me that I'll have to pay extra because no driver to accept my order on such a low price. I asked them why telling me all this at the very last moment to which I was told nothing. I sensed their con means and figured how unethical and unreliable this company was. I immediately sent a cancellation email 24 hours prior to the first pick up date (I have all those emails saved for legal purposes). As per contract, if the order was cancelled 24 hours prior to the first pick up date, 100 percent refund is available with no questions asked. It has been more than a month since then and I haven't gotten my money back. One of their agents emailed back almost 24 days after the cancellation saying that it takes 7-14 business days. However, he didn't realize that he was emailing 24 days after. I have already reported this incident with BBB. I have called this business and even emailed them several times but in vain. In am in touch with my legal counsel to see what are my legal options in this case. In short please understand this auto transport business before you hire someone to ship your vehicles. I was warned by so many good brokers who kept on telling me that these guys would ditch me at the last moment. Unfortunately, I was too naive at that time as it was my first time shipping my vehicles. Fingers burnt, lessons learned. However, avoid this company. Spend some bucks extra to buy yourself some peace of mind and stay away from such scamsters. ======================================= we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. Unfortunately our own carriers were not doing this particular route, we had to broker your vehicles to another carrier whose carrier needed maintenance done on his trailer in order to begin pickups, which did cause a major delay. we gave you the option of another driver that was asking for 150 more but would pick up that day, it is our job to relate the message to you, in and when we were a scam company we would of sent for the pick up with out you knowing of the extra price but we didnt we just made it an option please keep in mind a holiday ws coming up and driver CAN take off at any given moment. We apologize for the delay, but unfortunately in the transporting business delays may occur. Also, we did attempt to reach out to you several times to schedule with another carrier. It was until we realized this post was brought up onto transport reviews, that you no longer wanted the services to be completed by our company. We simply tried reaching out to recover the delay that occurred. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and as you know now our company went ahead and fully refunded you. Warm Regards, Upscale Auto Transport...[More]
By Jasbinder on Upscale Auto Transport on Oct 9 2015 9:45PM
After Jim told me that the truck was broke down and was gonna call me this morning- which He never did.I called back to see what was going on and Sharon said that maybe they could put my classic car in strorage till they had a truck. I said WTF company is this-Lets forget about it. Then posted something for JIM,My Phone then rings - I answere it ,Quess who it was but old JIM complaining and yelling at me that I posted it.Well don't you think everyone should know about JiM. Then He says He never told me about a broken truck-calling me a liar and screaming at me telling me he had a bad day. Well to Bad- where is customer service.This guy doesn't have it. And doesn't CARE. Sorry Jay Lenno- Maybe you don't talk to JIM.Hope this saves somebody from JIM's Bullcrap....[More]
By Brian on Intercity Lines Inc. on Oct 9 2015 9:21PM
Response from Intercity Lines Inc.
david m wilson about 8 Hours Ago
Brian, My sincere apologies for not meeting your shipping requirements. Everyone at Intercity Lines works very hard to meet or exceed our Customer re...[More]
Hi everybody, This is the forth time i post my review here because VIM removed my first 3 reviews saying they cannot find my order. Now im writing this done, my order number is #SW855A42415. ShortVersion: -They took my car 5 months ago and walked away not shipping my car. -They removed my review saying I am not their customer while texting me not post bad review. -During The shipment i have to deal with drivers, ask for updates from drivers etc, by myself. ======= Full Story I shipped my car with VIM. My contact is Steven. First, about charge. When we settled the shipment, the price was $1700 CAD. 2015-04-24, they charged my credit card $1788CAD saying there is a 5% surcharge. Because they are charging from US dollars machine. Surcharge sometimes is reasonable, but it will be good if they mention it before and tell me it will be us dollars. PickUp The scheduled pick time is May-09-2015, and it was delayed by 1 day. This is a reasonable delay and I can accept that. Shipping. Today is oct-08-2015, 151-day after picked up. I have not received my vehicle yet. During the shipment, they had given me some very weird and illogic updates, including but not limited to: 2015-05-19: 'They are picking up 2 units for me today and should be on the road by morning, then it should only take 4-5 days' (and the truck is still in Toronto) 2015-05-28: 'It will be in Edmonton this weekend. Then going to vancouver, looking at next week delivery in Vancouver.' 2015-08-10: 'Yes. The driver said that hes leaving wed' I asked 'leaving From?' they said 'Ontario' etc. On 2015-09-27 night, i saw someone had same experience posted review on this website. so i wrote down my experience too. Next day,I got an email saying my review has been removed because the company cannot find I am their customer. Ironically, at almost the same time, i get a text message from them saying 'Posting bad review's on the internet is not helping.' And Then, they just walked away and saying they are not shipping my car anymore. Basically, they took my money and car and just leave. And one more thing, about the customer review on their own webpage. I dont know how they collect those customers' reviews but that webpage is only for their own company and i did not find a place to write my own review. I tend to not blame ppl, maybe it is just my bad luck to get delayed this time, but giving wrong updates, removing my reviews instead of apologize and walking away from the job is definitely not a good service provider will do. Till now, i dont know what to say. I have to go and find my car. Good luck everyone....[More]
By Jayson on Vehicles in Motion on Oct 9 2015 9:00PM
I asked Jim about getting car shipped from Massachusetts were they are from to Kansas,He Told me truck was broke down did not know when truck would be available- He would call me in the morning . Never heard from Jim - Don't believe he cared at all- - He sucks as a dispacther and coordinater. Still never got back to me. I thought this was the company to use,But with stories of trucks broken down told to a customer. I wont be using them.Good luck Jay Lenno...[More]
By Brian medeiros on Intercity Lines Inc. on Oct 9 2015 8:55PM
My husband was unable to get timely responses from the first line of contact. Customer Service Representatives did not communicate that a bidding process was necessary in order for our car to be finally picked up. After the first driver was a "no-show" the communication between myself and the Dispatch Coordinator essentially broke down. She was snippy and unprofessional and escalated her tone during the conversation. She did promise to contact myself or my husband the next day (a day after my car was to be picked up) with a resolution. She was late on calling. When my husband and I asked for a refund, the unprofessionalism continued and we were informed that we had to wait to get a check from the accounting department on Monday (Columbus Day) and were told that it was impossible to start a refund after the office closed at 3pm on Friday. Business hours listed on the website state the office closes at 8pm Monday through Friday. To recap: our car was never picked up, we were essentially told that if we wanted it picked up, we would need to escalate the price (which was the price that I agreed upon in the contract my husband originally signed) and that the refund wouldn't be able to be started immediately because the office was closed. We are a military family and are in need of two cars at our next duty station. I have never been so disappointed in a service in my life. I would definitely guard against using them again at all costs. ...[More]
By Mrs. Fiai on Precision Car Carriers on Oct 9 2015 7:45PM
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY'S SERVICE. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS. THEY ARE DISHONEST AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL. THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL WHEN DEALING WITH PEOPLE. DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR CAR. It was my first time trying to ship my car and I feel completely taken advantage of. This company was not professional or honest, they were borderline deceitful with the way they handle business. I'm just trying to save someone else from going through what I went through. Abridged version of the story: Representative and I agreed to a price. She assured me it would not increase. CALLED ME LAST MINUTE ON THE DAY-OF AND TOLD ME THE PRICE INCREASED. Put me on the spot and in a vulnerable situation. And did not get my deposit back after canceling. I was trying to ship my car from Boston to LA. I shopped around for quotes and what drew me to car delivery USA was that they gave me the lowest quote of all the companies I talked to. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I talked to Sierra, the Car delivery USA representative, many times over the course of a month and I asked her specifically about these bad reviews claiming that the price was raised at the last minute. I was very hesitant and cautious but she assured me MULTIPLE TIMES on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS that the quoted price of $1,150 (broker's fee $290) WOULD NOT CHANGE. And she said if the driver did end up raising his price then SHE WOULD REDUCE THE BROKER'S FEE so that I would absolutely only pay $1,150 when all was said and done. BUT SHE DID NOT DO THIS. I was leaving the country for a week and needed my car shipped soon after I returned. Because I was coming back on a long weekend and there was a short time frame that I needed this done between, I called her before I left the country to put down my deposit to assure that everything was all set and would go smoothly when I came back. She took my deposit and assured me, again, that the price would be $1,150. She said she would email me while I was away to keep my informed on the process and let me know all the driver's information and pick up date. I DIDN'T RECEIVE ANY CORRESPONDENCE WHILE I WAS AWAY. SHE TOLD ME NOTHING. I got back to the country and emailed her -no response. I called her and left a message -no response. I called her again and left another message. I knew this would happen since I came back on a long weekend but she did not contact me in anyway to let me know what was going on. She called me THE DAY I NEEDED IT PICKED UP to tell me they would get it later that day and THE PRICE HAD GONE UP and the driver was asking for $1,050; an increase of $200. To go from $1,150 total ($290 broker's fee + $860 driver's fee) to $1,350. I asked her what happened to the price we agreed on and what happened to lowering her broker's fee to accommodate the price and she said because it was a long weekend things got hectic and last minute and this was the driver's price and she no control over it. So after days of trying to reach them and trying to make sure my car is going to make it to its destination, feeling anxious as it is about all the logistics of moving and being in a vulnerable position since this is the day I wanted my car shipped, she returns my call to tell me that THE PRICE IS HIGHER AND THERE'S NOTHING SHE CAN DO. After being very nonchalant and unapologetic about the price increase she asked me if I wanted to continue. Feeling anxious and put on the spot, I hesitated and said "sure" and hung up. After realizing what just happened I called her back to cancel and demanded my deposit back. She said to hold on and that she was going to transfer me to someone and then got directed to a voice mail. I hung up and called her direct line back to get her voicemail again. I DID THIS 3 TIMES AND SHE DID NOT PICK UP MY CALL RIGHT AFTER WE HAD JUST FINISHED TALKING. I finally got a hold of someone and told them I wanted to cancel and to get my deposit back and that they didn't handle things like they said they would. In the time it took me to call Sierra, immediately get her voicemail 3 times and finally get a hold of someone she had assigned a driver. This new person I talked to at Car Delivery USA canceled the services and he tried to renegotiate and "split the difference" by "paying" half of the $200 increase. I refused and said they will not be picking up my car today, my car will not be using their services and I want my $290 (+ an $8.99 transaction fee) back since I am not using any of their services. BUT THEY REFUSED TO GIVE ME MY DEPOSIT BACK. The guy explained that they are at the mercy of the driver's rate and it's up to the drivers to give the price etc. etc. But none of this was expressed to me during any of the multiple times I talked to Sierra. She never once told me that the price she gave me was so variable and unpredictable. I was told that my quote was concrete and she would go through the necessary steps to make sure I paid the price I wanted. She appeared to be very accommodating and understanding. SHE TOLD ME ONE PRICE. ASSURED ME THE PRICE WOULD NOT CHANGE. BUT AT THE LAST MINUTE, ON THE DAY I WANTED IT SHIPPED THEY INCREASED THE PRICE. THEY ARE NOT SHIPPING MY CAR FOR THE PRICE WE AGREED. SIERRA DID NOT REDUCE HER BROKER'S FEE LIKE SHE SAID SHE WOULD. THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING THEY SAID THEY WOULD IN TERMS OF BEING IN CONTACT WITH ME AND KEEPING ME INFORMED. THEY ARE NOT SHIPPING MY CAR BUT THEY ARE KEEPING MY MONEY. I want to make sure no one else goes through what I had to go through. I know shipping your car can be a very stressful endeavor. Do yourself a favor and don't give yourself the extra headache of trying to work with these people. They appear to be courteous and kind in the beginning but they will lead you on and take your money with no remorse. Don't be fooled by all their talk and reassurance. I fell for it and in the end they raised the price and I'm picking a different company to ship my car. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. ...[More]
By Extremely Unhappy Customer on Car Delivery USA Inc. on Oct 9 2015 7:36PM
On 9/23/15 I contacted Grifo Auto Transport asked if they were able to service the dates of 9/23 or 9/24.  I was assured that it wouldn't be a problem.  They took a deposit of 150.00 on the promise of picking up my vehicle and shipping it to me.  I was told that the 23rd or 24th It would be picked up at the designated location.  Lenny owner of Grifo never stayed in contact...I had to keep chasing him to find out the issue.  I've incurred late fees due to the non professionalism of him not picking up my vehicle and non proper communication.  He would not call me on phone to communicate when requested, but send text messages instead. Lying about he had drivers. This continued on into the following week all he was doing was bidding against other companies and raising my rate.  I had to end up hiring another company on my own to get the job done, due to the incompetence of this joke of a company!  This was a scam for my money.  I've requested my money 3 times and still have not received a refund yet.  They're under investigation for their impractical practices. Go elsewhere to get serviced. This place is joke!     ...[More]
By Tmac on Grifo Auto Transport on Oct 9 2015 12:11PM
Response from Grifo Auto Transport
Melissa Grifo on Oct 9 2015 6:57PM
Tiffany your order and payment was provided to us online on 9/23 at 11:19am, therefore we did not process your payment. I don't know how we can promi...[More]
Beware!! If I could give it 0 stars I WOULD. This was the worst company to deal with. They over promise and under deliver. I bought my wife a car from New Jersey for Christmas in early December and they were to pick it up and deliver by christmas. They kept saying they were going to pick up the car over and over again and finally delivered it at the end of January. They ended up charging me over $200.00 more than they quoted. They have you over a barrel and will charge you more to just get your car you wanted yesterday. ...[More]
By jwaters on Montway Auto Transport on Oct 9 2015 3:41AM
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