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AAA Transporters ( helped me out a lot- super easy to deal with shipped my car hassle-free. I wish I had found these guys first. After a long time of trying to get my car shipped with other companies, and having to fire two previous companies for lying, misleading quotes, and taking forever/maybe forgetting about me, I finally lucked into these guys. Javier Gonzalez was the point man for me at AAA Transporters, and hooked me up with a competitive quote and got a driver FAST when I was starting to run out of time right before a move. Also, my car was inop, and the other companies I had tried to use acted like that was nearly impossible (without a bunch more $$$, of course). Javier didn't miss a beat, and found me a driver that could winch the car up onto the trailer, and the price quote stayed good. I actually used AAA Transporters twice. After I got my car to the shop in Northern Cal, I had to then have it shipped to my parents' place in SoCal. I called Javier again, and had the car picked up in like 3 days. Also, both drivers were cool, took care of my car, and were polite. Awesome- thanks Javier. I'd use these guys again in a heartbeat. ...[More]
By Brent Embry on AAA Transporters about 11 Minutes Ago
After reading all the reviews form other shippers, I was very confused as to how there can be great and bad reviews. I believe that so many shippers just send out automatic responses and give you an estimate just based on the miles and not if they can really help you. I had a quote from another top rated shipper and they sent me enough information that I felt they were going to help me, but after many emails and phone calls, I found out they did not want to help me, and I was depending on them. So, after finally calling someone else, Amerifreight was there to help me. They explained the problem of the drop off location being too far from the major routes. That is the first time I understood why I was having so many problems with the other shippers. It was nice to actually talk to someone! Graham helped me get everything taken care of. The car arrived fine, was picked up on time and was dropped off a day early. I live in an area that is not very friendly to having a 70 ft trailer come to my door, so I spoke with the driver and we decided on a good location. The driver drove the car to my house and I drove him back to his rig, it was very helpful and he was very nice. After all the aggravation I had with other shippers, I was glad I found Amerifreight and Graham. No other shippers would even bother with me. (and I did not why) He communicated all the information required to get it all done. He tried to bid it out on the low side but there were no bidders, so we had to increase the price. until we found a trucker to come out to my locations. I am glad that Graham and Amerifreight were the people I called, and I would recommend them to you if you are looking for a auto transporter. ...[More]
By Alan on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 58 Minutes Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 53 Minutes Ago
For Discount Rates Call Graham 678-369-4122 ...[More]
I turned to Stateway when needed my not running camery towed all the way from Florida. They saved me a bunch of money and got it done in just a few days. Very pleased with service and would definitley use them again....[More]
By Leon E on Stateway Auto Transport about 1 Hour Ago
My first experience with shipping a car was a positive one. My contact person at ship-a-car-direct was helpful along the entire process. Communication with them via phone and email was timely. The carrier called me in advance of pick up date and although he came a little earlier than expected the process went smoothly. He gave me an expected delivery date that was met on time. The car was a little dirty when received but the driver encountered some rain during the trip. I would use ship-a-car-direct in the future if I needed this service again....[More]
By Bill Indelli on Ship a Car Direct about 2 Hours Ago
The experience from start to finish shipping my vehicle was phenomenal. I had purchased a vehicle online and was not only informed but guided throughout the whole shipping process. Pick up and delivery was extremely prompt and any time constraints were almost immediately taken care of. I was very pleased with the shipping quote and would definitely do my next vehicle the exact same way as I did this one. Highly highly recommended! ...[More]
By Steve on Alpine Transport Inc. about 2 Hours Ago
Pick-ip was a day late and they never called to verify time - just showed up. Delivery was a day early. AND THE DRIVER TOOK MY CAR TAG! There was a dispute between DIYTransport's payment (I have proof of payment from AMEX) and they took the tag when they left the car. I was not here, my roommate signed for it. I spent all day trying to chase down the tag and the driver agreed to deliver it that night. And then never showed up. I'm still waiting on it. I hate these people with the fire of a thousand suns....[More]
By Darrell on Ogiis Auto Transpor about 3 Hours Ago
I was skeptical about picking a transporter with all the horror stories I would read online but I'm glad that me and my wife chose professional auto transporters they can be trusted and are a honest company when it comes to shipping your car to any part in U.S. The person I have dealt with was so accommodating and professional. The driver also went above and beyond in every way. Great communication and helped with allowing me to store some personal stuff in the car. Very satisfied with their service. ...[More]
By Brian USMC on Professional Auto Transporters about 3 Hours Ago
Bill did a fantastic job getting my brand new supercar from GA to IA. He was extremely quick to respond to emails and explained the whole process from start to finish for me. He was available 24 hours a day which made communication easy. I am currently deployed for the military and this was my first time shipping a car and he made the experience quick and painless. The cost was even under the original quote! So thank you for saving me money, and thank you for getting my car to where it needed to go. I cannot recommend Bill enough for everyone who needs to have their car shipped. He did a fantastic job, and I will certainly be a return customer anytime I need to ship my vehicle....[More]
By Sean on Transport Connection about 5 Hours Ago
A carrier was found within a day and everything went smoothly. Vehicle was picked up earlier than the agreed on date, but that wasn't a problem. Shipped on time. Would recommend. ...[More]
By Joseph on Vehicle Shipping Group LLC about 5 Hours Ago
What a pleasant surprise. I expected all these extra charges, and it was actually LESS than the quoted amount. It was truly an excellent experience!! Highly highly recommend! ...[More]
By Fan of Brady on Iron Auto Transport LLC about 5 Hours Ago
I was instantly impressed with Ship-A-Car Direct because they didn't hassle me like other companies. They answered my questions and let me make the decision. I was nervous since this was my first time shipping a car, but Jason made me feel comfortable with the process. The car was delivered super fast and the carrier was great and communicative. I will definitely use them again. ...[More]
By Jori on Ship a Car Direct about 6 Hours Ago
Tige was very straight forward and was very easy to contact! His follow through was great and he executed on what he said he was going to do!!! Definitely Recommend! Only challenge was with the auto transport driver, he did not speak any english. But at the end of the day he delivered the car in one piece and on time!!!...[More]
By Lou on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
i was worried about this move because my car was near the mexico border. other transporters told me it would not get picked up... Tige told me the same thing BUT he offered a simple solution. Since i was flying from San Antonio i could drive the car to my friends house in San Antonio and the driver could pick it up there. WOW how easy that was. Thank you ...[More]
By snipes on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
I was satisfied with my experience using Amerifreight. Grandma was helpful and prompt. My one observation is this: once I had told Graham that the car was ready to be picked up and we agreed on a price, I did not hear from him for over a week. I had to call him and ask what was going on . He then said that the price was too low, and that we had to make our price more competitive. After I raise the price, he called me back within 30 minutes having found a carrier. I found that somewhat suspicious, considering I had not heard from him in over a week, and when I raise my price he magically found something immediately. This being said, I have very little knowledge of this business and the normal practices, so this may be a commonplace. But that week long lull, coupled with raising the price , then finding something immediately, was enough for me to raise an eyebrow. All in all, I am happy with the service, I got my car quickly once we made the deal, and all is well in the world....[More]
By evan lutomski on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 6 Hours Ago
It was my first time shipping a vehicle and spoke with Scott early on in the process. He was very thorough explaining how it all worked. I really should have just gone with him from the very beginning but I had to see what else was out there. I spoke to quite a few brokers on this and I have to say that most of them were not honest with me. I had a handful of people tell me that they were the carrier and they had a truck in my area. I had a few brokers give me very low quotes, so I chose one... Scott warned me that some brokers will low ball me, then either raise up the price a lot or not answer the phone on the day it was supposed to be picked up. Well... this clown did both. I was supposed to be picked up about 2 Mondays ago and I couldn't reach my broker the day before when he told me he would call the day before to set up a pickup time. I said OK, it's Sunday, maybe he'll call in the morning but nope... Then the day of alleged pickup miraculously he nor anyone else was available at the company. I mean they literally didn't answer the phone until I called from a different number. Then they told me someone would get back to me but they didn't. SO, the next day after I was now delayed in my plans. I wasn't leaving for a few days anyway. So it wasn't the end of the world, yet.. Then this guy had the nerve to call me and raise the price up over $200.00 LOL! After laughing for a while I called Scott back and asked him to help us. He had to battle the first broker to get him to remove the post but he finally did. Scott called me the next day with a carrier for the exact price he quoted. After all I had been through speaking with all these brokers, then the one complete rip-off artist. Scott literally was very casual and did exactly what he said he would do and very easily. I still can't figure it out why this other guy put me through some much trouble. Scott explained that bad brokers that have bad reputations on Central Dispatch will never get your car moved. He was right about everything. Thank you Scott. I'll never go through any of that again. I know who to call.....[More]
By Reggy on Andrew Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
Very Good service, I got my car delivered early to its final destination. The rate was pretty good. I would use the service again. Since it was a open truck you must be aware that car its going to get dirty in the road trip. Customer Service its really nice and talk Spanish also. Para las personas que hablan español no duden en comunicarse con Jorge Stem excelente asesor....[More]
By Valerya on American Auto Transport (FL) about 6 Hours Ago
The mover who transported our car was very friendly and made us feel like a valued customer. The price was lower than other companies I called. The company communicated all aspects of the transport with me from beginning to end. ...[More]
By Eric on Montway Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
Perfect, thanks. I would use Kimberly, she was honest, straight forward and clarified how the system works, my driver Cassandra was great also, good text messaging....[More]
By Dave on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
I needed my Honda Accord transported from Florida to Mississippi and after carefully researching different transport companies I decided to give Berry Wilson a call. He was very polite and he gave me and honest but, affordable quote. The pick up and deliver time was as expected with no damages to my vehicle. I would definitely recommend First Class auto Transport Group Inc. for all your transporting needs. ...[More]
By Valerie B. on First Class Auto Transport Group Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
Melanie Callanan was wonderful to work with. Although there were no carriers available to take the vehicle when we wanted it moved, Melanie kept us informed each strp of the process. She was great to work with!...[More]
By Mark on All States Vehicle Transport about 7 Hours Ago
My experience with Direct Express Auto Transport was w/o any issues. It was straight forward to deal with them. The pick up driver called us ahead of time for the pick up schedule and did a good job. similarly the driver who dropped our car at the destination also kept us in contact and informed us of his arrival in the city etc. This interaction was very helpful....[More]
By Zaheer Ahmed on Direct Express Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
My experience with Direct Express Auto Transport was w/o any issues. It was straight forward to deal with them. The pick up driver called us ahead of time for the pick up schedule and did a good job. similarly the driver who dropped our car at the destination also kept us in contact and informed us of his arrival in the city etc. This interaction was very helpful....[More]
By Zaheer Ahmed on Direct Express Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
After attempting to get another car transport company, I loved that both Sierra, the representative, and Chris, with Lil Blue Transport LLC. Were extremely professional. Furthermore, both Sierra and Chris stayed in contact with us every step of the way. If we ever have to utilize a car transport company again, we will use both these companies! Highly recommend! :-) In addition, Sierra and I both stayed in constant contact throughout the scheduling of the delivery. She did an awesome job, absolutely above and beyond.......[More]
By Karla Mackie on All Day Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
This was a cross country move. I wanted to move my Honda CRV from California to Pennsylvania. The company's initial quotation was $1275, which was among the middle of all the quoted prices. I chose this one because of its good reviews. I put the first available time 7/24, as my intended move data was 8/1. Nothing happened until a couple of days before the move, Jason called me to ask if I would be happy to add some money (suggested $50 to 100) to attract drivers to response. I was a bit concerned about the timing because I felt it would be more difficult to handle my car after I moved out from CA. I agreed to add $100. Right before I moved, some driver responded with a pickup date in between 8/1 and 8/2, which was still after my leave. I had to ask a friend to take care of this. This actually pickup took place on 8/4. And on 8/7, I received a call from driver that he was a few hours away from me. However, instead of the "door-to-door" delivery promised, the pickup location was actually in a parking lot outside Walmart. The reason was that their big truck was not allowed to enter the residential area because it is too big. Anyway, I asked someone to drop me off at Walmart and wait for a few hours until the driver showed up and called me to meet him. The car was dirty, as expected (lower floor of the two-floor open carriage), but luckily no scratch on it. All in all, after reviewing different car shipping companies and based on my own experience, I have to say there is no 100% ideal service for this business. More or less something may go wrong as there are multiple unpredictable factors from the pickup, to the transportation delay, to the receipt of the car. My expectation of this shipment was below what actually it was so I am kind of happy. ...[More]
By Jackie on Ship a Car Direct about 8 Hours Ago
Response from Ship a Car Direct
Michael Strickland about 6 Hours Ago
Thanks for your positive review, Jackie! One thing that was tricky about your timing was there was a pick-up date preference and a delivery date restr...[More]
The best thing about this company was Stephanie. My husband and I were relocating from Virginia to Alaska. We contacted several transport companies but Stephanie's customer service won us over. When I first booked my transport I was given a day for pick up but the driver did not contact me and my car did not get picked up on the original day. I spoke to Stephanie and she explained to me the situation. She did research and some how found another carrier before we had to leave Virginia. She made a stressful situation not so stressful just by taking the time to put us at ease and my car still made it to Alaska before the original delivery day....[More]
By Shawntay Jones on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 8 Hours Ago
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