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Shipped my vehicle to Hawaii using Horizon auto shipping(Kyle Hallmark). Horizon was late and consistent with excuses causing my car to be over 30 days late. Budget got it right thanks to Veronica ...[More]
By Tony Brown on Budget Auto Shipping on Feb 7 2016 9:08PM
Camilo assured me that every carrier he books maintains $75k insurance coverage then booked my Range Rover on an unlicensed and uninsured transport carrier named AB & Father located in Hialeah FL and Kansas City MO - after missing their delivery window they lied about a tire blow out, then a mechanical issue on their carrier at which point i requested the exact location of my vehicle so i could fly there and pick it up - Camilo thuggishly told me they could hold my car indefinitely - after threatening to involve the police Camilo "comes clean" with the real story that AB and Father transport were involved in a hit and run accident with my vehicle bearing the brunt of the damage and my vehicle had been rendered inoperable - despite commitments to be my "single point of contact" for the transport at the this point Camilo stops all communication under the auspices that the unlicensed and uninsured carried he booked my transport would handle things from here - after demanding proof of insurance and an accident report from AB and Father transport they finally admitted to being uninsured and told us they would repair the Range Rover themselves and return it "like new" - NOT ACCEPTABLE as this voids our warranty and despited repeated requests for the location of our vehicle we still do not have that information or our car back - after contacting the auto crimes division at our local police department they are convinced that Budget and AB & Father are knowingly defrauding customers ...[More]
By Lindsey on Budget Auto Shipping on Feb 1 2016 11:06PM
I had expected the transport of my car from Hawaii to Arizona to be an ordeal. Budget made it an absolute breeze. The process was explained in great detail so I was fully aware of what to expect. The actual cost was far below what I thought at only $1425 from the port to my door. The drop off with Matson was efficient, with the personnel being very aware of the anxiety the customer is feeling and helping to minimize the stress. The car was picked up in Long Beach, by the transport company, on the exact day it was predicted to be available. The drop off at my door was done quickly and within a day of when the car was picked up. I cannot express my appreciation to Budget for how they coordinated the transport. Especially the knowledgeable help of Veronica. If I am ever asked about who to use for a car move, even across the street, I will happily recommend Budget Auto Shipping...[More]
By Robert Vrabel on Budget Auto Shipping on Aug 5 2015 8:46PM
I just shipped my 2011 Dodge Avenger from Honolulu, HI to Oakland, CA via Budget Auto Shipping. Here are the basics of my experience with Budget. Drop Off I called on Friday, July 10th to book a reservation with Budget Auto Shipping after calling around to several shipping companies. Budget was the cheapest option (they offered a military discount) and offered about the same average delivery date as the other companies (PASHA, Matson direct, etc.) so we chose them. I was impressed that I was able to get one of their last spots for the next sailing barge (Saturday, July 18th) so close to the cut off date of Monday, July 13th. The customer service representative was very helpful and nice. We only had to pay a $129.99 deposit to secure our spot. He sent me confirmation emails promptly and made sure I was aware of all the necessary paperwork for the drop off. Drop off went smoothly. I would definitely recommend you show up earlier than 8 AM to get in line. We were running a little late and got there about 5 minutes to 8 and there were already about 15 people in line. Thankfully we only had to wait 45 minutes before it was our turn to give our ID's, car registration, lien holder letter, and booking number to the agent. She then directed us to the payment line where they charged our debit card for the remaining $860.01. Somehow we got lucky and the actual inspection only took about 10 minutes. Pick Up I tracked the car's movements and saw that we were given an approximate July 27th available date for pickup. I checked it again on Friday, July 24th and it showed that the car was available for pickup, but that I would receive a courtesy call verifying it was ready for delivery. Never got a call. I attempted to call them first thing Monday morning and found out the Oakland office does not have a direct line for customer service. I waited for 20 minutes on the Matson 1-800 number before my call was answered. Then they hung up on me! Had to wait about another 15 minutes for the next representative. She was nice and did verify my car was available for pickup, but offered no explanation for why I didn't receive a phone call. Drove to Oakland on Tuesday, July 28th and got to the gate right at 1 PM. The gate guard, office lady, and man who took me to my car were all very pleasant and professional. It was a fairly quick wait. Imagine my surprise though when I got to my row and noticed that they parked my car into the hitch of the SUV in front of me. The worker quickly called his boss who ran over and inspected/took photos before moving the car. Thankfully no damage was done to my actual car frame - only a crunched license plate. No claim was filed or indication on the receipt of delivery. No harm, no foul. It was just annoying honestly. My car was clean on the inside, but filthy on the outside; to be expected. I was a little sad that we didn't get a car wash voucher. Not sure if it's random who gets it, or they don't give it at all at Matson. In the end, I would probably choose to go through Budget Auto Shipping again. My car was at the port on time and in good condition. It was a bit annoying trying to get ahold of customer service and seeing my car parked into another vehicle, but at the end of the day - I'm in CA with my running car. P.S. Thanks Budget for offering a military discount. That's really the main reason I chose you over PASHA or another company. Much appreciated. :) ...[More]
By Liz Osorio on Budget Auto Shipping on Jul 29 2015 2:12AM
setting up appointment was fine. dropping off was fine, but that was with Matson in Hawaii. One day before my car was due to arrive I called Budget and spoke with Veronica. She stated that she did not have a driver to deliver my car to Texas. The only one she had wanted more money. so now the cost to pick up my car increased by 300. My car is still in Long Beach, CA. She said she was not aware this would happen. But you are in the car transport business. You quoted one price and then I have to pay more, bait and switch! What can I do? My car is stuck in Long Beach CA. I am in the military and do not recommend this company....[More]
By John on Budget Auto Shipping on Jun 30 2015 7:53PM
I am happy I found this company online for my moving needs Veronica was very knowledgable and prompted to help me on the process I will not only use their service again but also I will recommend them as well Thanks Veronica ...[More]
By Fanny on Budget Auto Shipping on Jun 24 2015 6:12PM
A stressful move to Hawaii requires great timing from the companies you choose. Though we chosed Budget based on price, they had great customer service. All you can ask is that they pick things up and deliver on time. Simple communications if things are delayed and you get a satisfied customer. We couldn't ask for more. Even when I needed copies for tax reasons, they were friendly and I didn't feel I was an inconvenience. ...[More]
By Etsuko Ji on Budget Auto Shipping on Jun 4 2015 1:19AM
I have already referred an Air Force person (Colorado Springs to FL), I was very pleased from the moment I spoke to Veronica Jaime, courteous, helpful and received all my calls herself. She was honest all the way. Budget has an excellent, professional staff member. So if I hear of anyone needing an auto ship, I will personally give them Veronica's phone number at Budget. Again thank you Budget. Dennis W Zitzka. One super satisfied customer....[More]
By Dennis Zitzka on Budget Auto Shipping on May 15 2015 11:01PM
Couldn’t be happier with the services we got from Budget Auto Shipping! Veronica worked with me responsibly and diligently and the experience from the moment I called to the date we got the car shipped was flawless. Called them in the middle of the holidays on Wednesday December 31, 2014, Hector picked up my car first thing Monday January 5th, 2015 and we got it delivered on Friday, January 9th, 2015. She explained everything in detail, I didn’t even have to sign a contract, just did it all over the phone! Everything happened as described, the price was reasonable, I was able to be in touch with the driver (Hector) all the way and my car was delivered from Miami to Los Angeles in 4 days!!!. I truly recommend Budget Auto Shipping and will most definetly use them again as they went above and beyond to give me the best service to ship my vehicle and to exceed my expectations. Thank you! ...[More]
By Rose on Budget Auto Shipping on Feb 14 2015 4:32PM
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