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Just to let everyone know that this is the same person that was with canada auto shipping. His name has been tony laduc, now its Ryan Allen his real name is.Ryan Sechser. He lives in the states and is He posts your vehicles on uship.. he has no real drivers or a company. Beware of this company. Your money is being sent to Brazil through PayPal. It is not safe. Use a company that you know. And do research. Them four good reviews he had he put on there himself.. BEWARE OF RYAN SECHSER. GOOGLE HIS NAME.. And that canadian number is through magic jack.....[More]
By Ryan saucier on Vehicles in Motion about 3 Hours Ago
I shipped my car from Indiana to my uncle's home in California. After the communication with Misty in PDQ auto mover, we signed a contract stating that my uncle went to work from 9am-6pm and no delivery during this time. PDQ is a broker and they give my shipment to carrier with Philly Express Group LLC. The driver was Roy. When he delivered my car to California, he called my uncle saying that my uncle must go back home now for picking up the car immediately!! That is happened on Friday, April 24, at 3pm!! My uncle was have an important conference!! However, my uncle left the conference and went back home for my car delivery. How can the service be like this? What's the power of contract?? Then, I contacted my agent Misty in PDQ Auto Mover, but got no reply!...[More]
By Jane Jiang on Philly Express Group LLC about 4 Hours Ago
I shipped my car from Indiana to my uncle's home in California. After the communication with Misty in PDQ auto mover, we signed a contract stating that my uncle went to work from 9am-6pm and no delivery during this time. PDQ is a broker and they give my shipment to carrier with Philly Express Group LLC. The driver was Roy. When he delivered my car to California, he called my uncle saying that my uncle must go back home now for picking up the car immediately!! That is happened on Friday, April 24, at 3pm!! My uncle was have an important conference!! However, my uncle left the conference and went back home for my car delivery. How can the service be like this? What's the power of contract?? Then, I contacted my agent Misty in PDQ Auto Mover, but got no reply!...[More]
By Jane Jiang on PDQ Auto Movers Inc. about 4 Hours Ago
Quoted price of 950 and to be picked up at home. The day before pick up told carrier refuses the job. Finds another carrier and told 1150 but forgot to mention does not include the 150 deposit and I would need to drive 35 miles for them to pick up. Over a barrel so I accept then get to location and told another 200 because back seat is loaded. How do you think I should feel?...[More]
By Wayne zerler on Boss Auto Transport , Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
An order was placed on Mar 16, 2015 to transport a van from FL TO MA on April 20, 2015. A confirmation email was received on April 17,2015 that we were scheduled for pickup on April 20th. When no information was received by 4:00 PM, we called and were told that there were too many cars being sent to MA so maybe a truck would be available on the 21st. As we had a flight for the 21st we could not leave with our van being "maybe" picked up. Why send a confirmation and not honor it? This is the worst transport company we have dealt with in 20 years. Do not ever book with them. Also, friends who did have their car picked up, had to pay $150.00 more than the price quoted when their car was delivered. A reputable company, I think not. Beware of quotes from Chase. ...[More]
By Hans on Dream Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
All Roads Express are con artist, they run a scam within you agreement .It’s totally different kind of scam they scam using a legal terms in the fine print and you sign it thinking it’s a service company trying to get you the service you need. The story started when I needed car shipping company to help me move my car. I went online and search for car shipping quotes. Then I received emails to different quotes from different companies. I went through them and choose the one with the listed price and reasonable price. For my bad lock I chose All Roads Express. I talked to one of their customer service representative by the name Stacy Allrose. At the beginning Stacy makes you feel very special when you call them the first time she answer the phone call by announcing your name. I asked her about that, and she said “we take care of our customer and program their names with the number so we can give them the best service”. The funniest part is after they get the deposit the next day when I called to check on some details I found out she totally forgot my name and the service details. Back then I realized there is something is not right about this company. At this point I had sign the agreement and I decided to continue with them and see what is going on. Lockley for me I decided to leave the car in front of a friend house so I can take my time to see how long is going to take. I have 2 cars so I can use my other car until they ship my second car. So they don’t know that and they thought you are desperate and you need your car to be shipped as soon as possible. Then they called me and said they are not going to be able to ship the car on the date it’s going to be 2 to 3 days later and if I can leave the keys with someone. I said ok I need my car to be shipped so let’s do it then I change the address on the agreement and the time. After that I got to deal with their dispatch Steve and let me tell this guy is a piece of work. Steve started by saying that he is going to do everything in his power to ship your car on time. After 2 days he started calling me asking for more money to ship it, and he can’t ship it for the price we have in the agreement. I told him we have an agreement with the price and I’m not going to pay any more money. I called the customer service number and asked to speak to the manger or supervisor. I got the honor to talk to the office manager Lourdes Mederos and let me tell you she is really a joke not a manager. I explained to her the situation instead to helping me she start saying that the agreement I signed give them 10 business days to find me a carries and after then I will be eligible for refund. At this point I realized that they going to low ball me and they take my money hostage to force me either pay or wait for refund and delay the shipping of the car. Unfortunately a lot of people will give up to their demand and pay the extra money to make it happen because they are in desperate position in a need of their car ASAP. The best part is the dispatch Steve got upset because I called his boss to find out more information about the agreement and said to me “let my boss find a carrier within the agreement”. I called the joke “Lourdes” again to tell her what happen instead of fixing the situation she said let’s wait to find you a carrier. Basically she said nothing I can do. Then after the 10 days pass I called Lourdes to get the refund she transferred my call to her boss James. Turns out that all of them play the same game either pay extra or your money will be a hostage. James told me we still have till next week to find a carrier and you need to meet me half way at least. It will cost way more than what quote you. I told him we have an agreement and either you find me a carrier or refund my money. He said we have to wait till next week to do that. I waited till next week and every time I called any of them they will rush me off the phone pretending they are busy with another call. Finally when they agree to refund my money it takes 2 months because they couldn’t do it in their end and I had to file dispute with my bank. Basically they are the fastest to get your money and the slowest to give it back, it’s like they don’t know or cares about customers or customer services. ...[More]
By Mohammed on All Roads Express Auto Transport Inc about 13 Hours Ago
Please be aware of how this carrier operates before you trust them to transport your vehicle. Understand they only transport vehicles between Alaska and Washington. If your vehicle has to be transported beyond Washington State they utilize other carriers to accomplish this for them. Our auto transport company has done this for them on several occasions. But in the last 90 + days Campbell Boyz Trucking has stopped paying all of their transport bills to the carriers that transport out of WA to the remainder of the lower 48. In the transportation business this is typically the first sign of an impending business failure. For you the potential customer, this is of concern because, if your vehicle is being shipped beyond WA, you are going to experience significant delays because all auto transporters can see who pays their bills and who doesn't. That being said, you can imagine how many of us want to work for free....[More]
By Steve on Campbell Boyz Trucking LLC on Apr 26 2015 1:58AM
Hello all, I used United Freight of America to move my car from Houston, TX to Vacaville, CA. To start with the carrier service (Prestige Carrier Inc) were late by 3days to pickup the vehicle. They did not even inform the second day that they were running late, they just ignored the pickup. And when the driver finally came in he was talking on the phone for 1/2 hr making us wait and when we tried to complain to his boss, he threatened us not to complain. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! That's the worst customer service and when I finally received it in California the mud gear on one of the tires was broken. The driver came in post midnight and he left the keys, bill of landing at the hotel reception I was staying. So, when I finally noticed the damage in the morning and called them, they said as I did not sign the bill of landing insurance will not pay for it. This is a big MISCOMMUNICATION between the Freight company the carrier. Now when I call them they blame me for not knowing the rules. I am a customer not a lawyer who knows all the legal rules. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE, YOU WILL REGRET IT....[More]
By Anish on United Freight Of America on Apr 25 2015 11:11PM
I spoke with Jason Smith, explained i was not from Las Vegas and needed a car picked up at end of the day or by 1pm next day. I was promised this would happen as "The driver is in LV unloading cars and will be there to pick you up between agreed times.. Not only did this not happen, but my car was put on the Brokers board that all other brokers / drivers can see with a $700.00 COD . This happens so drivers will call the brokers and negotiate a price, then they return to you and up the price. Jason lied on every phone call, dispatch number 678-541-7568 Ralph Bedford was more full of crap than Jason.. If you do business with these two Morons, you will learn quickly they are full of crap.....[More]
By Tim on United American Auto Transport on Apr 25 2015 3:54PM
I was recommended White Hawk Auto from a broker. I'll start off with the pro: my car arrived in one piece without any visible damage. Cons: 1) The driver arrived a day early and HAD to pick up the car that day, even though we scheduled for the next day. They claimed to be on a schedule so the customer would have to be flexible to them (even though I was also on a schedule already). Good thing I had prepped my car, or else I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't ship my last on the day before I was supposed to move. So I was left no choice but to be flexible and cater to their schedule. 2) The pick up location was also not the location we originally scheduled for. The driver agreed to the original location a day prior but when the day came, he called and told me to go to a different location because he was already there and picking someone else's car at that different location. 3) Since they picked the car up early, the car also arrived at the destination early. The originally agreed destination was their office lot but when I picked my car up, the driver said the car was AT HIS HOME. The DRIVER told me to go to HIS HOME to pick up my car where it's been for more than a day at a residence. As I picked my car up, the driver wasn't there to hand over my car so he left my car and the keys in the hands of his friend (not sure if he was also another driver). I checked everything and the car exterior looked okay. 5) As I got home, I realized my sunglasses were MISSING from my car. The sunglasses were in a compartment that was NOT obvious. Someone HAD to go into my car and specifically look around in order to TAKE the sunglasses. I'm not sure if it was the driver or his "friend" but it was certainly one of them. I called the driver afterwards but of course he has no knowledge of this. Overall, the process was confusing and miscommunicated. The car got there in one piece but was missing a piece inside. ...[More]
By J. on White Hawks Auto LLC on Apr 25 2015 4:48AM
My encounter with A.S. trucking was by far the worst experience I have ever had with a service provider of any kind in my life. Dishonest, shady, unprofessional, sloppy, irresponsible, and reckless are all 100% accurate descriptors of Art, Russ, Alex - the A.S. employees I had the misfortune of dealing with. Please trust me - whether you are a broker or a customer, select any other company other than A.S. trucking. Even the next worst reviewed carrier would be better. Below is a summary of the nightmare dealt to my wife and I by these despicable people: - Both vehicles that were moved by A.S. arrived badly damaged, and driver Russ, who is the kind of frightening, offensive person you would warn your children to never talk to, denied responsibility for any of it despite the fact that his own Bill of Landing form showed that the damage was not there at pick up in Florida. Russ would proceed to lie repeatedly about what happened to my vehicles. - When I attempted to make notations of the damage to my vehicles on the Bill of Landing form, Russ refused to return the form to me, jumped into his truck, and fled the scene, even though I told him the police were coming. I proceeded to text and call Russ and ask him to return, and he refused. - Russ made repeated disgusting, snide comments the whole time while unloading my cars. Among them were: "I'm not making any money on this deal." and "Well, your car does have 200,000+ miles on it." and "You must have done the damage when you parked the jeep after I unloaded it." The last comment was referring to my parking my jeep 25 feet away from where he unloaded it from his truck to get it out of the way of traffic. - Russ refused to give me a receipt for my payment, refused to give me a copy of the Bill of Landing, and ran from the scene of transport once I discovered he had damaged my vehicles. - Shockingly, Russ' boss Art backed Russ up when I called him. Art showed me zero respect whatsoever, never returned my call, and pretended he did not know what I was talking about. Art's customer service and leadership were deplorable. His sole interest was making sure he and his driver avoided responsibility for damaging my vehicle. - Everything about A.S. trucking feels dirty and slimy. Their forms and documents are full of typos and they do not bother to fill them out properly. Russ refused to give me a receipt of payment, saying, "you should have told me in advance before I left that you needed a receipt." This attitude of refusal to take responsibility for anything seems to be A.S. Trucking's mission statement: they will blame you, the customer, for their bankrupt integrity, carelessness, absence of professionalism, and horrible work product. You will be treated terribly and if you do receive your vehicles, they will be late, filthy, badly damaged, and delivered by a thug who will lie and deny responsibility for everything. - As I write this, my vehicles are parked at a body shop awaiting over $1,300 in repairs for damage caused by A.S. Trucking. Myself, the police officer who arrived at the scene moments after Russ fled to avoid accountability, and the mechanic at the body shop, all concurred that the damage was caused by a heavy tree branch crashing on the top of the car carrier where my vehicles were parked. A.S. has repeatedly and consistently lied and hid rather than take responsibility for what they did. I am simply shocked and appalled that anyone could be so dishonest and lacking in character. Please believe me when I say they would do the same thing to you if they had the chance, or your customers if you are a broker. Whether they act like this because their business is failing and they are desperate for cash, or they act like this because they are just immoral, subversive degenerates, they are who they are and you will be better with any other carrier. In summary, I will be haunted for the rest of my life by the wretchedness I saw from Russ particularly, but also Art and Alex. I trusted my beautiful vehicles to these people. They carelessly damaged them and then denied responsibility, ran from the scene, lied to anyone they spoke to, and were happy to leave me to pay for repairs totaling more than what I paid to transport the cars in the first place. You can do much better than this. Make sure to tell your broker or your customer that of all carriers you are considering, A.S. Trucking should be struck from the list before even starting your consideration. I would be more than happy to respond to anyone wishing to know more about my experience with A.S. Trucking. I feel that I can do a service by making sure others do not have to go through what my wife and I did. Thank you for considering my comments above. John...[More]
By John Knowles on a.s trucking llc on Apr 25 2015 2:32AM
I would not recommend Door-to-Door. I hired them to drive a commercial truck from California to Oregon. Pretty simple job for experts right? I started the process on 4/7/15 and the truck is still sitting at the dealership! Note enough room here to describe this horror my comments on Yelp!...[More]
By Kevin on Door-To-Door Auto Transport on Apr 25 2015 12:24AM
Was told originally $1295 and 1 to 5 day wait for pickup. Turned into week and a half when I called them to see what was going on cause I had people waiting at vechicle then had to wait for them to call me back and was told $1895 to get transport and no time to really consider cause they needed to know as transport was on way. The extra cost of time and $600 can't be overlooked as I transport vechicles across country on a semi-regular basis and need communication and reliably, a company that knows it's buisness....[More]
By jeff on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Apr 24 2015 8:58PM
We should have known that we were in for real problems when they show up to move our 4 bedroom home with a box truck from UHaul.The next problem was when the driver told us that the price would be nearly double because there was more inventory than what was on the quote. Full Service never came out to inventory, we filled out their forms AND sent them another moving company's inventory. When I spoke with my contact at Full Service he said he was conformtable with the inventory and believes he has it all covered. Even have it in writing. The next event was they had to put half of our items in storage for a MONTH as they did not have a truck big enough. When the items were delivered they was more damage then you would possibly think. They just threw everything into the truck, we have pictures. They required cash when they show up and if you don't have cash they will not unload. They just finalized our insurance claim, unbelievable, they must have caused over $ 4,000 in damage but wanted to settle for $ 240. ...[More]
By JH on Full Service Van Lines on Apr 24 2015 6:34PM
PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS! TIM, PAM, DAWN, Marrisa Stateway Auto Transport 401 S Milwaukee Ave Ste 150 Wheeling IL 60090-5071 They lied and lied and fraudulently charged my credit card. On March 2, 2015, I placed an order with stateway to ship a Nissan Murano car from New Jersey to WA state. Tim, the sale person sent me a message that states: "Standard pick up window is 1-7 business days from ready date of 03/05/2015" After waiting for my automobile to be assigned to a transporter for more than 2 weeks, contrary to 7 days promised by Stateway, I requested cancellation and sought for another shipper. Dawn Morrison Account Manager promised to find a carrier, he never did. On March 16, 2015, Pam Cohen, customer service acknowledged my request to cancel auto shipping service with Stateway Auto. On March 18, 2015, she sent another email assuring me of the cancellation. "I have emailed our cancellation dept to get this taken care of for you." On April 22, stateway Dispatch sent me an emailed that they were ready to ship. I replied and copied both Dawn and Pam stating that the transaction had been cancelled. On April 22, Dispatch replied back with: "OK we will cancel dispatch. Thank you." On April 24, my bank card alerted me that Stateway auto had charged my credit card in the amount of $195. BIG TIME FRAUD! Nobody should be allowed to go through this kind of mess and Tim, Pam, Dawn and Marissa should all be ashamed for putting a 68 year old man through this mess. REFUND MY $195 IMMEDIATELY AND APOLOGIZE! Use them at your own risk!...[More]
By DaveO on Stateway Auto Transport on Apr 24 2015 6:33PM
DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! They (Karen and Armani) told me that the car would be picked up on the date that I scheduled. They took my deposit and when I called 24 hours prior to the date of delivery, no driver was scheduled and the date was wrong! Then they told me that I would have to have the car picked up in a different city and would have to pay an additional $100????!!!! A COMPLETE SCAM! Do not trust these people! I have contacted my lawyer and the BBB. This is not a delivery service. It is a broker who underquotes your cost and then "posts" the information in hopes that a driver somewhere will accept the bid. Liars...[More]
By Oscar on Passage Auto Transport on Apr 24 2015 2:10PM
Response from Passage Auto Transport
Passage Auto Transport on Apr 24 2015 3:53PM
Oscar we truly apologize for your experience. Your quote was in fact the highest on the Central Dispatch board. Sometimes it does take a little longer...[More]
We agreed to pay an additional $300 to shorten the time frame of pick up from 15 days to 5 days since we would be dependent on this vehicle upon arrival at our destination. Time was critical on this move and Ali, the representative, assumed that the vehicle would be picked up and delivered on time. As the days continued to pass the 5 day mark, I called Ali and asked what the problem was. She stated the destinations we not close enough to big city terminals. I informed her that I could drop the vehicle off in Savannah and be willing to travel to Seattle for pick up. Several days later, I had to leave the area and report to Seattle with leaving a friend responsible for the release of the vehicle to the driver. The actual pick up of the vehicle was 12 days after the first available pick up day. The delivery was a week late and we had to rent a vehicle during that time. The driver was not reachable until a day before drop off, when he called to find a place to meet. Besides being dirty, the vehicle was undamaged. I called Ali and then a manager to ask for a portion of the $300 difference for the late pick up and assist with the cost of the rental. $300 happened to also be the amount of the fee that AmeriFreight charges for advertising the offer to drivers. They refused! I would recommend going directly through an actually car transport company and forget the middle man like AmeriFreight that are not capable of keeping their promises....[More]
By Dave on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Apr 24 2015 6:12AM
By A. Abukar on Automoves Ltd. on Apr 24 2015 4:15AM
It took my vehicle three weeks to arrive to me. Montway underquoted by $500, so I unexpectedly had to pay that amount if I wanted my vehicle shipped. Most of the representatives I spoke with were respectful, but kept reassuring me not to worry even though my vehicle wasn't being shipped in a timely manner. The transporter was great though. Unfortunately, if I need a vehicle shipped again, I will not be using Montway....[More]
By Cecilia on Montway Auto Transport on Apr 23 2015 9:24PM
I picked DAS to ship my eBay purchased Jeep CJ7 from California to NY based on their favorable pickup window. I called around to different companies and DAS was pretty much the only one who said "yes we can pick up on Friday or Saturday your choice". Looking to make it convenient to the seller I went with DAS. Their initial customer service and pickup went smoothly. Vehicle sat in their terminal over the weekend and went out on a carrier very early Tuesday morning after being picked up on Saturday afternoon. Very reasonable. During the transport time I came across horrendous reviews for DAS and I began to panic. Sure enough, 3 days before scheduled delivery I called to check status and was told vehicle should be at the Linden NJ terminal tomorrow. Well tomorrow came and went so I called again and got the dreaded "oh, your vehicle is in New Mexico". Looks like the truck broke down. Panic justified, or so I believed. To make a long story short, I called customer service several times and never got a rude or obnoxious representative as stated in other reviews. I also never had outrageous hold times either. They gave me a window that the alleged broken truck would be fixed, and my vehicle was back on the road within stated time frame. Once back on the road, delivery was quick and ended up being 5 days late. Not the end of the world. The Linden NJ terminal dispatcher (Chris) was knowledgeable and courteous. Chris stated my delivery was to be on April 23rd 2015 between 8 and 11 AM, and it arrived at 9:30. No damage, no drama. My only complaint would be Bernie Torres. When I called to speak to him about the "broken truck" his response was not very customer service oriented. Rather than say "oh, I'm sorry sir let me look into it" he stated "what you're mad because the truck broke down!!??" So overall my experience was OK. Not fantastic, not horrible....[More]
By Bill on Dependable Auto Shippers on Apr 23 2015 6:25PM
These guys were quick to respond and all over the selling phase of my transport from AZ to WA. Then after providing my details and deposit info (big mistake) I never heard back from them again... I called in multiple times over 3 to almost 4 weeks with little to no support or service and they barely ever were available to connect with. On the rare occasion I was able to connect with them I heard a different excuse every time. Also they told me multiple times they've been in business for 25 years which is funny because if you've been in business this long you should know how to run your business... Lastly when I finally asked for my deposit back so I could move on, they mentioned they would process the deposit in two days and they never did...Do not trust this company or ever even use them... They lowball transport quotes to get you, never work on your behalf and lie about everything along the way. STAY AWAY!...[More]
By Jeremy on Rapid Auto Movers on Apr 23 2015 3:17PM
Response from Rapid Auto Movers
Keith Wyman on Apr 23 2015 4:27PM
This customer posted this review almost immediately after he cancelled his order with us, his money was refunded on the third day. He had placed the o...[More]
This company is a scam. In the beginning we were working with Harrison. He advised us that we were in good hands. Calling me multiple times to explain to me that they will provide us with a driver. Well the day of our transport was in a week and we haven't heard of any update. We tried calling everyday but either we got put on hold for ever or got to their voice mail system which is always full. We were also emailing the company to find out any updates. Well the day came that we thought a driver was supposed to meet us...a driver never showed...We obviously were very upset with the service and asked for our deposit back the agreed and said it should take up to a week to process...its been 3 weeks now. When i call the office to ask for an update the receptionist Ashley put me on hold then ask what i need i advise here i need to speak with accounting. From there she transfers me to accounting specificly Jason. Jason never answers the phone and his mailbox is full. I feel very ripped out I'm not even sure if this is a real company i can never get a hold of anyone. We paid a $150 deposit and are requesting a refund. We were not provided a driver ever and have been treated very poorly. ...[More]
By Lauren on Exceptional Auto Transport on Apr 22 2015 9:22PM
They quoted me 750.00 with a deposit of 150.00 in which the 150.00 was a brokers fee that I did not know of until I signed the papers. Now I booked more then a month in advance and the first date to move the car was 01 April, well that day came and went so I got Josh only in email and he said he would put me in touch with the booking agent. That never happened. Now I saved all my emails with this company and also got all my phone records to prove who I was talking to and the number I was talking to matched the companies. I never got a call back from this company when the booking agent was supposed to call me. Two weeks after the date came and went I got Josh in email again and they told me that they would try to find someone for the price I was quoted for. REALLY. That was the last I heard from VANTAGE. ...[More]
By Peter McDermott on Vantage Auto Movers on Apr 22 2015 8:28PM
DO NOT use this company . It is a SCAM to get your money !!! We spoke with a man named Aaron who was supposed to have our work truck delivered from pa to ohio . He took the money and has been making excuses EVERYTIME we call . He is very unprofessional ! With a foul mouth ! I will be contacting the attorney general and an attorney and I suggest that everyone else do the same . This man is a fraud and needs to go to jail ! I wish I would have read the reviews before I gave him the money ....[More]
By Sara Venturella on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Apr 22 2015 8:14PM
Response from Fast Track Auto Carriers
Dirk Perdrix on Apr 22 2015 8:35PM
***Some people are just impossible to please.*** PLEASE READ: FIRST OF ALL We are licensed and bonded with the U.S. Dept. OF Transportation FMCSA/MC-...[More]
this company is not a good shipping company this company ripped me off they never contacted me never picked up my shipment this company is a complete scam nothing but used car sells men this is the worst company I've ever dealt with period I gave them a deposit and they never returned my money I recommend this company to no one ...[More]
By Richard Cmapbell on Premier Auto Shippers on Apr 22 2015 6:38PM
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