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It was my first time shipping a car Lecia at Amerifreight made the whole process very simple. I called on a Friday to have truck picked up in Montana she called back and told me they would have it picked up on Saturday morning. The time of the pick up and delivery schedule was on time. Thank you...[More]
By Kurt Shroyer on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 15 Hours Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 7 Hours Ago
Call Lecia 678-621-1768 BBB Accredited, Top Rated Agent...[More]
I was recently making a move from New Hampshire to Florida and had to ship a vehicle because driving didn't fit in with our work schedules. I did a lot of research on transport companies on different websites and ended up contacting Haul Away for a quote. I was really impressed when Craig contacted me within an hour with all of the information that I needed and a great price. We booked the transport and the pick up took place as scheduled with no issues. Once in Florida, I was able to stay in contact with the company for updates and delivery of my vehicle in the Tampa area went off without a hitch. Payment for the services was as described at the time of the quote so there were no surprises along the way and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. ...[More]
By Tricia on Haul Away Logistics LLC about 16 Hours Ago
This was my first time shipping my truck. I posted for it and had many e mails and phone calls john Anthony was the best. Very sincere. Between Dan and john every thing went well trucked arrived on time. I would use them again. Great job!...[More]
By Ben wise on Heartland Trucking about 17 Hours Ago
The booking agent, Felicia Williams, was very helpful in scheduling this, kept us advised and up to date on the process from the beginning making several phone calls and emails as we went through this. I think the price was reasonable for the service provided. The driver contacted me shortly after the dispatch was sent out. We discussed the pickup address and the available time. He arrived within a few minutes of the time picked and got right to work checking the car and loading it. When asked about delivery time the next day he said that it would be around 8:00 a.m. The owner of the other car on the truck behind ours was supposed to meet him at 7:00 a.m. but did not show-up until 11:00 a.m. The driver arrived for our drop-off at 12:30 p.m. He was very apologetic about being late and got right to work unloading the car. The car looked the same as it did when it was picked up the day before. I would not hesitate to use the Auto Shipping Group or this driver again in the future. ...[More]
By Jim Scofield on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 22 Hours Ago
Roger at Plaza Auto Transport really came through with the preparation and delivery of my 2000 Chevy S10 from Sammamish WA to Milpitas CA. Although the pick up time was late Roger calmed me down with assurance that he would follow through for me. The driver was very courteous to my son in WA who assisted in release my truck. Cell phone numbers and names were exchange to relieve the pressure of where are they. I received a call not only from the driver but also the company to assurance the arrival was approaching. Thank you Roger for your patience in explaining the works involved in contracting an auto transport. You warn me about many scams out there and sure enough I received so many calls and emails offering unique deals and I am glad I stayed with you and Plaza Auto Transport. It is true to trust someone who takes the time to explain and when things may seem to go wrong Roger takes the time to follow through. I will use you again soon in the future. Thank you...[More]
By Ed Sacramento on Plaza Auto Transport about 22 Hours Ago
This is the first time I used SHIP A CAR DIRECT. They are very responsible such as sending the emails to make sure everything is OK. The price is reasonable. Definitely I would use this company again....[More]
By Michael on Ship a Car Direct about 22 Hours Ago
Good follow through, always kept me updated, Great associates that are very friendly, helpful and who knows their football, Go Ducks!...[More]
By Mike L. on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 31 2015 12:48AM
Let me start with, I have never shipped anything bigger than a package of coffee for a friend!! Now with that out of the way, I needed transportation for my precious cargo (my 11 Jeep Patriot) from Fullerton, CA to Janaica, NY, and I began the search. Lots of companies offered the transportation in an average of 7-10 days, all with reasonable pricing about (1000~1100 big ones). But I did not want to deal with any hassle along the way, so I asked as many questions as I could possibly think of in order to assure my patriotic companion arrive safe and sound to "the big apple." I must say I pestered and frankly annoyed sales reps almost proffesionally! But one particular company answered my questions almost before I could think of them.. Miranda Camacho at Angel's Moving Autos was exceptional(do not loose this one owners of said company, she is your engine and transmission, both to your company!) Miranda possesses a knowledge of the transportation industry (which I know nothing about), which I am sure is unparalleled by most in this field, is my very modest opinion. She has no tricks or gimmicks, is straightforward and at all times very attentive (she literally listens to what I'm saying in its entirety). So the price given was a little higher than most $1250 firm (believe me I tried haggling, but was given such a beautiful explanation of where all the funds were for, that I was seduced into agreeing...and happily paid the surplus!). So I felt at ease with the fact that very professional personel would handle my little red jeep's safe travels to the big city. The transportation occurred without a hiccup, every one in this great team was great and very professional. P/U was on time and delivery was one day late...which Miranda, (again very sweet girl) reminded me it's not an exact arrival it's an approximated delivery date..Angel's, you really have won the lotto in your company with this one. Thank you Angels, and in particular Miranda. What a great experience!...[More]
By Emmanuel on Angels Moving Autos on Jan 31 2015 12:33AM
Great company. I worked with Malia McClain, who always answered my questions promptly. Car was picked up 7 days after preferred date, but we were in no hurry to get the car sooner. Price was similar or better than other companies. Car arrived in the same condition as pick up. Would definitely use this company again. Thank you! ...[More]
By Monique on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 31 2015 12:22AM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 8 Hours Ago
The driver is very nice. He reached his maximum driving hours at the day of delivery. But he still used his own car to drive me to the parking lot so that I can get my car on time. I am very satisfied with the delivery....[More]
By Jack on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jan 31 2015 12:11AM
I just moved to Arizona and drove one car and had the other car shipped by Quality Car Move . They delivered it too fast and the car beat me there LOL..But it wasnt a problem I had someone there to receive the vehicle .All in all , no problems and I am very pleased . 5 stars for sure...[More]
By charlie rigby on Quality Car Move on Jan 30 2015 9:21PM
Response from Quality Car Move
Chris on Jan 30 2015 9:24PM
I have been using the services provided by Robert Martin for the last 2 years, he helped me when others could not. He has been prompt on finding a transport for my vehicles, and kept me informed throughout the whole process. His services are invaluable to me, and the cost is very reasonable if not cheap, I will continue to use his services to transport my vehicle in the future. The level of professionalism he should me is unmatched. Thank you Robert ...[More]
By Ahmed on Dynamic Auto Movers on Jan 30 2015 9:07PM
I have had my car transported by this company 3 times, the first 2 times were ok. The 3rd time I paid Alberta NewWoman $100.00 or risk cancellation of contract. he quotes me a total price of $1350.00, however the actual company doing the transporting wanted $1350.00 to release my car in the destination state. I called Sun Auto Transport and told this to Alberta NewWoman and she assured me she would pay me back the first $100.00 I gave her. That was August, it is now December, 4 months later and I have not be repaid. When I would call he would not answer the phione because, however when I called form another he seemed SHOCKED i had not been paid. And every time it was the same story, I will take care of it but never did. TODAY is WEDNESDAY December 3, 2014, he said he would make the payment TODAY, but he will not answer my emails asking if he is going to pay me today. Also, noe one ever answer the phone except Alberta NewWoman, but at the review site I have read a review and a person named Sergio have gotten involved in some replies from customers leaving NEGAtIVE reviews, because he is a "co-owner". This is for you Sergio, why in the hell do you allow alberta to run rough shot over people that put monety in your pocket and feed you and your family??! He has ruined every chance that I will ever use your company again. I do not take kindly to being lied to or stolen from. Alberta knew he overcharged me (that is called stealing), lied about paying me back (that makes him a LIAR). I will send emails everyday until I am paid what you have stolen from me Alberta. Be a man and not a BUM. If you steal from people and lie to them too, that makes you a BUM! Open your email tomorrow and find my email asking for my money....[More]
By BRIAN on Sun Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 8:52PM
Response from Sun Auto Transport
albert newman on Jan 30 2015 9:36PM
This guy is been threating everyone here, he is a joke, this guy has no respect we did our job and now his doing this . Get a life and let people work...[More]
Liz, Bears Transport, contacted me immediately after I posted an open bid. Liz was patient, professional, thorough and honest. Some of the other bids went up when I discussed further detail to schedule the transport. The quote Liz gave me didn't change even after we changed the pick up date from the original quote. I was able to contact Liz immediately when I had questions. From before the car was picked up until it was delivered, she was always available. The driver was prepared to pick the car up a day or two early. Liz advised us of the early pick up, but there wasn't any pressure for us to go with the earlier date. She worked with us to have the car picked up at our convenience. This is the 4th time we have shipped a car across country. If we ship a car again, I will contact Bears Transport immediately....[More]
By Anderson on Bears Transport on Jan 30 2015 8:21PM
Lightning came in at the middle of the pack from a pricing perspective. I was referred by a shipping company my relocation company uses, and after speaking with Matt, felt they were the right group. Brian called 24 hours after signing the contract to let me know that Tom with SBT Auto would be our driver. Tom is extremely punctual. He gives you a two hour window and then arrives 1 minute into the window. Tom explained the distance, length of time for the transport and when we should hear from him next. Tom called exactly as stated and delivered the van a few minutes into the delivery window. While it was extremely dirty from driving through non-stop snowstorms, it arrived in exactly the same condition we delivered to Tom. I would use Lightning and Tom with SBT again in a heartbeat....[More]
By John on Lightning Auto Carriers on Jan 30 2015 8:20PM
While they may have their own trucks, this business also acts as a broker. While that condition is disclosed on their web site, no mention was made of a sub-contractor being used. Transport fee was excessive for level of service and carrier quality provided. Broker had no knowledge of carrier equipment, and misrepresented loading capability, trailer type, condition and dimensions. Gratefully vehicle arrived undamaged but I would not want to chase a claim with such disreputable people. $800 more than Reliable and barely more protection with an open carrier....what's not to hate?...[More]
By Mike Hess on Enclosed Vehicle Transport Inc. on Jan 30 2015 8:10PM
Miranda and her team did excellent job transporting my classic. She connected me with Ok Auto Carrier. Driver who loaded my car knew exactly what he was doing. Car is manual with racing clutch. Special cover was provided along with daily updates via text or email. Would use again! Great team!...[More]
By Peter D on Angels Moving Autos on Jan 30 2015 7:51PM
They are good and prompt in intimating and picking up cars. I have recommended to others and will certainly go with them if there is a need. Response: We are a car transport company with numerous years of experience in the auto shipping industry. We provide honest, reliable and incredibly affordable auto transport service. Dont trust just anybody - loads of references available upon request. Call us for an instant quote on your own car transport job - we have the best prices in town! Call us 407-268-6689 ...[More]
By Nicholas Jeyanth EJ on Above All Transporters on Jan 30 2015 7:42PM
The lack of responsibility or involvement in the transport delays by the broker, Envisions Relocation, was extremely poor. The car was picked up as promised on a date that Envision guaranteed would insure delivery as requested. The vehicle was delivered 7 days late. Only by dealing directly with the carrier was I able to track the vehicle and coordinate its final delivery. It should be noted that the carrier CFR Rinkens, especially Joey Ruiz, were extremely accommodating and took responsibility for their part in the delay. Including a discount on the final payment to compensate me for a rental car. I would never contract with a broker again after this experience. ...[More]
By Marc on Envision Auto Relocations Inc. on Jan 30 2015 7:39PM
I had received the reference of Jay Morin from one of my friends friend through word of mouth. I had called Jay for a quote on 1-24-2015 to move my car from Nashville TN, to Miami FL by 1-28-2015, on a very short notice. He quoted $475, which was nearly $120 cheaper than other shipping companies. I was skeptical about the price & service until I looked at the satisfied customer reviews on Google. With 30 minutes call on his phone on 1-24-2015, I was convinced, Jay was genuinely up to his commitment. Upon placing the order, he charged me $100 on credit card as an advance and the balance payment of $375 was to be made after the delivery to the trucker. He had asked me to e-Sign the document of agreement (details about car, shipping from & to, payment details etc). He explained the process in detail with clarity on each and every step (what should-should not be in the car trunk with every minute detail) On 1-26-2015, he sent me an E-mail and a SMS, stating the vehicle has been dispatched with Drivers contact details well in advance. The driver contacted me 6 hours well in advance about the pickup time for vehicle. The driver came right on time, collected the vehicle on the evening of 1-26-2015 in Nashville TN, and delivered the vehicle in Miami FL on 1-28-2015 evening. The vehicle was in perfectly good condition, no scratches. The car was handled like baby I had made the balance payment through cash (though a check or a money order was also acceptable). The driver was a very nice gentleman. I would certainly recommend Jay Morins transport service who would want to their vehicle to be moved with the best cheapest rate...[More]
By Mahavir V on Jay's Auto Transport Inc. on Jan 30 2015 7:32PM
1968 Mustang NJ - MN. Quoted and contract for $1125. Found out after the car was on the truck and departed that it would be $1225. Was offered a free broker fee for my next transport but wont find out if that would be honored or not . At the end of the day the car was delivered on time and in good shape. The broker was prompt at returning and answering calls even at off hours. The two star review is a direct result of this site saying if you would not use them again that is the highest they can get. In reality they should probably have gotten a three. ...[More]
By Cameron on Ship Your Car Now LLC. on Jan 30 2015 7:24PM
The auto transporter kept in close communication with the party who was present at the pick-up and the person where the delivery was scheduled. The person was prompt and professional. I would definitely use this company again. The car was promised to be picked up on Friday at 3pm and when the driver had a cancellation he contacted me immediately and informed me the pick up would be at 12 noon. The dispatcher said the car would be delivered on Monday before 12 noon and that took place on time without any damage to the car. ...[More]
By Janelle Bowersox on Ship a Car Direct on Jan 30 2015 7:05PM
The company is very knowledgeable about moving the vehicle. Driver was very curtius and on time. There was no Damage to my vehicle It was dirty because it was moved in a snow storm but that is to be expected ...[More]
By Dale Archer on UZ Auto Trans Inc. on Jan 30 2015 6:30PM
Bill Avrich was very nice guy on the phone and he helped us hire a car hauler quickly. I would use him again....[More]
By David Eschelbach on Transport Connection on Jan 30 2015 6:25PM
I am a Mercedes Benz dealer in Houston and have been using Jim Page with Nation's Auto Transport for over three years and have had a great time working with him. Great customer service!!!!...[More]
By Gordon on Nations Auto Transport LLC on Jan 30 2015 6:18PM
Driver Jay was great but arrived early. When I called Jimmy to reschedule he initially said delivery dates were not guaranteed. I was not happy because I paid extra to ensure the delivery window. I was finally able to reach Abraham Express and they rescheduled....[More]
By Paul Arthur on Auto Transport 123 on Jan 30 2015 6:14PM
I highly recommend Auto Passage Transport. My car arrived on time and in perfect condition. Todd was very easy to work with even after I had to change my dates....[More]
By Ryan Dotson on Passage Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 6:13PM
After another company failed to follow through on a contact, Joe Tutera with Nations Auto Transport got right on our need to transport our vehicle from Olathe, Kansas to Palm Springs, California. We were leaving by air in just a few days after contacting Joe. We left on a Monday, our vehicle was picked up on Tuesday, and arrived in Palm Springs on Friday. We could not have been happier with the service provided by Joe and the transporter of our vehicle. The transport driver called to indicate his arrival at the dealership, he had the vehicle unloaded and ready to go right away. I was most pleased with Joe, his responsiveness to our need, and the ability to assist us with this process. I certainly recommend Joe Tutera and will not hesitate to call him again for any future need. ...[More]
By Ron Wimmer on Nations Auto Transport LLC on Jan 30 2015 5:51PM
I picked this company because they were very honest and forthright. They gave me all the answers to the questions I had. Really liked dealing with manny he really knew the transportation business. Thank you National Auto Shipping....[More]
By Rob Billups on National Auto Shipping on Jan 30 2015 5:50PM
The move of the car from NJ to TX with this company was easy and worry free. They are good, helpful and know what need to be done to keep the customer happy. I would recommend this company....[More]
By Nagendra on RNR Logistics on Jan 30 2015 5:42PM
Stephanie did a thorough job managing our delivery. Driver was also very helpful In communicating transit timing ...[More]
By Michael on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 30 2015 5:19PM
Stephanie did a thorough job managing our delivery. Driver was also very helpful In communicating transit timing ...[More]
By Michael on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 30 2015 5:19PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 30 2015 5:53PM
The car was good at the time at delivery in good condition and fast effective and reliable no incovenience with the driver no extra damage and the car was well taken carr of...[More]
By Wolfgang on Auto Transport 123 on Jan 30 2015 5:02PM
Very professional and provides any updates relative to status of the delivery. This is the second time this company was responsible to deliver my vehicle. I have had no problems and the process has been smooth. I would use them again if the occasion arises....[More]
By Sylvan Clarke on Gold Star Transport on Jan 30 2015 4:54PM
My son moved from new jersey to arizona. I wish I knew our driver's last name but I don't. His first name is Joe and I commend him for keeping in touch with us the way he did. The first date available to pick up the car was Jan. 19. Joe called on Jan 18 to say he'd pick up the car on the l9th but then called back. He was running behind and would not be able to pick up the car until Jan. 20 between 1 and 5. Good to his word, he picked up the car at 4:00 on Jan 20. Said it would take approx 7 days to get to AZ and the car was delivered 7 days later in the same condition as when it left and we are very pleased. I would recommend Alena to anyone moving a car....[More]
By carolyn cavaliere on Alena Enterprise Inc. on Jan 30 2015 4:41PM
This is ridiculous and so is this broker, nothing but lies and false promises, I should have read all ratings and done my research, I have requested a refund in full. I do not appreciate the time wasted on me and I regret the time I wasted trying to give this organization a second chance. The absolute worst experience I have ever had with anyone in the service industry. This organization will never amount to anything, definitely the worst business practices I have ever encountered. A bunch of low life scumbags! I tried to setup a pickup from New Jersey to Texas, but never locked in specific dates. We agreed on a price of $1,400 and agreed that no sale would be final until I call in to confirm all details. After I discovered the car was no longer available for purchase from New Jersey I called in to cancel the order and requested a refund, they said they already found a freight company to pickup my car and that the $150 charged to my credit card can no longer be refunded. This made no sense to me, since I never once agreed on a date or even an address to pickup the car since I was not 100% certain that I would even be purchasing the car. So then a few days go by as I waited for their response and was able to find another vehicle for sale in North Carolina. So instead of arguing with these ignorant people I decided to give them a second chance. I specifically requested a hard wall hydraulic lift trailer due to the nature of the car that was going to be handled. After I finalized the deal on the car I called back and said that the car will be ready for pickup Friday of the current week. They said if next Tuesday would work, I said that would be fine no big deal, so long as I receive photos of the unit that will transporting my vehicle for my personal reassurance, they agreed and said they will shoot me an email within the hour. Tuesday rolls around, no pictures, no phone call and no correspondence as far as tracking number or even phone number to the actual carrier that will be handling my vehicle. So I call in and ask for an update, Jennifer says she was just about to call me with an update, so then I get more lies and false promises about speaking with the carrier and that she will be sending the pictures over by email in 30 minutes. So I patiently wait and Thursday rolls this time I'm just like can I please just get my car shipped to me cause now the dealer is bugging me about getting the car picked up. So I speak with the dispatcher which tells me they finally found a hauler and they all use the same units and he will be shooting over their information so I can research them and see their units on their website. I asked how is it that they just found a hauler if Jennifer promised me a hauler was already assigned since Thursday the week before and she promised that it would be picked up on Tuesday, and now its Thursday of the following week and the dispatcher is telling me the car will be picked up this Friday, a whole week after the car has been sitting there waiting. LIES!!! So here I am a whole week later and still being promised that the car will be picked up this week and that now instead of the $850 we agreed on it is now $1,000 and after looking at the website and the unit that would be hauling my car is nothing close to what we agreed on which was supposed to be a hard wall trailer with hydraulic lift just like the NASCAR trailers like I was promised from day one. Unbelievable, it is difficult to even put into words the absolute frustration that is felt trying to give people a second chance and they just continue to bury you in lies and false promises. See for yourself if these guys look like they run NASCAR style trailers: this has all been one big mistake and an absolute joke to even work with these scumbags! I was not paid to post this and after asking the broker for a website to leave a review they refused to give it to me. That is probably why they only have 40 reviews over the past 2 years. They hide everything they can and just drag you along. I have yet to hear from anyone there since my last conversation with them where I told them to just cancel everything and refund me my money which they clearly did not earn....[More]
By ADRIAN on Nation Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 4:19PM
Kathy at Crib to Crib was amazing. She handled the car carrier who couldn't have been better and Kathy kept in touch with me all the way making sure it was going smoothly. I will use Crib to Crib in the future and will recommend them to anyone transporting a car....[More]
By carolyn cavaliere on Crib to Crib Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 4:14PM
Angie was very helpful, informative and her assistance was impeccable. My car was delivered exactly on time and the price was phenomenal I was very pleased a great employee. ...[More]
By sebastian cole on Dynamic Auto Movers on Jan 30 2015 3:59PM
This was my first time using auto transport123 and i have never transported a car before. I was able to trust them with no problem thanks to Basha's reassurance. My cost from VA- CA was $1225. Great service and seamless and easy process....[More]
By Murray Joiner on Auto Transport 123 on Jan 30 2015 3:58PM
Overall carrier sercice was excellent and responsive.Price was higher than quoted (100.00)but delivery was exactly as advertised and load /unload times off the truck were quick.Vehichle was pristine when shipped and pristine when delivered.I would use them again.I would enjoy text updates next time....[More]
By M.R on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 30 2015 3:53PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 30 2015 4:17PM
WENDY BARKER 360 214 3680 Thank you very much for this 5 star review. I truly appreciate it! It was a pleasure working ...[More]
I called Jason after dealing with a company that had given me the run around for about a week. He went out of his way to find me someone to ship my car across the country within days. He arranged everything and made it so easy for me. The cost was extremely reasonable and it arrived in California early. ...[More]
By Kinsley on Auto Transport 123 on Jan 30 2015 3:49PM
United Car transport took devilery of my Corvette and delivered it quickly with no issues. I would absolutely use United Car Transport again due to their professionalism and dilegence. ...[More]
By Jacob on United Car Transport on Jan 30 2015 3:45PM
I was super nervious about shipping my car across the country (detroit to los angeles). This is my first car, I just got it from the dealership and I didnt want it to get damaged. So I went on the Internet to read all of the horror stories and find a company with little to none of them. After searching for a few days I found Ship A Car Direct. Called them up , my sales associate Kay was amazing she answered my thousand simple questions without getting frustrated and was happy to help. Ship A Car Direct hooked me up with Eagle Auto Transport who had impeccable reviews. Eagle notified me an hour before they picked my car up and an hour before they dropped it off. They actually got my car to LA 2 days earlier than quoted. My car was in perfect condition not a scratch or ding on it! I'm so glad that I choose Ship A Car Direct!...[More]
By Brandon on Ship a Car Direct on Jan 30 2015 3:37PM
Very Fast, Dependable & Awsome Service from the start to finish! Would Highly Recomend To All & Everyone!! Thank U David Fisher & the crew of United American Transport!! Aloha Patrick Villaruel Las Vegas Nevada....[More]
By Patrick Villaruel on United American Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 3:29PM
Firs time move, it was overwhelming. Don Edwards made it as stress and hassle free as possible. I got my car shipped for the exact price and without any upsell when the car was delivered. No deposit until the car was picked up (Broker fee). Car was late BUT that was due to weather. Had issues contacting the Driver, however this wasn't a big deal. I feel confident with Don Edward and Motors Movers Auto Transport(480-428-1260); 10/10 would use this company/Don again!...[More]
By jeff on Motor Movers Auto Transport on Jan 30 2015 3:21PM
Had enclosed carrier of classic car, 68 Mustang with a new paint job, transported from Oklahoma to Florida. Everything went smooth and the car arrived in great shape without any problems. I spoke with Ross and he was very helpful in getting me set up. We had used AT123 before and had a good experience so we decided to use them again. If there was one improvement I would offer AT123 it is that they should call and confirm a day or two before pickup. Ross said an email was sent, but we never received it. We didn't know they were coming to pickup until an hour before they called....[More]
By Joe V on Auto Transport 123 on Jan 30 2015 3:17PM
Great experience with them, they took care of any problems that came up. From FL to California, the driver actually got them before I flew there and they arranged to hold my car in a storage facility until I came. They also managed to get it delivered from the storage facility to my place in California ASAP after I arrived. No hassle on my part and everyone was friendly and immediately very helpful. Would definitely go with them to ship my car if needed without a second thought....[More]
By Keith on Angels Moving Autos on Jan 30 2015 2:35PM
I would use auto transport again.**********************************************************************************************************************************************************...[More]
By Jan on Auto Transport 123 on Jan 30 2015 2:28PM
Customer service was excellent. Felicia Williams went above a beyound to keep me informed on the status of the transportation of my vehicle. I never had any difficulty contacting Felicia and when a response was requested she was prompt with returning a reply. ...[More]
By John A Lopez on Auto Shipping Group Inc. on Jan 30 2015 2:25PM
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey on Jan 30 2015 2:53PM
** Call Felicia @ (602) 428-6872 or email** Hello John, It's great to hear from you! Thank you so much for taking time o...[More]
This is the first time I have dealt with shipping a car, especially across the country, from Pittsburgh PA to San Diego CA. Of course, ton of research was done but just like everyone else, I was very confused from the variety of services and different ads from the internet. I was worried, what if they manipulate and overcharge me, my car never arrives or it comes but with damages, etc... I finally called Ship a Car Direct based on the number of good reviews they had compared to other companies, and talked to David. He was able to walk me through every single step of the way, answer all questions I had, made sure the price range was reasonable, got me the carrier I need within the timeframe I requested, and followed up with me entire way to make sure my car was delivered on time. I didn't know shipping a car would be this easy. If any of my friends is looking for a good service for car transport, I wouldn't hesitate to refer them this company. They WORK WITH YOU, NOT FOR YOU, therefore, they don't take advantage of you for their own benefits. They are patient enough to deal with someone as intense and "Type A" of a personality like me. Most importantly, my car was picked up and delivered super ON-TIME with ZERO DAMAGE. Again, if you're struggling looking for a good company to ship your car and not sure who to trust, like how I was a couple weeks ago, you may want to consider SHIP A CAR DIRECT as your choice. You will be happy with the result. ...[More]
By Mai Nguyen on Ship a Car Direct on Jan 30 2015 2:10PM
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