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Couldn’t be happier with the services we got from Budget Auto Shipping! Veronica worked with me responsibly and diligently and the experience from the moment I called to the date we got the car shipped was flawless. Called them in the middle of the holidays on Wednesday December 31, 2014, Hector picked up my car first thing Monday January 5th, 2015 and we got it delivered on Friday, January 9th, 2015. She explained everything in detail, I didn’t even have to sign a contract, just did it all over the phone! Everything happened as described, the price was reasonable, I was able to be in touch with the driver (Hector) all the way and my car was delivered from Miami to Los Angeles in 4 days!!!. I truly recommend Budget Auto Shipping and will most definetly use them again as they went above and beyond to give me the best service to ship my vehicle and to exceed my expectations. Thank you! ...[More]
By Rose on Budget Auto Shipping on Feb 14 2015 4:32PM
Budget, and Gerson, whom I dealt with at Budget, was nothing but polite and helpful during this stressful process of shipping a car. Though I had issues with the driving company, not Budget, Gerson miraculously had my car arrive on time, as scheduled after I had heard it would be a week and a half late. They really came through for me, and I wouldn't use anyone else for shipping a car....[More]
By Steve on Budget Auto Shipping on Nov 4 2014 5:06PM
These people are all sweetness and smiles until your deposit is in hand at which point you could drop dead and they wouldn't care. I shipped my car from CA to HI with them and it still hasn't arrived. Two weeks late and counting. It's one thing to say that dates are approximate due to unforeseen acts of god like a hurricane. It is another to give out dates as hard certainties with no intention of ever getting anywhere near them. This seems to be their SOP. They were late on the pick up causing the boat to be missed. Then they assured me of a new date which has come and gone and nobody in their office seems to know what is going on. Never during this whole fiasco did they once call or email to say that a date was going to be missed. I call, wait on hold forever, then maybe get someone who doesn't know anything but will tell you anything you want to hear to get you off the phone. The next person you talk to will deny all knowledge of that call and not honor anything said in it. Run, don't walk. These people are criminals. Seriously. They should be locked up for fraud....[More]
By Robin Beers on Budget Auto Shipping on Sep 25 2014 2:24PM
Gerson provided such excellent customer service. If it is your first time shipping a car across country you are no doubt leery of the whole process and worried about getting scammed. I researched and Googled and finally chose Budget Auto Shippers based on other reviews. Stop searching and call Gerson. He was able to connect me to a driver over a busy holiday weekend. The driver, Dave was so prompt and courteous. He instantly put my mind at ease. I shipped a 1958 Ford Fairlane in an open carrier. It arrived in the same condition it left in and it arrived early! Dave worked with me to deliver it a time that worked for me. I really couldn't have asked for better service from Gerson and Dave. If I ever have to ship a vehicle again, I'm calling Gerson!!! There were no incentives for this review. I usually don't post reviews but I was so impressed I had to. ...[More]
By Julie J on Budget Auto Shipping on Sep 9 2014 2:00PM
They were fast, pleasant and careful with my car. My one concern was the notice to pick up the car, I was told it would be 12-24 hours before but the driver called 30 minutes away. Luckily my relative was home and able to get the car ready. They picked up Friday evening and delivered it Saturday afternoon. ...[More]
By Tim on Budget Auto Shipping on Sep 7 2014 11:43AM
I have used Budget Auto Shipping quite often, and their service is excellent, My go to guy has been Gerson and he is hands on. Every transporter should have a guy like Gerson!!!...[More]
By Daniel Mercadante on Budget Auto Shipping on Aug 12 2014 1:20PM
do not use this company!!! this has been the most frustrating experience. we have been lied to for 30 days. our car was picked up in va... three days late. we were told that our car would be delivered within seven to 10 days. there have been so many lies told to us by alex that i can't even remember them all. at one point we were told that the driver fell off the truck in texas and someone else had to pick up our car. that was about day 15. at that time we were told it would be two to three more days. didn't happen. at one time we were told the driver was in california delivering cars to the port and we were next. stayed home waiting.. didn't happen. then we were told the driver was delivery cars in compton and he would be delivering to us that evening... needless to say i stayed home but no car. alex literally lied to us on a daily basis. now here we are on day 30. we finally hear from the driver. so we got the driver, larry, and alex on a three-way call. larry claims he picked our car up in north carolina not texas. there are too many lies to recount. no one wants to take responsibility for the horrible service but they all want to get paid. and guess what they have our car. very bad business. we've asked to speak to the owner, but whoever that person is they do not care enough about the client to call. you have been warned!...[More]
By Kristyn Floyd on Budget Auto Shipping on Aug 12 2014 10:04AM
Response from Budget Auto Shipping
Camilo on Aug 12 2014 10:18AM
This customer was an unfortunate and unavoidable circumstance. The Carrier which was assigned to pick up her vehicle, CTG Enterprises had an accident ...[More]
Hired Budget Auto Shipping to transport vehicle from Ohio to Florida. Vehicle was picked up on time and delivered ealy. Extremely pleasant experience and Alex Durant was in constant communication until the vehicle was delivered. Highly recommended. ...[More]
By Luis on Budget Auto Shipping on Aug 8 2014 11:32AM
Budget Auto Shipping's Alex Duran has transported vehicles from Texas, Hawaii and Oklahoma for me. Everything went without a problem and for the price quoted which I thought was a solid value. He takes care of everything and never asks for additional money....[More]
By david porter on Budget Auto Shipping on May 19 2014 7:55PM
budget auto went way above and beyond to accomplish customer contact person constantly stayed in touch with me to keep me informed.i would not use any other carrier.after speaking and shopping around no one else was even in the same category as they were.VERY VERY PROFFESIONAL....THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE..... ...[More]
By steve on Budget Auto Shipping on May 16 2014 11:13AM
I chose budget because it had so many good reviews. I booked about two months prior to my date. I never had contact from the company until a week prior to my move date. (With the exception of me contacting them to see if all was good because I never heard any updates). They assured me that my car would have a driver a week prior. That day came and past. Then it was the Thursday before. Again came and past. Then there was the excuse that it was an easter holiday weekend so we may not find out till the day of. Meanwhile I'm getting calls from other company's saying that they posted my car for more money then quoted in an effort to find a driver. Mind you budget never informed me of this. They eventually found a driver for two days after my date and surprise surprise it was a more expensive rate, which other companies already told me they would do. Definitely felt like a bait and switch. I ended up driving my car out myself and saving the money I would have spent. The only good thing is we got our deposit back *** important to note that after posting this review budget flagged my post as "not our customer" in an effort to not have a negative review. I had to prove to transportation that I was indeed a customer of budget. You bet I'd go that extra mile to have my review posted. Bad business budget!...[More]
By Kelly Anne on Budget Auto Shipping on May 8 2014 12:05PM
Dont waste your time calling around, I already did that. Call alex @Budget auto shipping one call picked up my daughters car in phily in a few hours, delivered to my other daughters door step in del ray beach fla 26 hours courtious polite drivers, no damage, they handled the car like it was own. ...[More]
By on Budget Auto Shipping on May 2 2014 11:04AM
This was the first time I had a car shipped. My daughter is in the Coast Guard and she was just transferred to Cleveland. It made sense to keep 2500 miles off the care, and the wear and tear off my daughter. Budget Auto Shippers had good reviews on line, and the pricing was competitive. I contacted Gerson Fernandez, who was able to give me one price quote for Port Angeles and another for less money for Seattle pick up. They called the day before the day of delivery, and again on delivery day to arrange pick up. We were able to watch as they carefully unloaded my daughter's car from the carrier. They transported the car across country and delivered it timely and without damage. What more can you ask? Five stars to Gerson for keeping things on track....[More]
By James on Budget Auto Shipping on Apr 30 2014 10:17AM
I had a 1966 Catalina picked up in Idaho I bought on E-Bay and shipped to me in Michigan. The trucker was excellent to deal with and he kept in contact with me. Alex was quick with getting it scheduled and the car was moved surprisingly fast.The seller made it a little challenging and the driver was inconvenienced and had to wait about 6 hours but once he had the car it was here real fast. This was my first time having a vehicle moved and I was pleased with the whole process. At first I thought the cost was a little high, but I would have never been able to go there and back for the amount of money it cost me. So I will say that the cost was reasonable. Especially since it would have took me a week off work and Hotel expence and wear and tear on my vehicle. I was pleased with the company and everything worked out well for me. Thank You ...[More]
By Murray Powelson on Budget Auto Shipping on Apr 21 2014 9:57AM
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