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Kimberly was amazing, car was picked up next day and arrived the following day total time from order placed was only 3 days great fast punctual, I was able to contact Kimberly very easily as well as the company that transported my vehicle I would recommend this company to anyone my experience was excellent. ...[More]
By misti on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on May 18 2015 11:55PM
The broker was good. The transportation company was challenging. They picked up the car outside of agreed upon time, requiring me to leave work. The delivery was also painful as the driver lied about when he would deliver then claimed no one called him back. Ultimately delivery was 3 days after committed and outside of agreed upon delivery hours. When he did deliver, he became combative, at one point putting the car back on the truck and refusing to share the bill of lading. After 20 minutes we were able to get the car. More hassle than it was worth....[More]
By Sean on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on May 13 2015 12:58PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on May 13 2015 2:30PM 360-200-6854 CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY GOING ON 9 YEARS NOW! Sean, I und...[More]
After seeing the reviews here prior to shipping my car, I had high expectation for this service. I was relocating from PA to WA and needed to ship my vehicle. The quote was a bit expensive but I felt as though it was worth it for good service. This turned out to be a complete mistake. NOTE: Prior to shipping the vehicle, I took the car to a dealer for a complete detail to ensure any damage was visible upon receipt, especially in an enclosed carrier. From the beginning, I was called multiple times for pickups outside my 5 day shipping window. Once a carrier was identified, I was told the car was to be picked up 3/20. On 3/18, I was contacted by the carrier that he wanted to take my car in 12 hrs, a day earlier than agreed upon. After flexing my work schedule to accommodate, the carrier didn't arrive until 3 hrs after the time he scheduled. The scheduled delivery window was 7-10 days. I was contacted by the carrier on 3/28 that the car will be delivered either 3/29 or 3/30. I notified the carrier that I will only be able to pick the vehicle up in the afternoon on 3/30 since it was my first day at my new employer. No issue was raised. The following day I was informed the car would be dropped off 3/30 and I HAD to pick the car up in the AM. I told him I wasn't available. "I will come before you go to work," he said. I start work at 6 AM local time and it would be pitch black with no way to inspect the car. We agreed on 7 AM and I had my mom pick the car up. The next day, we never received a phone call until after 9 AM. "sorry, I over slept" was his excuse. Normally, I wouldn't complain about small issues like this but when you pay over $2K for a service, it better be excellent. This was far from it. After making a big issue about what time to meet me to pick the car up, he was the one tardy. Now to the real issue. Remember, my car was detailed by a dealer prior to shipment. When the car was moved off the trailer, the two individuals were throwing around dirty rags and climbing all over my vehicle (including climbing in the passenger window to even get in the car). After the car was in the light, the car was COVERED in mud and dirt. It looked as if the car was driven off road. Per policy, the vehicle couldn't be released unless the forms were signed for receipt which my mother did UNWILLINGLY because the car was completely filthy with no hope of being inspected. After getting the car home and washed, SIGNIFICANT damage was done to both the driver side and passenger side doors. Scratches ran through the clear coat and into the body of the car. The entire car was covered with light scratches in the clear coat. I've now paid $2K for this service? I called Auto Shipping Group and was provided insurance info (which was was wrong since the carrier's insurance had dropped them). I was able to find the correct info after a second call to ASG. I put in claim to the carriers insurance. The damage was quoted at $1,300 but the insurance company rejected the claim stating the damage isn't covered due to Peril Insurance. After multiple calls to ASG, there was nothing resolved with this issue. All I got after MULTIPLE HOURS of phone calls was an email suggesting I go after the carrier for damages. There was no responsibility taken. My latest phone calls have been ignored and not returned. I've since filed a claim with my insurance company which is doing research on who is at fault since it is not clear that ASG was doing the proper due diligence to ensure the carrier had proper cargo insurance. After talking to the carrier's insurance company, there is no clarity as to what kind of insurance the cargo company even carried and ASG did ZERO homework on this carrier before recommending the carrier to me. Does this sound like premium service to you? Would you want to be treated this way? I'm currently out $2,200 plus the damages to my car which is approximately another $1,300. $3,500 to be treated like this and spend hours trying to get the issue resolved with no help from ASG. Oh, ASG also informed me that they 'dropped' this carrier as a result of my experience. Yet, they have done NOTHING to better my experience. My recommendation, find someone else to do this job. They will certainly do it much better than Auto Shipping Group....[More]
By Cameron on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on May 12 2015 1:41PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on May 12 2015 2:34PM 360-406-4885 Cameron, We do want to apologize for the damage. The carrier is covered by insurance, and you were sent...[More]
Thought $650 included Broker's fee. Do not remember being told $200 charge on top of this. Probably in the on-line agreement but did not see it....[More]
By Pat Beckum on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Apr 2 2015 2:38PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Apr 4 2015 6:12AM
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Pat I understand totally where you are coming from. sometimes we all can get confused by t...[More]
While my initial experience was fine, they made it clear they were the same price as other carriers I selected. They were 100 more than everyone else. They stopped responding when I pointed this out after the car was loaded. Wouldn't use again, should have been honest....[More]
By Seth on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Mar 13 2015 10:17PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Mar 16 2015 4:15PM
Seth, You needed your car picked up within a 2 day window and you needed an ENCLOSED service. I then proceeded to tell you it was most likely going to...[More]
ASG cost me thousands of dollars by not showing up to ship my car. Plane tickets, discarded items that couldn't ride with my car, lost wages due to missing work, wear and tear on my car, all due to having to drive across the country at the last minute. This company is a disaster, and I intend to be paid for our losses. When I asked about compensation, they blew me off. Stay away from these people....[More]
By Rob Garrett on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Mar 12 2015 4:39AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Mar 12 2015 5:28PM
I apologize once again Rob but unfortunately the trouble that the truck had when going to pick up your vehicle was out of our hands. Your full refund ...[More]
I had high hopes for our car transport because of the high rating I read online. However, I was extremely disappointed and disgusted with the service we were provided. The original price was 6% more than the estimate. The communication from the carrier was terrible from the beginning. We were scheduled to have our Honda Civic picked up on Feb 19 in Colorado. I was told that they would call the day before, Feb 18, to arrange a pick up time. After I hadn't heard from them all day, I inquired and called them. They eventually returned my call to tell me that they had mechanical problems. They would have to pick up the car the next day. The vehicle was supposed to be delivered by Feb 26 in Virginia. Again, I had not heard anything so I tried to call the carrier. They did not answer, and I was unable to even leave a voicemail. I received word on March 2 that they had several Honda Civics , and did not load ours on to the big truck. It had been sitting in Colorado this entire time! I was given a $100 discount and promised that it would be delivered by March 5. Then on March 4, I received a call that the big truck had broken down in St. Louis, 700 miles from our destination. The driver did know how long it would be to fix his truck. After several more days of silence, I again had to initiate communication. No answer and no ability to leave a voicemail. Finally, the driver told me that he would get the truck to us on March 7. Of course, I get a text message on March 7 stating that he would not be able to get the car to us until March 8. He asked if we could receive the vehicle at 6 am March 8. We asked for after 8 am , but he INSISTED on earlier. We agreed for 7 am. At 7:15 am, March 8 he had not arrived. We contacted the driver. He told us he was 80 miles away. He did not bother to call us to tell us that he would be late. He eventually showed up over 2 hours late, and seemed annoyed that he had to deliver our car to us. This was by far the worst and most unprofessional service I have ever received!! Kimberly at Auto Shipping Group was responsive via email during this ordeal. However, she did not return my voicemail message. She apologized for the delays, but was unable to provide me any further discounts. I expected better service. I understand that delays can occur, however, our car was 11 days late! BEWARE!...[More]
By Lee on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Mar 11 2015 1:28AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Mar 11 2015 2:55PM 360-200-6854 CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY GOING ON 9 YEARS NOW! Grace, First...[More]
My car was shipped from VA to AZ February 2015. The people that ASG used were terrible. They were barely responsive, they gave no indication of when the car would arrive, and they called an hour before they were there, giving us no heads up. I would not be leaving this review if that was all... The car was scratched and stained when it arrived in AZ. Permanent damage. The repair estimate was about $650 worth of damage. Use at your own risk. These people were very rude, and they damaged my car. ASG has shut me out of conversation and will not return my calls. I don't leave reviews often. I am not a complainer. People deserve to know how bad this company is. ...[More]
By Chris on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Mar 6 2015 11:31PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Mar 9 2015 3:44PM
TIGE YEARGIN 602.428.6882 TIGE@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Thank you for allowing me to move your vehicle. We strive to make each move as smooth as possible...[More]
The first shipper cancelled due to being overweight. The second carrier picked up 3 days late. Total travel time was estimated to be 5 days, but it took 16 days. The first day I spoke with the carrier was when they showed up today....[More]
By Scott Zack on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Feb 20 2015 10:50PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Feb 20 2015 11:13PM
MALIA 360-214-3671 - SEVEN YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH MY COMPANY - CALL ME ANYTIME FOR A QUOTE OR QUESTIONS. Scott, clearly you are upset, and I don't bla...[More]
After my experience with auto transporting I will never ever do it again. But my decision has nothing to do with Chell Hart... I first got in touch with Chell because my mother had spoken with her and told me she was knowledgable and pretty much knew everything about the auto transport industry, which she did. She was very easily accessible via email, text and phone. If you sent her an email, text message or left her a voicemail she returned it in an efficient and timely manner which I appreciated ton. She also made sure to keep me in the loop about everything and stayed in touch until I finally got my car. So I don't want you to think I have any ill feelings towards Chell in regard to the story I will tell. In fact if I was to ever decide to get my car shipped again she's the ONLY person who I would trust because you know she'll get the job done. My decision is because the carriers royally screwed me in my transport and it ended up costing me well over the amount of money I ever wanted to spend on transporting my car from Long Island, New York to Fargo, North Dakota (when the initial plan was to Minneapolis, Minnesota). I should have just driven all the way out there myself like I had initially intended on doing. Would have saved me a ton of aggravation that I encountered during an already highly stressful time for me..and a crazy amount of money too. It took days to finally find a carrier who would do NY-MN with a bit of back and forth on cost. The carrier finally picked up my car on Sat 12/14 and we made it very clear that I needed it by Wed 12/17. Usually people have a one or two day flexibility but I didnt. I needed it when I needed it and that was it. They took my car then on my birthday (on Tues 12/16) I get the phone call that something happened and my car is no long en route to MN. The terminology they gave me was that it had been "hijacked." The driver who took my car and even promised me he'd take care of my car just left it had some storage center in Chicago and was put on another route. Don't know about you but Chicago is NOT Minneapolis. And how can a carrier that signs a contract to do a gig just go back on their word just like that with no remorse?!?!?! I was livid. While I was already beyond stressed about my entire relocation process I had to back-up and deal with the auto transporting process all over again. I needed the car to be in Minneapolis by the time I flew in the following day so I could drive the rest of the way to Fargo, North Dakota. Obviously that wasn't going to happen so I'd have to get a rental that costed me $400 for 48-hours...After playing the money game yet again for awhile we finally found another carrier willing to get my car in Chicago and bring my car to Fargo obviously missing the deadline for 12/17. My car did not arrive on time. It arrived Thurs 12/18 at 10/10:30pm. My auto transporting process was an absolute nightmare. (I spared you the full details.) I honestly intend on never ever doing it again. Tons of aggravation and the number amounts in the cost of it just kept going up and up and up reaching damn close to $2000...but I've learned to never say never with things so if I ever should end up unfortunately doing it again there's no other person I'd trust to do it then Chell Hart. You know that you WILL get your car one way or another safely to you. You know that she will NOT disappear once you give her your credit card digits (like so many of the horror stories you hear). Yes, I had a really bad transporting experience but all in all there's no one else that I would have rather gone through it with then her. Thank you, Chell! ...[More]
By Natalie on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Feb 16 2015 8:08AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Feb 16 2015 5:22PM
Chell Hart **(360) 464-1039** Dear Natalie, I really didn't think you would leave me a review after the horrible w...[More]
Signed with Auto Shipping because Tige said he could get Transport Express (Seattle WA) to move our pickup & they were fast & dependable. HAH. Late pick up, 18 days to deliver a giant ball of dirt with tires sticking out underneath. Price started at $1,750, went up & up to $2,225. Pickup went to CA, then up to Seattle (passing the drop off site by 1/2 mile), sat in a holding lot, moved back to Portland to sit in another holding lot, then picked up by an small local trucker. Local trucker kept calling to move the pick up location closer & closer to Portland. Ended up driving 200 mile round trip to get our pickup. True, Auto Shipping Group was able to get the move completed when 3 other brokers could not get it done at all. However, the service was awful & Transport Express would never answer the 3 phone #s provided, nor would they answer voice mail pleading for information about our truck move. Can't suggest a better option except flying back yourself and driving cross-country would be faster & cheaper. -Val Spear ...[More]
By Valerie J Spear on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Feb 3 2015 3:33PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Feb 5 2015 11:37AM
TIGE YEARGIN 602.428.6882 TIGE@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Thank you for allowing me to move your vehicle. We strive to make each move as smooth as possible...[More]
Felicia failed to honor the scheduled shipment contract and my car was delivered the day after Christmas to a salvage yard (Planned arrival window was 29-31 December). I have yet to receive any money to recoup the storage fees incurred while at the salvage yard and Felicia has not returned my calls or emails. While the car did arrive in relatively good condition (very dirty), the customer service and their ability to manage their commitments is extremely poor. Bottom line: I DO NOT RECOMMEND AUTO SHIPPING GROUP! ...[More]
By Brian S. on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 30 2015 8:38AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Feb 2 2015 5:20PM
** Call Felicia @ (602) 428-6872 or email** Hello Brian, Thank you for taking timeout to provide feedback on your experi...[More]
I was told my vehicle would be picked up on December 11 from my father's residence and delivered to my residence in California within 10 days. I inquired as to whether or not the vehicle would be picked up at my father's house and not another location and was assured there would be no problem. On the day of pickup, as I'm driving cross country to my destination in California, I am called by the truck driver who barely speaks any English. I was eventually able to figure out that he was parked at a Wawa about 3 miles from my father's house and wanted to pick the car up there. Given that I couldn't make alternative arrangements because I was driving and because the driver spoke little English, my 65 year old father drove my car to the Wawa to the driver and then had to WALK all the way back to his house. This was not at all the experience that was discussed with me when I made arrangements with Auto Shipping Group. My vehicle was then supposed to be delivered on December 21. I was then informed that the vehicle would not be able to be delivered on that date and that I would need to contact the local trucking company that would be completing the delivery. I called the local company multiple times to find out when I could expect delivery of the vehicle. They would give me a date and then tell me they would call back to confirm and would never call back. This happened about 3 times. My car was eventually delivered on December 26; 5 days after the LATEST delivery date I was promised. I was very underwhelmed with my experience with Auto Shipping Group. I would not use them again nor would I recommend them to anyone....[More]
By Vinnie on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 29 2015 2:19PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 29 2015 3:10PM
5 STAR SERVICE PLEASE CALL DIRECT FOR QUOTES*** 360-200-7549. Hello Vinnie, Sorry for the delay with the driver and ca...[More]
I started off wanting a closed carier but Julie could not find one and this was after 3 weeks of waiting so when it came to being 5 days before I had to leave Colorado I had to agree to an open carrier. The drivers were very rude and rushed to put my very expensive Corvetteon the back of their truck and strapped only 2 wheels down for the 1267 mile trip to Washington DC. When my car was delivered one day late it was the dirtiest I'd ever seen it, it was covered in dirt so bad that I had to roll the passenger and driver windows down just to see to drive it to the nearest car wash. I was not happy with this transport and if I ever move or purchase a car in another state then I'll use someone else. ...[More]
By Aaron Webb on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 28 2015 8:32PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 28 2015 9:07PM
JULIE JOHNSTON Aaron I am very sorry that you were not happy with the transport. There was not an enclosed carrier on this route that could do your t...[More]
I had to pay more than the quoted price! Jeff said he made a mistake. First, he increased the price by $50, then he increased by another $50 in the final contract! When I asked him why the price was higher than the quoted price, he said that he simply made a mistake. I have never seen somebody run a business like that! He broke his own words. Nevertheless, they charged more than they promised. Communication was poor and the story kept changing. The company kept referring me to the dispatch. This is the second time I work with this company and it was not anything like the previous time. I was disappointed on the pick up date, communication line and more importantly, not adhering to the quoted price. ...[More]
By Amin Ahmadzadeh on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 18 2015 3:24AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 19 2015 11:38AM
Auto Shipping Group 360-207-5480 CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE ANYTIME! Amin, We would like to apologize that your process was not as smooth as you would ...[More]
I was originally given a quote by Martha for $750 over the phone and then, she e-mailed me a quote for $800. When I asked about it, she revised it and sent me a new quote. She nevered explained to me what could happen with the holidays and getting a carrier. When I tried to contact her about getting a carrier, I could not reach her and she didn't return my calls, even when she told me she would be working. My preferred pickup days were Saturday Jan 3rd and Sunday Jan 4th. As of first thing on Monday morning January 5th, I still did not have a carrier and any idea when the vehicle would be picked up. On Friday afternoon Jan 2nd, I received an e-mail from a Stephanie that Martha had quit and she would not longer be handling my order. I then had to call Stephanie to fill her in on my order and how anxious I was to get the car shipped over the weekend. She was only working until 3pm that day but assured me that there would be someone looking to get me a carrier after 3pm and I would get a call. She never explained that if I didn't get a call about a carrier by 5pm that day, there would be NO ONE working the weekend to get me a carrier. So, when I called over the weekend to find out the status, I talked to a very RUDE broker who told me the truth in not a very nice way. Needless to say, when I finally did get a call on Monday afternoon that they found a carrier, the price was now going to be $1,000 ($250 above original estimate) but they would reduce their broker fee by $100 to make it $900. It was an extremely stressful experience, especially during the holidays. Because of the car shipping late, my parents also had to spend $200 more in car rental fees. So, I am exremely unhappy with the final cost and my overall stressful experience. We will have to get the car shipped back in a few months and I will NEVER use this company again. There was one Broker in the company Tye that was honest and helpful to me in my moments of stress and frustration. And, I was happy with the carrier that shipped the car....[More]
By Lisa Light on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 17 2015 10:37PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 22 2015 2:14PM
Lisa...No excuses from us. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer care and in your case it's clear we did not provide that. We have full time st...[More]
My car was picked up on-time, but couldn't be delivered on-time because the trailer they had broke down. This inconvenienced me immensely because I needed my car to get around. Not only did their trailer break down, but I was told that they could not service the vehicle on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. My car was scheduled for approximately that Friday, so it was already going to be late, which I was fine with, but knowing that I wouldn't have my car until most probably the following Thursday/Friday was disheartening. ...[More]
By Luis Santiago on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 15 2015 11:54AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 15 2015 8:46PM
TIGE YEARGIN 602.428.6882 TIGE@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Thank you for allowing me to move your vehicle. We strive to make each move as smooth as possible...[More]
shipped my car with autoshippingGroup after reading all the positive reviews here, but only to find out firsthand that this company knowingly pulled out all negative reviews including my first review. I've proof if anyone need them and will also file with BBB. The truth is, I will not ship with this broker again. They will promise to take care of your car and deliver in time, but when things felled apart, car arrived 2 weeks late and interior of car dirtied, they will claim there is nothing they can do and point you to the contract that it's carrier problem not their even though I booked through them. I also has a bad experience with their weekend rep who lectured me that I do not understand transport businesss, extremely impolite. My carrier is CAA Transport, their review is here A trusted broker would not pick such a low rating carrier. asked to change carrier they ask me to have their trust...[More]
By Jian on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 14 2015 6:09PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 22 2015 2:40PM booked your order with us in September 2014 and your transport concluded in early October. Your first complaint was that you were overchar...[More]
Was given a quote and told Dan to go ahead and set up transport. He told me the car would be on its way in 3 days. On that third day he called me to say he couldn't get anyone to agree to ship it, for the quoted price, or even after adding 3-4 hundred dollars more, and wanted to know if I wanted him to keep working on it. I told him to kill the deal. He had placed a deposit hold on my CC, and told me that I had to call to get it released. I told him that he placed the hold, so needed to release it. He played dumb, saying Only I could release it. What??!! Long story short, I called another shipping company and within 24 hours I had a confirmed ship date and a driver assigned. Don't call Dan or any other representative of Auto Shipping Group. He has no idea what he is doing. Stay away. K.S....[More]
By K. E Severino on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 6 2015 6:58PM
Overall our vehicle transport service was only OK. Pick-up was on time, delivery was early and communication was maintained throughout. However, upon receiving our cars, one was quite dirty on the inside with stains on the leather seat that still won't come off. Also, we were told that the cars would be delivered to our new home, only to be told we would meet in our new town the day before delivery, yet in the end we were driven by an employee 35 miles away from where we were originally told our cars would be delivered. Our ride with the employee was in a car with no seat belts and the driver was extremely unfriendly and unsafe. We were also quoted an original price and three days before our cars were to be picked up the price had gone up by several hundred dollars. ...[More]
By Stephen Waterbrook on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 5 2015 12:36PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 6 2015 3:56PM
Lance Staab 360-406-4893 appreciate your business and I enjoyed working with you. It is not commonplace for...[More]
My experience with Auto Shipping Group started out great. My rep, Randy Chavez, was very friendly and answered all of my questions knowledgeably. That being said, it went downhill from there. The driver sent to pick up the car kept pushing the pickup. I waited around all day and pushed my own obligations back each time I got a call. He finally came to pick up at 6 pm the day after the original pick up was scheduled. I was even asked if I could drop it off at their terminal because they weren't going to make it until the day after quoted. I wouldn't have minded dropping off if I didn't have 2 toddlers that were already in bed when I got that call. Ultimately, the car was picked up (much to the dismay of my neighbors whose parking spots were blocked for 30 minutes right when they were coming home from work). We proceeded to drive our other car across the country. It took us 7 days, and we were in FL to accept delivery. I had been trying to contact the driver throughout the week because of weather issues in the north, and I wanted to make sure we would still make it on time. I couldn't reach him, so I tried contacting Randy to find out if there was another way to track the vehicle. He did answer my question, but not without a passive aggressive line mentioning that the driver's contact info was in the email he had sent me. It seemed like he didn't want to be bothered anymore because his job was done. The delivery day came and went with no contact from the driver. We had rushed across the country, driving 13 hours (with a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old) some days, only to arrive on the day of scheduled delivery (Friday) and being unable to reach the driver. I called daily in the morning, as instructed, to set up a delivery time. Each time, I got a voicemail on which I could not leave a message because the inbox was full. When I did reach someone back at the office, I was told that he was probably asleep, and that he would call when he woke up. He also told me that the delivery would be Saturday now. Saturday, no delivery. Sunday, no delivery. I FINALLY heard from the driver on Sunday night saying that he would be delivering it on Monday at 7 am. We were up and ready for delivery a little early, just in case. We waited. And waited. And waited. We were in the process of buying a house and had an appointment for 10 AM. We pushed it 3 times before I finally had to just schedule it for 1 and hope the car didn't arrive while we were gone. I got a call 45 minutes before I had to leave for the appointment. The driver said he was on the north side of Jacksonville and he would be there to deliver in 45 minutes. I told him that I wouldn't be available until 2 because I had been waiting around all day and he said, and I quote, "Sorry, I fell asleep. My bad." Seriously? He said he had been driving until 5 AM and needed to sleep. I totally get that, and wouldn't want him being unsafe by driving while overly tired. But don't schedule a 7 AM Delivery if you know you're going to be working until 5 AM! He said that if I didn't accept delivery when he was available, he would not deliver my car. So, I had to put my schedule on hold AGAIN, for a total of 3.5 days before finally getting a call saying delivery was going to take place, and if I can't drop everything then I don't get my car? I thought the whole thing was just unprofessional. I do understand that the logistics business is full of uncertainty when it comes to weather and traffic, etc, but the communication was awful from the start. I had even mentioned to Randy that I was very flexible and understanding when it comes to delays, but all I ask is to be communicated with about any delays. Ultimately, I got the car and, other than being filthy, it was undamaged. Although, we wouldn't have been able to tell if it had been damaged because it was so caked with filth that it was impossible to tell. Honestly, if there's ever a chance we will need to ship a car again, we'll just drive, regardless of how inconvenient it is. Not all of my issues were the fault of the broker company, but I was assured that Auto Shipping Group only used companies that were professional and prompt. I experienced absolute unprofessionalism the whole time, and dealt with many delays (none of which were communicated to me). ...[More]
By Jennifer E on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 5 2015 12:12PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 5 2015 4:11PM
Auto Shipping Group 360-207-5480 CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE! Jennifer, We are so sorry to hear that the carrier did not communicate they way they were su...[More]
Auto Shipping Group quoted my shipment incorrectly (open instead of closed) which caused a lot of confusion, miscommunication, and "firing" of 2 sketchy carriers. When I figured out that the quote was incorrect and finally amended, my vehicle was picked up on the last available day. I will probably try to work with a different broker for future car shipments....[More]
By Alli Coker on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Nov 15 2014 8:52PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Nov 16 2014 11:46PM 360-200-6854 CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY GOING ON 9 YEARS NOW! Alli, I do want...[More]
I first came into contact with Dan Cabral around the 1st of October 2014. He appeared to be very professional and tried to give me all the information up front. Although one of his selling points for “Auto Shipping Group Inc” was to look at the reviews for his company and I will see the proof of their track record. I did and I was very pleased with what I found, until I actually committed and went through the process with Auto Shipping Group Inc. and the company which actually picked up and transported my vehicle which is Transport Express. The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to get an update on pivotal times during my move from Ft. Lewis, WA to Ft. Lee, VA. The driver called me about a week before scheduled pick up to inquire if I would be willing for a one day early pick up. I told the driver that would not be possible and he responded that he would call me back with what time he would arrive on the pickup day. I did not receive any calls and when I called back between one and two days to pick up I continued to get the answering machine with no reply to my voice mails. Since the transport company would not pick up I called Dan Cabral and miraculously the transport company picked up for Dan. This was my first indicator of call screening on behalf of the transport company. Since I was not going to receive my car because I was not going to be in Tennessee upon arrival I was going to have a friend receive my car. My friend had some specific questions that could not be answered so I called multiple times to the transportation company and no answer still. I had to call Dan again while I was in Los Angeles and he was somehow able to reach the transport company which is the second sign of call screening. During this time I asked Dan what numbers he used to contact the transportation company and he gave me the numbers but I still did not have any luck in reaching the transportation company. So, I called Dan back and asked him to call the transportation company and ask them to call me so I could communicate directly with the transportation company. Dan was not supportive of my request and refused to assist me. I do not have the time to get a question, call Dan, wait for Dan to call me back to ask question, Dan call the transportation company and ask question, then call me back. The funny thing is though, I can actually say with almost 100% certainty that Transport Express was screening their calls. Over three days of trying to call Transport Express which was in my delivery window I was able to reach them once and get an actual delivery day. Also, on one day before delivery there was a woman that called me and asked if I had payment in order for the driver. There was some miscommunication about the money order my friend got from the bank, because on the actual Bill of Lading it says “Cash, Postal Money Order, Western Union, or Money Gram”. So my friend got a money order from the bank because I didn’t know there is a difference from a money order from the bank or a postal money order. Also what is funny I tried to get this question resolved but Transport Express would never return calls or answer my calls due to call screening. The lady I was talking to began to get frustrated and irate over the phone because I brought up the call screening issues. On top of this the driver arrived in the morning around seven o’clock instead in the afternoon like the irate lady told me which didn’t allow my buddy to get a postal money order. Since the post office is not open at seven o’clock the driver was happy to accept a personal money order. Now back to the reviews for Auto Shipping Group Inc. I have received multiple phone calls and four e-mails about giving a five star rating for Auto Shipping Group Inc. and I would be put in a lottery to win the amount of my shipping fee back. My first question is why am I being reminded of this every time I call and receiving guilt trip type of e-mails to give a five star review? I didn’t think about it much at first but as my experience continued to worsen I realized that this is how Auto Shipping Group Inc. has one of the best ratings. I even doubt that there is a Lottery to win your money back. It sounds good to win your money back, but I just want to let everyone know that you should give an honest review and not base your review on a lottery that may not even be there. The reason I say all of this is because I was on the verge of feeling harassed by Dan with all of his e-mails and pressure from phone calls for a review before my car was delivered. I do understand that there is a difference from the people who contract out the shipping and the shipping company, but the experience is a onetime experience, which I explained to Dan, but he continued to send e-mails and call on multiple occasions about a five star review. In the end, I cannot make up anyone’s minds for them, but I can give an honest review and hope that my review may help out someone else. ...[More]
By Mark Hutson on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 29 2014 11:52AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 29 2014 1:58PM
**AUTO SHIPPING GROUP** DAN CABRAL 360-284-7185 OR DAN@AUTOSHIPPINGGROUP.COM Mark, I would first like to apologize if you were unhappy with my cus...[More]
Only use the car shipping service if you must. The actual vehicle carrier was professional and courteous, however this company is not to be trusted. First, Tony told us that we could pay the carrier with a credit card, only to find out that it required a cashier's check. This was a minor oversight considering we discovered it prior to the actual pick-up of the car. However, when I called to ask about it; he claimed to have told me otherwise. Then when trying to schedule a time for pick up, Tony can only tell me what day, and instructed me to contact the carrier directly to determine the actual time. We shipped from California to Florida, where Tony informed us that it would take eight days to ship, which is great when we were driving across the country. Four days later when we were in Louisiana, we get a call from the carrier saying he is ready, wondering where we were. We immediately call Tony to find out what is going on. He told us to call the carrier to figure out a solution, and then let him know how it turns out... After talking to the carrier, and the carrier's manager, we worked out a solution until we could arrive in Florida. Several hours later, Tony calls to inform us that he talked to the carrier and "worked out a solution" which is the same that we figured out hours earlier. Finally, we make it to our destination and the car is delivered with no other issues. Periodically throughout the car shipping process, Tony continually brought up leaving a good review on saying that it helps him and his family, it leads to his bonuses, it helps his pay, etc. repeatedly throughout our interaction. Even a week after the car is delivered, he calls me, wondering why I hadn't filled it out yet, and offered to "walk me through" the process as if I'm incapable of figuring it out on my own. To place the final straw on this camel; This is the third time I am writing this review. The reason? Auto Shipping Group has removed the other two reviews claiming that "it is incapable of verifying that I was a client". All this to hide a negative review. In summary, Tony almost refuses to contact the carrier on my behalf (what is the point of a middle-man if I have to contact the carrier directly (i.e. verify pick up time, verify delivery date, reschedule delivery due to early arrival by 4 days)?) however, is willing to go the distance to ensure that his review is completed. And the company isn't trustworthy by trying to censor negative reviews. Perhaps that is how they have been able to maintain their 5-star rating... An afterthought... Carrier Experts for those in the Bay area, the actual shipping company, was very professional and accommodating. I do not know if you can hire them directly, but if you can, I would suggest that rather than deal with Tony. ...[More]
By Nathan on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 29 2014 12:16AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 29 2014 10:35AM
Tony Ferriera 360-464-2582 Nathan, I would first like to apologize if you think the service was not as expected. Howeve...[More]
Martha Castillo was my contact person. I was moving overseas when the car is transported, so I know I made sure that if giving my credit card would be sufficient to pay everything. She reassured me that everything will be charged on the credit card automatically, so I did not prepare cash for my sister who is receiving the car in California. My sister informed me when the car arrived in California that she was asked to pay cash, and because she was confused, she contacted Martha for support. She left multiple voice messages but Martha Castillo never called her back. When she reached Martha through her supervisor's number, she hung up the phone call in middle of the conversation - - twice! And Martha never called back my sister. Even though Martha was nice to me when she was managing my case, I was very disappointed to see a two-faced customer service. Once she was paid, she did not care to help after. In addition, she made a mistake of overcharging me and did not bother to tell me about it, nor even apologize to me. I am never using Auto Shipping Group ever again because of this experience. ...[More]
By Amy on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Oct 27 2014 4:30PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Oct 28 2014 6:32PM
This review is incorrect in so many ways. You placed your order 2 months before leaving to Japan and when I had a carrier for you, you were no longer ...[More]
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