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Illini Auto Transport was contracted by Direct Auto Carrier to transport our vehicle from Vermont to California. The time frame quoted to us was 7-10 days, the move took over 16 days. The terms of the contract we signed with Direct Auto Carrier were not honored by Illini nor was the actual amount. Illini held our vehicle until they were paid an additional $50 above the contracted amount. Communication from Illini was poor, phone calls regarding the delivery date and location of the car went unanswered for days. Our vehicle was delivered covered in engine oil, which has been a challenge to clean off. As previously mentioned the terms of the original contract were not honored. ...[More]
By peter on Illini Auto Transport about 7 Minutes Ago
Don't use this company!!! The company they subcontracted for my vehicle (Florida Interstate Tranportation) are very unprofessional and take your money without delivering the service they promised. They are slow and make up a ton of excuses as to why they can't get it done. This is my first and last time ever shipping a vehicle. My experience was ruined by world of excuse and wasted time. ...[More]
By Talia Thomas on Freedom Auto Transport about 3 Hours Ago
Well...this is my third post because the above company apparently keeps deleting my review so we'll keep playing I guess :) Long story short.....WWTI does not honor their "24-48" pickup time (especially when their drivers are over their DOT hours) and they LIE when they say "no deposit or cancellation fee." I was told on a Wednesday my vehicle would be picked up on Friday and then Friday came and no pick up. I was told it was because the driver was over his DOT hours. Then, I was told another driver said he would transport it but 2 days later and for $100 more!! Out of frustration I agreed but never e-signed the agreement. After talking to my husband he refused to pay extra money for 2 days later on the agreement. I called and emailed the nextorning to cancel but never got a response. Called that following Monday and left messages and again no response. However, I was charged $250 for the service I cancelled now I've had to open a dispute with my bank and am in the process now of getting my money back. What a hot mess from an unprofessional company!! Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing who come to you offering help; all they'll leave you with is a commitment they can't keep as well as words they don't honor. Shame On WWTI for treating people like this!! Review Options...[More]
By Tonya Singer on We Will Transport It Corp about 18 Hours Ago
If you're looking to ship your car, do NOT use this company. Whatever you do, do NOT use Dynamic Auto Movers! Rather, RUN fast from these guys! At first, I felt I was in good hands with Joe Masachs, after getting bombarded with calls from a plethora of companies to ship my car across country. He reassured me, gave me a reasonable quote, and told me he would call me in the following week to finalize the details. He NEVER called me back. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, after attempting to follow up. After calling the company, many messages were forwarded to him. Even after 3 days, he never got in touch with me. I had to finally email him and let him know that I switched to another company. Joe was incredibly unprofessional, unreliable, and is a horrendous reflection for this company and this industry. Just don't waste your time with this company. I should have taken the previous warning reviews more seriously, because he was a huge waste of time and confidence. Terrible that a company is being run with shady employees like this!...[More]
By Kelli on Dynamic Auto Movers about 18 Hours Ago
I had to hire a company to transport my friends car who was a victim of a kidnapping. Heartland trucking gave me the most reasonable price and I paid them and sent back the release the same day that I received the quote. June 26th the money was taken out of my account! Two weeks later the car was not picked up and the only person I could ever talk to by phone was a man named Dan. After two weeks and my car still not being picked I requested a refund on July 16 to be exact Stacey emailed me and told me she was putting the refund in and that I would have it by Saturday at the latest. Monday rolls around and nothing the she emailed me saying there was an error in their routing number and That needed to be fixed. Well then a few days ago she was waiting on a check from payroll to be given to her so I could get it and still nothing. It is a total of $598 I am owed and that may not seen to be much but I am hard working single mother who was trying to help a friend in a crisis and did not get anything accomplished with this company and they still have not refunded my money. ...[More]
By april on Heartland Trucking about 20 Hours Ago
This company contacted me to ship my vehicle from Florida back to Illinois after my transmission went out. They were supposed to ship my vehicle with transmission. When I originally spoke with them they told me my vehicle could be picked up the same day or the next day. They called me back two days later and told me that the wench on the truck broke so they would have to get a different truck and that the price of shipping would be more than originally quoted to me. My vehicle got picked up five days later than it was supposed to. They were supposed to coordinate with the shop in Florida that my vehicle was at so he could give them the transmission. The owner of the shop waited around for them to come on a Saturday and they never showed up. They came on a Sunday when the shop was closed. I was not aware of this. It took four days to my vehicle to make it back when I was told it would take two. When my vehicle arrived they did not have the transmission. I called the company and they literally told me that it was not their problem. I had to pay to have my transmission shipped through another company. ...[More]
By Jennifer Kimbrell on United American Auto Transport about 20 Hours Ago
"Quality Transportation", a local company picking up a car in NY, refused to pick up a car at my house (I assured them of having a convenient and wide entrance and exit in and out of the neighborhood and a wide space for loading the car). They arrived at the wrong Home Depot and I had to wait for them 1 hour before they came- the driving distance was about 15-20 minutes. The carrier, CFR Line/Green Trucking LLC, informed us that the car was already at Torrance, CA on 07/20/15. And it took 3 days to get it delivered on July 23 at 9:00 PM- 2 hours later than the given delivery window. Drivers on route did not call me and did not keep me posted about their whereabouts- I had to call them twice. Car was delivered to its destination address- that was good! Will I use AutoTransporter123 again? No, I will not....[More]
By Yuri on Auto Transport 123 about 21 Hours Ago
By far the most pathetic company I have ever dealt with! On a Tuesday July 21st I gave them my Visa credit card for the $175 down payment. I was told by the sales person Duran my Porsche 9-11 Carrera would be picked up no later then Friday. Following day which was Wednesday, I called to check status and no phone numbers exist. There system went down. Im thinking FRAUD. However, the following day things were back to normal. I called for a few days and no one called back. I left messages with Duran the salesperson and Alan Stewart the dispatcher. I even called the owner Rob who actually was the only guy answering the phone but after 4 times he said he would call back? NOT ONE RETURNED CALL. I finally got a hold of the sales person Duran who said he would talk to Rob owner and that Rob would call me back in 20 minutes! THERE WAS NO CALL BACK. I then called Rob the owner directly and he said that Duran the sales person never even spoke with him regarding the pick up of my car. Here is the best part. After 1 week and ZERO communication from these clowns, Alan the dispatcher calls me and says the truckers want an extra $100 dollars on delivery. Alan said he would go half way and of my $175 direct deposit, he would credit me $75 of that towards the driver at delivery. So Alan sent me a new contract and it showed no such thing on behalf of Thrifty crediting $75. Alan and the company tried to fool me and I did not sign the revised contract. I told Alan I was not accepting the revised contract for extra $100 so my original contract STILL in affect. Alan then told me that the original down payment of $175 to be credited back to me would be only $125- What he was trying to say is there is a $50 dollar charge for waiting 10 BUSINESS days and not getting your car picked- LOL. There is a 30% cancellation fee in which he is correct. not a $50 fee for giving them 10 BUSINESS DAYS and not getting job done/NOT IN THERE CONTRACT/ONLY CANCELLATION FEE! So, for all of you out there? Do not do business with this company. They do not communicate very well and you will be frustrated. Most importantly, when you electrically sign a contract, they have 10 BUSINESS DAYS to pick the car up NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS. So, I signed the contract electrically via email on July 21st, and it is now July 29th and nothing has happened! And may I say 1 more thing! Have I learned anything? yes. Do not go to these brokers. Contact the trucking companies directly and create a circle of trust... DO NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY!...[More]
By DON G SILVERMAN on Thrifty Auto Transport Services about 21 Hours Ago
Upon contacting autotransport123, I spoke with Jonathan. He was very talkative and seemed to know what he was talking about. After his description of the service we decided to book with them. I was told by Jonathan that the first available pick up was Sunday June 28th. I was also informed that I would pay $500 up front upon pick up and the remainder when the vehicle arrived. It sounded good.After booking I then dealt with Casey. I was informed by Casey that there was actually a 3 day window for pick up and my car would not be picked up on Sunday. I was only visiting for the weekend and needed the vehicle gone before I flew out, so that would not work. Ultimately, the vehicle was picked up on Tuesday the 7th of July. I spoke multiple times with Casey throughout the ordeal and was given great service from her. I was only disappointed that I was not informed up front about the 3 day window and even then that the window was actually longer. I was also not informed that with international shipments that I would have to make full payment at the port and not upon arrival in Hawaii. But overall, the service received from Casey was excellent. Jonathan however, should maybe consider being a little more clear when booking with clients. The vehicle arrived in good condition and all is well now. Thank you Casey for being patient with me and helping us through the shipment. *** Update *** I spoke with someone over the phone today asking me to review Casey. Although the instructions were to put Casey's name in the subject line of my review, this review was formulated for the overall company, not one specific person's service. I do not review this company with a 4 star rating. I went through too much to give them the satisfaction. And now, more dishonesty! I give a 2 star rating because of the dishonesty of my initial booking call and all of the issues along the way.. I give a 4 star to Casey for dealing with me in a professional manner. However, the fact still remains that I will not do business with them again in the future and they do not deserve and overall rating of a 4. Therefore, I have changed my review rating to a 2. Autotransport123 would do well if they would just be honest and up front with customers instead of trying to lead them to believe something other than the truth. ...[More]
By Amie Torralva on Auto Transport 123 on Jul 29 2015 7:57PM
Response from Auto Transport 123
Keith about 21 Hours Ago
Good Afternoon Amie- We truly appreciate all the feedback you have provided, and your honestly throughout the overall experience. We immensely ...[More]
I spoke with Vantage Auto Movers on Thursday. I put a $100.00 down to secure the transport which they told me was 100% refundable if they can’t get the car picked up. They could not get the car picked up. I am not surprised. The day I called for a refund the agent said I am out of luck and that he was not able to issue me a refund. After they realized they did not have a written contract from me the agent called me back and said he would have to refund me the 100% of the down payment. Today I received a partial refund of $75.00 not $100.00 with absolutely any explanation and yet again their customer service line goes right to voicemail all day with no return call. I will continue writing 1-2 bad reviews per day, because people should not be subject to this type of business practices. They should be shut down and prosecuted. Vantage Auto Movers. Scammers. Scammers. Stay Away as far as you can. Scammers. Auto mover Brokers. Always Go with a direct shipper rather than a scammer broker. Scammers Vantage Auto Movers 449 NW 35 Street Boca Raton, FL 33431 and Vantage auto movers will start out their response with something like.......... Everything about this review is completely false............... This customer is being completely ridiculous.................. This review is completely inaccurate and filled with false information.............. but remember I have every call recorded and every email so lets see what your response is....[More]
By Xml You on Vantage Auto Movers on Jul 29 2015 7:55PM
By California Aout Resource on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Jul 29 2015 5:40PM
Brian is a salesman who does not take "no" for an answer. He called me numerous times, bad-mouthing competitors, trying to get me to pay $1325 (later $1275) when other companies were quoting $900. He tried pressuring me to electronically sign a contract while still on the phone. I was uncomfortable with the pressure (and the terms of the contract), so I refused. Getting me to commit to paying $1275 was REALLY important to Brian. If you want to pay top dollar for shipping a car, by all means go with this company. I refuse....[More]
By Chris A. on Auto Transport 123 on Jul 29 2015 4:53PM
Response from Auto Transport 123
Keith on Jul 29 2015 5:15PM
This gentlemen is not a customer of Auto Transport 123. ...[More]
This move from Vermont to California took over 33 days. It was supposed to take between 7 to 10 days. Communication throughout was poor, in fact I just got off the phone with Direct Auto Carrier's representative James who told me to "go to hell" and called me an idiot. At the core of the problem is that James himself sent the wrong date for the pick up to dispatch, and his reaction to this problem was openly hostile. All in all this has been a horrible experience, we have been avoided, called names, misled, overcharged. We have incurred hundreds of dollars of fees because of Direct Auto Carrier and nothing has been done to resolve this. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. This company also does business as Continental Auto Carrier and Blue Star Auto Carrier....[More]
By Peter on Direct Auto Carrier on Jul 29 2015 4:39PM
I called for a QUOTE to ship 2012 Focus from Orlando to Milwaukee . I was given a price of $ 750. Can we pick up car right now ? sure I said it was paid for When i booked I was reassured , No problem on the pick-up TIME Thats a regular route for many of our carriers . they said usula pick up is 3-5 days I booked with agent , paid the deposit and waited 7 days as i had not heard from them. 9 days later they are calling asking for me to pay more money if I want the Focus shipped ! 7 phone calls and 6 emails a person said they have someone - -BUT it will cost you MORE $$$ ... if you want the car ??? well YEAH I want my car another few calls ( often the calls were unprofessional as if they really were Not sure WHAT they were doing )and email s and MORE $$$$ than the qoute It came but not at the PRICE I WAS QUOTED I not sure why they Quote me a price , send me their contract take my money ...and don't honor the CONTRACT they SENT??? rule of business- - HONOR THE CONTRACT that is .... if you want repeat business ! or stay in business ....[More]
By RUSS on Montway Auto Transport on Jul 29 2015 4:28PM
Response from Montway Auto Transport
Montway on Jul 29 2015 6:36PM
Dear Russ Dohr, We are truly sorry to hear of this issue. It is imperative that customers have a clear understanding of the terms they accept when ...[More]
**Review updated due to Fidelity Auto’s continued deceptive business practice** I was recently informed by the website’s administrators that Fidelity Auto tried to remove my original post by claiming I was never a customer of theirs (see original review below). I submitted proper documentation to the administrators substantiating my correspondence with Fidelity Auto and my original review was reposted. Fidelity’s blatant and deceitful act further proves how unethical they are, how desperate for business they’ve become, but more importantly how they have no regard for their customers. It has become apparent to me these shameful acts are condoned by its owners and/or executives. In my humble opinion, Fidelity’s association with the auto transportation industry has discredited the entire industry, scaring away potential customers by fostering mistrust. Additionally, take caution while reading some of the reviews on Fidelity. I am certain takes every measure to ensure the authenticity and reliability of each review, but some of the excellent reviews seem a bit over stated ( can't police everyone with 100% accuracy). I noticed it's either a raving review of 4 stars or disappointing review of 0 stars, which may explain the 3 stars oppose to a lower satisfaction rating. Original Review: Requested auto transportation services on 04/27/15 & paid $145 "booking & processing" fee; transaction was made over the phone with senior account exec (Lorena). I called Lorena the following day (04/28) to cancel my request, submitted an email to the customer care center as indicated by Lorena, and was assessed an $80 "administration fee" despite no attainable services being rendered. I spoke with "Eddie" in customer care center to request "administration fee" clarification, but was provided a short sighted and unreasonable answer: "...we have to be able to pay our employees for their work". This puzzled me, because no actual manual labor was performed other than speaking to me over the telephone. Furthermore, Eddie attempted to make a comparison with booking an airline ticket and how customers are assessed fees for changing or canceling their ticket; I refuted by informing him airlines should not assess any fees if a fully-refundable ticket is purchased. I am currently working with 2 other reputable auto transportation companies, and both have disputed Fidelity's "adminstration fee" claim. Both companies recommended, for future reference, to never authorize or pay any fees up front until services are rendered. I have also submitted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in order for Fidelity to change their business practice. ...[More]
By Brian on Fidelity Auto Shipping on Jul 29 2015 4:20PM
I contracted with Fast Track to collect an Alfa Romeo Spider from Ohio and bring it to me in NC. The agreement was $110 for their fee by cr. card and then $450 in cash to the truck driver on delivery. Total of $560. The trucker did a great job and was a pleasure to work with but when it came time to pay the trucker his $450, I discovered that Fast Track had told him that I would pay him $525 but decided to not tell me about this change for reasons known only to them. I did phone Harrison who said that he would speak to his supervisor but I have heard nothing from them for a week now. ...[More]
By Stanley Feigenbaum on Fast Track Auto Carriers on Jul 29 2015 12:40PM
Although our truck finally made it to California, it was promised to us on Tuesday, then Wed. , then Thurs. night between 4-5, when it didn't arrive we had to call and see what the status was and were told it would be there after 8pm. We told them no one would be there to receive it and to bring it in the morning, which they did. We were never contacted by the drivers with delivery estimates and had to call for updates. We went with the most expensive quote thinking they were the best, but we could have saved hundreds and possibly got better service. ...[More]
By Scott on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jul 29 2015 3:40AM
I have been fascinated by the quote of $980 given by Mr.Robert and i have been informated that includes everything and no hidden costs. And they charged $185 as the broker fee and i have informated that i have some clothes under 100 lb in car trunk which he said is standard weight which is allowed and wont be charged. Now the fun started on the day of pick up - the driver said he need's $150 as the car is having some clothes and i had to literally fight with him but failed and finally paid him $120. So finally car is delivered on time (which is only the best thing so far) and guess what the balance amount i had to pay the driver on the delivery date is $950, so i have ended up paying total $1255. Stay away Plaza transport....[More]
By Kiran on Plaza Auto Transport on Jul 28 2015 9:42PM
Received my car with full of black dusty and there was many screw marks and bent on the trunk. I never use this transporter again.If you call them they are not reachable,never picked a single call....[More]
By Arun on Spengler Auto Transport LLC on Jul 28 2015 9:34PM
BEWARE!! This company is a scam.....failed to pick up my vehicle twice and at this time have not issued a refund for the deposit. Customer service sucks.....all their employees are highly trained in lying to the customer. Also, no communication with the customer what so ever......I wouldn't trust them to move a skate board!!...[More]
By Marcos on Premier Auto Shippers on Jul 28 2015 7:54PM
Used UShip to find a dispatching company that was rated well which made me feel assured that business would be conducted in a professional manner. Given that this was my first shipping experience I was very pleased by how cordial and helpful the dispatchers were. However, that is where the positivity of this experience ends. The actual carrier for my vehicle was terrible, unresponsive, unhelpful, unrepentant and untrustworthy. The carrier at first appeared to be responsive and gave a reasonable time estimate for arrival but then requested UShip payment code before delivery, I almost felt bullied into providing it to him after which I had to contact UShip to ensure that payment would not be released until I actually received my shipment. The driver continually postponed the delivery time until THE NEXT DAY. When attempting to reach the carrier for more information there were times when texts and phone calls went unanswered and when the delivery was finally made I DIDN'T EVEN GET A SORRY! Dispatchers beware, you're in for a scare if you choose this carrier for your customers. ...[More]
By Jake on AGS Carrier Inc. on Jul 28 2015 7:48PM
This was the worst experience I have ever had! I spoke to Adolfo about picking up a car in New York to ship to Florida. I was quoted $945. I said ok GREAT! I called back an hour or so later to put it all together and I was told he made a mistake and the price was now $1150. I asked to speak to him and he said he would honor the price he originally gave me which I was ok with. I was then told the car would be picked up within 72 hours.. WELLLLLLLL.. the car is still sitting in our parking lot and it is now 168 hours (7 days) later!!! I have called multiple times and they have no answer as to when the vehicle will be picked up. Needless to say.. do not use these liars!!! They feed you a good line of bull crap and do not come through. Now I have an unhappy customer whose car will not arrive to their house on time. WHAT A JOKE!!!!! MORAL OF THE STORY. You are better off spending more money on someone RELIABLE!!! DO NOT USE!!!!!!!!!!...[More]
By Vinny on Ready Auto Transport RAT on Jul 28 2015 6:49PM
I had to ship 2 cars, and I closed the contract A MONTH or so before it has to ship. IT started of fine, Andrew is nice..the original quote was $1200, all together, $300 for Andrews company and $900 upon delivery to the driver. HOWEVER, I am the one who keeps on calling, I must say, Andrew is nice but that is all about it. It did not help the fact, that I was stressing week after week, and to make matters worse, Andrew said, there is still no carrier...WTH!, LONG HORROR STRESSFUL STORY SHORT, THIS COMPANY ONLY GOT ME A CARRIER, A DAY BEFORE IT HAS TO REALLY SHIP. I FELT LIKE I WAS BACKED IN A CORNER WITH NO CHOICE. IT WAS HORRIBLE. PLUS, THEY INCREASE THE PRICE TO $1600.. so, what is the use of the contract and locking it in a month before or so?????? but because I am pressed for time and I have nobody to help me on CO end, since I have to fly out on the 4th of July and the pick up date supposed to be is July 3rd, then I have no freaking choice but to pay the JACKED UP PRICE. I cannot complain about the driver, SLAVIK, the older one. He is nice. and My trucks antenna was damaged in transport but SLAVIK has been in contact with me and is going to fix it. Overall, I am not satisfied with ANYWHERE SHIPPING and will never want to go through hell again should I need to ship a car... I know everybody have their experiences differently and good for you, but as for me, I am just recounting the horror and stress, plus the RIP OFF ... the contract should be honored. otherwise, what is the freaking use of contract. and WHy even tell me to book this a month or so and then change the price.............[More]
By Maria on Anywhere Shipping LLC on Jul 28 2015 6:14PM
Was told the price would be $900-950 which was of course the higher of those numbers. The carrier showed up at the very tail end of the day expecting me to just wait around until he arrived, meanwhile I was told I would be given a call before arrival. The driver was rude and wasn't willing to wait for me to drive 15 minutes for me to get to the house. The car was so dirty when it did arrive that I couldn't even see through the windows, much less notice any damage. The damage on the car wasn't mentioned during the sale or at time of pick up. So, I have nowhere to trace the origin to. Now I'm out of pocket for the repairs. This was a nightmarish ending to a nightmarish car deal. This was a horrible experience!!! I normally don't take the time to leave bad reviews. But, given the pressure I've been getting after the transaction to complete this survey, I'm given no choice. ...[More]
By Troy on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jul 28 2015 2:51AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jul 28 2015 3:29PM
Lance Staab 360.406.4892 Troy I apologize for the problems that occurred during your transport. It seems that all th...[More]
This company needs to be shit down. These guys are crooks. They never picked up my car and made up some lies about how it's not ready. Prob just didn't have room and overbooked. They are not honest and reliable. If you never want to see your car, call them..otherwise stay the hell away from these guys. BBB is next stop ...[More]
By Dk on CAA Transport on Jul 28 2015 2:06AM
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