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So far the best company I have ever worked with. I spoke with the gentlemen called Michael and he was so patient and explained to me everything step by step how transporting my car will work and how many days it would take for my car to be transported. Not only that working with them was so easy but the price was very affordable. Every time I had a question and every time I called they answered. I am very impatient person but they handled me very well. They made my move so easy and I would definitely recommend Elite Transport Service company to everybody. ...[More]
By Natalia on Elite Transport Service LLC about 1 Hour Ago
I saw Showroom Transport and it was the customer referrals that I read that I chose to use them. I bought a vehicle that was in Florida from a friend and needed it shipped off to Pennsylvania. The price was competitive. It was a little lower than everybody else but that was the whole point of looking around. Everything was taken care of properly by the organizer. I had no issues. It took 2 weeks or less than that from the beginning to end. Basically it was smooth sailing and easy. Everything was just perfect!...[More]
By ArcHibOLdMcMUllan on Showroom Transport about 2 Hours Ago
7 star transport has many bed reviews. I worked with Hugo from beginning and I also had issues. Per Friday evening when I signed contract, I was assured car would be picked up by Monday and no worst than Tuesday following week. By Tuesday afternoon, carrier wanted to wait till Wednesday. I was angry and disappointed. However, Hugo stayed with me and true to his word found an alternate carrier to pick up car on Tuesday, but only after he gave me details on carrier and I approved it. The car arrived 3 days later in an enclosed truck without issues. He also followed up with me every day during the transition period and informed me of where the car was. I think the whole industry on transfer is tricky because Hugo/7 Star serve as middle man between carrier and customer. However, I would use Hugo again and again, not because it was the smoothest all the way through, but because he responded when there were issues. Kudos Hugo G!!...[More]
By Niraj Mehta on 7 Star Auto Transport about 4 Hours Ago
I will recommend this company to everyone I know for business or personal transport. They are honest and take pride in making sure that everything goes smoothly and their is no headaches for the customer. ...[More]
By Liz Clark on Olde Towne Logistics about 4 Hours Ago
I got satisfied with the service, that i got with this car shipment deal. Very good response time, as per promise. I would reccomand to use this company for car transport. Little improvement needed in customer service connectivity. Overall Very good and satisfactory.....[More]
By NP on Door to Door Transport about 5 Hours Ago
I had a small sedan shipped from New York City to Los Angeles. When I first spoke to Tom, he was very thorough in educating me about the vehicle transport process and he was very transparent about the vehicle transport business. I highly recommend Tom. My vehicle was picked up on time and arrived earlier than expected. My vehicle also arrived in the same condition in which it left (it was just dirty). And Tom regularly communicated with me throughout the process via email and telephone. Do know that the carrier ultimately has the most control over the process (price, pick-up, delivery). So even if you're given promising estimates on pricing, pick-up, and delivery, it all is ultimately determined by the carrier. But Tom will work hard to find you the best and most reliable carrier, as he did for me. I was very satisfied with Tom's business, especially considering that my car was shipped from one coast to the other and arrived earlier than anticipated. ...[More]
By Coast to Coast Guy on Ship a Car Direct about 5 Hours Ago
I needed to transport a car from Salt Lake City, Utah to Aurora, Colorado and was nervous about the whole process. A client referred me to Jason Moore with Priced Rite Auto Transport and I'm so glad I called. Jason explained the whole process in detail and once the order was taken, the car was picked up the following morning and delivered within 24 hours. The transport service Pipeline Towing, Inc. was excellent. Jason exceeded all my expectations and was great to work with. He is very good at what he does and I would highly recommend his services. ...[More]
By Shauna Pizza on Pricedrite Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
Erin was great to work with. She was very responsive and always available to answer any questions that I had. The car was picked up on the day she said and was delivered promptly. ...[More]
By Shannon Jones on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
C.A. Auto Transport is excellent. He is a transport broker. C.A. worked for a long time to find a carrier willing to do a pickup in Vermont and delivery to Arizona. He did not give up. He stayed in close contact with me and the person sending the vehicle at every step of the way. The vehicle arrived today in perfect shape. The carrier himself was excellent. C.A. called me today to make sure that everything went well and the vehicle was received as expected. Highly recommended!...[More]
By Robert on C Auto Transport Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
This transport experience was the best and easiest I could imagine. The company owner, Bill Avrich is a a man of his word. He told me everything I needed to know up front on the phone. He detailed all the variable possibilities and was completely honest with me. After I contracted with him it only took about a day for him to call me (and email me as well) to ask if the carrier he got was acceptable in price. The price was right where he said it would be. The carrier he got was also very reliable. He contacted me the day before pick up, the day of pick up, the day before delivery and the day of delivery. The car was in exactly the same condition as when it was loaded. During the entire process, Bill kept me informed by email. I don't understand the negative reviews this company has received as it was not at all my experience. Bill was straight and honest, his selected carrier reliable and efficient. I would highly recommend this company. If I ever have to ship a car again, I'll know just who to call. Don't be fooled by companies that try to get your business with the lowest bid. You'll get what you pay for....[More]
By Marian Thomas on Transport Connection about 7 Hours Ago
Excellent to work with. Car was picked up on time and delivered to my home on time in excellent condition, little dirty of course after being on the truck for 1500 miles....[More]
By Amarjit on Level Storage Corp. about 8 Hours Ago
Bill was great to work with. He lets his honest experience help guide this clients in a positive manor to get the job done. ...[More]
By Jim Grover on Transport Connection about 8 Hours Ago
The driver was very courteous and efficient. Anthony was very helpful. I have 2 more cars to move and I will use their service again soon. The price for this move was fair....[More]
By Randy Woods on TD Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
I wanted to get my order in as quickly as I could since my vehicle was "off the main routes". I was advised it may take a few days extra for a transport company to accept the offer and possibly 2 weeks before delivery. Everything went much faster.... order entered on a Friday, transport company accepted the offer Saturday, vehicle was picked up on Monday, vehicle delivered on Tuesday. 4 days start to finish with a weekend in the middle! Full disclosure: I was offered a rebate to write a review but it was offered before I agreed to give ship a car direct my business....[More]
By MikeW on Ship a Car Direct about 9 Hours Ago
Id like to thank Jim Godze at Mercury Auto Transport for organizing my auto transport for my Ford Thunderbird 1995. I paid 1400.00 for a transport from Birmingham AL to Helena MT, just under 2000 miles, and that included Jim's services to find a hauler. Birmingham he said, although a big city, is not typically on the standard routes, but he found me a hauler to come almost right to my door, Russ the driver was very friendly and helpful. Reasonable price for excellent service from Jim and Mercury and JM Auto Transport. Thank you!!...[More]
By Liz Paton on Mercury Auto Transport LLC about 9 Hours Ago
Contracted to have daughters car shipped between Portland and Minneapolis using All Star Direct Shipping. Ended up using another transporter after Steve Roberts, the individual I worked with who made the arrangements called and indicated that the car would be picked up the following day - fortunately I had the presence of mind to confirm our original arrangements to which Steve indicated that the original driver was not longer available and a new driver would transport at an additional cost of $200 - take it or leave it. After severing the relationship with All Star Direct I tried to get our $299 deposit back and was unsuccessful. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I was later told by the transporter that I ended up using that this is a common scam used by some unscrupulous transporters like All Star Direct. The customer service and attitude of the agents was really lacking....[More]
By Thomas Vogel on All Star Direct Auto Shipping about 9 Hours Ago
I had a vehicle in California and I really needed to get it to Ohio as soon as possible. I made contact with Mike p on a Monday. I was at work so I had to call him later on that evening after hours around 830pm. Tuesday I received a call to let me know that someone will be able to pick up my truck Friday evening. my truck was pick up Friday evening and I was not expecting to see it for 8 days. Monday morning approximately 9 18 I received a call from the driver. he said he was in Ohio and he asked me if it was okay if he dropped off my truck at 5pm. I could not believe it was already here. 3 DAYS!!! it showed up I was very happy. such a timely manner. very awesome!!! I recommend them to everyone who wishes to transport a vehicle. thank you again Mike P. ...[More]
By H. W. on We Will Transport It Corp about 9 Hours Ago
Aaron was very helpful. Gave me an honest quote. The car was delivered to the destination the day it was picked up. Very prompt....[More]
By Troy B on Auto Transport 123 about 10 Hours Ago
I just got my vehicle transported from atlanta to newjercy. This move experience was great. On time pick up and delivered before in perfect condition. I would definately recomend Lightning Auto Carriers....[More]
By Lakshmi Rangan on Lightning Auto Carriers about 10 Hours Ago
I must admit that people from this company are very experienced, they don't ask useless questions and solve problems in a professional and quick way. I was using them when transferring my Infiniti. The car came in a good shape and for the reasonable price. Guys know what they are doing! Thank you...[More]
By Gordon on BWT Group LLC DBA about 11 Hours Ago
job was completed successfully recommended by family good job again thank youjob was completed successfully recommended by family good job again thank youjob was completed successfully recommended by family good job again thank youjob was completed successfully recommended by family good job again thank youjob was completed successfully recommended by family good job again thank you...[More]
By raheem on Auto Transport 123 about 11 Hours Ago
Highly recomended. Very happy. I had the usual anxiety about having my baby shipped across the country. My Mercedes arrived safely and ahead of schedule. Comunication was good. Good company as with my experiance. I will use their service again and would recomend to my friends. Thanks!!...[More]
By Jeff NA on Ship a Car Direct about 12 Hours Ago
My overall experience was amazing couldn't of asked for better service. They made sure to check in with me and the driver was very courteous and on time. ...[More]
By estella freeman on Auto Transport 123 about 12 Hours Ago
Matt @ Ship a Car Direct did a great job. Transauto Logistics Corp. on the other hand, not no much. I was told 7 to 10 days & it ended up being 12 days. They initially said it would be dropped off at my house, then I had to pick it up 10 miles away from my house. ...[More]
By Brian Mahan on Ship a Car Direct about 12 Hours Ago
Perhaps the most satisfying part of the experience with movewheels was the fact that they made it a point to keep me informed of the transport throughout the delivery. Respect and gratitude to you and your staff and I can honestly say it was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Josh...[More]
By Josh on BWT Group LLC DBA about 12 Hours Ago
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