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I booked over a month in advance to ship 3 cars. The truckers were unable to show up; the first trucking company cancelled without a reason (on the same day), the replacement trucking company was dispatched and then called me at the end of the day to tell me the "truck was broken down". They said they would show up the following day. They didn't. Four days passed in this game of waiting for a truck to show up. I canceled the contract with Montway when they called to tell me a third trucking company was going to be dispatched. Montway is now refusing to issue a credit for my deposit ($499). Montway contracts with small-time truckers and this leads to unreliable pick-up times, cancellations on the part of the truckers and absolute frustration, aggravation, and increased cost to the customer. They are deceptive and ruthless. ...[More]
By A B on Montway Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
Jim Jones Trucking should have his license suspended and made to pay back all his customers with interest. I was taken for $2,496 from this man and a damaged trailer. Mr. Jones is very unprofessional and I am now in the process of suing him in small claims court in California. Do not use this company. ...[More]
By Margaret Porter on Jim Ford Trucking about 8 Hours Ago
I was quoted $945 and we set a pickup date. The day prior, a carrier had not been assigned. After several calls, Michelle called and said the quote was too low. They were having a hard time finding a carrier going to New Mexico. Say what!!! Look at the rig traffic on I40 going to Phoenix and LA. They would have to charge several hundred dollars more. I immediately cancelled. Do not use this company....[More]
By Steve M on RoadRunner Auto Transport about 11 Hours Ago
This company took my deposit and the arranged a driver that did not show up to pick up vehicle. On call back they lied and said they will arrange another driver. No response back and now I can't reach the person I was dealing with with United American. I still have not been able to get my money back! Total scammers DO NOT USE ...[More]
By Tony C on United American Auto Transport about 15 Hours Ago
These people are absolute crooks. They take your money and use the same excuse everytime about truck breaking down!!! Unfortunatly for them though, I cancelled payment and also filed a criminal case against them which includes several other victims. Its time for them to go out for good! They use Magic Jack for their phone service so you cant track them, but they got ahold of the wrong person this time! Bye Bye ECC!! Also, when they get a bad review they make something up like its their competitors writing it, lol! See you soon ECC!!...[More]
By Brian H on ECC Transport Inc. about 15 Hours Ago
Unfortunately, I was not present at the time of arrival and it was late at night. My wife signed for the car. I would not have given them a dime at arrival. There were car wrecks above my car and something leaked all over the hood. I'm not sure if it was oil or paint, but the front of the car has this substance that cannot be removed all over it. They destroyed the car. DO NOT USE THEM. ...[More]
By Scott on WestStar Auto Carriers about 17 Hours Ago
Upon calling this company I went with them because they gave me the lowest quote to begin with, then when you confirm you want to use their services they ask if they can bump your quote to $200 more I agreed well I was originally quoted $1145 I figured $200 more isn't bad well it ended comin out to $1645 and then with a $250 charge that they require themselves which I asked if there was a fee that they charged and he said no, so that took me by suprise but at this point I had no choice. I constantly had to call or email to get updates never once did they call me until they found a carrier. So was disappointed, but they did find a carrier and the man who did pick my vehicle was very nice and he delivered in great time. I don't think I will ever use amerifreight just wish they would have updated me a little more and would have told me there is a $250 fee on top of the carrier charge ...[More]
By Ernesto on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 20 2014 2:55AM
Overall my experience was good. However, one thing that was not explained to me was the $50 deposit. I was told this was a deposit and assumed that meant for the trucking company. When the trucking companyshowed up to take my car, I then learned that this was for the broker and did not go towards the total cost....[More]
By Tim Leckington on DIY Transport Inc. on Oct 19 2014 11:02PM
I received a quote from (United American Auto Transport) what caught my attention was the "no deposit, 24 - 48 hours pickup". I replied email, Jeffrey Miller responded. He responded with (quoting him) "The best I can do is $1,000 total price no deposit." I said something like, "I'm running errands, give me time to think it over and how long do you think it'll take to arrive in Virginia?" and he said (quoting him) "4 days" I thought, wow, from Washington STATE to Virginia!? I responded, "What is the next step?" he asked for the pick-up/drop of f addresses. I gave him the pick-up address, but at the time I had no drop off address due to my husband being military, he was looking for an apartment. I suggested the Air Force Base address for now, and Jeffrey said that was fine, whenever we move into an apartment to email him the correct address. I asked about a military discount because promotions of it were on their website. This was sent on 8/1/2014 he didn’t respond until 8/6/2014 claiming he was out of the office and was there anything he could do for me? He said it somewhat sarcastic. Probably because I sent the company an email saying Jeffrey Miller wasn’t responding to me I wouldn't use the company if he didn't respond, it was making me nervous. He said no to the military discount. Then he sent me the information about my car being picked-up on 8/11/2014 and…there was a deposit. It totaled $1,000, but the deposit was $100. Of course, there was a deposit even though there were claims of “n o deposit” in several emails … we eventually spoke on the phone. I gave him my debit card info and got the carriers number, Mike/Andy and yep the deposit changed from $100 to $75….just NO organization…my vehicle was picked up on time (11th). On 8/16, Jeffrey calls, my husband answered saying that my car wouldn’t be delivered because he doesn’t have a payment on file for the deposit. I was extremely furious!! I emailed him a clearly frustrated emailed. He apologized and charged me the $75. I guess…he DID have my debit information…the week of August 18 I called Mike/Andy to see when my car might be here. They said 20th/21th…after Jeffrey said 18th/19th. It wasn’t here until 22th. Four days was a mistake, I guess? Also Jeffrey never told anyone about the drop off address change which I emailed him once we moved in which made the carrier drivers completely lost. I will never ever use this shipping company ever again! ...[More]
By Alexis Ingram on Auto Transport UAAT on Oct 19 2014 4:12PM
My initial $150 deposit was taken immediately in Feb.'14 for an auto pick-up in May'14. I was told I could completely relax and rely on them for a dependable pickup on time. Although Exceptional had 3 mos. to arrange pickup on time, no pickup ever happened. I made numerous calls to them and each time was told not to worry, a truck would be coming very soon and they would call me back with confirmation. They never called until 3 weeks later after I had been forced to make other transport arrangements.. I have to conclude I was consistently lied to with false promises. The sales girl is very nice and reassuring when she takes your deposit, but the company's service is non-existent! Exceptional caused me no end of travel problems and transport headaches forcing me to arrange new, last-minute transport with another company that cost me hundreds more. The only good part of the whole experience was that, 7 mos. later, I ultimately got my deposit back after I disputed the credit card charge through my bank . I wouldn't recommend Exceptional Auto Transport to anyone! ...[More]
By Tom on Exceptional Auto Transport LLC on Oct 19 2014 3:45PM
Seems that they tied the truck down with a chain over a steering arm and bent it. THey also kept me up late saying they would be there at 10:00 PM but later called and said it would be 4:00 AM. Arrived about 8:00 am. THey did not drive strait through as promised....[More]
By john harry on AutoStar Transport & Logistics on Oct 19 2014 10:17AM
Response from AutoStar Transport & Logistics
Mike Cannon about 15 Hours Ago
From AutoStar Transport and Logistics: This review seems to be about the carrier. Customer placed his order with us on 10/9, a carrier was found the...[More]
I received a quote from them with an estimated pick up and delivery date. The pick up date passed, so I emailed them and they said they were working on it. The delivery date passed, and I called them and they said they were working on car shows but I was at the top of the list. They never contacted me when they knew that the dates they gave me were not going to work. What was odd is that I didn't make these estimated dates. There was no hurry on my end. They gave me the dates so I planned around them. I first placed the order on July 31st, and it is October 18th and still nothing. Not even a phone call or email saying that they weren't going to be able to do the job or make their targeted dates and needed to reschedule. If they couldn't do the job in a timely manner they should have just said so. I used another company and it took them 7 days from the day I called to pick up the car and deliver it. I definitely wouldn't trust them with any of my cars. If they have absolutely no respect for me, what kind of respect will they show my cars?...[More]
By Peter on Passport Transport on Oct 18 2014 10:40PM
I recommend avoiding this company. This negative review is because of Graham Turner, not Ali Miller. I contracted Amerifreight to ship a car from WA to SC. Amerifreight subsequently hired AAA Family Trucking as the actual carrier. AAA Family Trucking agreed to deliver the vehicle on a specific date after signing the job with Amerifreight. The vehicle was delivered a day early, however. As a result, the vehicle had to be stored at a location approximately 10 min away from the delivery location. Before I would transfer money to the carrier to retrieve my vehicle, I needed to inspect it. The trip to the storage location, the trip to the bank to deposit money to the carrier, and the second trip to retrieve my vehicle took a considerable amount of my time. AAA Family Trucking agreed to reduce the fee by $20 for my gas and time. I felt this was considerably insufficient, given the time required and the fact that the contract clearly stated the required delivery date. Ali Miller was my direct contact at Amerifreight. She provided excellent customer support and was honest about her company's mistake. She did all she could do to fix the problem. The review is not a negative reflection for her. This review is negative because of her supervisor, Graham Turner. His business and customer service skills were the worst I have seen in recent memory. Specifically, he did nothing to attempt to fix the problem. He hid behind the excuse that the specific contract between Amerifreight and AAA Family Trucking did not hold either party responsible if the agreed upon delivery date was not adhered to. This contract is not readily apparent to the customer when the order is made. Mr. Turner could have assuaged my concerns with a simple monetary compensation for my time and effort. Instead, he did nothing and blamed the carrier. He has subsequently made an angry customer, who is now leaving a poor review, potentially preventing future business. Apparently the mantra of the customer always being right doesn't apply to his business. The order number was 940058632-SU....[More]
By Duncan F on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 18 2014 5:36PM
This carrier was by far the worst ever used in 10 years of business. We broker loads, conduct one of the largest classic auctions in Texas, and own the largest classic car dealership in Houston. The deadbeats at this company were late to pick up a Ford truck for open transport. After they had been on the road a few days, they called and tried to extort an extra $200 above the contracted rate before they would release the car. When we asked for their bank information to pay the contracted amount (not the extortion add-on), these idiots didn't know who they even banked with. They told us Wells Fargo and after spending 3 hours with bank managers trying to find their account, we discovered the banked with Bank of America. To top it off, these morons called our customer and threatened and harassed him. Further details regarding these mobile con-artists can be seen on the BBB, DOT website, and a civil lawsuit being drafted today....[More]
By ML Classics on Trans Cargo Inc on Oct 18 2014 12:35PM
Driver needs to learn about customer service. Picked up car a day late and inconvenienced the seller. Was originally promised that the car would be picked up on Monday and delivered by Thursday. I had talked to the driver and was told he would arrive on Saturday I explained to him that I work on Saturday and no one would be available after 1 pm. Dealing with the driver was unpleasant especially when he threatened to leave the car at a storage yard because he wasnt sure if HE could make it before 1. Because he picked up late it became my problem. There are lots of choices to transport cars maybe they should think about that. ...[More]
By Vlasi Poggas on Nation Auto Transport on Oct 18 2014 12:12AM
By Nancy Nicastri on Crossroads Auto Transport on Oct 17 2014 10:45PM
Was quoted $800 for this shipment to be picked up on 9/19, very quickly that price increased to $1350 after the driver "had a break down." The car was picked up on 10/1 and delivered 10/9. Destiny continually promised call backs with updates which never happened. I had to call 2-3 times daily just to get an update. Lack of communication, changes in pricing, and delays were all very troubling which makes this one of the worst online experiences I have ever had. STAY AWAY FROM DESTINY...[More]
By Ryan on Destiny Auto Shipping on Oct 17 2014 1:05PM
They took my money and never picked up my vehicle never called me back there's a scam and fraud so be careful I had to call my bank about this problem...[More]
By Ryan on Transport King and Logistics on Oct 17 2014 10:34AM
We selected Inter-city based solely on a Google search and some good reviews. Although they provided us with good cutomer service as the broker, the trucker/trucking company they selected to transport our vehicle damaged it upon delivery. Beware of using a trucker named Jim Kruse and Deals Auto Transport (Idaho). Even after promising us to pay for the damages, the trucker did not pay us. He kept lying to us tat he'd send the payment but i never materialized even thiugh it was only $800. We tried contacting their insurance but that was also a waste of time! Apparently these crooks dont process claims from the wronged party if it's under $1000 in damages. I tried contacting the trucking company, Deals Auto Transport, but theyve simply chosen to ognire me rater than do the right thing. My only suggestion is if you ever see damages to your vehicle ensure you DONT PAY THE TRUCK DRIVER IN FULL SINCE THERE's almost no way you'll get your vlaim paid out by these truckers after theyve taken your money!...[More]
By She-Ra on Inter-City Auto Transport Inc. on Oct 16 2014 8:40PM
Given a total price $600 when car picked up told the price $700, extortion, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, crooks do not use them ever...[More]
By Rebekah Diky on iMovers on Oct 16 2014 8:32PM
They are crocks, take a deposit and schedule a service which never happened. Once they got you deposit good luck, can't get a hold of them and no response. A scam....[More]
By Mike on Rock Bottom Rate Auto Transport on Oct 16 2014 8:20PM
Just find yourself a Reliable Carrier. There's no need to go with a Broker. After you pay your deposit and your shipment is handed off to a Carrier, there's no longer anything the Broker, Amerifeight can do for you. Unless you experienced any damge perhaps, which luckily was not my case. I had one broker, David, to begin with, but I guess he quite or got fired so then I dealt with Brett. They bothed seemed really professional for the most part. It would've been nice if they could've stuck it to the Carrier, 3to Auto Express, to be more on time, or AT LEAST, offer me a discount for further unanticipated waiting and incurred costs. I had to cancel a dentist appointment within less than 24 hours, $75, and I had to rent a car on short notice again for $75. So at least a $150 discount, if not a $200-250 discount, to account for the carrier's supreme lack of communication. I always had to call 3to Auto Express in order to receive any information. Heaven forbid they call me and let me know their truck broke down well before it even got on its way. Simply knowing would've prevented canceled dentist appointments and last minute car rentals! I thought Amerifeight would hook me up with a respectable carrier. That, they did not do. The poor delivery driver's accent was barely even distinguishable as he was an immagrant from Cuba. Hopefully not illegal! Again, just find a Reliable Carrier and don't bother with a Broker!...[More]
By About Time! on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 16 2014 8:11PM
Albert Newman from Sun Auto Transport continue to lie to customer. I made an arrangement for my daughter's car to be pick up from Ohio to TX. I was told I needed to give my CC number with a $150.00 down payment and my vehicle will be pick up on Aug 13, 2014. I contacted Albert Newman to make sure the vehicle will be pick up on time and he assured me it will be. My daughter quit her job knowing she will no longer have a transportation to go to work. We had plane tickets that we are not able to used because our vehicle was never pick up. We had to drive from Ohio to TX for 20 hours, I called everyday to find out why the car was never pick up, the story from Albert went from his mother dying to his father and the following week it was his uncle. Albert continue to lie, if I have a way to attach all of his email to show how this company are fraud I will. Transport auto debited by CC for $150 but did not deliver the service they claim they can do. I signed an agreement giving authorization to debit my CC for down payment, that is my first mistake. I highly suggest if you really need your vehicle to be transport DO NOT go with this company, you will end up a victim just like me. Please feel free to call or email me if you are considering using this company, I will provide all the email that was given to me to convince you this is not the company you want to deal with. Jane Tuazon...[More]
By Jane Tuazon on Sun Auto Transport on Oct 16 2014 8:02PM
Response from Sun Auto Transport
albert newman on Oct 16 2014 10:10PM
this is Sergio one of the owners of this business, i will like to say to this lady Jane to stop acting like a victim we did not took her money we had ...[More]
They are giant crooks. Good luck dealing with Jim. He will say whatever he can to steal your money. On their website it clearly states they do not broker out their work. That is a complete lie. They contracted my shipment to "Higher Transport". Jim promised me the car would be picked up on a Friday, didn't happen. Then Saturday passed, then Sunday passed, then Monday, finally Tuesday after I had been calling them non stop to cancel my service they assured me a truck is 10 minutes away from picking up the car. I told them this car is a time sensitive delivery. I needed the car in Dallas by Friday. I was assured by Jim's dispatch, Ron, that the car would be here by Friday at the latest or it's free. I have all of these calls 100% recorded. Friday came around and no car. I called and they didn't know where the truck was. Finally they gave me the truck drivers number. I had to call him at least 15 times before he finally picked up. That is when I found out he is a completely different company. He told me that Blue Star called him on Tuesday (5 days after my promised pick up time) that they needed a car picked up. Anyways, he told me that he is stuck in Louisiana because his transmission went out. I asked him what the address was so I can pick up the car myself. Again, this car needed to be in Dallas by Friday. He gave me the address. I had a buddy of mine that lives in LA go drive by and check it out. This guy had my brand spanking new car sitting on the floor (off his trailer) at some random broken down, middle of nowhere, gas station. I have tons of pictures of this. Truck driver said he had to drive to Memphis to get the part he needed. Very shady. He had taken all the car keys with him of course so there was no point for me to pick it up. The car finally arrived in Dallas end of the day on Sunday, damaged. The driver didn't car. He said "if you want the car I need cash or the car is coming with me." Never trust these yahoo's at Blue Star unless you like drama, let downs, and endless excuses! EDIT: Because I posted this review of Blue Star's horrific services they have gone so far as to blast my phone number and email address out into the internet. I have been getting calls from other transport companies about shipping cars that I don't own, messages from members on okcupid dating site, cars that I'm selling apparently on Craigslist. I have never seen such a unprofessional group of people in my life. These folks are giving everyone in the transport industry a bad rap. Shame on you Blue Star for this retaliation for spreading the truth about your services! I also believe that all of these positive reviews are fake. If you want to see their real reviews go to their Yelp page. This company also goes by Continental Auto Carriers. Until they got such bad ratings they just changed.[More]
By Faizan Dolani on Blue Star Auto Carriers on Oct 16 2014 7:43PM
When we placed our order, we stated the vehicles needed to be picked up on Saturday. We were assured they would be. They did not get picked up until the following Tuesday. We placed the order in plenty of time that expedited shipping was not needed but Tony messed around in finding carriers that by the time a carrier was found his supervisor stated we would have to pay for expedited shipping if we wanted them picked up on Saturday. We feel we were overcharged for the service. Tony called an excessive amount of times to the point it felt like harassment. I would not recommend him. Tony's service was sub-par but the carrier's was excellent. ...[More]
By Dave on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 16 2014 3:26PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 16 2014 7:07PM
Tony Ferriera Auto Shipping Group (360) 464-2582 ext, as a company we do everything we can, put forth every ef...[More]
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