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I was a bit leery about shipping a car from Alabama to Utah, but became very at ease with Montway from the very first phone call. They were very professional, from the phone contact person to the driver. They provided email feedback and details. At one point I contacted the dispatcher via the phone number they provided, because I couldn't get through to the driver's cell phone. The dispatcher was very helpful and was able to contact the driver while I was on hold. I was fearing the worst at shipping a car across most of the country, but Montway made this a very pleasant experience, and I would not hesitate to use them again....[More]
By Michael on Montway Auto Transport about 4 Hours Ago
This is the second time we've used Gaby. She's really great....honest and fair. We've referred several people to her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend. This particular shipment took longer than our first but was within the time spread promised. No damage or things stolen. Car was dirty but it was a 3,100 mile shipment. No complaints here. ...[More]
By Dave on Ship a Car Direct about 4 Hours Ago
Response by Nice Car Auto Transport on 10/2/2015 is total B.S. I never booked with other brokers. It's true I never signed a contract with them but we had an agreement that they would pick up my cars and the carrier would be paid upon delivery. There was NO confusion about who was hired!!!!!! They just kept changing the pickup day and time. Next was the "300 miles away" excuse, then the "120 miles away" excuse, then the "FLAT TIRE" excuse, which came 3 days after the scheduled pickup date ( which was "promised" by Kevin ). I think he just couldn't find a carrier to do the job for the price he quoted and kept making excuses until I cancelled his "services". Original pickup was scheduled for Wednesday, then he rescheduled for Thursday, then for Friday. I finally cancelled on Saturday. Come on Kevin, please don't dispute this with me. You would only look silly. I have copies of all correspondences, including the e-mail you sent to my daughter, and would be happy to publish them here. Now, who's the real liar????...[More]
By Fred on Nice Car Auto Transport about 4 Hours Ago
Thumbs up for Jason who was the primary contact at ShipaCarDirect and handled my requests. Because of my uncertainty of move date, he was patient and able to accommodate my needs. No push and good communication! Overall, excellent work in arranging the shipping. I wish I could give five star to Ship A Car Direct, but after all, the carrier - Unified Auto Trans - was recommended by Ship A Car Direct. Unified Auto Trans did a mediocre job in shipping and delivering my car for the following reasons: 1) the car was not delivered as promised "door to door"; 2) the side view mirror was damaged. I understand the car could be dirty (which was, covered with a thick layer of dirt), the driver should have taken measures to prevent possible damages to the car; and 3) the communication should be significantly improved. I was not told where and when to meet the driver to pick up the car even when I explicitly asked. At the last minute, I was told to go to a place 7 miles away. Since the driver was on a tight schedule, I had to take a uber (40$) to find the driver. Though the driver compensated 20$, it wasted me a lot of time/money/energy in getting my car. Very unpleasant experience and would never use this carrier again. ...[More]
By SG on Ship a Car Direct about 5 Hours Ago
Happy withe the service from Start to finish. They kept me Informed throughout. Only hitch was vehicle was a day late at pick and having to hunt for the driver but it was probably a miscommunication and all was fine in the end.wouls recommend and use again if needed...[More]
By RA on AutoStar Transport Express about 5 Hours Ago
I did not give Ship Your Car Now permission to list my vehicle on the board. They did not have the correct information, I was doing business with someone else....[More]
By Lionel Cola on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 6 Hours Ago
They promised me they would pick up the vehicle by a specific date and broke their promise by not picking the vehicle up. When I was getting concerned about the pick up date and would call them and tell them my blight I was assured it would be picked up by the date I was promised. When the pick up date came and nothing was happening I called Jona and would only get her voice mail. I called their general number and a dude assured me he would get to the bottom of this and get back to me in 2 hours. after 3 hours of not hearing from him I called again and a woman assured me she would get this straightened out and would come into work Sunday (her off day) to keep me informed. That never happened. This was as low as it can get. We had traveled out to Calif. to prep the vehicle to be moved. My brother had passed and I was receiving the vehicle and taking it to WI. to lessen the burden on his wife and children. I wanted needed to be there when the vehicle was removed so the family would not have that burden. Unfortunately that did not happen as I had to return home. I contacted Godspeed Transport and they made the transport happen within a few days. With Godspeed the car was on a truck headed to WI. without the drama I had with Q. Q had the nerve to call me as the car was in transport to ask if I still needed the car moved. I will also file a claim against Q with the better Business Bureau....[More]
By Bill on Q Auto Transport LLC about 6 Hours Ago
Anthony arranged the transport….The driver was very courteous and kept me informed and also the delivery person informed of the times….Everything was perfect....[More]
By Jodie on Premier Auto Shippers about 7 Hours Ago
Rite way shipped my 2009 Mercedes Benz SL500. Seth was great he called and let me know when they were coming, and they actually got it dropped off two days before I expected which was great. Wonderful service! ...[More]
By Alex Fontinello on Rite Way Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
Going with team All Star made shipping very easy for me with no stress at all. Everyone treated me kindly, cost was fair, I was constantly updated on my car's status and my car was even delivered Early. ...[More]
By Leomara on All Star Direct Auto Shipping about 7 Hours Ago
i will never shop or search for another company to transport a vehicle for me. Ship a car direct has earned my Bussiness forever. Especially if Jason is working there. Every step of the way he was there. Before the pick up, during the pick up, and after. I'm so happy the car came here in a timely (fast) manner and without a single scratch. Beautiful work. And definatly recommend Jason!!...[More]
By Waqar Younis on Ship a Car Direct about 7 Hours Ago
Auto Transport Group did a fantastic job transporting my car. Felicia Williams was very helpful from beginning to end. Her knowledge and attention to detail made this experience pain free. The driver, Nick, that she assigned to move my car was on time and treated me with respect. I had no reservations about the safety of my car even though the trip was over 2,400 miles. My car was delivered on time and without damage. I would not hesitate to use Auto Transport group again and would recommend them to friends and family. Good service is not always easy to find but I was fortunate to find it in Felicia Williams and Auto Transport Group!...[More]
By John Tonge on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 8 Hours Ago
Great experience. Clearly explained the process, followed up before the shipment. Driver was great. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend Anthony....[More]
By Michael Gorski on Auto Transport 123 about 9 Hours Ago
Overall not a bad service. The car was delivered timely. Pick up was a day late however my car did arrive safely. I would use them again¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...[More]
By Pd on Auto Transport 123 about 9 Hours Ago
I investigated various companies, before I settled on Ship-a-Car Direct. The company proved my hope of being friendly and helpful. Gaby was patient with all my questions and very helpful at arranging the order. The pick up part went well and carrier managed to work with my son's daytime sleep schedule. The carrier called a day sooner than I expected from the original time estimate, what was a big personal help. The company's 24 hour phone contact number proved useful the two times I used it on a Saturday and very early Thursday morning, the day of delivery. The delivery part went smooth and the car came through just fine. My father-in-law who accepted the delivery found it interesting how it was accomplished. Yes, I highly recommend Ship A Car Direct. Ron Spitzer Order Number 461509-JY)...[More]
By Ron Spitzer on Ship a Car Direct about 9 Hours Ago
I had a good transport with autotransport123. I shipped across country and it did not take long. Friendly and reliable. My car was not damaged. Thank you ...[More]
By Wong on Auto Transport 123 about 10 Hours Ago
The customer service is very good. It is a good company. It is a very transparent organization. Tom was an excellent rep. For my transportation. I have used him several times. ...[More]
By Kelly Weber on Ship a Car Direct about 10 Hours Ago
My experience with this Co.was positive from the beginning. I worked with Tom.he sent a courteous, respectful driver to pick up our SUV.the car was delivered on time,in the same condition it was picked up in.I would definitely recommend Ship A Car Direct to a friend....[More]
By Karen L Smith on Ship a Car Direct about 11 Hours Ago
THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. DO NOT USE. Worst company in the world. They are full of lies and scams. I was first scammed by a boy named ALAN SCHMIDT @ (253) 242-6110 who gave me a quote for 1200.00 then after we agreed on the quote he went back on his word and said it needed to be 1250.00. After that they told me they had a driver available for pickup the next day. It ended up being changed to the day after that. They said that i first had to pay $150 initially to get everything rolling. Everything looked and seemed legit on the contract, i signed it electronically and thought we were good to go. Well come the day of pick up, I called back AMERICAN AUTO TRANSPORT and they said ALAN SCHMIDT was unavailable and that i was to call customer service to speak to a woman named NYA @ (954) 278-3861. Well NYA wound up getting me to sign the electronic contract and i was charged $150 on my credit card. She said that everything would be okay and well come the next day I never heard from a driver nor NYA and so i called NYA and she gave me the drivers name, DIMITRI, and his phone number (708) 215-1488. Well guess what DIMITRI never answered and NYA never answered. I called back the company and they began laughing at me over the phone thinking that it was hilarious how i was inconvenienced and how terrible of an experience i was having and wound up hanging up on me. I called back again to speak to a ALAN SCHMIDT and they said he was on the phone that he couldn't talk at the moment and i asked to speak to an owner or manager and they put me on hold and never answered. So i called NYA and sure enough she never answered. I immediately cancelled the charge of $150 on my credit card and made sure that they wouldn't receive a fucking thing from me especially my JEEP which never got picked up or transported because well……. IM NOT THAT FUCKING STUPID and i can tell a SCAM when i hear one. If they think they're taking my JEEP they have another thing coming. SCREW THIS COMPANY DO NOT USE DO NOT USE DO NOT USE DO NOT USE THIS IS A SCAM. I REPEAT THIS IS A SCAM....[More]
By Pasha on American Auto Transport (FL) about 11 Hours Ago
As the subject line says, Amerifreight was great to work with. Lecia was responsive and explained everything throughly. She also kept in frequent contact and was very reachable when I had questions. The transport company that contacted me was CFR Auto Transport. They were great as well. They called at the times they promised and they kept me informed throughout the journey. I will definitely use Amerifreight and CFR again....[More]
By Henry on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 12 Hours Ago
It was all great!would definitely recommend to family and friends!it took only 4days form california to florida!they didn't promise me anything in return of this good feedback. It is my own prerogative to do this....[More]
By Krizzle on Montway Auto Transport about 12 Hours Ago
Very proffesional over phone and on time everything was great will recomend to other people never had great service like this. Transporter was kind and on time for pick up and delivery. Best service ever will defenitly will reccomend to other people. Iam sure tney will be gladly appreciated for the recomendation....[More]
By alex salcido on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 13 Hours Ago
I was so impressed with their services, excellent business, excellent service. I loved how on time and awesome they were about any questions I had with anything....[More]
By Brooke on WorldWide Shipping about 13 Hours Ago
One of my greatest experiences which i have had with car transport companies. guys, if you are looking for a safe, prompt and guaranteed transportation i would recommend global auto transportation and would def call them for my future car shipping needs. I experienced with them to get my 2008 Lexus RX 400 from Grover Beach, CA (93433) to Washington DC (20009). I spoke with Chris and got $1395 as a shipping price. Chris confirmed that the quoted price is all included price and i would not pay extra peeny to the company. My order which was booked on sep 23th and my car got moved on sep 25 even after loading i kept calling Chris to get my vehicle status and i am thankful to him and the company, since he was always available and so patiently was answering all my questions. ...[More]
By William Brown on Global Auto Transportation about 13 Hours Ago
I contacted numerous transport company to ship my car to Hawaii and thought I picked a reliable company. All seemed to be going well until the local transport company did not call me to arrange a pickup time. I called them and spoke with someone that, when they answered the phone, they did not even use the trucking company's name. After I contacted Fair Transport numerous times, we arranged for me to deliver my vehicle to where the driver was parked. I left the car and the keys with the driver and decided to drive by the drop off location several hours later and found my car was still there UNLOCKED and the transport truck was gone. I called the driver and was told he was still delivering vehicles and would be loading mine later in the day. I drove by again about 8 hours after I initially dropped off the vehicle and the car was still where I initially left it. I have no idea what time it was picked up or whether or not it had been stolen. In addition, when I did meet with Fair Transport, they asked me for the Matson booking number which UAT failed to provide me until after I booked thru Matson directly. We then had 2 booking numbers which did eventually get corrected after over an hour on the phone. I was also told by UAT that the car would be loaded on to the ship for Hawaii by Sept 9th and would arrive in Kauai on 9/21. The vehicle was not loaded on to the ship until the 12th. It did get to Kauai on 9/25 and I was contacted a day later by UAT that it was ready for pickup. Finally, a sigh of relief...except, when my son went to pick up the car with all the necessary paperwork, Matson would not release the car as UAT did not put either my name or my son's name (which I did give to UAT when I booked) on any of the paperwork. I then had to call Steve at UAT and he called Matson to have my son's name added to their computer and he was finally able to get the car released to him after a frustrating wait. I have never transported a vehicle before this and would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!!!!!!...[More]
By Linda on United Auto Transport about 13 Hours Ago
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