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I have had my car transported by this company 3 times, the first 2 times were ok. The 3rd time I paid Alberta NewWoman $100.00 or risk cancellation of contract. he quotes me a total price of $1350.00, however the actual company doing the transporting wanted $1350.00 to release my car in the destination state. I called Sun Auto Transport and told this to Alberta NewWoman and she assured me she would pay me back the first $100.00 I gave her. That was August, it is now December, 4 months later and I have not be repaid. When I would call he would not answer the phione because, however when I called form another he seemed SHOCKED i had not been paid. And every time it was the same story, I will take care of it but never did. TODAY is WEDNESDAY December 3, 2014, he said he would make the payment TODAY, but he will not answer my emails asking if he is going to pay me today. Also, noe one ever answer the phone except Alberta NewWoman, but at the review site I have read a review and a person named Sergio have gotten involved in some replies from customers leaving NEGAtIVE reviews, because he is a "co-owner". This is for you Sergio, why in the hell do you allow alberta to run rough shot over people that put monety in your pocket and feed you and your family??! He has ruined every chance that I will ever use your company again. I do not take kindly to being lied to or stolen from. Alberta knew he overcharged me (that is called stealing), lied about paying me back (that makes him a LIAR). I will send emails everyday until I am paid what you have stolen from me Alberta. Be a man and not a BUM. If you steal from people and lie to them too, that makes you a BUM! Open your email tomorrow and find my email asking for my money....[More]
By BRIAN on Sun Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 8:52PM
Response from Sun Auto Transport
albert newman on Jan 30 2015 9:36PM
This guy is been threating everyone here, he is a joke, this guy has no respect we did our job and now his doing this . Get a life and let people work...[More]
While they may have their own trucks, this business also acts as a broker. While that condition is disclosed on their web site, no mention was made of a sub-contractor being used. Transport fee was excessive for level of service and carrier quality provided. Broker had no knowledge of carrier equipment, and misrepresented loading capability, trailer type, condition and dimensions. Gratefully vehicle arrived undamaged but I would not want to chase a claim with such disreputable people. $800 more than Reliable and barely more protection with an open carrier....what's not to hate?...[More]
By Mike Hess on Enclosed Vehicle Transport Inc. on Jan 30 2015 8:10PM
The lack of responsibility or involvement in the transport delays by the broker, Envisions Relocation, was extremely poor. The car was picked up as promised on a date that Envision guaranteed would insure delivery as requested. The vehicle was delivered 7 days late. Only by dealing directly with the carrier was I able to track the vehicle and coordinate its final delivery. It should be noted that the carrier CFR Rinkens, especially Joey Ruiz, were extremely accommodating and took responsibility for their part in the delay. Including a discount on the final payment to compensate me for a rental car. I would never contract with a broker again after this experience. ...[More]
By Marc on Envision Auto Relocations Inc. on Jan 30 2015 7:39PM
1968 Mustang NJ - MN. Quoted and contract for $1125. Found out after the car was on the truck and departed that it would be $1225. Was offered a free broker fee for my next transport but wont find out if that would be honored or not . At the end of the day the car was delivered on time and in good shape. The broker was prompt at returning and answering calls even at off hours. The two star review is a direct result of this site saying if you would not use them again that is the highest they can get. In reality they should probably have gotten a three. ...[More]
By Cameron on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jan 30 2015 7:24PM
This is ridiculous and so is this broker, nothing but lies and false promises, I should have read all ratings and done my research, I have requested a refund in full. I do not appreciate the time wasted on me and I regret the time I wasted trying to give this organization a second chance. The absolute worst experience I have ever had with anyone in the service industry. This organization will never amount to anything, definitely the worst business practices I have ever encountered. A bunch of low life scumbags! I tried to setup a pickup from New Jersey to Texas, but never locked in specific dates. We agreed on a price of $1,400 and agreed that no sale would be final until I call in to confirm all details. After I discovered the car was no longer available for purchase from New Jersey I called in to cancel the order and requested a refund, they said they already found a freight company to pickup my car and that the $150 charged to my credit card can no longer be refunded. This made no sense to me, since I never once agreed on a date or even an address to pickup the car since I was not 100% certain that I would even be purchasing the car. So then a few days go by as I waited for their response and was able to find another vehicle for sale in North Carolina. So instead of arguing with these ignorant people I decided to give them a second chance. I specifically requested a hard wall hydraulic lift trailer due to the nature of the car that was going to be handled. After I finalized the deal on the car I called back and said that the car will be ready for pickup Friday of the current week. They said if next Tuesday would work, I said that would be fine no big deal, so long as I receive photos of the unit that will transporting my vehicle for my personal reassurance, they agreed and said they will shoot me an email within the hour. Tuesday rolls around, no pictures, no phone call and no correspondence as far as tracking number or even phone number to the actual carrier that will be handling my vehicle. So I call in and ask for an update, Jennifer says she was just about to call me with an update, so then I get more lies and false promises about speaking with the carrier and that she will be sending the pictures over by email in 30 minutes. So I patiently wait and Thursday rolls this time I'm just like can I please just get my car shipped to me cause now the dealer is bugging me about getting the car picked up. So I speak with the dispatcher which tells me they finally found a hauler and they all use the same units and he will be shooting over their information so I can research them and see their units on their website. I asked how is it that they just found a hauler if Jennifer promised me a hauler was already assigned since Thursday the week before and she promised that it would be picked up on Tuesday, and now its Thursday of the following week and the dispatcher is telling me the car will be picked up this Friday, a whole week after the car has been sitting there waiting. LIES!!! So here I am a whole week later and still being promised that the car will be picked up this week and that now instead of the $850 we agreed on it is now $1,000 and after looking at the website and the unit that would be hauling my car is nothing close to what we agreed on which was supposed to be a hard wall trailer with hydraulic lift just like the NASCAR trailers like I was promised from day one. Unbelievable, it is difficult to even put into words the absolute frustration that is felt trying to give people a second chance and they just continue to bury you in lies and false promises. See for yourself if these guys look like they run NASCAR style trailers: this has all been one big mistake and an absolute joke to even work with these scumbags! I was not paid to post this and after asking the broker for a website to leave a review they refused to give it to me. That is probably why they only have 40 reviews over the past 2 years. They hide everything they can and just drag you along. I have yet to hear from anyone there since my last conversation with them where I told them to just cancel everything and refund me my money which they clearly did not earn....[More]
By ADRIAN on Nation Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 4:19PM
Felicia failed to honor the scheduled shipment contract and my car was delivered the day after Christmas to a salvage yard (Planned arrival window was 29-31 December). I have yet to receive any money to recoup the storage fees incurred while at the salvage yard and Felicia has not returned my calls or emails. While the car did arrive in relatively good condition (very dirty), the customer service and their ability to manage their commitments is extremely poor. Bottom line: I DO NOT RECOMMEND AUTO SHIPPING GROUP! ...[More]
By Brian S. on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 30 2015 8:38AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 30 2015 10:12AM
** Call Felicia @ (602) 428-6872 or email** Hello Brian, Thank you for taking timeout to provide feedback on your experi...[More]
The day after placing a required deposit, I sent a cancellation according to SBS Terms, well before a P/U date was given. SBS forged a copy (their contract is two pages; you sign on one and the date is given on the other) of the contract with an altered p/u assignment date to swindle us out of a legitimate deposit refund. Plain and simple fraud, but too little to effectively act on. This operation is just plain dishonest. I have the papers to prove it....[More]
By James Dickinson on State-By-State Transporters on Jan 29 2015 9:24PM
Attempted to change the agreed upon rate, stating that the transporter requested more, and they would split the difference with me. The transporter only request the original rate. Then I get constant e-mails and phone calls asking me to review them. ...[More]
By C on 7 Star Auto Transport on Jan 29 2015 8:26PM
This whole process is just completely unreal. When I first inquired about a "quote" (meaning 1), i get onto a site apparently who sends out leads to every transport broker in the world, with some of the mos aggressive and abrasive salesmen i've ever seen (think robert deniro selling cars in "analyze this/that"). So, when you hear all the bullshit and mudslinging that these guys (not just A.R.E.A.T.), you have to sit back and decipher what is true and the best possible person/broker/carrier to choose from. James, seemed like a calm, honest guy on the phone; no mudslinging, straight and to the point, had concrete answers, gave me his personal cell phone #, had the quickest pick up time, quickest delivery time, cheapest price. -Apples to Apples, right? Transporting "A" car, cheapest price works. WRONG! I had James holding his price from early December (this was now mid Jan.) at $995, $195 broker fee, $800 to ship....promises me there wouldnt be any additional charges. WRONG! I had another guy already set up before james and AREAT, who was going to do it for $1100 even, (in which the driver had already called to schedule the pick up before i bought the car), but, apples to apples, right? I go with james at $995, the car will be picked up tomorrow, 1/15/15, and delivered to my door in 5-7 days. So, i give him my CC info, before getting a "contract" , he charges my card, and states that he will return my $ and he says "ive been doing this for 17 years, if I don't get your car shipped, I don't want your $." I never sign a contract, but he charges my card (to this day i havent signed it). Catch a flight that morning back to pittsburgh from Idaho, call AREAT to confirm that the car is being picked up, NO! the closest thing i can compare this to is buying an engagement ring;there for you every step of the way during the sale, don't give a shit about you if you want to return it. Its going to be an additional $125, now, $25 more than I wouldve already paid initially. (james: "its not going to be more than $995" is ringing in my head). So after reading the contract I didn't sign, I look and see that 20% will not be refunded, which on $995 is already 20%, so james makes $195 no matter wtf happens, so of course, my best bet is to just stay on the ropes and pay the additional $, rather than start over. Now, i'm talking to Lourdes, because james is nowhere to be found. She was really nice, despite what these other reviews say. Now i get the carrier information, i call, they say car will be delivered in 12 days now, sweet! I am pressed for time, because I am going on vacation the 31st, which is why i went with james, because of the 5-7 days, I'll have plenty of time, right? So, on the 26th carrier and driver both call to say he will be here tuesday between 6am and 7am, ok fine, better window than comcast. So i wake up at 5:30, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, finally i call the driver 5x, no answer, then wait till pacific time for the carrier to open, call them, they give me the list of "applicable excuses to the modern moron" from 3 different people as to why nobody has shown up, called, called back, etc. So, at this point, i take off work to wait some more. In the meantime, i realize, i just lost a days wages of waiting for this guy to never call or show up, so i call dispatch and complain, I want some $ taken off the shipping price, he agrees to take off $100....AWESOME! Driver calls and says he will be here at 9 pm, only 14 hours late, but who cares, i got $100 off. Guy delivers the car, car is dirty, but is to be expected when you drive across the country in and open carrier at this time of the year. I explain to him, i am supposed to get $100 off, he says "i don't know about this" and calls dispatch, this lady who sounds like she smokes about 4 packs a day demands (in an ignorant manner) that i pay her driver in full! Unreal! At this point, im so exhausted from this experience i pay these lying, cheating bastards anyway. I have never seen such poor, ignorant, rude customer service from the brokers to the carriers, worst experience ever! But, the car arrived and wasnt damaged, so I guess i can't be that pissed....[More]
By Ryan on All Roads Express Auto Transport Inc on Jan 29 2015 6:08PM
Too many bad things to say, so I will say nothing at all. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. ...[More]
By John on Upscale Auto Transport on Jan 29 2015 4:40PM
When shipping your car do not fall for the cheapest price. This can lead to a delay in shopping days and time. I would set a budget of at least $1,000. Many of the companies that contact you will be brokers that take a cut off the top. Please take the time to educate yourself on this topic prior to booking. In the end I was very pleased to have my car. My overall cost with the brokers cut was$849.00. Although, the first quote was for 799.00. My car was free from damage and delivered in the same manner it was picked in. My driver maintained contact with during the entire shipping process....[More]
By eugene on Montway Auto Transport on Jan 29 2015 3:14PM
I was told my vehicle would be picked up on December 11 from my father's residence and delivered to my residence in California within 10 days. I inquired as to whether or not the vehicle would be picked up at my father's house and not another location and was assured there would be no problem. On the day of pickup, as I'm driving cross country to my destination in California, I am called by the truck driver who barely speaks any English. I was eventually able to figure out that he was parked at a Wawa about 3 miles from my father's house and wanted to pick the car up there. Given that I couldn't make alternative arrangements because I was driving and because the driver spoke little English, my 65 year old father drove my car to the Wawa to the driver and then had to WALK all the way back to his house. This was not at all the experience that was discussed with me when I made arrangements with Auto Shipping Group. My vehicle was then supposed to be delivered on December 21. I was then informed that the vehicle would not be able to be delivered on that date and that I would need to contact the local trucking company that would be completing the delivery. I called the local company multiple times to find out when I could expect delivery of the vehicle. They would give me a date and then tell me they would call back to confirm and would never call back. This happened about 3 times. My car was eventually delivered on December 26; 5 days after the LATEST delivery date I was promised. I was very underwhelmed with my experience with Auto Shipping Group. I would not use them again nor would I recommend them to anyone....[More]
By Vinnie on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 29 2015 2:19PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 29 2015 3:10PM
5 STAR SERVICE PLEASE CALL DIRECT FOR QUOTES*** 360-200-7549. Hello Vinnie, Sorry for the delay with the driver and ca...[More]
Anyone needing a car, motorcycle, snowmobile or boat delivered PLEASE do no use this company they are very dishonest. They want your deposit after that its all down hill, they give you a price, etc. say $350.00 after that they find a carrier but, when your order is placed on the board its for $500.00 dollars, when your vehicle is delivered you owe more, when you call them about this problem they pretend they don't what happened. They are rude, and not affiliated with the BBB why? because they are scammers. The owner is dishonest as well as the people working for him. I learn from this nightmare never send money up front from your credit card, to any broker and especially to this company. The good reviews you read are compensated by this company to fool people, I beg you, I plead with you do NOT use this company PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! they are scammers! I never received my refund after talking to the owner I was told numerous of lies, I don't expect to, but this is how they make their money by ripping honest people off! ...[More]
By Annette on Premier Auto Shippers on Jan 29 2015 12:33PM
DO NOT USE HIM OR GIVE HIM CREDIT CARD INFO HE IS RUNNING A SCAM-see other people victims He will charge your card or take your cask and said is deposit if you are lucky he will hire other carrier to transport your car but he will not pay them So you have to pay cash on delivery to recover your car You will be charged 2 times for same service...[More]
By Adrian on Jim Ford Trucking on Jan 29 2015 11:56AM
I started off wanting a closed carier but Julie could not find one and this was after 3 weeks of waiting so when it came to being 5 days before I had to leave Colorado I had to agree to an open carrier. The drivers were very rude and rushed to put my very expensive Corvetteon the back of their truck and strapped only 2 wheels down for the 1267 mile trip to Washington DC. When my car was delivered one day late it was the dirtiest I'd ever seen it, it was covered in dirt so bad that I had to roll the passenger and driver windows down just to see to drive it to the nearest car wash. I was not happy with this transport and if I ever move or purchase a car in another state then I'll use someone else. ...[More]
By Aaron Webb on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 28 2015 8:32PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 28 2015 9:07PM
JULIE JOHNSTON Aaron I am very sorry that you were not happy with the transport. There was not an enclosed carrier on this route that could do your t...[More]
Poor communication throughout the transport. Lack of knowledge of surrounding area meant driver stopped and refused to deliver the car door to door as promised. I had to take a taxi to pick up my car and drive it home even after I gave specific directions on how to get to my house and that it was near a major expressway. Delivery documentation was incomplete, and had additional areas noted as existing damage, when no such damage existed...(strange). Driver was in such a hurry, when he received my payment, he simply got in his truck and left without waiting for me to check the car for any possible damage. Also, when I arrived at the pickup location the truck was taking up the entire lane of traffic and my car was offloaded in the middle of the street exposed to oncoming traffic. Do Not recommend. Ed NYC....[More]
By ed arias on Ship a Car Direct on Jan 28 2015 8:06PM
the only thing that was positive was getting the credit back on the charge card. Both dispatchers were horrible on helping matters when asked where the car was. The same answers were given that the driver will get ahold of you when it is near the location. The vehicle was there on the 5th of January 2015 and by the 19th of January I was told that it never left Richmond depot. Don't bother asking for the manager as he is in periodically and will not return calls. WHAT you don't have a cell phone. You sir are brutal. found a better carrier with MCL....[More]
By s on Ship My Ride on Jan 28 2015 2:44PM
I have never felt so taking advantage of before. ALS-CC is giving the car transport industry a bad name, how sad. PLEASE anyone try to call this company and just listen to how they conduct there bizz. VERY unprofessional on so many levels." Ghetto" is not even the beginning of it. For more info on this company feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for reading. Hope you don't get ripped on from this company ALS-CC like i did... OWNERS name is Damian Estevez ...[More]
By C Jordan on ALS Cavalier Convoy LLC on Jan 28 2015 1:54PM
Call this Magic Auto transport inc from Boynton FL. was told car would be picked up on 12/31/14 @ noon in Cal to transport to NH Today is 1/5/15 Monday and my car is still not picked up!!!! no calls from them - no cares at all. Owner calls me when I cancel my order to tell me he fired his staff... YEA OK!! what a joke... I will make sure I tell 500 people never to use this trucing co ever!!! they are scam!!...[More]
By mccready on Magic Auto Transport Inc. on Jan 28 2015 12:27PM
I put a very poor review up earlier, but then got an immediate response from Heartland. After talking to Dan, it would appear that the problems I had were with Soft Trans Auto, the shipping company they brokered to transport my car, not Heartland Shipping. Perhaps I was at fault because I didn't call Heartland when my problems began. I somehow thought they were one and the same. They have promised they will never use Soft Trans Auto again, and have posted a negative review on an industry website. I hope that means no further problems for future customers. I still feel obligated to post some feedback. My advice in the future, to anyone shipping a car, contact the company you hired directly if you have problems with your driver or the dispatcher. They very much want to make you happy and will do whatever they can to improve your experience. I think had I called John, instead of the dispatcher, I would have had a much better end result. I've learned my lesson. So, thank you Heartland for your promptness and your apologies. The car did arrive two days early and it was undamaged. For that I am pleased. Even so, I probably won't use you again. And next time choose your dispatchers and drivers wisely. ...[More]
By Clark on Heartland Trucking on Jan 28 2015 11:42AM
My initial contact was John Stewart with Nationwide Transport Services who then farmed my transport out to Wheel Transit, Inc - WORST COMPANY EVER! The entire roof of my vehicle was damaged during transport and the dishonest driver tried to say that the damages were present when the vehicle was picked up - so dishonest! The driver picked up my car a day and a half late and delivered it two days late - completely unprofessional! I am still fighting with the insurance company for my vehicle repairs. Do yourself a favor and use another company. John Stewart was extremely helpful and responsive; however, the representative at Wheel Transit, Rostysav Viter and his driver were completely incompetent. Unhappy customer!...[More]
By Shawn on Nationwide Transport Services on Jan 28 2015 10:20AM
I would never use this outfit again. Promise everything will be smooth . Now wont answer the phone , car has not been delivered yet . picked up on 1/17/15 supposed to be delivered on 1/26/15 . Not so , I called the trucking company and they said it wouldn't be until the the 31 st . 15 days to transport a car , ridiculus . Still haven't gotten it . Next it will be the better business bureau . ...[More]
By Steve on Reliable Auto Transport on Jan 28 2015 9:54AM
Company was overall on time with delivery but when car arrived at destination car was crashed. Driver admitted to crashing car but begged to not call police or insurance company because they did not want to have a stained record or increased insurance premiums. I did everything in good faith to resolve the issue outside of the law and insurance and in the end the company did not make itself responsible for the damages and left me out to dry. Anyone wanting to ship a car with this company BEWARE!!! ...[More]
By Luis Rubio on A & D Auto Carrier Group, Inc. on Jan 28 2015 2:00AM
Vehicle was picked up and delivered in reasonable time but broker should have done due diligence on third party carrier. A &D Auto Carrier Group of Hialeah, Fl delivered car crashed at destination. Begged to not contact police or insurance to not affect the companies record or insurance premium. In the end the company did not make itself responsible for the damages incurred. If transporting a vehicle BEWARE!!...[More]
By Luis Rubio on BKK Transport and Brokerage Inc. on Jan 28 2015 1:32AM
We had a tight window to transport a vehicle in early January. We were assured by representative that transport would be located at price specified and in timeframe specified. Nothing ever happened. We requested cancellation via phone and email after we were forced to have to relist with another firm. Stateway did not remove us from the 'shipping board' which greatly hampered our ability to find transport. They actually re-listed numerous times after we canceled. As we were informed, these actions did nothing but prevent other carriers from picking our vehicle up as numerous listings seem to hurt your chances. Drivers and brokers only get paid when the job is assigned and completed, so I have no idea how this hurts transport. Like anyone would pay two or more deposits and have multiple carriers arrive for pickup, makes no sense... whatever. Our route was an easy one too, ten minutes from a major interstate on the pickup side and twenty minutes from one on the destination. No rural or backwoods driving at all. ...[More]
By JKP on Stateway Auto Transport on Jan 27 2015 5:07PM
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