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i must say i was appreciate with an excellent service with this company , i got my car clean and fully safe ..Thanks again to steve ...[More]
By satteelah on SVP Auto Shipping about 10 Hours Ago
I had such a great experience using Auto Secure Transports, that I would recommend them to all of my friends. The initial process was very easy, and an associate by the name of Vanessa was able to clearly explain how the shipping process worked. My car arrived in the exact same condition and was on time! ...[More]
By Nicole Pena on Auto Secure Transports about 13 Hours Ago
This was our first time shipping a vehicle. The service was very straightforward, cost-effective compared to other prices we saw, and fast. We would use this company again....[More]
By Andy on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 13 Hours Ago
At first everything seemed to be going fine with the delivery. It was understood my car would be picked up from my pickup location at a time that was suitable for the person there. Then it came to my understanding that the person at the pickup location was never contacted until I badgered them to contact him. I was told my car would be arranged to be picked up at a specific time, but they ended up calling the morning of the pickup which I feel is very unprofessional. After my car was picked up I was given an arrival date (the next day) but no ETA (estimated time of arrival). So the next day comes and I'm expecting my car but no show. At this point I'm very worried that something happened. I called Direct Connect and they told me the receipt says the the following day (which is a lie) and that i e-mailed them a complaint which the manager saw but the salesman Marc says, "It's not a problem, I've been here 15 years". It wasn't until this happened that I realized I was dealing with a broker/call center. The following day now comes and I still haven't been given an ETA and their office is closed. Luckily my relative at the pickup location took down the driver's phone number so I was able to get in touch with him. The driver ended up showing up 2 days later (a day late) and around 9pm at night. I CAN NOT say they DID NOT DELIVER as promised. But I CAN say they did so with a bit of unprofessionalism. I would not deal with a broker/call center again. I would rather do business directly with the transporter. That was a mistake on my part for not doing a bit more research. My advice to the company is act a bit more professional....[More]
By Yishay Mitchell on Direct Connect Auto Transport about 14 Hours Ago
This was my first time to ship a vehicle which was my 1977 IH Scout II purchased new for restoration work in New Orleans. We had a tight loading window as I made the trip to Dallas to ensure there were no problems in starting, etc. as she can be tempermental. James Randolph of Crossover Auto Transport was obviously knowledgable and was very helpful. While confident, he never over promised and kept me fully advised of status. From outset, he advised it would likely not fall into place until a day or so before AND WHY. The carrier and folks he selected, Norman Pope Trucking dispatcher Erica and owner/driver Norman could not have been more helpful and communitive over the less than 3 days starting the day before loading until delivery the day after, Mon.-Wed. Norman has good equipment and has driven trucks a long time. No problems of any kind. James, Norman and Erica are just good people and good people most always do a good job. James arranged this move and he obviously knows exactly what he's doing and he sure selected a trucking co. that worked very well for me. His bid was only $5 above the lowest received-REAL VALUE. If I move another vehicle, I'll simply go back to James and Crossover-NO QUESTION. ...[More]
By marshall ballard on Crossover Auto Transport about 14 Hours Ago
My delivery date, in writing, was 3 to 5 days. The driver that American contracted with was given a delivery date (which I saw in writing) 3 days later than my latest date. The actual delivery was 11 days, 6 to 8 days late which required me to take off work and rebook airfare. I told American I had a drop dead date on the delivery. The transport was vinyl sided and not fully enclosed which I stipulated. The car was damaged. I learned that the driver drove the car around the Midwest in bad weather for 9 days prior to heading to Florida. The vehicle was inspected by a dealer upon delivery who said it was in the worst shape he had ever witnessed a higher end car upon delivery- dust and small rocks all over the hood, top and back and a large paint scrape on the front bumper - all requiring repair. I would highly recommend against using this company....[More]
By Brad on American Car Transporters Inc. about 15 Hours Ago
One thing we admire in this country is someone who wont tell you what you want to hear to get your business. Woth Jeremy it worked out just as he said. He didnt make any claims he couldn't stand behind. We needed to move my daughters car out to California and hired Family Auto Transport to do it. We heard all the song and dances these other companies were selling but felt comfortable doing business with FAT because they werent just agreeing to everything we demanded. If I learned one thing its that this car hauling business isnt a pretty business, definitely be careful who you book with. However, if you need to move a car and want an actual person to speak to you eye to eye, call Jeremy at Family Auto, hes a real straight shooter. - Vinny ...[More]
By Vinny Manter on Auto Transport Family Inc. about 15 Hours Ago
I was given the transport details as soon as I paid the advance. The driver called early on the day of pickup and intimated about a delay. However, once the vehicle was up on truck, the hold time was minimal and I got my vehicle in 3 business days. No single scratch. Would use their service again....[More]
By Sri on Montway Auto Transport about 20 Hours Ago
Shipping my car was a very stressful experience as I was 5,000 miles away at the time. Chell worked very hard to ease the process and ensure I received exactly what I needed for the best price possible. She was very thorough in her communications with me and my contacts. She always placed follow-up calls promptly and was even very respectful of the time difference here. I had a very satisfactory experience with Auto Shipping Group and I would use them in the future and recommend the company to those I know....[More]
By Jenny on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Dec 25 2014 2:26AM
Great. My driver picked up my car on time. He just delivered my after 2 days' shipping. The delievery is fast. I would recommend Ship a Car, Direct....[More]
By Sen Yang on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 24 2014 9:52PM
I shipped a family owned 41 year old motorcycle from fl. to Missouri, the entire process was a challenge until I contacted td auto transport. end result was a pleasant success thanks to brenden and dominic...[More]
By G R BATES on TD Auto Transport on Dec 24 2014 8:24PM
If I EVER have to move my 2 custom Nissan 350Zs again, I will specifically reach out to Jake M of United Routes LLC. Jake, combined with driver, Forrest, provided superb customer service from start, throughout transport, to finish where I relied upon them to coordinate off-loading with a second party. To fully understand how much I appreciate the professionalism and quality assurance from United Routes LLC, I'll provide a little context from an auto shipping experience with these same 2 vehicles in 2012; a company that was NOT United Routes. In 2012, I contracted the service of ANOTHER highly reputed auto shipping company to enclose ship my 2 custom vehicles from California to Virginia. Long story short, both of my 350z were off-loaded without my knowledge, without informing me, were shoved into and against the walls of a storage container. When I retrieved those vehicles, I found them damaged to the tune of $10,000 and 5-months worth of repair time. Again, that company was NOT United Routes LLC, but the experience charred me from the thought of ever putting my vehicles in the hands of any shipping company. 2-years later, upon my 24-year retirement from the Marine Corps, I was once again faced with the need to get my vehicles to our new home in Colorado. The military will never make you rich, so when you've scrapped together your savings to buy something special for yourself, and your wife, you really cherish them. I pursued all other options from renting trucks myself, buying trucks and trailer, driving them across country. Eventually, the reality of cost and logistics set in and I realized I'd have to take a chance on another auto shipping company. I read hundreds of the reviews on this website and others, read BBB ratings, received many quotes, talked to many transport coordinators. In every one of those interactions I was an untrusting bitter Marine Colonel who gave not an inch of credibility to any transport company contact I spoke with. I went through at least a dozen estimates and as many or more "interviews" with transport "specialists." After you've spoken to many of these prime transport coordinators and have executed a few shipping moves, you begin to learn some of the ins and outs of their business, and you begin to pick up how to read between the lines of who is giving you straight "scoop" about dispatching procedures, certified insurance, claims, and other details regarding pickup, transport, and drop off. In each conversation, I became pretty adept at listening through BS points and when someone was leaving out a detail I'd learned from either reading contract examples, reading reviews, or through other interviews. Throughout my research, one company and one individual began to stand out to me as the most straightforward and sincere in telling me where the risks existed in my transport, and how "his" company was going to mitigate that risk for me. It took me about 6-months of decision making but through excellent credibility earned through professional communication and detailed explanation, almost a verbal rehearsal of exactly how my transport would occur start to finish, I selected United Routes LLC, and Jake M as my transport coordinator. From the start, Jake was on it. From a quote of 3,800 (1,200 cheaper than my 2012 transport) to get both vehicles across country, status e-mails from inception through offloading, phone calls to reassure me of arrival and coordination with my second party receiver......Jake stayed all over it. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciated this level of service. But as important as Jake was to the experience, I also am indebted to the damn near mobile spa treatment my vehicle received by Jake's hand-picked driver, Forrest. Forrest was on-time at every juncture of the transport, gave me a heads up when he was in the pick up area, half a day out from drop-off and walked me through exactly how my vehicle would be loaded and safeguarded. He explained how all his tie down materials would protect my rims, how he kept distance between loaded vehicles, and how my vehicles would not come off his trailer while in transport. Lastly, Forrest owns the nicest enclosed transport trailer I've seen in several auto moves. No lifts, no steep grade ramps, no protrusions from any of the walls, no rim tie downs, just tire wrap arounds, pads, chocks, beautiful........I literally think my Zs got a better ride across country than I did. Hell, I'd live in that trailer. As the owner of 2 businesses myself, I know that it is becoming increasingly rare to find people you can trust, people who take pride in their service, people who still hang their reputation on their name. Jake and Forrest, as providers within United Routes LLC are two of those rare professional people. I WILL chase them down should I ever have to move these 2 or any other custom specialty vehicles I procure. Thanks Gents! Semper Fi, LtCol Bryan K. Wood USMC ...[More]
By Bryan Wood on United Routes LLC on Dec 24 2014 8:04PM
The order was assigned at the seconde day I booked. The transportation price is low and the transportation time is super fast. The contact person is very responsible and helpful. I arrived serveral days after the arrival of the car. The car is well kept without any damage. Thank you for the good service!...[More]
By Claire on Direct Express Auto Transport on Dec 24 2014 7:19PM
The customer service was great and Jeff answered all my questions quickly and efficiently! Also, my car was taken care of, shipped on time, and arrived on time and in great shape. Over all this is a great company to use that cares about their customers. ...[More]
By Emily E. on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 24 2014 7:01PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 15 Hours Ago
Call Josh 678-608-0557 BBB Accredited, Top Rated Agent...[More]
Used DNA's online pricing of $1160 for cross country transport, got a prompt call for my credit card info, then all down-hill from there. Had to call several times to find out if they had a truck booked for my vehicle. Always the same answer "we are working on it". The last call to them ended up me having to come up with another $340.00. (why have an online price if you cannot honor it?) Then the driver calls me, who can barely speak english, and says he will meet me at a certain day and time, I agree. He calls me the pick up day 2 hours late! Says " sorry I am terribly late", he ends up being about 4 hours late - I almost gave up, was ready to tell him forget it! He loads my vehicle and it falls off his loose ramp, luckily it was not that high. He did tell me that my vehicle would be delivered on Friday or Saturday, and that promise was kept and delivered on Friday! BUT....late again, not at promised time, around 2 hours late. I would not recommend DNA or the trucking outfit LTI out of NY....[More]
By Bill on DNA Autotransport LLC on Dec 24 2014 6:36PM
I must say at first I was a little hesitant with using any of these companies. But I needed to get my truck up to New Jersey from Alabama some kind of way. Ivan called me up and promised me I can get a driver for you. However I held things up a but because my dad wasn't finished restoring my truck. Also the holidays were here. I called Ivan and gave up and even attempted to cancel my order. Ivan then called me back and told me he had a driver for me that could deliver it right before Xmas! It was perfect timing! 7 star is 7 star! I would recommend them to anyone. Ask for Ivan and he won't let you down. my truck was in tact no scratches or dents. Choose 7 star if you need to transport your vehicle. ...[More]
By Mason on 7 Star Auto Transport on Dec 24 2014 6:21PM
second time we have used them without any incident & with total satisfaction; they would be the first firm I would call for another job...[More]
By Paul on Motor Movers Auto Transport on Dec 24 2014 6:14PM
Hi All, This to inform you that before giving my "EXCELLENT" review on broker A1 Logistic Services Inc. I would like to share my nice communication was done over the phone with Mr. JOHN. The final pickup day I called to john which day was already booked and confirmed by some other auto shipping broker and at the last moment pickup timing was being ping-ponged by that broker as well as driver hence I decided to call A1 Logistic Services Inc and John picked up the phone and he straight forward communicated with me about pickup timing on last minute final day and shipping date and executed successfully his commitment as I had to sign one contractual pdf which includes total charges(deposit $50 n $350 to driver at shipping address),pickup/shipping date/address ..etc, nothing hard. So here my advice to all please go ahead with John from A1 Logistic Services Inc without any doubts or hesitation. Thanks, Nemai ...[More]
By Mr. Mondal on A1 Logistic Services Inc. on Dec 24 2014 6:02PM
I would definitely recommend this service to my friends and family. The service was great and the driver made it a point to call and let me know when he was gonna arrive to pick up and deliver as well. He did a great job of explaining how the car would get loaded and how it would be tied down to ensure there wouldn't be any damage. Making me feel very comfortable about choosing Whllogistics.for this job. Iwas very pleased with the service and liked how he gave me his number so I could call and get updates on the transport at anytime. Thank you Susan & William for transport my vehicle. Thank you Allan Katz...[More]
By Allan Katz on Whllogistics LLC on Dec 24 2014 5:41PM
Being my first time shipping a vehicle, the experience was a very good one. Except for a small glitch at the end, the shipment was great. Matt was wonderful to work with and responded with answers to questions right away. I would highly recommend Lightning Auto Carriers....[More]
By Stanley Cadwallader on Lightning Auto Carriers on Dec 24 2014 4:44PM
This was an easy first time experience with shipping my car. Max reached out to me and took care of my car quickly. We ran into a problem of my car having a Thule Cargo box on top but he was able to make it work. The car arrived earlier than expected but that was not an issue and everything has handled in a professional manner. ...[More]
By Matt on Number 1 Auto Transport Inc. on Dec 24 2014 4:40PM
This was the first time shipping a car across the country so I did my research and decided to go with these guys. Everything went very smooth from start to finish and the car arrived damage free. I definitely recommend them!...[More]
By Aaron Niebuhr on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Dec 24 2014 4:02PM
Great service from start to finish!!!To Nick...Thank you for all your help and the assurance you gave me. I will definitely use your company again!!!!Happy customer...[More]
By jummy on Global Auto Transportation on Dec 24 2014 3:31PM
I was moving from New Orleans to Los Angeles, and called Adam on Tuesday afternoon. Later that DAY there was a truck available to pick up my car. I was able to pack some personal belongings which saved me a lot of time (and money) instead of having to ship them separately. During the transport time my driver was responsive and kept me up to date on his location. My car was delivered the following Monday (one day early than expected!). My car was in perfect condition. I'm so satisfied with this company, and would definitely recommend them to everyone. Thanks so much!!...[More]
By Amanda on Ship a Car Direct on Dec 24 2014 3:06PM
BEWARE! BEWARE!! My name is Robert L Barnett and I contacted Nice Auto Transport (Broker) to transport my 98 Nissan Frontier with 415 pounds pf family photos in the bed from Eugene, OR to Johnson City, TN. Nice Transport Order #43397-HW. I am a former auto transport company owner and driver for over 20 years. I first spoke to Jeanie, very nice person, and i explained and she replied I was a wonderful customer and it was great. She transferred me to Kevin Bergman, Broker. He wanted to to post my Nissan for $900 plus $150 broker fee, I said "NO" to cheap. I raised price to $1100 plus $150 broker fee or $1250, He said he never had anyone wanting to pay more but my experience told me he was too cheap and Nissan would not move at his price. Kevin emailed me Shipping Order and Shipper Invoice #43397-HW for $1250 COD. I signed documents and or contract at $1250 and faxed it back to him. I left Nissan at Prairie Road Automotive for pick up and flew home. Received call from operator at Prairie Road Automotive on Wednesday while at Charlotte Airport and he said truck was being loaded. NEVER SPOKE TO KEVIN AGAIN AND PRICE PER DOCUMENTS WAS $1250. Kevin had sent one email and said truck would be picked up, but never said what company or change in price, since he is only a broker. Driver called me on Sunday night and said he would make delivery 9 AM on Monday morning. Driver with truck arrived to me after waiting 6 hours on Monday at about 3 PM. Unloaded and came inside Market where I met truck to get paid. His wanted $1550 as payment for delivery. I showed him my contract at $1250 and he showed me his at $1550. Called Kevin at Nice! He called back in 10 minutes to me on my cell, which was on speaker so driver could hear conversation. Kevin said he raised price to get Nissan moved, Admitted he never contacted me and I would pay $1550 to driver. KEVIN'S use of 4 letter words to both me and driver was quite loud. Driver was nice guy but became upset with Kevin. Driver called his dispatcher and took photo of my paperwork from Kevin. I was going to tip driver $100. I had only $1350. Borrowed $150 from my friend and ended up paying $1500 to get my truck. Lucky to have good friend or would have not gotten my truck. Kevin owes me $150. I will be in FL soon next year and I will go by Nice Transport to get my money. As I said I had transported cars for years and know how brokers are. DO NOT USE KEVIN OR NICE TRANSPORT!...[More]
By Robert Barnett on Nice Car Auto Transport on Dec 24 2014 2:03PM
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