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I purchased a vehicle on EBay which required shipping. After much research I decided to go with Ship a Car Direct. Emily was my point of contact person. Unfortunately after the first email was sent I was never able to contact her directly. Every time I called her, the line would go straight to vm. After several vm messages, I finally reached out to other reps who were extremely rude, but they were able to connect me to her. The guy who connected me to her had the audacity to ask me "if I understood that they're on the phone all day he also told me that I'm not the only customer". WTF?! Who tells a customer that? Now, back to Emily. Granted she seems to be a nice person, she's just unreachable. Now in regards to the towing company. OSSO Towing did an AMAZING job. They arrived before the pick up time and the car was delivered the next day. The car was picked up 9am Monday morning in Kansas and delivered Tuesday evening in California. The car wasn't due to arrive until Friday (amazing).. The driver was fantastic he provided me with his cellphone number and answered all of my questions. Dispatch was also incredible. If Emily would have been more resposive I would give a 5 star rating. However, she was not responsive at all and I had to also deal with other rude agents. If I this review was based strictly on customer service I would give them 1 star. But it's not. The towing company they chose for me deserves 5 stars. If I could have went directly to them and avoided ship a car direct I would have done that. ...[More]
By Catrena C on Ship a Car Direct about 7 Hours Ago
My vehicle pick up date was scheduled on 5/22/15 (NY to CA) and Tod informed me that he has a driver because it's a popular route. So no worries, I flew to NY to take care of this matter. On 5/20/15 I called Vantage Auto to confirmed the pick up day and i was informed that I will be getting a phone call on pick up day. 5/22/15 came and no phone calls. I called Vantage Auto and I was informed that if the driver did not call me by 2PM give them a call back. I called Vantage and talked to Tod at 2:30 PM, he can't find a driver to pick up my vehicle. I told him that I'm going back to CA on the 24th and need my vehicle shipped by then. He called me around 6PM and told me that he found a driver but I have to drive my car to New Jersey! The agreement was door to door, why do I have to drive to another state to drop off my car?!?! Then he also told me to give him a week to find another driver but the price will be higher. He also suggested to just leave the car keys on top of the tire so when he finds a driver he can just pick it up. I can't believe he even suggests that?!?! Now I'm back in CA called Vantage Auto on the 26th and talked to Adam to get my deposit refund. He told me, "but you signed a contract." Yes, I did! But Vantage Auto did not fulfill their part of the agreement!!!! I've been passed around and can't get any straight answers from this company. This is my second review because I received an email today 5/29/15 from stating that, "The reason for removal is that Vantage Auto Movers is unable to licate your order and has no way of proving you are a customer of theirs." Another one of their LIES!!! Well, here's my proof! Begin forwarded message: From: Vantage Auto Movers - Todd Carlisle Date: April 7, 2015 at 7:55:41 AM PDT To: Subject: Car Shipping Order Placed Dear Christine Scott, Thank you for placing your order with us. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We understand that your 2010 Scion Tc will be available for pickup on or after 05/22/15. You should hear from us soon to arrange for shipping, and we are here to answer your questions from 10am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time. Sincerely, Todd Carlisle Vantage Auto Movers (855) 257-0888 CONSIDER THIS AS A WARNING!!!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY AT ALL. THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY OUT OF YOUR DEPOSITS! ...[More]
By Cali on Vantage Auto Movers about 10 Hours Ago
I was pleased our vehicle was delivered quickly and in good condition. However, when I set up the service I was never sent conformation, when I called back I was informed that our pick up and delivery dates were set up incorrectly, for the period we were moving I had to add additional people to the contract to have the vehicle picked up from. Once I added them I was told that I would get a conformation email, I had to call back a few times to receive one, my email was incorrect on your side. Each time I called I stressed that I wanted all calls to cone through me, I did not want anyone to contact the other people on the list directly. This was not done. The driver call my father in law directly, who then called me and I had to follow up with your company to insure this was correct, this provided a waste of time that would have been avoided if my requests would have been followed. Also the driver was quite ruse and gave the appearance that picking up our vehicle was quite an inconvenience to him, he also requested my father in law to drive the vehicle on to the truck, he sold not be asking this it is his job and he is the one that has the experience, my father in law told him no and that he needed, after that I was told he appeared more inconvenienced. Upon delivery the driver call my husband's phone not mine as was requested. When the driver arrived he showed the same demeanor of inconvenience. He arrived very early which was fine except he was not being curious of that. As he was un chaining the vehicle he wasdoing this forcefully and loudly. Many of our neighbors were very upset. He also asked my husband to drive the vehicle off the truck, which he said no, the driver should do this. The driver told my husband the he would have to help him quick was fune, except everytime he asked for my husband's assistance he would be very rude and tell he is wrong and not to help, It was get rude to ask for help and get mad when you receive it. My husband might have been incorrect, but this is not job it is the drivers. I happy we received it in a good condition and quickly. It was just not to most efficient and pleasant experience. ...[More]
By Jacqueline Consaul Speaker on Direct Express Auto Transport about 15 Hours Ago
Response from Direct Express Auto Transport
Mike Rupers about 15 Hours Ago
Our outstanding reputation and thousands of very satisfied customers speak for itself. We are sorry that customer Jacqueline Consaul Speaker is happy ...[More]
I called to get my vehicle shipped. Was told the sales pitch how good this company is Vs the competition.... So I put down $100 deposit and was told my vehicle would be picked up in 3-7 days. One week later with NO COMUNICATION i called the 24/7 dispatch. By 24/7 they mean an unanswered answering machine will take a message. I sent an email requesting my order be canceled and my deposit refunded. Guess what NO RESPONSE After 4 weeks they email and say it can be picked up. No phone call. I called Karen who tells me she's just getting back from vacation and that the number on THEIR emails isn't correct and that's why i didn't get through. Even though the right voicemail answered! But she would request the refund and call me in the morning...... NO CALL BACK. Now I'm writing this review of warning and reporting this unauthorized charge to American Express. And the BBB ...[More]
By Patrick F on Passage Auto Transport on May 29 2015 4:24AM
WARNING!!! Do NOT USE these scam artists. We were told our vehicle would be picked up next day. They charged our credit card and never picked up car. been dealing with them the WHOLE DAY!...[More]
By Robin schwartz on Auto Star Trans Inc. on May 29 2015 1:00AM
Auto shipping today is the same Dustin Anderson and Rene as Transport King and Logistics LLC, so if you don't wish you become another one of non-refundable deposit victim, please don't use this company as your broker for car shipping carrier! If you don't believe, just google Transport King and Logistics LLC from and, don't trust BBB(not reliable reviews there). Trust me, I'm one of the victims, Dustin charged me deposit without any driver allocated to pickup and shipping my car. The police is investigating... Here's links of online reviews for Transport King and Logistics LLC,[More]
By Karen on Auto Shipping Today on May 28 2015 10:07PM
This company is nothing but a scam. Don't waste your time or money. I have attached my correspondence with them for your review ! As you can see...Almost a week passed after they had charged my CC on the 17th and still car not picked up on the 26th. This is after Elizabeth promised me that no charge would be made UNTIL THE CAR WAS ASSIGNED A DRIVER. They charged me anyway. Sad that this is they way this company survives! I have reported them to the State Attorney's office. Read... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hello Joe, Can you please confirm the credit back to my credit card for this quote. (NO REPLY) - - - Original Message - - - From: T601 To: Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 4:44 PM Subject: Refund for Quote #14877-XE Hello Joe, Can you please confirm the credit back to my credit card for this quote. (No REPLY) Thanks - - - Original Message - - - From: Elizabeth Santiago To: T601 Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2015 12:17 PM Subject: Re: Auto Shipping Quote #14877-XE Good Afternoon, I will forward it to my accounting the department and they will issue the refund within 72 hours. (NEVER HAPPENED) On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 1:03 AM, T601 wrote: Elizabeth, I found someone to transport the car. They live in Maine and will deliver it to me. Please cancel the order, so no driver goes there to pick up the car and it's already gone. Please send me a confirmation of the refund of my deposit to this address asap, as I need it to pay the driver. Thanks for your effort. - - - Original Message - - - From: T601 To: Elizabeth Santiago Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 3:10 PM Subject: Re: Auto Shipping Quote #14877-XE Any update ? - - - Original Message - - - From: Elizabeth Santiago To: T601 Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 12:56 PM Subject: Re: Auto Shipping Quote #14877-XE Hi, It will be picked up today latest tomorrow morning. (LIE!!! NEVER HAPPENED) On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 12:52 PM, T601 wrote: Has the car been picked up yet? - - - Original Message - - - From: Elizabeth Santiago To: T601 Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 12:41 PM Subject: Re: Auto Shipping Quote #14877-XE Hi, I am going to contact my dispatch department. I'll call you in a few. I know there were some delays. On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 12:39 PM, T601 wrote: Can you update me on the status please. Good morning, Yes this is an all inclusive price. No hidden fees. When are you looking to have the vehicle shipped? Sent from my iPhone On Mar 14, 2015, at 12:56 AM, T601 wrote: Is this an all inclusive price? What other charges will I have to pay? - - - Original Message - - - From: Boss Auto Transport Inc - Elizabeth To: Sent: Friday, March 13, 2015 9:36 AM Subject: Auto Shipping Quote #14877-XE Your Quote number 14877-XE Origin Destination Vehicle Carrier type TOTAL Lisbon Falls, ME Miami, FL 2005 Honda CR-V Open $647 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I"M NOT GOING AWAY JOE !!! Read... ...[More]
By TP on Boss Auto Transport , Inc. on May 28 2015 7:42PM
My car arrived with a broken rear window. The driver called about 1.5 hours before delivery to confirm time of delivery. No problems were mentioned. Called again about half hour out to tell me window was broken. He said he did not know how it happened. The company claimed it happened from inside. Regardless after telling me three times they would provide insurance information it never came. Would not recommend using them as they are either not insured or don't live up to their commitments. Either way you are not protected. DO NOT USE Door to Door....[More]
By Ed on Door-To-Door Auto Transport on May 28 2015 6:58PM
My experience with Ship-A-Car Direct was alright. My main contact was Jason and he was very personable and helpful when it came to customer service. I was told the delivery would take 4-6 days so I scheduled my pickup time mid week to get it to the destination by the weekend. The car pickup was a little rushed and earlier than expected but worked out. When the vehicle was picked up, I was told by the driver that they would deliver it the next day. This didn't work for me because it was Monday and I wasn't flying to my destination until Saturday. The delivery got to the destination on Sunday which was as scheduled although I was pressured to move it from my preferred day of Saturday. Moving the date from Saturday to sunday forced me to find a way from the airport to my place of stay (which was an hour away). So I had to get a cab to travel because I am not 25 yet and am unable to rent a car. This cost me about $150 additional. Overall my experience was okay but I think I would prefer to drive or ship without use of a broker. ...[More]
By Austin on Ship a Car Direct on May 28 2015 5:31PM
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland on May 29 2015 12:48AM
So sorry there were problems with timing, Austin. We are following up with the carrier about the inconvenience....[More]
Talked to Roy different times, they were late in picking up the car, also late for delivering it. Time of paying and talking, Roy keeps saying, I am here for you, your car will be delivered on time, call me if you have any issues. When you pay him, he starts ignoring you, he talks to you like you are trouble maker or bothersome, he doses not pickup the phone, he does not answer emails. "DO NOT PAY HIM BEFORE YOU GET YOUR CAR". Once he got the money he is out, he is a broker and he just wants the money, he does not even have any information from transportation company. In my case, after 3 emails, he replied back and said your car will be at the destination on Wednesday but car was delivered friday night 9 pm. Remember, "DO NOT PAY HIM BEFORE YOU GET YOUR CAR"....[More]
By Navid on Door to Door Auto Transport Inc. (Not in business) on May 28 2015 3:21PM
First of all Transporter Auto Services is a broker. They did not identify upfront even when asked. Funds are required to be paid up front prior to pick up. I was jerked around for over a week in trying to get my car picked-up. The standard answer was, "we might be able to" pick your car up on a certain date. Terrible communication between Transporter Auto Services, the carrier and the customer. Linda promised the car would be picked up on 20 May. After calling the company several times to inquire about the status. Linda told me, the car would be picked-up on the 26th, no later than 27 May. I called the carrier who was supposed to pick up the car. The lady I spoke to was very rude and told me, the driver had 10 deliveries to make and my car might get picked up the 28th or 29th. After speaking to the carrier, I promptly called, Linda, who said, she was never told of any delays. I stressed to her the importance of good communication between all parties. After a week delay and getting many false promises with this company, I cancelled my my shipment. If you want to be strung along with no results Transporter Auto Services is the company for you !...[More]
By Tim on Transporter Auto Services Inc. on May 28 2015 12:59PM
National Relocation Services was operating as United National Moving and Storage - they're using a new name but the same license MC-656479. They dispatch out of the Miami Florida area (Hollywood or Hallandale), their representative is Phyllis Ann Marie Ricci. Phyllis appears to be the front for a shadow moving company that hires laborers and contract truckers. In the Maryland area the laborers are Russian and Moldovan, they don't know anything about Phyllis and Phyllis doesn't know the Russians. United National Moving and Storage shut down operation after too many complaints and is now operating as National Relocation. Phyllis is now the representative for National Relocation - hmmm. Our items were damaged, we paid the company for the insurance but they simply don't respond once it comes time to reimburse clients for the damage. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I'm contacting the Atty Generals from MD and FL for action against Phyllis and National Relocation....[More]
By Rob L. on National Relocation Solutions on May 28 2015 1:37AM
This company will say they can deliver and at the end of the day you will be stuck with an excuse about the truck breaking down and in the end not getting what you were promised. Took a day off from work and they never showed up to transport the vehicle. Don't believe the story about not taking American Express because they lost money in a previous deal, I believed this story and got taken. Make sure you read the deceptive agreement with all the fine print all jumbled together to deceive you. Billed my credit card $145.00 after notifying me that the transport truck broke down. More complaints to be found on BBB ...[More]
By Mike S on UFirst Auto Transport on May 27 2015 11:43PM
Response from UFirst Auto Transport
Don on May 28 2015 5:29PM
We spoke with Mr. Stubs on 5/7 which at this time he set up his order and we discussed thoroughly his shipment dates which were 5.27-5.28. Mr. Stu...[More]
I placed an on-line order and deposit. I received a phone call and expressed the need that I wanted my car shipped in a timely manner. I was told that I needed to give a VIN number before they could give me a ship date. Never heard back from that point on. I called on three different occasions to follow up. Did receive call backs but no dates were given. I finally cancelled the agreement three weeks after placing order. There seemed to be no urgency on the other end at all. The only thing they wanted was additional fees to expedite the process. I WOULD STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS IF YOU WANT YOUR VEHICLE SHIPPED IN A TIMELY MANNER! If you don't need it for a couple of months and you don't care about customer service, this is the perfect transport company for you......[More]
By Steph on Direct Connect Auto Transport on May 27 2015 8:14PM
Car was picked up with a specific date/time delivery. Not honored. All Day Auto Transport rude and unprofessional. Would not use again or recommend....[More]
By Wayne Boone on All Day Auto Transport on May 27 2015 7:57PM
Response from All Day Auto Transport
Carlos Bliffeld on May 28 2015 9:04PM
Mr. Boone was upset that the driver delivered the car at 3pm instead of 12 Noon. The driver ran into a thunderstorm in south Georgia before getting in...[More]
we talked to Brad many times before our selected pick up date. he was always kind and assured us they could work with our schedule. our vehicles were supposed to be picked up 5/8-5/10 and delivered 5/15. they were never picked up. we made it clear we would be leaving on the 11th and would not be here for driver to pick up. Brad called us on the 18th and said they could pick up. as we told him we were not there. also were told it would be an additional $200 from the quote. we still need our vehicles transported but will definitely use someone else....[More]
By Keith Polkow on Lightning Auto Carriers on May 27 2015 7:35PM
Response from Lightning Auto Carriers
Brad on May 27 2015 9:48PM
We haven't charged you guys anything for the transport and did our best to assign a driver. With all the snowbirds going back it slowed the drivers do...[More]
I am writing to dispute the response posted by Dream Auto Transport in regard to my initial review and to provide future customers with an accurate understanding of what they are getting into. Per Dream Auto: “Nensi was a last minute reservation and was informed that we possible wouldn't have enough time to obtain a carrier on her behalf. And once we did have a carrier able to assist and trying to negotiate with the carrier on the cost we were willing to pay.” RESPONSE: I made arrangements with them on April 21, 2015 on which they assured me that they had ample time to make the arrangement for April 30. Yes, as a military family we received last minute orders so 9 days notification was all I could give them; however, they informed me that there were not issues with the time line and in fact assured me there were no issues. I have email proof of this communication and the contract signed date that collaborates the time line. Per Dream Auto: “Ms. Nensi being frustrated and in a panic starts contacting other brokers companies that work in the same network so would be speaking with the same carriers. Who of coarse then talk Ms. Nensi into paying more to the carrier claiming they were expediting her service knowing that if they could offer the carrier more money he would stop negotiating with me.” RESPONSE: I did become frustrated after Dream Auto ignored my phone calls but would answer them when I called from a different phone number such as my neighbors. It became evident they did not have a driver or a way to get my cars on April 30 starting on Monday April 27. I called them numerous times and once I realized that they just ignored calls from my phone number, I contacted a single other providers who on Wednesday, April 29 told me that they would do everything possible to get my cars. And they did. My contract with that company was signed and made only 12 hours before the arranged pick-up was to take place. Per Dream Auto: “I let Ms. Nensi Know exactly what was going on and what that would do.That she would just be out bidding her self through another broker And reminding her that she is supposed to give us 7 business days to get a carrier assigned as for the contract we agreed on. But Nensi went ahead and had the other broker company steal the carrier we were negotiating with away by paying him more money. She Simply didn't allow enough time to complete the schedule and used the same carrier that we were getting to assist her but Dream Auto get no credit for it. And now she writing a review saying we no showed. What a slap in the face.” RESPONSE: Not only did I place my trust in these people as they knew I was traveling with two kids, 5 month old and a 2 year old, but I gave them every possible chance to show me they were able to get my cars. Since my flights were scheduled to leave the next morning and Chase completely ignored all communication from me the day they were supposed to get my cars, I did make arrangements with someone who was able to get my cars and store them until they were able to pick them up. Chase never even attempted to make an arrangement to store my cars anywhere until they were ready for pick up and we were flying out the next morning. I was forced to pay more just to get the storage for my cars until the company could ship them. LASTLY: Chase from Dream Auto informed me that he would issue a refund and after 30 days he has not. Then he started throwing back email responses about contract verbiage. To top it off, he admitted he had to ‘write reviews’ to offset my single bad review on this site. After sending an email to all of the publicly published email addresses for Dream Auto, a guy named David responded. To my amazement he can actually professionally communicate and spell. He told me he tried to reach me after posting my first review to negotiate the refund, stating that if I had removed it he would have issued a refund. So that is who you are dealing with. A company that bribes their customers whom they were not able to service into removing reviews or otherwise writes their reviews to keep their score up. But as I told them, God and Karma work in amazing ways. ...[More]
By Nensi Dupuy on Dream Auto Transport on May 27 2015 7:18PM
Response from Dream Auto Transport
Chase Hunnington on May 29 2015 1:19AM
Dream Auto transport has been open since December 2010 how would a company thats writing there own reviews only have 48 of them compared to companies ...[More]
I called to have my car shipped and was told they would have it picked up within 24-48 hours. After booking they never called back. They don't reply to voicemails. I tried for 8 days and they still haven't found a way to get my car out of here. I am fed up and hired another carrier. I have 3 days before everything has to be out and ended up being in a bad spot because they didn't have the courtesy to even say sorry I can't do this. ...[More]
By Ih8pedophiles on Nation Auto Transport on May 27 2015 6:37PM
After I posted the original review below, I received the following threatening email from Kevin Bergman +++ From: Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 1:20 PM To: Max Wells I suggest you keep your review to your self otherwise your daughters information along with other things will get posted online! +++ Beginning 4 hours after the threat, my daughter and I began to be cyber harassed. For example: • My daughter’s contact information was posted on a sex website • My daughter received 6 unsolicited phone calls from car insurance companies • My credit card accrued $600 in bogus charges • I received 20 unsolicited emails directed at my daughter, offering her car insurance Buyer beware! +++ ORIGINAL REVIEW +++ (posted 5/20/15) INCOMPETENT, RUDE … GO ELSEWHERE After reading reviews on this site I called Kevin Bergman, the owner. He sounded gruff but honest, and I decided to ignore the few bad reviews and focus on the good ones. I contracted with him on 4/23/15 to transport my daughter’s car from Florida to Seattle, with pick up in Fort Myers. She was planning on flying back to Seattle on Wed 5/20. • We were told the likely pick up time would be Thu 5/14 and we’d get a call from the driver an hour or so before. • On Thu 5/14 we were told it would be picked up on the morning of Fri 5/15 • On the morning of Fri 5/15 we were told the driver was still in Miami, and would pick up on the afternoon of Fri 5/15 • In the afternoon of Fri 5/15 we were told the driver would pick up Sat 5/16 • On Sat 5/16 we were told the driver would pick up on Sun 5/17 • On Sun 5/17 we were told a new driver would pick up between 4p and 5p on Mon 5/18 • On the morning of Mon 5/18 Kevin called my daughter and asked her drive 40 miles to Naples to drop off the car, and “take Uber” back to her work. She said she couldn’t get off work for that long. • In the afternoon of Mon 5/18 the driver called to say he’d pick up on the afternoon of Tue 5/19 The constant broken promises and looming departure caused me to lose trust. I called Kevin on Monday 5/18, to ask why the car hadn’t been picked up yet. His responses were: 1. Stop harassing him 2. The reason for the most recent change was because my daughter was working till 3:30pm 3. I should read the contract, “there’s no guarantee” 4. He’d only made one or two changes since the weekend I can put up with rude customer service, but not when it’s combined with incompetence. I cancelled the contract and went with another carrier, who picked up the car on Tue 5/19. ...[More]
By Max Wells on Nice Car Auto Transport on May 27 2015 6:06PM
By ROGER V on RoadRunner Auto Transport on May 27 2015 11:47AM
I can't believe how nice and competent Nick seemed at first. He seemed honest, gave me a good price, and although this is a pretty new small company, I decided to go with it. He quoted and guaranteed me $750 door to door verbally and in writing from California to New York. I needed to change my destination to NJ, and he said he could even do better than $750. I needed my car in NJ by May 26 to start a new job, and he guaranteed me it would arrive well before then. May 13 he calls me and rushes me to cough up $950 to transport my car. What about the $750 price guarantee? He then adds its +/- $100 from the quote price. Never mentioned this at all. Still $950 is $100 even above $850. He finally goes down to $900 and has the nerve to act like he's doing me a favor. He said that he would have to "re-list" and I wouldn't get my car in time. BS. At this point I'm screwed because I have no time to use another company, so I'm effectively forced into this jacked up price if I want to get my car and start my job in time. He guarantees me again I'll get it before May 26th. I reluctantly go ahead and hand over my car to Vista Logistics on May 15. May 23, 24, 25, 26 I call Nick and Vista. No responses from Nick until the 25th. Nick defers all responsibility to Vista and is completely useless and unsympathetic. No apology. No offer to compensate. Nothing. Vista is completely MIA until the 26th. I am incredibly stressed out as I'm being royally screwed right before I start a huge job. Morning of the 26th I have to pay $170 for cab to and from work. I'm late to my first day as the cab company is late. My team at work knows I'm late, and I'm off to a fantastic start for this huge job. Wonderful. This all would have been avoided if Nick and Vista were decent companies. After battling Nick and Vista I finally get my car on the 26th in the evening. They had the nerve to ask if I can get the car tomorrow. Pay another $170? No way Nick and Vista. Additionally, my car is in FILTHY CONDITION. ABSOLUTELY FILTHY. The towing company who delivered my car even said that it is filthy and he would complain about it without my asking. I haven't gotten any apology or anything from Nick or Vista. At this point they have ruined my first day at work and professional reputation, forced me to pay hundreds of extra dollars out of pocket, unnecessarily stressed me out, and worst of all, they don't care at all. I cannot give them a good review for what they have done to me. They will be hearing from my attorney very soon. As a customer- more like a victim- I strongly recommend to NOT go with Nick, Economical Auto Transport, or Vista Logistics. ...[More]
By Dean on Economical Auto Transport Inc. on May 27 2015 12:31AM
BEWARE of this company and this individual. When he contacted me and gave me a quote, i stated I had a budget in mind and and he stated he could meet that price if i gave him time, so i gave him 3 weeks to which he could not provide the service. I previously shipped my car with Mercury Shipping who did an excellent job. This man is insistent and will do anything to get you to sign a contract and pay a deposit. It does not cost anything to find a driver, all they do is put in a request in a software called Dispatch and the first available driver that will ship your car for your price will accept it and then the DRIVER will contact you to make arrangements to pick up and deliver your car for the price YOU set. STAY AWAY from ALL WEATHER AUTO and NEVER pay a deposit. You pay the driver upon delivery. I will never use this company or refer them to anyone. The driver however was professional and courteous, Now that I have their company info that is who I will refer people to....[More]
By gerardo on All Weather Auto Transport on May 26 2015 9:02PM
Bait switch bait switch. I had a long discussion with Sam prior to placing order. He assured me his quote was accurate. Said for a higher price he could guarantee immediate pickup but my car would ship in under a week. I agreed to $700 and gave a $100 deposit. I heard nothing for about five days, then received a voice message saying if I wanted my car moved there was a driver in the area who could pick up within the hour for $800. I wasn't ready to be there in a n hour nor did I want to pay $200 extra. I called Sam and again he assured me there was no problem but only a driver trying to fill his truck at the last minute. I reminded him of our agreement and what he said. About a week late I received a rather rude voice message. If you still want your car moved us back, driver wants $850. I didn't call back. So the gave the order to this driver anyway who called. We had a long conversation about these tactics and they were very nice. Since I had now waited almost two weeks I allowed them to pick it up. Since then I learned that there was a zero percent chance of that car shipping to Phoenix for under $900. So obviously Sam lied, his dispatch lied and they took my money not caring of the car actually shipped or not. Bad part is I had another carrier I wanted to use for $900, someone that obviously wasn't full of crap, but Sam had sweet talked my wife into this great deal. So my message to all. Avoid this company no matter what. Sam you're a liar. Not the money but the principle. I have money and also my integrity, not so much in your case....[More]
By Doug Kydd on Vantage Auto Movers on May 26 2015 8:39PM
Response from Vantage Auto Movers
Vantage Auto Movers on May 28 2015 6:32PM
This review is completely inaccurate and filled with false information. This customer booked his order on 04/02. Our customer service department made ...[More]
Believe the bad reviews!! Was quoted $400. It eventually went up to $575. They told me they would have the car picked up in 7-10 days. This company was quick to take a deposit. After I made the deposit I did not hear from them. Not even once. Every time I called they said "we should have someone to pick it soon." My 7-10 days quickly turned into over two weeks. They told me the reason my car wasn't picked up was because no one was traveling the route I needed. I called to cancel the pick up considering I had a flight scheduled for the following day. Just for shits and giggles I called another company (olde towne logistics) to see if I could have my car shipped. They had my car picked up that same day and shipped for $500. So much for no one traveling my route. Vantage auto movers quotes you a low price just so you'll make a deposit. Once you make your deposit they are done with you. Not to mention after you make your deposit good luck trying to speak with someone. I consistently got voicemails or someone telling me the person I needed to talk to was not in the office. Completely ridiculous. The Better Business Bureau really should shut this company down....[More]
By Haleyna on Vantage Auto Movers on May 26 2015 8:24PM
Response from Vantage Auto Movers
Vantage Auto Movers on May 28 2015 6:40PM
This customer was quoted $400 which was the going rate for vehicles traveling this route. Ms. Watson was told that this route was not very common and ...[More]
Driver would only pick up and drop off near Interstate. Driver (Paul) lives in town near me. He parks truck near his house and delivers cars from there. His wife takes my car and follows him to drop off other car. She drove my car over 200 miles and left car empty. Had full tank when car picked up. Broker apologizes but company denies driver drove car. Beware of this outfit...[More]
By john pompea on Carborg Inc. on May 26 2015 7:48PM
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