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Very frustrating experience. Paid a premium rate to receive poor service. Minimal communication so we sat for days on both ends waiting for the vehicle. Pickup driver was pleasant but drop off driver rude. We were offered a refund due to poor service which never came. Both mirrors on the car were cracked (?loaded backwards and not folded in for protection) and we were not able to receive reimbursement for repair ($60). Overall, very disappointing given the expectation that paying extra would expedite the process and result in better than average service. ...[More]
By Scott K on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 4 2016 5:37PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
While the scheduling and everything went smoothly, I had no issues with them. We were given a date that the car would be picked up and was told there wouldn't be any issues at all and the car would be delivered 3 days later. We had a contact at the pick up location and the carrier was supposed to schedule with her. The carrier drove to the address and told our contact she had to be there within the hour or the car would not be picked up without notifying her any time in advance that they were on their way. The carrier never once called me to notify when the car would be delivered or if he was delayed as I was told he would do multiple times. I ended up calling the driver and left a voice mail. Waited two days and still had no call. My girlfriend had enough with not hearing about the car and called him repeatedly and he finally answered. We were told the truck broke down in North Carolina and they were waiting for it to be fixed. (Car was already 2 days late). They told us they would call again when the truck was fixed on Thursday (two days later). We waited 3 days and contacted Auto Shipping Group to see if they heard anything and they didn't even know the truck was broken down. I was told Justin contacted them and they couldn't get ahold of them either. My girlfriend blew up their phone again and got ahold of them and they told us it would be deliver that weekend or Monday. We informed them that we could not accept the car on Monday or Tuesday as my girlfriend was scheduled to be induced for labor. They said that wouldn't be a problem and would work with us and stay in town if they needed to. Upon the weekend for them to deliver I haven't heard anything from them. Sunday rolls around, my girlfriend calls them and they inform her that they have to drop the car of Monday and would call us around 3pm to give us a better ETA. I ended up taking my girlfriend to the hospital around 3pm and had to drive back home to wait for the car. I call them to see where they were at and they were up the road (10 minutes away) with truck issues but it wouldn't be much longer as they almost have it fixed (4PM). An hour and a half later, I finally get the call that they're trying to enter my community. We have houses being built here and semi trucks enter and exit all the time without issues. They told us they had no way to get the semi truck in the community but they would call us back when they had a solution which would be soon. I waited an hour and called them they asked if I would be okay if they pulled it to my house and if I could help them. I agreed. When I got to where they were, they hooked up another car on their load to pull our car. Then told me they don't care about the car they hooked up. Before they would budge the car, they had me sign the form stating it was delivered fine. (At that point it was, just late). When they pulled it to my house, we had to push it into the garage, so the guy tells me to steer and he would push it. I let him know I cannot see out the back window so he would have to let me know. As we're almost in I hear a crack, turns out he wasn't looking and pushed it into my air conditioning unit. He looks at it, says no big deal it's a $20 fix then demands I pay him the full amount. When I inform him I was only going to pay $700 out of the $825, he tells me I either pay him the full amount or he will load the car back on his truck. I've contacted Auto Shipping Group about this and they have yet to return my call. Outsourced Carrier: CP & M Towing, LLC...[More]
By Andrew Leslie on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Nov 3 2015 6:38PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Nov 11 2015 12:57AM
**Auto Shipping Group 360-207-5480** Andrew, We are sorry that the carriers estimated dates were a little off. But that is why they are estimated no...[More]
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH STRESS, HEADACHE, LACK OF SERVICE AND FAILED TO DELIVER on WHAT WAS PROMISSED! After they collecte my deposit of $206 to pick up my vehicle on 10/20. They never showed up! AFTER calling several times and not able to get a straight answer from anyone! A man calls me asking for my address to come to my house saying he is from Auto Ship Group! This man was completely unprofessional! After asking him, he says he is broker, NOT THE CARRIER, saying he was goign to inspect my car, but he never did! Instead he hung outside my house staying on his phone talking the entire time! I aksed him WHERE IS THE CARRIER WHO IS SUPPOSED TO PICK UP MY CAR?? HE said he is at an auction and lost a vehicle and has no idea when he will get here!! I said, do you plan to stay gave me the run around the entire day for not showing up! I took an entire day off! The pick up time was 10 am. It is now 3 pm and I have been dealing with this nonesense and broken promisses the entire day and missing work and my vehicle is still not picked up! Auto Ship Group only cares about getting the upfront money because they are BROKERS who send the order to another company! They deal with many brokers and send off your car to whoever gives them the lowest bid! BE AWARE!! I cancelled my order and used another company, but they REFUSE TO REFUND ME the $206 for deposit for service which was NEVER rendered! I plan to reported this to my credit card company and send my NIGHTMARED experience and BBA and all transportation sites! ...[More]
By Renee on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 27 2015 8:12PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Nov 11 2015 4:57PM
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Renee, As sorry as we are that you decided to cancel the carrier with us, yes you were charged...[More]
I am only writing this review so that I will stop being harassed asking for a review. Service was average. I was not informed of a number of aspects regarding the vehicle shipment, and the experience itself was a nightmare. I will never ship a vehicle again....[More]
By TS on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 28 2015 9:14PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Sep 28 2015 9:52PM 360-200-6854 CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY 9 YEARS NOW! A+ ACCREDITED! Tess, ...[More]
Was very rushed when arranging pick up time with auto company. Also gave wrong information on payment method. Was difficult to reach by phone until payment was confirmed....[More]
By Phil on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 28 2015 3:52AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Sep 28 2015 4:55PM
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Phil Thank you for you input on the service. I will do my best to make sure I fully communi...[More]
Lance was the broker. It took many calls to finally get a date locked in. At the last minute, the price was upped from $800 to $1000 total including Lance's $200 fee although Lance told me originally that if I went with him I would not get jacked on the price. He had me pay $750 to the trucking company, so it was $950 altogether rather than $800. He said he cut his fee by $50.00 but I saw no refund on my credit card nor any indication on the bill of lading that he had paid $50 direct to the carrier. The whole thing was, in a word, "fishy". At the last minute I had no choice and did not like that one bit. Montgomery Stewart...[More]
By Monty Stewart on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Sep 16 2015 8:58PM
Went with Auto Shipping Group because of there rating. The transport company Muti-tast was great. The driver was very nice and my vehicle was deliver in a timely manor. The only problem I have was with Felicia, she was really bad about calling me back. I was starting to get worried whether they had a shipper or not I was running out of time and she would never return my calls. She finely calls me and informs me that the pickup of my vehicle was 2 days early. This could have been a problem as I was having it pickup at My sister home and was due to be pickup on a Thursday not that Tuesday night. Luckily arrived at my sister home a day early. ...[More]
By Ginger on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 28 2015 4:16PM
While my dealings with Auto Shipping Group were satisfactory, the company that was hired to transport my vehicle was poor and the communication between dispatcher and driver was poor. My car arrived early, and while this is usually a good thing I specified in my order that the car must not be there earlier than the 15th. The driver called me on the 13th saying my car was ready for pickup. Because I was driving cross-country to move I was not yet there and was unable to take the car from him. I had to rush my drive ahead of schedule and drive through the night to get there because he was insistent that I pick up the car early (even though I had requested NO EARLIER than the 15th for pickup). The driver called me more than several times to pressure me into getting to my new home early - and was extremely uncooperative/unwilling to yield to my specified schedule. ...[More]
By Dana on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 24 2015 1:57PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Rate originally quoted was not honored . We had to haggle . Had to pay extra for services whcih prompted me to go to another company for the return journey. We had contacted and gave the contract well in advance , but inspite of our follow up we had to run from pillar to post to complete the contract and this was possible only after paying extra amount of $ 50 . It left a bad taste ....[More]
By Ganesh on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 21 2015 1:39PM
Unfortunately, I had to delete my original review because I'd given them a 5 Star Rating. After securing my "Broker Fee" I was promised multiple times that my vehicle would be picked up. First screw up, I was told by Tige that the transport company Alberts Transport confused the order and picked up another vehicle instead of mine. The second company S&S Transport was supposed to pick up my vehicle and they failed to do so also over multiple days. I even spoke to the driver (Paul) who called me in the early AM to tell me he would pick up in the afternoon... He didn't. Then he called around 6:45pm to tell me he hadn't forgotten about me but just fell a little behind but would pick up in the evening... He didn't. When I asked him what time, he wouldn't say, but it would in the evening. Then, shortly after midnight, he sent me a text telling me he's sorry but he would not be able to pick up my car tonight and would pick up in the early morning. Mind you, I'd already sat around, missing work for 2 days because they'd promised to pick up my car and when I did leave, I hurried back so not to miss them in the event they arrived at my home to pick up but that never happened either. Oh... Paul sent me a text the following morning informing me he was on the way and would be "30 minutes or so" to pick up my car. I couldn't miss anymore work and told him no one was available to give him a key to the car and do the inspection required and I was no longer needing his service and I would let Tige at Auto Shipping Group know As a result, a week later, after being patient with all the delays, my car is still at my home and I'm forced to find another company to transport my car. I've had to secure a rental car for my daughter because her car has not been shipped and by the time I find another company and have them transport to GA, I will have to pay for 2 weeks or more for a rental car for my daughter to get to and from Emory University because living in Smyrna, a 25-30 min drive w/o traffic or an hour plus in traffic, is the only way she's getting to school. Without a MARTA Station near to use as alternate transportation, I have no other choice but absorb this additional and not budgeted cost of several hundred dollars. I have to say that after the first screw-up with Alberts Transportation, Tige offered me an additional $50 off, but after calling and sending him a text explaining what happened again with S&S Transportation after Paul informed me that he was not picking up my car. I'd reached my limit and no longer wanted to do business with them and I've not heard from him at all. I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED and completely unhappy with the service I've received from this company. "Say what you do and do what you say!" That's all I'm asking and I would expect some business decorum and accountability but from the #1 Auto Transportation Company according to this website, Transport Reviews, but I'm sorry this is not the case. I've requested a total refund of my deposit and I'll take my business elsewhere. I don't recommend them at all and I'm sure there have been some very happy customers with the service they've provided and my experience might be just an anomaly, but because of the aforementioned account of my experiences with this company and partners, I give them a resounding ZERO STAR!!! This was exactly what I feared would happen and I expressed my concern to them from the start as I've heard other horror stories (not with Auto Transporting Group). Good Luck and hope this helps! Signed, Pissed Off and Extremely Disappointed!!!!!...[More]
By Craig Coggins on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 21 2015 11:34AM
We shipped our Mazda sedan from Kentucky to California as part of a relocation across the country. I contacted ASG, and met Chell, many months before the actual move. I wanted some info, and some answers to some basic questions. I ended up spending a half hour on the phone with Chell, joking and taking notes on many of the details I had not thought of. My anxiety of sending a car across country was eased for a great time. Chell was fantasticly friendly and made a great first impression for ASG and this process. When the time to ship our car came to, we spent a few weeks waiting for the request to be picked up by a carrier. We ended up finding a carrier (LLD Trucking in Illinois) who were a few hundred over the original target price. We shipped covered, to protect the vehicle, and knew our costs would be higher. We went ahead with this higher price, as the time slipped uncomfortably close to our move, and this carrier had "stellar reviews and ratings". On pickup day, we were already in California. I was coordinating with my father, who would be dropping off the car. He was waiting at a Target parking lot for the carrier to arrive at the written and agreed upon time, but after an hour he had to leave to pick up family. The carrier was nearly 3 hours late, and had confused time zones, so they said. This made us realize Chell's position was one just somewhat ahead of our own once the car hits the skids. Neither Chell nor my father were able to reliably contact our carrier. What followed were nearly 2 weeks of literally no updates from our carrier. We escalated the situation demanding photographic proof the carrier still indeed had our vehicle. Throughout, Chell was doing her absolute best to reassure us and keep in touch. Again though, she had very little ability to make demands of the company. The position she and ASG is in plays very much the match maker for customer and carrier, but once those contracts are exchanged, you are at the mercy of the carrier. LLD Trucking apparently had stellar record before this transaction, and so I can only believe we were all taken by surprise by the ordeal. Our car arrived about 12 days after shipping, when we were quoted faster than a week. We ended up driving an hour out of the city to meet the carrier (LLD), who was over shooting the 3 hour delivery window they (LLD) gave us. Meeting the driver in San Jose nearly 4 hours after they originally said they would be there finally brought this nightmare to an end. The car was fine, but we hoped for the stress and time spent on both mine, my father's, and Chell's end, that some discount would be arranged. Chell and her boss believed a steep rebate was certainly in the discussion, given the absolute embarrassment to everyone's reputations and reliability that we endured. As is though, we were kicked back $100. We had been given informal, verbal hints that the team at ASG would continue to hammer on LLD for a refund of some of the cost, but we didn't hear back. We only really heard about the ask to submit a glowing 5 star review for our experience. I have looked for LLD Shipping listed on ConsumerReports and to leave reviews on, but have found them unlisted. At the end of the day, I don't think Chell could be any better at her job. She was one of the most knowledgeable and patient people I have worked with. I felt better every time I talked to her. She earns her salary many times over, if my time with her is any indication. Unfortunately, the industry she is managing is one that is a massive headache, and truly unreliable. I read the stories of poor auto shipping experiences (in general, not specific to ASG) and did not want them to be true, but our experience was not one that will be forgotten any time soon. Honestly, I do not believe I will ever ship another vehicle, here or elsewhere. ...[More]
By Chris A. on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 21 2015 6:30AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Aug 21 2015 5:22PM
**Chell Hart (360) 464-1039** Dear Chris, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS REVIEW!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU SPENT THE T...[More]
Billed $50 more than quoted. No explanation. Still waiting for refund promised by David Driver on July 6, 2015. Price quoted for car transport from Berkeley, CA to Philadelphia, PA was $1,000 for carrier and $200 for Auto Shipping Group. On day of pickup, July 3, 2015, I was billed $250 for Auto Shipping Group. Also Carrier, Unified Auto Transport, was not willing to bring my vehicle closer than approx. 10 miles. Once they were ready to deliver they told me that they would not travel any further than a shopping center off Interstate 95 in South Philadelphia. My drive was about 40 minutes to get the car....[More]
By Earl D on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 18 2015 8:05PM
Customer service was excellent. I was pretty disapointed with the actual carrier as they didnt want to abide by the contract regarding drop off date. I was really lucky Greg was the buffer and made things work out. I chose a closed vehicle so my convertible would be clean but unfortunately they unloaded the car in an open parking lot and my car came back filthy and the interior was damp. Customer service was the only positive about this experience....[More]
By Paul on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Aug 17 2015 9:57PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Aug 17 2015 10:42PM
***GREG BAILEY (360) 464-2584*** Paul ...I certainly agree with you. Makes no sense the car would be stored outside when...[More]
Although our truck finally made it to California, it was promised to us on Tuesday, then Wed. , then Thurs. night between 4-5, when it didn't arrive we had to call and see what the status was and were told it would be there after 8pm. We told them no one would be there to receive it and to bring it in the morning, which they did. We were never contacted by the drivers with delivery estimates and had to call for updates. We went with the most expensive quote thinking they were the best, but we could have saved hundreds and possibly got better service. ...[More]
By Scott on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jul 29 2015 3:40AM
Was told the price would be $900-950 which was of course the higher of those numbers. The carrier showed up at the very tail end of the day expecting me to just wait around until he arrived, meanwhile I was told I would be given a call before arrival. The driver was rude and wasn't willing to wait for me to drive 15 minutes for me to get to the house. The car was so dirty when it did arrive that I couldn't even see through the windows, much less notice any damage. The damage on the car wasn't mentioned during the sale or at time of pick up. So, I have nowhere to trace the origin to. Now I'm out of pocket for the repairs. This was a nightmarish ending to a nightmarish car deal. This was a horrible experience!!! I normally don't take the time to leave bad reviews. But, given the pressure I've been getting after the transaction to complete this survey, I'm given no choice. ...[More]
By Troy on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jul 28 2015 2:51AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Jul 28 2015 3:29PM
Lance Staab 360.406.4892 Troy I apologize for the problems that occurred during your transport. It seems that all th...[More]
Initially we thought we found a very reputable company to ship our vehicle across the country. At first Lance was very helpful and seemed knowledgeable. However, there were red flags starting to appear very close to our requested shipping date. We are all human, but there should be no errors when sending out documents to be signed when paying over 1K to ship a vehicle. There were numerous times he 'forgot to email the contract,' addresses were spelled incorrectly on the contract, and the scheduled pickup date was incorrect, or we couldn't even open the document. Phone calls regarding questions I had were not immediately returned and when I called again, his reply was, 'I'm sorry, I forgot.." We were all set to have a cashier's check sent to our destination of delivery (since our van would reach our destination before us and we had friends who were going to pick it up for us and pay the carrier). We called Lance (a week in advance) to ask who the check for the remainder of the balance should be made out to (since he forgot to mention it in the contract) and he told us directly "Autoshipping Group." We needed to verify this as we had to mail the check out prior to our move so our friends would have it in time. We received a call as we were driving halfway through the US and it was the carrier asking how they would be paid and we told them, only to have them tell us that the check was not made out to the correct company. We got Lance on the phone, and he denied ever telling us who to make the check out to and basically telling us we screwed up and there was nothing he could do to help. We spent an entire day on the phone (while driving & nowhere near a branch of our bank) trying to figure out how to get a new check made/ and sent in time (1.5 DAYS BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF THE VEHICLE).- TOTAL Nightmare! The one thing I was tasked to do for our family, and thought I really found a reputable company, absolutely ruined 2 days of our trip. Luckily, our bank was amazing and had to pull some major strings and bend the rules to help us, but we still had to pay for a new check to be over-nighted and thankfully the van arrived in one piece. I would NOT recommend AutoShipping Group to anyone shipping a vehicle....[More]
By Kathi on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jul 27 2015 2:44PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Jul 27 2015 3:17PM
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Kathi I am sorry for the difficulties in the transport. Once I secure a carrier for you. I ...[More]
Mixed experience for a 1st user. I was very skeptical about the whole process and spent numerous hours scohuring the Internet for trustworthy service. I even spoke to friends who previously used a transport service. With a big military move from the West coast to the East coast, finding a company I could trust to ship two vehicles was imperative. I eventually settled on ASG. Darya was very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable- and she was able to give me a military discount (only $25 though). Pick up went smooth (a good friend handled this portion as I headed east with family in 3rd vehicle). This is where my frustration set in. Upon arrival to my new location, there was ZERO contact from driver or third party company on when my vehicles would be delivered. Dayra tried valiantly to assist, but I believe she shared in my frustration. The 4th of July weekend may have played a role in the significant delay, but no contact from driver or TNS (delivery agency) is unacceptable!! If this is the norm with them, ASG should consider severing ties. Darya is the ONLY reason my review isn't rated lower. She was the saving grace in the matter!! She gets 5 stars, TNS gets -1......[More]
By Erik B on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jul 11 2015 1:08PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Jul 14 2015 4:24PM
Thank you Erik for taking the time to give m a review. I wish the delivery went a lot smoother also, and can understand your frustration. You had a re...[More]
The customer service leading up to my car being picked up was great. Kimberly was prompt and responses and very helpful. Unfortunately the carrier that she selected was horrible. They were late in arriving and late in delivering my car and didn't know how to drive stick. That was a huge problem because my car was stick!!! Getting my car on the flatbed was scary and did not instill confidence in the driver's skills. One time, my fiance had to try get my car up a little further on the flat bed and due to the steep incline it almost fell off the back of the truck. Ultimately, my fiance was the one who had to drive my car onto the flatbed. Not once did anyone ever ask me if my car was standard or automatic so I assumed it didn't matter. Apparently it did matter because if we hadn't been willing to drive my car onto the flatbed it would have been a disaster. I asked Kimberly for a refund and she told me there wasn't anything she could do. She told me that she told the dispatcher that they need to make sure the drivers can drive a manual and that typically drivers know how to drive a stick but as I experienced...that is not true!! SO disappointed and frustrated. ...[More]
By bostoncar on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jun 17 2015 3:54PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
I think Heidi from the auto transport team who finds the an available driver provided decent customer service overall, however, I was told that the driver would contact me the night before he was going to arrive to let me know the time he would be picking up my car and he never did. I had to call Heidi, the representative I was dealing with, to see if she had heard anything from the driver. I felt that with the amount of money I'm paying to have my car shipped, the least they could have done was let me know when they were arriving the day of so I would be at the location or near the location for them to pick up the car. The process of moving is hectic enough and I had driven from Florida to Georgia and then another 10 hrs from GA to IL the night prior to the designated pick up date. The last thing I wanted to do was check at 11pm (after arriving into IL) to see when my car was suppose to be picked up. So Heidi tried to reach the driver that night and of course called 3 different numbers and still couldn't get a hold of him. I was told that she would let me know as soon as she heard. The next morning at 7:30am I get a call saying that he is in Chicago and will be picking up my car in an hour. Of course I was furious because they never called me or told me the night before when they were arriving. Thankfully, the Waggoner shipping company was semi flexible and gave me 2 more hours to get down to the location and have the car ready to be taken in. So you would think the next time I need to receive a call the night before about the arrival of my vehicle in AZ I would get a call right? Especially because things didn't turn out the most smoothly the first time around. Well, wrong! Again, the driver never called me the night before to let me know when the car was going to be delivered which was a pain in the behind since I had told heidi from the beginning that the car was going to be delivered to my aunt's house since I was going to be out of town the day the cAr was to be delivered. I was trying to make things easier on my aunt who was anticipating the arrival of the car but I couldn't without knowing when the car was to arrive. Anyway, to make a long story short, the driver sucked and he was not responsible enough to give a simple call BOTH times to when he was arriving so that really irritated me. I am displeased w this car shipping company and probably would not use them again. ...[More]
By J T on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jun 7 2015 7:37PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Jun 8 2015 11:28PM
5 STAR SERVICE CALL HEIDI - (360) 255-7438 **** Thank you so much for you input JT, we take what our customers say about ou...[More]
Carrier was awful. While I understand carrier and broker are separate entities, I view the broker's job as finding me a suitable match in a carrier. If the broker thinks this carrier is good, that is a problem. If the broker paired me with a carrier he had no knowledge of, that is a problem. I refuse to give a pass. If a dated site hooked you up with a murderer, wouldn't the dating site be complicit? Also, the fact that cash was needed on delivery was present in a form email, but never communicated explicitly by the broker. I have only had two prior cash on delivery transactions and that fact was harped on at every juncture. Due to it not being brought up prior, I was unaware until 30 minutes before the car arrived and ended up racking up 50 dollars in ATM fees. Also, I find the following notice from the broker completely inappropriate: Just to let you know I will continue to send you emails about reviews until I get one from you. I apologize if they become a bit irritating. but I have to do it. The entire experience was awful and I wanted to put it behind me, but instead I am being forced to write this review. You can decide for yourself how much you want to separate broker and carrier, but going through this broker resulted in a terrible experience. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend it and am not satisfied. Communication was good, but it doesn't give me back all the time I wasted going back and forth with the carrier nor does it undo all the stress I incurred. ...[More]
By Rob on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jun 1 2015 2:23PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Jun 2 2015 2:16PM
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Rob Thank you for the review. I apologize for the miscommunication on all parts and for the...[More]
The broker was good. The transportation company was challenging. They picked up the car outside of agreed upon time, requiring me to leave work. The delivery was also painful as the driver lied about when he would deliver then claimed no one called him back. Ultimately delivery was 3 days after committed and outside of agreed upon delivery hours. When he did deliver, he became combative, at one point putting the car back on the truck and refusing to share the bill of lading. After 20 minutes we were able to get the car. More hassle than it was worth....[More]
By Sean on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on May 13 2015 12:58PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on May 13 2015 2:30PM 360-200-6854 CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY GOING ON 9 YEARS NOW! Sean, I und...[More]
After seeing the reviews here prior to shipping my car, I had high expectation for this service. I was relocating from PA to WA and needed to ship my vehicle. The quote was a bit expensive but I felt as though it was worth it for good service. This turned out to be a complete mistake. NOTE: Prior to shipping the vehicle, I took the car to a dealer for a complete detail to ensure any damage was visible upon receipt, especially in an enclosed carrier. From the beginning, I was called multiple times for pickups outside my 5 day shipping window. Once a carrier was identified, I was told the car was to be picked up 3/20. On 3/18, I was contacted by the carrier that he wanted to take my car in 12 hrs, a day earlier than agreed upon. After flexing my work schedule to accommodate, the carrier didn't arrive until 3 hrs after the time he scheduled. The scheduled delivery window was 7-10 days. I was contacted by the carrier on 3/28 that the car will be delivered either 3/29 or 3/30. I notified the carrier that I will only be able to pick the vehicle up in the afternoon on 3/30 since it was my first day at my new employer. No issue was raised. The following day I was informed the car would be dropped off 3/30 and I HAD to pick the car up in the AM. I told him I wasn't available. "I will come before you go to work," he said. I start work at 6 AM local time and it would be pitch black with no way to inspect the car. We agreed on 7 AM and I had my mom pick the car up. The next day, we never received a phone call until after 9 AM. "sorry, I over slept" was his excuse. Normally, I wouldn't complain about small issues like this but when you pay over $2K for a service, it better be excellent. This was far from it. After making a big issue about what time to meet me to pick the car up, he was the one tardy. Now to the real issue. Remember, my car was detailed by a dealer prior to shipment. When the car was moved off the trailer, the two individuals were throwing around dirty rags and climbing all over my vehicle (including climbing in the passenger window to even get in the car). After the car was in the light, the car was COVERED in mud and dirt. It looked as if the car was driven off road. Per policy, the vehicle couldn't be released unless the forms were signed for receipt which my mother did UNWILLINGLY because the car was completely filthy with no hope of being inspected. After getting the car home and washed, SIGNIFICANT damage was done to both the driver side and passenger side doors. Scratches ran through the clear coat and into the body of the car. The entire car was covered with light scratches in the clear coat. I've now paid $2K for this service? I called Auto Shipping Group and was provided insurance info (which was was wrong since the carrier's insurance had dropped them). I was able to find the correct info after a second call to ASG. I put in claim to the carriers insurance. The damage was quoted at $1,300 but the insurance company rejected the claim stating the damage isn't covered due to Peril Insurance. After multiple calls to ASG, there was nothing resolved with this issue. All I got after MULTIPLE HOURS of phone calls was an email suggesting I go after the carrier for damages. There was no responsibility taken. My latest phone calls have been ignored and not returned. I've since filed a claim with my insurance company which is doing research on who is at fault since it is not clear that ASG was doing the proper due diligence to ensure the carrier had proper cargo insurance. After talking to the carrier's insurance company, there is no clarity as to what kind of insurance the cargo company even carried and ASG did ZERO homework on this carrier before recommending the carrier to me. Does this sound like premium service to you? Would you want to be treated this way? I'm currently out $2,200 plus the damages to my car which is approximately another $1,300. $3,500 to be treated like this and spend hours trying to get the issue resolved with no help from ASG. Oh, ASG also informed me that they 'dropped' this carrier as a result of my experience. Yet, they have done NOTHING to better my experience. My recommendation, find someone else to do this job. They will certainly do it much better than Auto Shipping Group....[More]
By Cameron on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on May 12 2015 1:41PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on May 12 2015 2:34PM 360-406-4885 Cameron, We do want to apologize for the damage. The carrier is covered by insurance, and you were sent...[More]
Thought $650 included Broker's fee. Do not remember being told $200 charge on top of this. Probably in the on-line agreement but did not see it....[More]
By Pat Beckum on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Apr 2 2015 2:38PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Apr 4 2015 6:12AM
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Pat I understand totally where you are coming from. sometimes we all can get confused by t...[More]
While my initial experience was fine, they made it clear they were the same price as other carriers I selected. They were 100 more than everyone else. They stopped responding when I pointed this out after the car was loaded. Wouldn't use again, should have been honest....[More]
By Seth on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Mar 13 2015 10:17PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Mar 16 2015 4:15PM
Seth, You needed your car picked up within a 2 day window and you needed an ENCLOSED service. I then proceeded to tell you it was most likely going to...[More]
ASG cost me thousands of dollars by not showing up to ship my car. Plane tickets, discarded items that couldn't ride with my car, lost wages due to missing work, wear and tear on my car, all due to having to drive across the country at the last minute. This company is a disaster, and I intend to be paid for our losses. When I asked about compensation, they blew me off. Stay away from these people....[More]
By Rob Garrett on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Mar 12 2015 4:39AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Terry Williams on Mar 12 2015 5:28PM
I apologize once again Rob but unfortunately the trouble that the truck had when going to pick up your vehicle was out of our hands. Your full refund ...[More]
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