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A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC
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I was given a quote of $300.00 +/- 50.00 from Frank to transport my car from Wisconsin to Minnesota. There was no hurry to move it. About 2 weeks later I was got a voice mail that their was a transport that could get my car moved. When I called it was another associate and not Frank We spent about 15-20 minutes on the phone getting the time down to when the truck could come to my house. After that he started talking about the price. I was figuring I was going to pay $350.00 which would have been fine. After some time he said that the price would be $800.00 explaining there were no other transports around I responded by saying he could have another two weeks to find another transport for the quoted price. He insisted there were no other transports around to move it. I finally told him to cancel the agreement since they couldn't hold up their side of the agreement. A couple of months later I opened up my credit card bill to find out that A1A was charging me $50.00 for administrative fees. This was absurd because it was A1A who didn't find a transport. We sent emails back and forth and in them they said that they gave me another quote of $500.00 which is a lie because I never received that one and another one for $350.00 about 5 days after I canceled. At that point I had found another transport company and the car was already delivered to Minnesota. I took the first step and complained to the New Jersey BBB and they sent an email about a month after that, that A1A never responded to the complaint. This was very unprofessional of A1A not to respond. I would never recommend this company to anyone if they quote you one price which is in the agreement and come back wit hone that is over twice the .amount...[More]
By Not A Satisfied Customer on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Feb 5 2016 12:01AM
Quoted me 350.00 and locked in shipping date with 2 open slot for sure, charged my credit card before he would even help me. Lied about shipping it out on Friday so I drove 5 hours to load vehicle. Once he got my money he said a shipper will contact you later today. 4 hours later no shipper. Then said now it's $100 more. By this time I arrived in SC from VA to load vehicle then he said "oh sorry slot gone, funny how he was sure and promised me it could ship it out that day to get my money. That guy was the worse customer service rep, he really only cared about your credit card number and didn't care about anything else. He lied I hope the company look into the first guy that took the quote and fire him. That person cause me to drive 5 hours and rent a hotel room because there was no shipper in the first place on Friday. He just lied!!!!!!!!!!!! After I was there he then said "oh I'm sorry there is an additional 100. charge for what? Stay Away From This company, other companies will help you without charging your credit card first, he could car less whether you ship on promised day ...[More]
By Roy on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Jan 25 2016 8:40PM
Demanded credit card in advance after advertising advance credit card not required. Hung up on me when I declined to provide credit card over phone. Very poor customer service. Would not conduct business with this organization....[More]
By David B. (attorney) on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Aug 20 2015 10:42PM
Response from A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC
Management on Nov 4 2015 10:40PM
David was clearly explained that in order for us to work on an order we require a credit card on file. We also assured him that nothing would be charg...[More]
I chose A1A Express as their quote was the lowest. The actual shipping charge was $300 more than originally quoted, nearly a 140% increase. But the truck arrived without issue. Just would have appreciated a better original quote. They told me the quote was too old...but it was less than 24 hours from the time I got the quote to the time I placed the order...Overall the charge to ship the truck was in line with most of the higher quotes I had gotten. But I had chosen them because they were the lowest, and it didn't end up that way....[More]
By Janet Lynch on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Jul 15 2015 11:04PM
I contracted A1A Express Auto Shipping to transport a car I bought for my son for his 17th birthday the day before pick up Frank contacted me letting me know that the the first quote I was given would be higher then expected which was ok but I was at work and told him I would have to call him back then he says no your not going to call back your going to check around look for a better deal and go with that one with a rude tone I told him that wasn't the case but his tone would make me change my mind about doing Business with that company then goes in on how he's tired of babying customers and how customers aren't always right then he hangs up I call back to complain with customer service and he answers I told him I wanted to cancel the order he told me he would have to email me a form to cancel by this time I'm angry so I said never mind I will take care of my credit card and he says right that's what Black people do give credit cards with no Money on them so by this point I get off the phone with this idiot call from a different number to complain so I wouldn't get him and contacted Joe the person I originally placed the order with to cancel and make a complaint my experience with this company was horrible BUYER BEWARE...[More]
By D.Moten on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Jun 25 2015 9:06PM
Response from A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC
Management on Jul 28 2015 7:11PM
We carefully reviewed the conversation that took place with Mr. Moten and Frank. We could not verify Mr. Moten's concerns. Frank, the representative t...[More]
BUYER BEWARE. Great first impression; however once they have your credit card communication ends. After numerous phone and email attempts I never received one response. Don't be mislead by the promise of exceptional customer service. What a JOKE! ...[More]
By JR on A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC on Apr 28 2015 5:51PM
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