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Auto Shipping Group quoted my shipment incorrectly (open instead of closed) which caused a lot of confusion, miscommunication, and "firing" of 2 sketchy carriers. When I figured out that the quote was incorrect and finally amended, my vehicle was picked up on the last available day. I will probably try to work with a different broker for future car shipments....[More]
By Alli Coker on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Nov 15 2014 8:52PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Nov 16 2014 11:46PM 360-200-6854 CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY GOING ON 9 YEARS NOW! Alli, I do want...[More]
I first came into contact with Dan Cabral around the 1st of October 2014. He appeared to be very professional and tried to give me all the information up front. Although one of his selling points for “Auto Shipping Group Inc” was to look at the reviews for his company and I will see the proof of their track record. I did and I was very pleased with what I found, until I actually committed and went through the process with Auto Shipping Group Inc. and the company which actually picked up and transported my vehicle which is Transport Express. The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to get an update on pivotal times during my move from Ft. Lewis, WA to Ft. Lee, VA. The driver called me about a week before scheduled pick up to inquire if I would be willing for a one day early pick up. I told the driver that would not be possible and he responded that he would call me back with what time he would arrive on the pickup day. I did not receive any calls and when I called back between one and two days to pick up I continued to get the answering machine with no reply to my voice mails. Since the transport company would not pick up I called Dan Cabral and miraculously the transport company picked up for Dan. This was my first indicator of call screening on behalf of the transport company. Since I was not going to receive my car because I was not going to be in Tennessee upon arrival I was going to have a friend receive my car. My friend had some specific questions that could not be answered so I called multiple times to the transportation company and no answer still. I had to call Dan again while I was in Los Angeles and he was somehow able to reach the transport company which is the second sign of call screening. During this time I asked Dan what numbers he used to contact the transportation company and he gave me the numbers but I still did not have any luck in reaching the transportation company. So, I called Dan back and asked him to call the transportation company and ask them to call me so I could communicate directly with the transportation company. Dan was not supportive of my request and refused to assist me. I do not have the time to get a question, call Dan, wait for Dan to call me back to ask question, Dan call the transportation company and ask question, then call me back. The funny thing is though, I can actually say with almost 100% certainty that Transport Express was screening their calls. Over three days of trying to call Transport Express which was in my delivery window I was able to reach them once and get an actual delivery day. Also, on one day before delivery there was a woman that called me and asked if I had payment in order for the driver. There was some miscommunication about the money order my friend got from the bank, because on the actual Bill of Lading it says “Cash, Postal Money Order, Western Union, or Money Gram”. So my friend got a money order from the bank because I didn’t know there is a difference from a money order from the bank or a postal money order. Also what is funny I tried to get this question resolved but Transport Express would never return calls or answer my calls due to call screening. The lady I was talking to began to get frustrated and irate over the phone because I brought up the call screening issues. On top of this the driver arrived in the morning around seven o’clock instead in the afternoon like the irate lady told me which didn’t allow my buddy to get a postal money order. Since the post office is not open at seven o’clock the driver was happy to accept a personal money order. Now back to the reviews for Auto Shipping Group Inc. I have received multiple phone calls and four e-mails about giving a five star rating for Auto Shipping Group Inc. and I would be put in a lottery to win the amount of my shipping fee back. My first question is why am I being reminded of this every time I call and receiving guilt trip type of e-mails to give a five star review? I didn’t think about it much at first but as my experience continued to worsen I realized that this is how Auto Shipping Group Inc. has one of the best ratings. I even doubt that there is a Lottery to win your money back. It sounds good to win your money back, but I just want to let everyone know that you should give an honest review and not base your review on a lottery that may not even be there. The reason I say all of this is because I was on the verge of feeling harassed by Dan with all of his e-mails and pressure from phone calls for a review before my car was delivered. I do understand that there is a difference from the people who contract out the shipping and the shipping company, but the experience is a onetime experience, which I explained to Dan, but he continued to send e-mails and call on multiple occasions about a five star review. In the end, I cannot make up anyone’s minds for them, but I can give an honest review and hope that my review may help out someone else. ...[More]
By Mark Hutson on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 29 2014 11:52AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 29 2014 1:58PM
**AUTO SHIPPING GROUP** DAN CABRAL 360-284-7185 OR DAN@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Mark, I would first like to apologize if you were unhappy with my cus...[More]
Only use the car shipping service if you must. The actual vehicle carrier was professional and courteous, however this company is not to be trusted. First, Tony told us that we could pay the carrier with a credit card, only to find out that it required a cashier's check. This was a minor oversight considering we discovered it prior to the actual pick-up of the car. However, when I called to ask about it; he claimed to have told me otherwise. Then when trying to schedule a time for pick up, Tony can only tell me what day, and instructed me to contact the carrier directly to determine the actual time. We shipped from California to Florida, where Tony informed us that it would take eight days to ship, which is great when we were driving across the country. Four days later when we were in Louisiana, we get a call from the carrier saying he is ready, wondering where we were. We immediately call Tony to find out what is going on. He told us to call the carrier to figure out a solution, and then let him know how it turns out... After talking to the carrier, and the carrier's manager, we worked out a solution until we could arrive in Florida. Several hours later, Tony calls to inform us that he talked to the carrier and "worked out a solution" which is the same that we figured out hours earlier. Finally, we make it to our destination and the car is delivered with no other issues. Periodically throughout the car shipping process, Tony continually brought up leaving a good review on saying that it helps him and his family, it leads to his bonuses, it helps his pay, etc. repeatedly throughout our interaction. Even a week after the car is delivered, he calls me, wondering why I hadn't filled it out yet, and offered to "walk me through" the process as if I'm incapable of figuring it out on my own. To place the final straw on this camel; This is the third time I am writing this review. The reason? Auto Shipping Group has removed the other two reviews claiming that "it is incapable of verifying that I was a client". All this to hide a negative review. In summary, Tony almost refuses to contact the carrier on my behalf (what is the point of a middle-man if I have to contact the carrier directly (i.e. verify pick up time, verify delivery date, reschedule delivery due to early arrival by 4 days)?) however, is willing to go the distance to ensure that his review is completed. And the company isn't trustworthy by trying to censor negative reviews. Perhaps that is how they have been able to maintain their 5-star rating... An afterthought... Carrier Experts for those in the Bay area, the actual shipping company, was very professional and accommodating. I do not know if you can hire them directly, but if you can, I would suggest that rather than deal with Tony. ...[More]
By Nathan on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 29 2014 12:16AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 29 2014 10:35AM
Tony Ferriera 360-464-2582 Nathan, I would first like to apologize if you think the service was not as expected. Howeve...[More]
Martha Castillo was my contact person. I was moving overseas when the car is transported, so I know I made sure that if giving my credit card would be sufficient to pay everything. She reassured me that everything will be charged on the credit card automatically, so I did not prepare cash for my sister who is receiving the car in California. My sister informed me when the car arrived in California that she was asked to pay cash, and because she was confused, she contacted Martha for support. She left multiple voice messages but Martha Castillo never called her back. When she reached Martha through her supervisor's number, she hung up the phone call in middle of the conversation - - twice! And Martha never called back my sister. Even though Martha was nice to me when she was managing my case, I was very disappointed to see a two-faced customer service. Once she was paid, she did not care to help after. In addition, she made a mistake of overcharging me and did not bother to tell me about it, nor even apologize to me. I am never using Auto Shipping Group ever again because of this experience. ...[More]
By Amy on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 27 2014 4:30PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 28 2014 6:32PM
This review is incorrect in so many ways. You placed your order 2 months before leaving to Japan and when I had a carrier for you, you were no longer ...[More]
ASG demonstrated horrible communication and my contact person demonstrated a lack of honesty while coordinating the shipment of our vehicle. I have shipped 4 vehicles in the last 6 years, and have never experienced such a horrible business operation as ASG. I chose the company due to past (positive) experiences with Cascade shipping - now a part of ASG parent company. My primary contact person was rarely available, did not respond to phone calls, and was difficult to reach via email. (After getting our pickup date by ASG, I later had to coordinate directly with the trucking company driver upon finding out that I was given a completely incorrect date by ASG which was also past our original availability window). I ended up doing ASG's job for them by coordinating directly with the trucking company myself throughout the entire process. I was told throughout the week that ASG was having "phone problems" - which shouldn't matter - find a phone and call your clients! Extremely difficult to get in contact with anyone. In ASG's defense - they did finally offer to refund all their charges and a VP of ASG called me personally. However, the same communication problems occurred on the delivery end. ...[More]
By M. Paul on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 21 2014 11:40PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 27 2014 6:54PM
Mr. Paul...You asked me personally, if I would assign a different agent to your load based upon communication difficulties you were having with the or...[More]
When we placed our order, we stated the vehicles needed to be picked up on Saturday. We were assured they would be. They did not get picked up until the following Tuesday. We placed the order in plenty of time that expedited shipping was not needed but Tony messed around in finding carriers that by the time a carrier was found his supervisor stated we would have to pay for expedited shipping if we wanted them picked up on Saturday. We feel we were overcharged for the service. Tony called an excessive amount of times to the point it felt like harassment. I would not recommend him. Tony's service was sub-par but the carrier's was excellent. ...[More]
By Dave on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 16 2014 3:26PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 16 2014 7:07PM
Tony Ferriera Auto Shipping Group (360) 464-2582 ext, as a company we do everything we can, put forth every ef...[More]
I got an online quote from Auto Shipping Group in Washougal, WA for enclosed shipping and accepted the quote. However, when the transporter showed up, it was an open transporter. I was unable to contact Lance, but the seller in New York did get a call back. The open transporter was sent away, and Lance began to look for an enclosed shipper. However, the price changed because Lance explained that the earlier quote (10922223) was based on open transportation and that the price would be higher for enclosed transportation, in spite of the fact that the first charge was . The original quote was $1145 for open or $1850 for enclosed shipping. The specific price that I got from lance was $1700, and that was the price he said was for open shipping. The increase was to $2215. Since the car was about to be picked up, I was not happy but went along with it. Shipping was arranged, and the transporter was ok at both ends. When I contacted Auto Shipping Group, I was unable to get hold of Lance and he never called me back to explain the difference in price from the $1850 to the actual charge of $2215. If I had known what I now know about Auto Shipping Group, I would have used a dedicated car shipping company that owns their own equipment, rather than an expediter like Auto Shipping Group....[More]
By Stephen Weil on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 14 2014 2:48PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 15 2014 11:01AM
Lance Staab 360-406-4893. Stephen. I do apologized for the communication issue. It is my intention to give complete and u...[More]
Brandon at the Auto Shipping Group was very pleasant, HOWEVER, he brokered out Affirmative Auto Transport to ship my car. Please read below what happened to the car while in transport. I would use Brandon to ship a vehicle just make sure he does not broker your vehicle to AFFIRMATIVE AUTO TRANSPORT!!!! Affirmative Auto Transport picked up my car for transport to Texas from California, damaged in transit, attempted to cover-up damage, denies damage Affirmative Auto Transport damaged my car (Bill of Lading 287A2) in shipment, then attempted cover it up. For starters, car was two days late for delivery. Reason given was that the 'truck broke down'. The car was delivered at approximately 7:30 pm in Texas, after a walk around I signed off on the delivery and parked the car. The next morning I became aware of a 'Forward Collision Warning' sensor malfunction and the car's EVIC indicated I should clean the sensor (located on the front bottom of the car under the bumper, the sensor controls the Active Cruise Control, and also warns you in the event of an imminent collision). After several attempts to clean the sensor, I took it to a Dodge dealer after two weeks because the car is still under warranty. There I learned the true deception of Affirmative Auto Transport. The sensor was mis-aligned and damaged, and the technician showed evidence of overspray from painting, buffing compound, and even a PEN that was left under the hood, masking tape and non OEM parts including a bumper cover (with the painting instructions still left on) damage to the underside shield, orange peel paint and debris left in paint from a rushed job. Bottom line the car was damaged sometime between when it was picked up and when it was dropped off. Affirmative has never provided any proof that the delivery truck was broken down en route and subsequently repaired and that was the cause for the delay. Had the sensor never malfunctioned I might not have noticed the repair, a good effort was made to conceal the damage, and I did not truly expect a company that has been in the business of transporting cars to damage them. I complained to Affirmative seeking a fair resolution and they simply lied and dismissed my complaint, telling me the car was loaded down the street because there were 'low-hanging' trees in the area. It was a 5 year old neighborhood with new immature trees, not likely. I truly believe this is a dishonest and deceptive company. ...[More]
By Joni on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 13 2014 11:59AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 13 2014 12:33PM
Hello Joni, Sorry for the damages incurred by carrier during transport. We will not be using Affirmative Auto Transport Again. I wish you the be...[More]
When I first started shopping for auto transport, I had no idea what I was in for. Most of the reviews were good and some were scary. I ended up choosing a Broker that quoted the lowest price. I should have been concerned when I tried to reach him for some information and he told me he was taking a fare to the airport (so he drives a Taxi on the side). By this time, I had already given his company my credit card number for the deposit. He told me at first there should be no problem and I explained that the dates for pick up had to be somewhat flexible because my employer was in control of my transfer. As the date got closer and he still had no truck to take my two autos, I became nervous. The Broker asked if my wife and I would drive our cars several hours away to meet one of his trucks! When I finally got desperate I called Auto Shipping Group. They had given me a quote earlier and warned me about accepting another lower quote that was too low (I should have listened). They gave me a new quote and it was higher than what I was hoping to pay but felt like they would come through for me. They did! The driver was late in delivering our cars due to several problems he had in transit but I realized that once your cars are on their truck, you have no control (and that holds true for the Broker as well). Despite the few problems, I would definitely go back to Auto Shipping Group if I ever need to ship my cars again....[More]
By Raul Chiapa on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 9 2014 11:49AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 9 2014 3:37PM 360-200-6854 CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY FOR 8 YEARS! Raul, Thank you for the re...[More]
My Experience 1. The Process I dealt with three different people- the broker, the driver, and the company. This is the main issue. When you have problems, the broker can point to the company; the company points to the broker; and the driver points to both. If possible, I'd advise dealing directly with United instead of going though a middleman broker. 2. My Broker I worked with Stephanie Hamilton. Personally, she was friendly and helpful. But in terms of the $250 fee I paid her, it seems like too much money for the service I got. As far as I can tell, all she did was put in a bid for my car to be picked up on some online bidding site where shippers agree to pick up cars for transport. She said things like no driver would take my car across the country for under $1400, but that was misleading. The actual driver/shipping company took my car across the country for $1150. The other $250 was the fee she took for typing my bid in. After my shipper accepted the bid of $1150 and I signed the contract, I really didn't hear from her again. I called her once when I found out my shipping pick-up location would be twenty-five minutes away from my house. She did call the shipper and got back to me, telling me the shipper would pay for a taxi. But after that, I just interacted with the driver and shipping company. Had I called Stephanie, I'm sure she would have followed up for me- but the driver called me directly so I just communicated with him. I might have felt better about the $250 if I had some kind of follow up from Stephanie. But Stephanie never called me again- not to let me know where my car was, to ask if there were any problems, or even to see if my car got delivered. 3. My Driver Tyrone drove my car across the country. Personally, he was a great guy and I enjoyed interacting with him. Professionally, he did a great job delivering my car- not a scratch. But I did have major logistical problems with pick-up (below). 4. My Shipper: United Auto Transport I called a bunch of times and spoke with different people. They were all friendly and helpful. So they get 4 stars for customer interaction, but the logistics, the actual substance of their business, was not good. (1) On paper, I was given a two day pick up window. But I was told- personally by the driver- that I'd get the car picked up Tuesday night. It didn't happen until Wednesday afternoon. Instead of driving down to me on Tuesday, the company decided to hold up my pick-up to accommodate another driver who was late and ended up not getting his car to Tyrone until 3AM in the morning. Good for the other driver, but it created a problem for me- I couldn't pick my girlfriend up from the airport the next day as planned. This was something I specifically told my driver and shipper about. They assured me I'd have the car picked up Tuesday night. (2) I paid a lot to do this. About $1400 total. I was told door-to-door service, or as close as possible within the limits of the big truck they use. I understand there are limits. But they couldn't find a place anywhere within my entire town. Instead, my pick-up spot ended up being a 25 minute drive from my house. That means I had to impose on a family member to follow me in their car. Sure, I could have used the taxi service, but I don't live near a major city. There aren't lots of taxis just driving around. I would have had to coordinate a taxi, then cancel when I had to change pick-up locations to a new town, and then gone through the hassle of submitting paperwork for reimbursement. When we got their, the driver couldn't find a place to maneuver. It was too tight. So we waited around for 45 minutes while he tried to figure out how to get out of there and find a new spot. We ended up driving another 15 minutes to a town even farther away to drop off the car. All told, the pick-up took over 2 hours. And remember, this gets advertised- at least by the brokers representing and working with these guys- as door-to-door within the limits of road load. (3) I specifically requested a Wednesday delivery and my broker told me that was when it should be pending an incident with the truck which could delay it as late as Saturday. A four-day window on getting a car is not good enough for $1400. Moreover, my driver told me he'd make it across the country by Sunday- two/three days before delivery from a local driver on Wednesday. Instead, my car didn't end up getting there until Friday. Not a big deal if you have other wheels or don't need them. But this meant I had to drop another $100+ on a rental for two days while I waited for my car. The actually delivery on Friday was great. This was door-to-door and the process was smooth. So the company must be capable of a smooth pick-up as well. I want to give these guys more stars and better reviews because everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful and cool. But when you pay $1000+ to a company that specializes in logistics- i.e. in understanding where and when they can pick up and deliver your car- it's got to be better than these big two to four day windows that end up costing the customer money and time. ...[More]
By Michael Short on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 6 2014 9:15PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 10 2014 11:17AM
Michael, I apologize you felt that we/I did not earn the money both the driver and my company received. However, being the drivers need to make some m...[More]
Initial customer contact seemed knowledgable and courteous. They were prompt and set up pick up quickly. That seemed well. First problem: After car was dropped off they charged my card only for the boat portion of the transport not the whole trip. That was ok but then told me I needed cash to give to driver for the remaining amount. This was not told to me up front. Second problem was once car arrived at port they called wanting $150 dollars to get picked up that day or I would have to pay storage charges until one of the truckers could pick it up. I feel this was dishonest move on their part. They knew when vehicle was arriving and should have had someone already planned to pick it up. Storage at port should not be my responsibility if they did not make prior arrangements. I felt as if they were trying to lowball me with a quote and then try to get more money from me once my car was in their possession. Ultimately my car arrived in a timely manner, undamaged, and ultimately they charged me about $30 more than my original quote. My only problems are the perceived dishonesty / possible lack of communication....[More]
By Andy Nicholes on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 5 2014 11:59PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 6 2014 10:01AM 360-200-6854 CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY FOR 8 YEARS! Andy, First I would like t...[More]
I have never been so compelled to leave a poor review for any company however, my experience with Auto Shipping Group and a customer service rep named Martha Castillo warrants just that. What started off as superrior customer service turned into a major dissapointment and let down. I was assured that I was in good hands and immeadiately discontinued my search for another broker. I never received my second invoice as I was shipping two cars. isent multiple emails to Martha but her communication skills were severely deficient and i never heard back from her after asking for this second invoice. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and waited patiently as she assured me everything was on track. After five days passed we decided to call her only to be told she could not find atransporter to complete our transaction. This was devastating as we had a specific window to move our cars. Her only concern in the begining was to make sure that we left her a good review to boost her reputation. She has a good talk game and took us for a ride that only led to dissapointment. If you are looking for reliability and honesty in your transport broker stay away from Auto Shipping Group and Martha Castillo....[More]
By Sarah Alonso Jason on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 4 2014 9:38PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 6 2014 3:16PM
Dear Sara and Jason, Thank you for the review but I would like to point out that we had a carrier for you and you declined. I'm sorry he couldn't meet...[More]
Please help! It's my first time using a transport broker. I was skeptical, nevertheless I was really happy to find Martha. That is until I found out I was a fraud victim. I spoke with Martha last month, she portrayed herself to be helpful, honest, sincere, and amiable. Basically, she told me what I wanted to hear, like she had a pre-filled script for callers. I was told not to worry, " I am in great hands", I was even given an order number and an invoice! But guess what? Her objective was only to gain my trust, she took my credit card information and never returned my calls. After a long wait thinking my cars were soon to be picked up, I was only deceived. Martha lied to me and my family, After she called today, she advised me that my 2 vehicles were not "worth" her time nor the drivers time. I feel really disappointed... I trusted this company to transport my two vehicles, now I am told to find someone else! Please be advised this company is a fraud, if your looking for reliability and A1 service don't waste your time. Martha will only manipulate you as she did to my family and I. Whatever you do, don't give her your credit card number, she is a Con-Artist! Save yourself the headache and disappointment. ...[More]
By Sara Alonso on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 1 2014 11:16PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 6 2014 12:44PM
Dear Sara and Jason, Thank you for the review but I would like to point out that we had a carrier for you and you declined. I'm sorry he couldn't meet...[More]
At the outset, the reason I will use an alternate form of auto transport in the future is primarily due to the shipping company (IVS Express, LLC) not the broker (Auto Shipping Group Inc.) My contact at the Broker (Chell Hart) did everything within her power to remedy the shortcomings in the delivery of my vehicle. Given that I was given quotes from numerous other transport brokers as low as $800.00, I expected more for the $1345.00 that I paid. 1. The driver gave me no warning or lead time to alert me when he would show up...just a call to say I'm here at the corner of your block. 2. The driver then proceeded to run out of gas, while loading my vehicle, and required two trips/rides to the gas station to get enough gas to get him on his way. 3. When the driver didn't arrive on the projected dates, neither he or his dispatcher ever contacted me to explain the delay. 4. My vehicle eventually arrived 6 days late, but the driver gave me no apology or explanation for the delay. Since the broker has no control over what happens after my vehicle is secured by the transporter, I will, in the future, use a company with which I deal directly with the person shipping my vehicle. ...[More]
By Michael G. on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 30 2014 5:28PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 30 2014 7:23PM
CHELL HART***(360) 464-1039*** Dear Michael, Thanks for leaving the kind words outlining how hard I worked to keep i...[More]
I was told its ok to fill up the trunk by Lance. PK line driver asked my son to sign papers upon pick up and he did, thinking it's like receipt. Driver did not mention about any charges for putting bags in the trunk. PK line made a big fuss about luggage in trunk and charged $ 150. Your company, Lance Staab nor anyone cared about what they verbally agreed with me ( which is like a contract ). Instead your company started showing me what the law is and signing papers would go against me in law of court etc etc. I got scared that I might not get my car if I don't pay what P K line is asking for. It was a bad experience to transport my car thru your company. ...[More]
By Jagdish Shah on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 27 2014 12:46AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 29 2014 2:47PM
Lance Staab 360-406-4893 Lance@autoshippinggroup Jagdish,I apologize for the confusion. I would like to explain again to you that When you asked m...[More]
The person I talked with in the main office, Chell, was wonderful and the reason (besides their high review rating) that I chose this company over the others even though they charged more. Within the day, I got an assignment to a truck and a personal contact person who gave me pick up and delivery dates. She said she would talk with me when we got closer to the pick up time. I never heard from her again until after I complained when the car was not delivered on-time. She said that she called Save-On Transport and told them that they delay was not acceptable and that they owed me some refund. Last night, the recipient of the car was given on 1 hour notice of the pick-up time (now 11 days from the time of pick-up and 1 week late) and told he had to pay cash when the transport had been pre-paid with a cashier's check. I trying to get assistance from Auto Shipping Group, we found that the phone number we had been given now went to a message system for a different person. ...[More]
By Marlene Moore on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 23 2014 11:47AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 23 2014 1:03PM
JULIE JOHNSTON 480-280-9961 Marlene I apologize for the carrier's delay in your transport. We have given them a negativ...[More]
This is not the first car I have purchased and shipped from out of state. I contracted with Auto Shipping Group because Julie sounded nice and professional over the phone. And she was. However, the carrier they contracted with, KAGI Haulers out of Hazelwood, MO is a complete JOKE. Let me preface this by Julie was on top of things, but once the car was out of the possession of the dealer I was held hostage by the carrier. Julie told me the car was to be picked up on a Wednesday, then she was told Thursday. But it didn't get picked up until 5p on Friday in New York. The car was to be delivered on Monday to Kansas City. Julie confirmed that with KAGI. I called the dispatcher on Sunday and was told the truck broke down in OH somewhere, but was assured it would be back on the road and the car would be delivered no later than Tuesday. I called Monday to schedule the delivery for Tuesday and was told the truck was still on OH and it would be Wednesday. Same story goes for Wednesday, except this time I got the driver and he said he was in St Louis and would deliver the car "sometime" on Thursday. Needless to say I was beyond pissed at this point. At no time did the carrier call me to update me and re assure me. I always had to initiate the call. They were always on the defensive and made excuses to me and to Auto Shipping Group. After plenty of lip service from the dispatcher, my vehicle was delivered 3 days late. I noticed my car was the first car on the hauler. My new Lexus had been riding on the top of the cab all the way from New York - covered in bugs. After talking with the driver, I found out he picked up an additional load at auction - hence the reason my delivery was late. If you specialize in commercial transaction with dealers, stick to that and don't deal with the public. We have lives, deadlines and businesses to run. When you make a commitment stick to it, be professional and honest. No discount was offered by the carrier. The dispatcher was an ass and was completely disrespectful, so I took it upon myself to exercise a discount (should have done more) since I was paying in cash. He was pissed, but I didn't care as I had possession of the car at that point. Next time, I will find a local carrier and negotiate the deal myself. Stay away from KAGI Haulers....[More]
By Chris Carter on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 20 2014 3:39PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 21 2014 9:47AM
JULIE JOHNSTON 602-428-6878 Chris I am sorry for the delay in delivery of your vehicle. We have noted this experience w...[More]
Quote: $720 Actual cost: $900 Lance was very attentive and sent plenty of follow-up emails and was available on the phone whenever I called. Truck arrived on time but delivery was two days earlier then requested. Had to make last minute arrangements to ensure someone was able to receive my car in Minnesota. Quoted price was $200 below the actual price, which is just ridiculous. Overall not very satisfied with the process. Lance seemed to try very hard, which was appreciated but the process was not as smooth as I had hoped. If the quoted price was give or take $50 I would understand but being off by $200 raises questions. ...[More]
By Dan on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 17 2014 11:27PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 18 2014 9:26AM
Lance Staab 360-9407941 Dan, thank you for taking the time to send me a review. I do my best to quote correctly but untim...[More]
Just overall horrible communication with ACT Carriers, the people that actually transported the car. They don't answer phones, they lie about times, barely speak English and they delivered a damaged car. When I tried to file a claim, their insurance company refused the claim. There is just not enough time for me to describe all of the problems with ACT Carriers. If you get these guys, request someone else. Not worth the price or headache. Check BBB for any carrier company... I wish I would have. ...[More]
By Matt C on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 17 2014 6:02PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 17 2014 6:36PM
Matt, We are sorry that your rating of our company is all about the carrier. We do not see anything negative or positive about your representative Ra...[More]
I went with Auto Shipping Group because they had the highest quote and most of the reviews were good. In the quote they tell you the quote is on the high end of the quote to guarantee that your car would be picked up on time. I originally spoke with Lance and for the first couple of days I was in contact with Lance. This was my first time transporting my car across country so I did not know what to expect. First of all I have been living in California for the last eight months and was going to return to Florida. I was not aware that I couldn't put anything in my car at all and if I had anything in the trunk it had to be under 100 lbs. I did not find this out till the day my car was confirmed and I had already paid the money to secure my transport. One thing I don't like was how pushy they got. Lance was gone and someone else was taking over when they called and said they had a transport. I was originally quoted at 1,050. When I was called to accept a driver I was automatically told that it is now $1200. The reason I was told was because that a lot of trucks do not come to California and the one that does charge more because of California rules. $150 doesn't seem like a lot but it was not at all what I budget for. I was already on a tight budget because I still had to drive with my boyfriend back to Florida. So at this time I told the reprensitive that I needed time and I could not commit to that price. I told her to give me an hour and I was called at least four times within that time. At this time I was told Lance was out of the office. I ended up not going with the price. Then I asked if i leave out of Nevada would it be cheaper and they said no same cost. At the end of the day I went with this company because I thought the quote I got would be what i paid and I was assured that this was the going price. My advice to anyone who wants to transport your car. Go with the actually transport company. Now my driver was awesome. He was very personable. My car came on time no damage. He knew what customer service was about. I had to transport my car and it ended up being unnecessary stressful. At the end of the day these company know what the going price is to ship a car form place to place. and should be honest about the cost. The only reason I am leaving this review is because I have pretty much been begged about leaving a review. At the end of the day no I would not go with this company. I felt I was pressured and wasn't being honest at first. Then when I originally said no to the first one they were like well now the truckers know your in a desperate situation and will charge you more. Two days later I booked a driver at the same extra $150 its like they were trying to back me into a corner. ...[More]
By carol on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 17 2014 1:10PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 17 2014 6:05PM
Lance Staab 360-940-7940 Carol thank you for taking the time to leave me a review. I know that some experiences are bet...[More]
I was very disappointed with the service provided in general but most specifically the complete passing of the buck from Auto Shipping Group to the actual trucking company. It was repeatedly noted that Auto Shipping Group has no influence or control on the quality of the trucking company and its sub-contractors (if applicable) and therefore I should exclude any dissatisfaction with the trucking part of the service from my evaluation; since the most significant part of what I was buying was in fact trucking what else would you suggest I take the time to evaluate. I had a very successful career recruiting contract engineers and computer scientists for customers in a variety of industries. In the rare instance when those candidates did not perform, I was correctly the focus of the client's dissatisfaction. Please help me understand why your firm feels it should bear zero responsibility for the performance of the trucking company that you recruited....[More]
By Mark on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 17 2014 12:32PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 17 2014 7:06PM
Mark...After speaking with you, our Manager who handled this order personally, I still don't understand where we, or our contracted trucking company f...[More]
The service of Auto Shipping Group is terrible; it does not keep its promises at all or adhere to deadlines. I placed an order to move my car from Delaware to Houston through Auto Shipping Group on July 24. I told the agent the car needed to be in Houston on August 24, and he promised the car would arrived by the requested date. However on August 15 (I was still in possession of my car), I called the agent and expressed my concern that nothing happened. Finally, on August 19, the agent called to tell me that he had found a carrier who would pick up my car on August 20 and deliver it by August 24. The only problem was that I needed to pay $500 more than the already exorbitant price he quoted me. I had no choice but to take this deal since there was no more time for me to find another carrier myself. The agent then proceeded to hang up on me when I asked him why he didn’t find me a carrier earlier. Finally, the car was picked on August 22 and delivered on August 27. The Auto Shipping Group waits until there is no more time and exploits your desperation. I am never using them again....[More]
By J. Zhang on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 16 2014 9:07PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 17 2014 2:39PM
Jianzhen...As a company, it doesn't do any good to argue with our customers. So i won't do it here. You have expectations when it comes to shipping ...[More]
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I recently had them ship my car from Dallas, Texas to Las Angeles, California. They shipped my car for $920 (a fairly competitive price).While this brokerage was professional, the shipping company they booked me with was TERRIBLE. This brokerage set me up with "Pacific Groupage Services." Throughout the whole process they were very unprofessional and could never talk or answer questions. They do not speak english very well. But the reason for this review is that when I picked up my car, It had 780 NEW MILES ON IT. They added 720 miles onto my new car. That is HALF of the distance that I wanted it shipped. When i picked it up it had ZERO gas in it. NONE. They said that I had no proof of what they had done and then simply stopped answering my calls. Please avoid this company for your own sake. This company is a fraud. Sue Was very friendly but could not do anything about the 780 miles on my new car. She said that I was out of luck and that they were sorry. But that doesn't take away the 780 miles or EMPTY TANK of gas. I had to take a different car to get gas and bring it back. ...[More]
By Nick Connolly on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 8 2014 1:32PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Sep 8 2014 3:05PM
Nick, as brokers we pre-screen every carrier that we assign. The carrier we assigned has very high ratings but because there was no proof of the milea...[More]
made arrangements with Auto Shipping Group in late June for a car to ship from WA to PA in early Aug. No problem , got quote and order number and pick up date. Called the week before the pick up and the original person was no longer there and no one knew anything about me or my car getting shipped. They scrambled and had it picked up a day late. In transit it was off loaded someplace due to the truck being overweight. For a few days no one could tell me where my car was or when it would be delivered. I was ready to call police to report it stolen. Our entire trip was planned around the date the car was suppose to arrive. Had to get a rental car, and was told we might get reimbursed for rental. Needless to say that has not been the case. Was finally delivered over a week late. The actual carrier was Transport Express in Spokane WA...[More]
By Suzanne on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 27 2014 3:33PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Aug 28 2014 4:31PM
Suzanne...Indeed, your order did fall through the cracks somewhat here as your original agent, left the company for other ventures. We did the best w...[More]
My initial pick up date was 7/23/14 but the driver wanted my vehicle on the 21st which gave my friend Steven a 2~3 hour window to deliver the car! That was an impossibility because my friend is a roofer. He would have had to stop his work of $36,000, climb down a 60' ladder, put it on his truck, find someone to pick up my car, follow them to the designated drop site, leave my car then go drop this other person back at home and then return to work! Do you see how unfair and ridiculous this sounds?! Now i have to wait another week after i put down a $190 deposit! I'm shelling out a total of $1500 and i expect better service or ill go elsewhere that offers the same deal!...[More]
By Jean Pierre Antoine on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 24 2014 4:50PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Aug 25 2014 8:39PM
Hello Jean, drivers will give ESTIMATED PICKUP and DELIVERY dated. There are variables involved that the drivers do Not control traffic and Constructi...[More]
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