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The overall experience with using the Broker, Montway Transport, was very good. At this point in time, I would definitely use them again to ship a car or recommend them to anyone. The Customer Service was great and they always answered my questions in a timely matter. My car was shipped from the state of Washington to a suburb in the state of Wisconsin near Milwaukee. My Subaru was delivered this past Saturday evening after being on the road for several days. The outside of the car was very dirty but I actually expected that because of the long journey. That was not a problem. The delivery driver from the actual carrier was very nice and called me a few times while the car was in transit. I did an inspection of the car when it was driven off the car and looked at the inspection report and everything seemed to be in order. That's the good news. The bad news is that on Monday when I was able to wash the car I noticed some scratches on the roof of the car directly behind the Sun Roof. The scratches came to my attention when I was towel drying the car. It looked as though that something scratched the roof. I believe that something happened in the transport period to damage the car so I immediately called Montway to let them know what I found. They were very good about the situation and asked me to send them a couple of quotes to repair the damage from a couple of local Body Shops and to send them some pictures of the damage. I'm in the process of getting this done this week so that I can send this information back to them. I fully expect that this damage and situation will be settled to my satisfaction. STAY TUNED. Updated 5/10/15.....A couple of days ago I received an email from Montway telling me that my Claim against The actual Transporter, FOREMOST TRANSPORT INC., has been denied. I'm a little perplexed since I received an email from FOREMOST indicating they would take care of the damages once they received the pictures of the damage and two Estimates from some local Auto Body Shops. I did everything that they asked me to do and now they are changing their position. Both Montway and FOREMOST were happy to take my money, but, now decided to not take care of their Customer. This certainly is not over from my point of view. Once again.....STAY TUNED. Another update 6/16/15.....I have still not yet resolved my dispute with the actual Transport Carrier- -FOREMOST TRANSPORT iNC. I have gotten a run-a-round from several people at FOREMOST tRANSPORT INC. about the damage to my Subaru. I ended up going directly to their Insurance Carrier, Carolina Casualty, to try to get this matter resolved with no success. After several weeks of trying to get this resolved, I finally convinced them to send out a Independent Adjuster to come to my house to take MORE pictures and review the damage. They did and still rejected my claim. The Broker, Montway, has been very helpful during this entire process with a lot of help and suggestions from Brad J. But in the end, none of this has helped resolve my CLAIM against FOREMOST TRANSPORT. I would "NEVER" suggest to anyone to ever use FOREMOST TRANSPORT INC who work out of Goshen, Indiana. They do not stand behind the fact the their driver damaged my Subaru. I believe it was an accident, but, the driver is not accepting or admitting any responsibility. My car was on the lower level of the transport carrier and I believe the chains from the cars on top loosened and scratched the top of my roof during the trip from Arlington, Wa. to Greendale, Wi. There is no other explanation for how this could have happened. I would welcome anyone to call me at 414-708-6629 to discuss this with me. I am at the point now that I am considering to ask my attorney to get involved. Why does FOREMOST TRANSPORT INC. have Insurance if they won't honor my claim? And it's not $1000's of dollars either. "DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH FOREMOST TRANSPORT" as they can't be trusted. Another update as of 6/17/15....I left a message at Carolina Casualty for the Director of Claims Operations, Mr. Lewis Harper, to return my call to review my Claim. He never returned my call, but, had another Claims Supervisor, Debbie Burgess, return my call. She indicated that I will have to wait until Monday, 6/22, for another call back. She indicated that Mr. Harper will discuss the Claim with the other Claims Supervisor, Craig Miles, when he returns back to the office from vacation. Craig Miles is the person who has originally denied my Claim. Another update 6/23/15.....Received an email back from the Director of Claims at Carolina Casualty, Lew Harper. Rejected my Claim again. They are not being reasonable at all about my Claim. My suggestion is to NEVER EVER use FOREMOST TRANSPORT INC. to ship your vehicle. They have Insurance, but, refuse to use it / authorize my Claim. They say it's the Brokers responsibility and the Brokers says it's the responsibility of the Transporter, FOREMOST TRANSPORT INC. which I agree because they are the Company who transported my car. What a cluster!!!!! Maybe both the Broker and the Transporter could each pay half......about $360.00 each. That would satisfy me. Until then....I will keep fighting. Stay tuned...Another update 6/25/15. Received another email from Mr. Lewis Harper from Carolina Casualty indicating once again that my Claim has been rejected. They said my Claim should be with the Broker, Montway, and not the Transporter, FOREMOST TRANSPORT INC. This has been a continued frustrating situation for me. Neither FOREMOST TRANSPORT INC. or their insurance carrier, CAROLINA CASUALTY, seem to be interested in working with me to resolve this Claim. They continue to reject my Claim, but, offer no explanation on how this damage could have happened. My next step will be to try to make contact with their Vice President and Chief Claims Officer, Vincent Kellaher, to try to get my point across to him on how this damage happened. I'm not asking them to pay for anything other than the damages that were sustained during the transport of my Subaru. Stay tuned for the next update. ...[More]
By Mike Murawski on Foremost Transport Inc. about 2 Hours Ago
I work for a company that regularly ships large/heavy steel items via truck. Mostly we ship with whatever truck line is preferred by the customer. I HATE when the customer insists on Estes. The running joke in our warehouse is that if you want something shipped with Estes, you had to call them three days ago to schedule the pickup. We just had a shipment for them a few days ago that I scheduled for pickup earlier than the other trucking lines because I know how flaky they are with pickups. Come quitting time (5pm) they hadn't showed. I called them the following day to find out what the problem was, and make sure it was still on the board for pickup. I was told that the driver showed up but no one was here - tends to happen when you show up well after a place closes. They transferred me to dispatch to make sure they had the pickup scheduled again for the day and was assured they would have someone there by 4:30. No one showed at 4:30, or even close to 4:30. The shipment sat in our warehouse for another night because the driver never showed. Instead of rolling the dice with these clowns again we contacted the customer who agreed to use a different carrier. I never called Estes to cancel the open pickup, and they haven't yet arrived to pick it up (thinking it's still here). It's been 6 business days since I entered it for pickup. If that's not bad enough, we have one sitting in their system from 3/23/15 that was never picked up and it still shows as being accepted for pickup. Bottom line: I deal with a lot of freight carriers any given week. Most have an odd missed pickup here or there, but Estes is the absolute WORST. You have to hound them to actually arrive to pick up the material, and if that happens pray that they don't screw it up somehow because their customer service is completely inept. It took them 4 MONTHS to resolve a billing issue we had last year. Our account rep was less than helpful and completely ignored, or refused to answer, almost all of my emails....[More]
By Fed up on Estes Express about 2 Hours Ago
If talk transported cars these guys would be great , I was promised a pick up on Monday June 29 Monday came and no transporter , I called the excuse was "driver delayed", but he'll be there by 8 PM. Tuesday called again said they would check into delay give them 1/2hour. An hour later I called back . Excuse now was can't get ahold of driver. How these guys ever got a "B' rating from the BBB is beyond belief . If you enjoy being lied to this is your company !...[More]
By J. Cordry on United Auto Logistics about 11 Hours Ago
Michael Miller is a dishonest person and a liar. I hope no one ever gives this guy another job. I had him move a car for me from Chicago to North Carolina a couple of years ago and everything went smooth as clockwork. So I contacted him to move a car from California to North Caroling in June, 2015. He stated that he had a truck in California and would pick up the car on Thursday after I talked to him on Monday. Well, that Thursday never came and that has been 4 weeks ago now. The last time I talked to him he called and had me to wire him the $750.00 giving me a story about having a son in hospital-which is probably a lie. I should have known he was a fraud at that time but had no reason not to believe him. Sometimes I have to learn things the hard way. Now he will not answer my calls or respond to my text messages or emails. EVERYONE BEWARE OF MICHAEL MILLER. HE IS A LIAR....[More]
By Rod Shumate on Proline Auto Transport Inc. about 16 Hours Ago
Service never rendered due to the fact that I cancelled the order when no driver was scheduled on pick up day, 6/24/2015............Here's their plot............ I spoke with Mike on 6/18 about moving my Son's car from Los Angeles, Ca. to Ft. Bragg, NC. He took all of my information over the telephone including my credit card information. I'm under the assumption that a written contract would follow for review and approval. My card was run on the same day, 6/18. I didn't hear from Mike again until 6/22/2015 when I contacted him asking for a contract. It was then, that I received via email an "Order Receipt", not a contract (nothing was ever signed). I spoke to Mike again the following day and he told me not to contact him; that he would contact me when he has a carrier. This was the day before our scheduled pick up. I found this to be rude and not customer service oriented, since you already have my deposit. The car was to be picked up on 6/24/2015. When that day came and no carrier was assigned, I canceled my order........Now here's the plot. Mike does not inform you that company policy is that they have 10 days to fill order from specified pick up date. Prior to closing order, you will not receive a contract for review. This gives him a loop hole to use to not refund your deposit. I did not agree to a 10 day window verbally or contractually. I have documented emailed conversations that are date/time stamped to show the trail of conversations/transactions. I am requesting a refund from Safeway Car transport. Mike is refusing based on undisclosed company policy (10 day refund policy was never disclosed verbally or in writing prior to charges being made). Yes, it is only $150.00. However, our troops deserve better than this. This is money that my Son has now lost due to unethical practices. Proceed with caution...[More]
By Ramona on Safeway Car Transport LLC about 18 Hours Ago
So the story continues. After 2 weeks my vehicle still has not been delivered. I was promised up and down by Doug Jenkins that it would arrive on a certain date and it never was. I finally got fed up and called him and demanded a partial refund. Doug proceeds to YELL AT ME FOR LEAVING A BAD REVIEW ON HIM. AND THEN HUNG UP ON ME.I GOT IT ALL RECORDED. I WILL NEVER AND I REPEAT NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN UNLESS THEY (1) FIRE DOUG JENKINS AND (2) OFFER SOME SORT OF COMPENSATION TO ME....[More]
By Josh on United Auto Logistics about 19 Hours Ago
Quoted price in writing, I signed off on the quote. Agreed on the day it would be picked up (which was critical), I don't think they looked for a hauler until the day the truck was supposed to be picked up. I called them that day to see what was going on and got jacked around all day and finally was told they could pick it up two days later for $200 more. John had told me plain the price he quoted would not change and sent the quote ( with price ) by email for me to sign. This all happened over a period from Tuesday until Monday. I told him he could pick it up late, but if he could not honor the price I would get someone else. Cost me money, time, and a lot of unnecessary trouble. I would not let them ship a sick cat for free. ...[More]
By Mike Robards on We Will Transport It Corp about 19 Hours Ago
First off Joe is so rude and has poor customer service, he has not fully refunded my money and never answers the phone. He kept saying he would give me my refund and still hasn't 3 weeks later. Every time I can he doesn't pick up. I had my car wait 4 days for it to be picked up and he kept saying they were working on it . Until finally I said I would go with someone one else and he rudely responded with go to someone else and hung up. I don't know how he still has his job, he doesn't fulfill his end of the job , hangs up and ignores . Doesn't return money. That's stealing. I call and leave message and no one's ever answers. Don't make the same mistake I did . Go with someone else !!! ...[More]
By mercedez dejesus on United Auto Transportation about 19 Hours Ago
Here is the quote provided by Johnny Payment Information: Choice of Payment: Check Order Deposit: $100.00 Amount C.O.D.: $800.00 Order Total: $900.00 Order Notes: delivery no later then the 21st, sept 12th return trip But delivery truck driver asked $950 COD which is added to $1050. So total cost is $150 more than the quote provided by Johnny. Here is his reply when we questioned the difference: "$950 COD is due mam, didnt include the broker fee, 247 email support." There is no broker fee ever mentioned in all emails. Therefore their quote is misleading and they are not honest from initial price quote and final payment while dealing with customers. ...[More]
By Shawn Wu on Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport about 19 Hours Ago
setting up appointment was fine. dropping off was fine, but that was with Matson in Hawaii. One day before my car was due to arrive I called Budget and spoke with Veronica. She stated that she did not have a driver to deliver my car to Texas. The only one she had wanted more money. so now the cost to pick up my car increased by 300. My car is still in Long Beach, CA. She said she was not aware this would happen. But you are in the car transport business. You quoted one price and then I have to pay more, bait and switch! What can I do? My car is stuck in Long Beach CA. I am in the military and do not recommend this company....[More]
By John on Budget Auto Shipping about 21 Hours Ago
This company quoted me a price and then never contacted me again with a shipping date until the very last day! They have about two weeks to pick up the vehicle and make arrangements. Once Adam contacted me he had a way higher price than quoted. I told them I was going with a different company and then he said I was in breach of contract. I never signed anything nor did they disclose a cancellation fee of 200$$. I never authorized any type of business with this company, but yet they still ran my card for 200. Don't do business with these people!! ...[More]
By DAN on Economical Auto Transport Inc. on Jun 30 2015 5:42PM
A total scam. If you respect you time or money and yourself you will not do any business with this man or his company....[More]
By Shannon on V Twin Express LLC on Jun 30 2015 5:15PM
A total scam. If you respect you time or money and yourself you will not do any business with this man or his company....[More]
By Shannon on V Twin Express LLC on Jun 30 2015 5:15PM
"We Will Transport It" I noticed that the Review I posted yesterday (6/29/2015) had been REMOVED so I posted AGAIN this morning (6/30/2015) and it was just REMOVED again. I am posting this the 3rd time. I am in the process of showing PROOF of my bills and payment to this company so that my posting will REMAIN online for ALL to see. I was informed that "We Will Transport It" was the one who REMOVED BOTH of my previous postings....THIS IS UNETHICAL as they ONLY LEAVE the GOOD RATINGS so people do NOT see the TRUTH !!! ====================================================== I was quoted a price of $1,597 to transport a small car from Houston, Texas to Kona (Big Island, Hawaii). The car was picked up on June 2 and was told that it will arrive in Kona Pier 2 (Big Island, Hawaii) on June 22. Today is June 30. We have been renting a car for more than a week now and it is costing us money have NO budget for ($348.00)......I just found out that the car WON'T GET to the island until July 4. On top of that, the car will be on the OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND (Hilo). I had told Benjamin Hall (Broker) that I do NOT want to car to get to Hilo (East side)....because we are staying on the Kona (West side) of the Big Island. It would take 2.5 hours to drive to Hilo just to pick up the car. I can NOT contact Benjamin Hall. As soon as I paid him (June 1), he took the money and HAVE NOT UPDATED me on ANYTHING. Their EXCUSE was that the shipping company has changed owners....IF THAT WAS THE CASE, then LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON so we can prepare and plan for the changes. I had to call the company to find out the TRACKING NUMBER and when the car was loaded and when it will arrive and where....ALL THIS INFORMATION I had to do it myself. What did I pay "We Will Transport It" for??? NEVER NEVER NEVER use this company. It should be changed to "We Will TAKE YOUR MONEY and LEAVE YOU OUT TO DRY". I am still waiting for my car to arrive and I still have to pay out of pocket to rent my car. 6/30/2015 (this is my 3rd POSTING since it was removed twice already. I have sent all emails of my corresponding and payment to this company as that my posting can't be removed). ...[More]
By Tran on We Will Transport It Corp on Jun 30 2015 4:52PM
This company seemed very friendly and stayed in constant 18th me right up to the time I sent my deposit. Once the deposit was made I heard nothing else. I had to constantly call to find out about the pick up of my vehicles. I constantly got the run around. This was on JUNE 6,2015 that I began working with this company. They never picked the vehicles up and I actually had to leave my vehicles in az. I have called once a week since then to get a refund and have nothing but the run around. I'm to the point where I have to get a lawyer involved to assist with this sitiation. Unless you have money to burn STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!...[More]
By NATHAN on Thrifty Auto Transport Services on Jun 30 2015 4:03PM
This was one of the worst experiences I have ever been through.I was given the run a round from all contacts involved.Why have a RESERVATION when it means absolutely nothing.People were rude and just wanted to avoid all communication.We had to trouble several family members to be available to be at our home as we were already in the destination state of ca. I cannot believe you run a business like this and when we are settled the Better Business Bureau will be informed of our experience. Feel free to contact me at anytime although you will probably avoid this response too. Dorothy Smith 724-237 0952 or e-mail[More]
By Dorothy Smith on Montway Auto Transport on Jun 30 2015 3:10PM
I received the cell number of the driver from the dispatcher. I called the driver to verify the window of time he would pick up my vehicle. The driver stated that he would call me once he reached Tucson and set up schedule the night before my vehicle was to be picked up. I did not receive the promised call. I called the driver the next morning to find out that he had already picked up my vehicle. I asked if there were any issues. The driver stated everything was fine. I met the driver at the delivery location in California. I pointed out the damage to the front spoiler, grille, and scratch on the right front fender. I reminded the driver that he did not provide me with the pick up time table which prevented me from having someone available when the vehicle was picked up. I also showed him the picture that had been taken the prior day which showed the damage did not exist. The driver denied responsibility. I noted the damage on the Bill of Lading when I provided payment. I called Nationwide Transportation Services to inform them of the damage. The dispatcher referred me to someone who denied responsibility. I challenged this denial. Karen wrote me an e-mail and asked me to provide specific information. Once I received my vehicle from the dealership (it took over 2 months), I provided the requested information. Karen never responded. I have no recourse but to go to small claims court. I chose Nationwide Transport Services based on the reviews on this site. They failed to deliver. Nationwide Transportation does not deal in good faith. Do not trust them!!! ...[More]
By Robert Jackson on Nationwide Transport Services on Jun 30 2015 12:22AM
ComplaintOn 01/12/2015, I scheduled a car pick up for my son's car and paid a $200 deposit to Nationwide Transport Service and they arranged to have Exit 15 pick up my son's car on 01/13/2015. The load number is **** My son's car is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra. On 01/21/2015, the car was delivered to my son in Junction City, KS and he gave them a cashier's check for $600 that I provided. My son realized that the car was damaged and they agreed to pay to have the car repaired. My son and I gave the company estimates of $930.12 to get the car repaired. My son is in the service and was deployed overseas. He tried for 2 months to get the money from Exit 15 but did not succeed before he left the country. I have taken over to try to get the money for the repairs to the car for him.Desired SettlementI would like for the company to provide $930.12 in a check made out to me so that I can hold the money for my son so that he can get the car repaired. I made a complaint with the BBB and they now have a D+ rating in MO. Unfortunately their Salt Lake City review is an A+ because no one has filed a complaint....[More]
By LH on Exit 15 Trucking on Jun 29 2015 9:26PM
Was very clear upfront that I was not looking for an underbid quote, which appears to be rampant in this industry. Robbie said his bid was accurate and would be 2-4 days to find a carrier. He also said he was not a broker, that the drivers drove for his company. That was a lie, he admitted later. Days later, he admitted that he did indeed underbid and that I could hire someone else. Canceled the order with him and moved on to another carrier. If you have to lie to get business, you lack integrity. Recommend not working with this company....[More]
By Brian on Trusty Transport on Jun 29 2015 8:23PM
Response from Trusty Transport
Robbie on Jun 30 2015 12:06PM
Gave this customer a quote and heard from him a week later mad because we didn't load it. He never placed an order with us. I think he got us confused...[More]
I went on line and asked for quote on transporting my truck. I got a lot of replies and settled on one from Rock Bottom. Meanwhile, I got an email from MAS confirming my delivery. I emailed back to MAS that I did not confirm for them to do the delivery. I had never made a contract with MAS. MAS posted that they had my contract so my scheduled pickup by Rock Bottom was cancelled, Rock Bottom thinking I had contracted with MAS. Which was not the case. MAS intentionally made a false claim of contract in order to get my business, and thus, put my delivery with Rock Bottom out of commission. I am extremely dissatisfied and unhappy with the manner in which MAS Transportation is doing business. Below is the email I sent MAS. Karla, I have not confirmed shipping via your company as I have no quote from you. Please note, this truck is not running and as such will need to be winched up onto a flatbed tow truck for transport. I will need to be at pickup and On Friday, June 26, 2015 4:06 PM, MAS Auto Transport - Karla Vazquez wrote MAS never gave me a quote, but I had to put a dollar figure in the above form to send this review. The number in the box above is there only for the purpose of getting this review off. Not knowing what MAS quoted, but it was apparently more than the $215 quoted by Rock Bottom. That is to confirm that I did not confirm or contract with MAS, only asked for a quote which I never got. I am satisfied with Rock Bottom. They are doing their best to get this mess fixed. Jack Edmonds ...[More]
By Jack on MAS Auto Transport on Jun 29 2015 8:09PM
I got a quote from Doug Jenkins, he assured me that the vehicle would be picked up the same day and delivered within three days so I went with him. It has been awful. The vehicle was not picked up for a week. During this time I called Doug at least 30 times Never once did he try to call me and every time I called him He put me on hold and never picked back up. He eventually stopped answering my calls. When they finally picked my vehicle up Doug assured me a delivery date. It came and went I called him no answer over and over this happened. Finally from another employee of United I got the drivers # and contacted him. He promptly tells me that my vehicle still has not left Chicago. This has been the worst experience ever. I am seriously considering a class action law suit against them....[More]
By Joshua S on United Auto Logistics on Jun 29 2015 7:58PM
Got a quote from Direct Express Transport, paid the deposit and waited more than 30 days just for a assigned driver, which never happened. Had to cancel the order since they could not give me proper service, as I write this it's been 2 weeks after promised a refund yet still have not received. ...[More]
By john t on Direct Express Auto Transport on Jun 29 2015 7:58PM
Response from Direct Express Auto Transport
Mike Rupers on Jun 29 2015 8:30PM
Our outstanding reputation and thousands of very satisfied customers speak for itself. We are sorry that customer John Ta is dissatisfied with the ser...[More]
I know now why they call the company Regal Auto Transport, they are nothing buy lying, conning RAT's. I contracted them to pick up my UTV in Colorado, on the recommendation of my import agent, and deliver it to the shipping port in Florida. After the first call with Stephanie I never heard from her again. I had to contact the vehicle dealer to find out they were told the vehicle would be picked up the next Thursday. Well Thursday passes and no notice from anyone. I call the dealership on Friday and while the truck called for directions he never showed up. After numerous emails I finally get a response for Stephanie on Tuesday with excuses why the driver cancelled. I ask when is it being rescheduled and got told they are working on it. Thursday comes and I finally get an email that they claim the dealer is in too remote an area and that I need to get the vehicle moved to Denver for the driver to pick it up. Then Stephanie continues that it will be another two (2) weeks before the driver is in the area to pick it up. What?! I call the dealer and find out they have been contacted by RAT and told they have to move the vehicle to Denver. All stop now. I list the transport on UShip at 9am and by 10:30 I have a driver who is in Denver that can pick up the vehicle Friday afternoon, yes the next day. Full disclosure here, the cost is $1,200, that $120 more than RAT but the driver is picking up my vehicle the following day and none of this BS about moving it to Denver. Contract awarded to UShip driver Muckaluck! At this point I've read some reviews so I know what to expect from RAT regarding a refund. No problem, I paid with my VISA card so I contact the bank and dispute the chargers with full explanation and email documentation. Then I notify Stephanie by email. Now Stephanie is not happy and starts issuing threats such as they are going to dispute this with the bank also. I then point out to her that I did in less than two (2) hours what she could not do in a week. She rants again. My vehicle has been successfully delivered with great communication from pickup, to online GPS tracking during the haul and a great experience with Muckaluck at UShip. The bank has already issued me a full credit from RAT charges. So buyer beware when dealing with RATs, especially if you get Stephanie as your agent. ...[More]
By Ron on Regal Auto Transport on Jun 29 2015 7:14PM
We went through freight center to have 2 compressors from California to Idaho shipped to us The quote was fairly reasonable but after the deal was finalized the price jumped a 100 dollars. R&L carriers picked up the compressors without proper BOL. They tried to drop ship to my home address instead of the place on the BOL that had a loading dock. Since they had no BOL they also wanted 400 dollars to drop them off even though I scheduled the shipment through freight center. Since I would not pay, R & L literally told me they would hold my shipment as hostage. I called freight center and since the driver had not picked up the BOL they would not drop it at the place with a loading dock They told me at Freight center that they would rectify the situation and after 2 days shy of 3 weeks I got my compressors. All good. Three days later another 123 dollars was tacked on my credit card They say it was a change of destination charge. Funny a semi truck could not get in my driveway let alone unload it. I would drive to pick up my freight before I ever used either Freight Center or R&L carriers. Between there unprofessional way of business they are crooks. If they pursue the 123 dollars which I disputed BB will here from me. Beware of them....[More]
By Andrew Murdock on Freight Center on Jun 29 2015 5:34AM
They have an F rating at BBB and 53 unresolved complaints which vouch for their scrupulous nature with a pattern. Please check the page on premier auto shippers on SE Florida's BBB page. Premier auto shippers gave me a quote for 659.99 to ship my car from California to Texas. On the day of the move, the driver called and said that I have to pay $100 extra (20% extra) for delivery. I talked with Ben Forrest about this breach of trust and Ben Forrest (the salesman) gave me a written note promising a $50 refund. After the transportation was done, Ben and Premier Auto Shippers began to ceremoniously ignore my phone calls and emails. On the rare occasion that someone picked up the phone, Ben would have always "just stepped out" or the Accounts department had "the day off". A total of 61 emails and 48 phone calls were made and subsequently ignored. 4-5 times the phone calls were answered rudely and dismissed without a proper reply. Only once was the email answered and the owner (Lee Paolino) said (and I quote): "Ben is a sales person and has no authorization to issue credit." He further said that they would not honor promises (even if written) made by their salesperson. I have screenshots of the emails and the written note from Ben which I can send to whomsoever might be interested and contacts me....[More]
By P V on Premier Auto Shippers on Jun 29 2015 12:05AM
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