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Called Stateway Auto Transport and talked to a rep named Dawn Morrison. She got me connected to a sales person who sent me a quote to move my Honda Civic I was buying from Florida to New York. They said they could get the job done, and they did. They had my Civic picked up in 3 days and had it shipped up to New York in 4 days. They handled everything, and all I had to do was pay the bill, which was cheaper than I could have flown down and picked up the Civic. When they say they will deliver, they did. Why would you go anywhere else. Call this company and they will do the work for you. I would use them again anytime. I cannot say enough good about this company. Totally pleased....[More]
By Phillip Wilson on Stateway Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
If you're thinking about using them to transport your automobile run and run fast! Rich, is the sleaziest guy I have ever encountered. Not only did he misrepresent the nature of their business, they pulled a bait and switch and STILL managed to charge my credit card. Originally I was contacted by Rich to transport my vehicle. He said quote, "we're not like the other guys, we have our own trucks to transport your vehicle." Not true. They're brokers just like the others. He even went as far as guaranteeing my car would be picked up by a specific date, another lie. When the transport company contacted me to arrange a pickup time, not only were they unaware of what Anytime mentioned, they told me the exact opposite - causing major problems with my timeline. I called the sales department and they told me customer service was in another building! The gentleman gave me a number to call that didn't work. I finally spoke with Rich and he proceeded to ask me, "what happened?" I challenged him and he hung up. I finally got someone from customer service to answer. Anna told me to send an email requesting to cancel so I did. Today I look and there's still a charge on my credit card for the entire amount. They are beyond shady. Do yourself a favor if you're considering transporting an automobile. Check the BBB or using a DIRECT trucking company. These guys are the definition of crooks!...[More]
By Chris on AAA Anytime Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich about 6 Hours Ago
To Chris We cannot find you in our data base. Please provide us with your order number so we can verify if you are our customer. Thank you very much ...[More]
Jessica was outstanding! My fiancé and I made a move from New Jersey to California, . Response: For a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 Dont spend more than you have to! Completely licensed and insured auto transport company servicing the whole US with both open and enclosed car transport. Cars, boats and bicycles - long and short paths - we do it all! Contact us today for a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 ...[More]
By J. Paul on American Auto Transportation about 6 Hours Ago
Funny how AAA Anytime's Receipt/Contract doesn' t even have a Order #. 2/16/2015 - I was desperately looking for a car transporter to ship my car from IA to WA. I got several calls but AAA Anytime called me and proceeded to tell me what I wanted to hear. A. They will deliver withing 3-4 days. They use their own trucks and 2 drivers. HASNT HAPPENED YET. My time period was 2/17 to 2/19 because I had to pack my whole house and move my family to WA. I was on military orders to change duty stations. So they preyed on my desperation. I had another company already looking for me ($2049), and they sales guy from AAA Anytime (Jim Paige) told me that the cheapest I can get it for is $2298. I was desperate to get my cars shipped out BEFORE I leave and have them when I get on base. Because you know, with a child and huge base, you NEED a car to go get groceries, supplies etc. SO I thought, these guys are guaranteeing it'll be there withing 3-4 days. I'll pay extra to get it sooner. Today is 2/25 and the transporter is still in Council Bluffs, IA. A WEEK AFTER THE CARS WAS PICKED UP! I would reference an order number but the receipt/contract doesn't even have one. When I called customer service, which is the worst I have come across, it repeatedly goes into a voice mail OR a beep like a fax machine and hangs up on you. The chance I did get through, Melissa (I don't remember the name), proceeded to tell me that it should be there this Friday or Saturday. Mind you, I called on 2/23/15 and the same person told me it'd be there that evening. ALL LIES. When I called today 2/25/2015, she proceeds to tell me that the cars will be there on Friday or Saturday (2/27 or 28). And this apparently after calling the truck driver. She repeatedly tells me to call the truck driver of which I keep telling her, I have my dealing with YOU not the truck driver. And she tells me that the truck drivers work for them. Exactly, which means, YOU, AAA Anytime has to coordinate with THEM to make sure the shipments come on time. After I got angry and tried to explain to her how I have to go to work, I have no way or no one to go get groceries she yelled at me and hung up. Is this how customers are treated now days? I don't think so. And I don't think that companies like AAA Anytime paint a pretty picture for all the other companies out there trying to do it right and being honest. My regret is I should have NEVER used this company, and as a service member, to be treated like this is saddening. I will share contracts, even the truck driver can attest to the lies and deceit of this company. No use yelling at the driver, he's just driving. It's AAA Anytime who are the liers, crooks and thieves....[More]
By Heshan Mudannayake on AAA Anytime Inc. about 6 Hours Ago
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich about 6 Hours Ago
To Heshan You are not our customer you never shipped a vehicle with AAA Anytime, Inc. if you had you would have an order number, and since you admit t...[More]
Dakota at Capital Auto Transport was very helpful and informative in assisting me with the process of getting my car shipped. The price I was quoted was exactly what I paid. While the actual carrier picked up the car a few days late due to inclimate weather, the car arrived earlier than expected -only 2-3 days from pick up. Overall, I was extremely pleased with Capital Auto Transport and would absolutely recommend them. ...[More]
By Thomas Cunningham on Capitol Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
Very helpful and friendly staff. They assigned a truck within days and was transported promptly. Use this service a lot for my business and am very happy....[More]
By Pascal on Direct Express Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
Wading through a raft of high-pressure offers from transport brokers, I happened on the Yelp! reviews for Mike Dakota and Transport Americas. He got consistently high marks and, practically alone in its class, had great BBB ratings. Based on my recent experience, all well deserved. The process was clean, clear, simple and just as-advertised, all upfront and no surprises or hassles. My car was delivered from NY to CA on time and, aside from some understandable dust, in perfect condition. No regrets. Recommended....[More]
By Stephen Manning on Transport Americas about 6 Hours Ago
Very helpful and friendly staff. They assigned a truck within days and was transported promptly. Use this service a lot for my business and am very pleased....[More]
By Pascal on Direct Express Auto Transport about 6 Hours Ago
By WAYNE on Passage Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
Very helpful and friendly staff. They assigned a truck within days and was transported promptly. Use this service a lot for my business and am very pleased....[More]
By Pascal on Direct Express Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
I received a quote from this company for $650 to ship a car from NC to IA. I had previously received a quote from another company for $600 and asked if they could match that. They said they could and I sent them confirmation. Later I got a call from them that the cost would actually be $750 instead of the price of $600 they quoted. Then I was told by Ken's mother that a quote is nothing more than an estimate. This is "Bait and Switch" in its purest form. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I then contacted Kevin Mathews at Dynamic Auto Movers LLC. Kevin transported my car in a timely manner at the exact price he quoted. I would recommend this company for its honesty, accuracy, integrity and professionalism....[More]
By Doug on Car Shipper USA LLC about 7 Hours Ago
Response from Car Shipper USA LLC
Glen Holsman about 5 Hours Ago
Bad weather, our truck broke down, unfortunate circumstances. We put a lot of effort to move this vehicle but could not satisfy this customer. We apol...[More]
The team at Get It Done Transportation provided exceptional service. Kat and her team were able to jump in for another company that was being delayed due to inclement weather. Overall customer service and update to communication was remarkable. Thanks so much Get It Done Transportation staff. I certainly recommend the company and would not hesitate utilize your services again in the future. Sincerely, Very Pleased Customer ...[More]
By A. M. Curry on Get it Done Transportation about 7 Hours Ago
This is the 3rd time I've used Above All Transporters. Janine has always been my go to and I wouldn't want anyone else to handle the shipping of my vehicle. . Response: For a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 Dont spend more than you have to! Completely licensed and insured auto transport company servicing the whole US with both open and enclosed car transport. Cars, boats and bicycles - long and short paths - we do it all! Contact us today for a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 ...[More]
By Christine Soto on Above All Transporters about 7 Hours Ago
After much deliberation over the multiple responses from transport companies, we were very pleased with our choice. Lauren was very efficient in helping us work through the details of shipment of our son's vehicle. The original price increased by $75 due to our lack of proximity to a major city. Pick up and delivery occurred on schedule as discussed. We would definitely recommend them again....[More]
By Judy on AutoStar Transport Express about 7 Hours Ago
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon about 5 Hours Ago
Thanks for the great review!!! You were an excellent customer so Lauren and I were happy to help! If you have any family or friends that require trans...[More]
Absolutely excellent service from start to finish. Dakota was very helpful in describing the process and exactly what would happen. The pickup was on time, and the delivery was very early (which was great for me)....[More]
By Austin on Capitol Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
I called Michael in January 2015 to arrange transport of my daughter's car. She was moving to the west coast. At the beginning before the contract was signed he was very prompt, attentive and very nice. Once the contract was signed, he wouldn't answer his phone for several days. We would leave messages and he wouldn't respond. He told lie after lie. He told me and my daughter that he could get her car to her within 5 days from pickup. That was the biggest lie. The contract stated that as well. Including the delivery date. My daughter had to pretty much hunt Michael down to get a hold of him and get answers. Finally Michael calls back and says they don't know when they are going to deliver her car! The delivery is several days late and they still have NO IDEA!!! Michael told lie after lie with NO remorse. Michael even told me that his "family" runs a fleet of trucks that's family owned and operated. Not only was that a bold face lie, he is a BROKER and is not an owner at all!!! STAY FAR AWAY from this place. They will say and do anything to get your money and keep you in the dark. HIRE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...[More]
By TD on Auto Transport Family Inc. about 7 Hours Ago
My driver was great! Connected me the day before delivering my car. Helped me once we got the car off the truck. My car needed a jump, he grabbed the cables and hooked it up for me. He did not have to do that but he did. He was great and kind! He went above of what he needed to do. ...[More]
By Leslie on Direct Express Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
This is the second time Ive used this company to transport a vehicle I purchased on eBay. Both times Ive used them, the service has been great. I would recommend. Prompt, professional and friendly....[More]
By ashley on Direct Express Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
Great service and quality service. All service was provided on time and with courtesy people. The service was cheap and good. The customer service was very helpful with any and all questions I had concerning the service. They even helped me verify that they were the best service for the price....[More]
By Darien Ladner on AutoStar Transport Express about 7 Hours Ago
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon about 5 Hours Ago
Hello Darien, Thanks for the good review. We appreciate your feedback and are glad you received your vehicle. If you or anyone you know would like a v...[More]
The service was pretty accurate good attention great customer experience! Excellent, fast servica same day pick up and delivery very gentel peopel and helpfull...[More]
By Wolfgang silva on Auto Transport 123 about 7 Hours Ago
We transport about one to three cars per month. This was our first experience with Motor Movers, and likely our very last. The commissioned the actual transport to be carried out by Abraham Express and that where the nightmare scenario began. Ben, and Motor Movers' Representative was very helpful and prompt initially, however when the delivery was repeatedly delayed, we had to escalate the situation to Lauren the "Manager" whom was by accounts, very courteous and helpful. The car was collected within two days of signing the contract. We were provided updates via Abraham Express that the car was in transport. Twice were informed that the transport truck broke down once in Nevada, and a second time it had hit severe weather in Ohio. Then a day prior to the revised delivery date, now some 5 days late, we received a call from Abraham Express, where Caesar informed us that the car in question was still in CA and that a rogue employee had decided to misinform clients since he did not know how to manage the repeated delays. Needless to say this is when we had to contact Motor Movers, and until we escalated the situation to Laura, Ben was not helpful. The car was delivered 20 days after pickup. It was some 13 days late, and the Air Suspension was damaged during transport. Motor Movers absolved themselves of any responsibility and Abraham Express declined to pay for the claim citing that it was below their $1000 Insurance Deductible. We will never use either company, yet we have since discovered whilst this may have been an unusual issue for Motor Movers, this is consistent with Abraham Express and how they conduct business. ...[More]
By M. on Motor Movers Auto Transport about 7 Hours Ago
Response from Motor Movers Auto Transport
Motor Movers Representative about 7 Hours Ago
Matteo, I apologize for the mishap with Abraham Express. Laura was able to get you a $200 discount from the carrier, Unfortunately we don't have contr...[More]
Great service from start to finish. Up front with window for delivery. Picked up and delivered when promised. Friendly and Reliable. . Response: For a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 Dont spend more than you have to! Completely licensed and insured auto transport company servicing the whole US with both open and enclosed car transport. Cars, boats and bicycles - long and short paths - we do it all! Contact us today for a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 ...[More]
By David Cooper on American Auto Transportation about 8 Hours Ago
After receiving many phone calls and emails I received a call from K.C Harrington. He took the time to breakdown the industry witch helped me make the right decision. Most brokers wanted an upfront deposit witch I was warned not to give until a carrier was assigned to move the vehicle. I booked the order on 2-23 and the vehicle was picked up on 2-25 as promised. The driver assigned gave me plenty of notice before pickup and delivery. Everything went well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to ship there vehicle. The communication was unbelievable witch made me feel very comfortable. Thank you K.C @ Polar Express!...[More]
By Merisa Callaghan on Polar Express Auto Transport Inc about 8 Hours Ago
Everett was a professional from start to finish. The price in which he quoted, was the same price all the way through. The driver was courteous and on time. Everett called and kept me updated with all aspects of the move and was easy to reach when i had questions. Upon delivery, my car was returned to me in one piece. No damage at all. I was very pleased with this company and highly recommend them!...[More]
By Don Ducard on US Car Transporters LLC about 8 Hours Ago
My transport was for a 2006 BMW, picked up from a dealer in Arizona. The contact originally was Basha, who thoroughly explained the process to me, and was very fair on pricing for my job. The drive called prior to pick up, and kept me updated along his route. My delivery was on time, the driver, Alex was very professional. The car was as expected, looked great. I was very happy with the complete process....[More]
By Dean on Auto Transport 123 about 8 Hours Ago
In spite of lots of snow and general bad weather, my son's car made it to Texas without any problems. The driver was in constant communication and the trucking company was managing the situation at every step. It was a flawless experience, highly recommend....[More]
By J Moore on Direct Express Auto Transport about 8 Hours Ago
Great experience overall. The company was easy to contact for questions, help, etc. They were responsive to our needs as we needed to make a few changes to our reservation. They were on time with the pick ups and drop offs. ...[More]
By X on Auto Transport 123 about 8 Hours Ago
Pretty reliable. Everything was upfront and forward with no hidden costs. I would use this company again if needed....[More]
By Jake on AutoStar Transport Express about 8 Hours Ago
Response from AutoStar Transport Express
Mike Cannon about 8 Hours Ago
Hi Jake, Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to post this review. I am pleased that everything went according to plan but I am not surp...[More]
I own a small dealership and transport vehicles twice a month. Countrywide made it very simple and stress free. Countrywide is now my go to guys. I would highly recommend this company. ...[More]
By Brad Chiodo on Countrywide Auto Transport about 9 Hours Ago
Was quick reliable and knew where my car was at all times. The people were very nice and helped me get my car home. ...[More]
By Shiv Patel on Auto Transport 123 about 10 Hours Ago
This is the Best transportation with Excellent service. My special thanks to the Agent 'Abdiel' who was very prompt in delivering my vehicle on time. I will definitely consider to use it again....[More]
By Rohit Kumar on Transport Americas about 10 Hours Ago
Very honest and informative! Except for the blizzards out east, vehicle was on time. Also kept in touch with me through emails and phone calls. If you have shipped before and have not used Transport Connection, try them. If you have never shipped before, they are worth every penny....[More]
By Chuck Harkness on Transport Connection about 10 Hours Ago
We had our daughter's car shipped from Utah to Virginia. The service we received from Montway was excellent from beginning to end. The car was picked up and delivered on the arranged dates. Both the customer service rep Chase as well as the driver Nathan were in communication with us throughout the process. The car was delivered without a scratch and all of the content in the trunk. Excellent experience! Definitely will use Montway in the future!...[More]
By Jim on Montway Auto Transport about 10 Hours Ago
I hired this company transport a car/boat/motorcycle from x to y and i there reliable and i will use them again in the future. ...[More]
By julie on Dynamic Auto Movers about 10 Hours Ago
It was very easy to communicate with Michael DiBenedetto. He was extremely prompt and responsive to all my questions. The price quoted was very fair. The transfer was very quick and efficient and on time. My car was delivered a couple of days earlier than expected by Skyline Auto Relocation Inc. Would highly recommend Michael from Priority Auto Relocation. Thank you once again for your great service!...[More]
By Anahita on Priority Auto Relocations Inc. about 10 Hours Ago
Ali from Amerifrieght contacted me within 12 hours of posting my vehicle move. Transport happened all in one day. Opted to take the additional $95 insurance, total cost for the move was $745, $50 up from the original estimate. Everyone was friendly, professional and helpful. ...[More]
By Jim on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 11 Hours Ago
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight about 8 Hours Ago
Call Ali 678-608-0570 BBB Accredited, Top Rated Agent ...[More]
I purchased a new Mercedes from Manhattan NYC and was refearl by Carl Aloi at Mercedes of Manhattan who I must say If anyone needs a good deal on a Mercedes give him a call. Carl suggested I use ship any car as there dealership uses them for all there out of state sales. My car arrived just as planned and they even put the BOW on for me when delivered Thanks so much guys!...[More]
By Rita on Ship Any Car LLC about 11 Hours Ago
Ship a car direct was helpful and knowledgeable. Price was fair when compairing to other companies. Response: For a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 Dont spend more than you have to! Completely licensed and insured auto transport company servicing the whole US with both open and enclosed car transport. Cars, boats and bicycles - long and short paths - we do it all! Contact us today for a quote. Call us 407-268-6689 ...[More]
By amanda on Above All Transporters about 11 Hours Ago
EASY TO WORK WITH AND ON TIME Customer CommentsService Information Moving my household was a pain in the rear and I thought I would be dealing with similar issues with the household but as things would have it, Professional auto transport's team is efficient, courteous, and professional. I am happy to be writing this review because my car is my baby and it took me awhile to find a company I was comfortable with. Thanks to Max my vehicle reached me in one piece and their customer service team was patient with all of my questions. If need be I will definitely be using their services again. ...[More]
By Sandra on Professional Auto Transport about 12 Hours Ago
This is the second time using this company for vehicle transport, best prices, best service, great drivers, and quick service, you wont be disappointed, this company is an awesome company, that does a great job, at a great price....[More]
By Joe Kohn on South Beach Transport about 13 Hours Ago
I simply can't say enough regarding Andrew Auto and their AA+ Auto shipping service. I'm a staunch believer in offering praises where praises are due, but a majority of times you’ll only hear people complaining and issuing negative remarks concerning a given service. However, with me it’s a bit different and I always tell people if they are doing a wonderful job. After my successful move, which was facilitated by Andrew Auto shippers I was more compelled to post a review here saying how much I appreciated their work. My vehicle was delivered on time and in perfect condition. The pricing was also fair and I can admit that was a bit happy with everything. Overall, dependable service, prompt and would use again....[More]
By John on Andrew Auto Transport about 14 Hours Ago
AM/PM Auto Transport was recommended to me from the guy I bought a car from in Arizona. I'm in the UK so was looking for the car to be collected from him & taken to Houston. Scott initially contacted me with a quotation by email. We had a couple of discussions via email & then I instructed them. I also spoke with him on the telephone. The car was collected almost immediately and delivered to the port within a couple of days, 1200 miles! Delighted with the service and personal attention I received. We are all to quick to moan about poor experiences these days & that is why I have taken the time to send this review when companies are getting it right! I would highly recommend & will definitely use again as it makes my job easier? Excellent!...[More]
By Richard Dixon on AmPm Auto Transport about 15 Hours Ago
My Experience with Haul Away was great. Our entire family moved to Texas and we arranged the pickup ahead of time. Whenever we needed an update, we called the customer department and spoke with Ely who was immediately knowledgeable about when when our car was being picked up and then again when it was being delivered. No turnover time. He knew on the spot. The driver was friendly and curteous and professional. We would very likely use Haul Away again....[More]
By David on Haul Away Logistics LLC about 17 Hours Ago
I want to say I was very impressed with my car move. I had other brokers give me higher quotes because they were 5star they said. Ezcarmove answered my questions by phone as well as having a nice online website to refer to. Soon as I registered I was given a dashboard as they call it so I could see my status. I placed a pickup time for friday knowing it may take 1-5 days and hopefully would be the weekend. I was called on Thursday stating they would pick up Sunday. Great!. The down payment was even lower than expected. The truck driver that was assigned to us communicated with us very well. He called my sister for pickup times and an hour after pickup called me to let me know it would arrve the next morning. He said he would call a half hour before arrival and he DID and again when he arrived. My quote was on the low side of my quotes but they performed top notch and with no damage to my vehicle. As this was my first experience with a car move I didnt know what to expect but am very pleased with the service and cost and would do business with them again....[More]
By Doreen on Easy Car Move about 18 Hours Ago
Chell Hart was great throughout my entire process, she personally ensured that I got the best possible deal. I would definitely use and recommend ASG TO ANYONE!!...[More]
By Katherine A Hardine on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 18 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 9 Hours Ago
Chell Hart **(360) 464-1039** Dear Katherine! I have a soft spot of my military service personnel and work extra ha...[More]
my experience with auto shipping Group was excellent the driver Ruben was knowledgeable and nice the customer service representative eric bilyou was also honest knowledgeable and nice my overall customer rating is a 10 out of 10 this experience was easy smooth straightforward and not stressful at all I would definitely use this service again...[More]
By Marquice Burton on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 19 Hours Ago
My whole experience with auto shipping group was the best I ever had thanks to the agent Martha Castillo who made the shipping of my two cars possible in such short time. She was very kind and professional throughout the whole process, kept me inforn and was able to give me exact dates of the cars being picked up and delivered. 2 years ago I moved from Florida to Bakersfield, CA and shipped my 2 cars separately with a different company which I would never use since one of my cars was delivered with scratches on the side of the rear bumper. My husband and I were very upset but couldn't do anything about it. Moving back to Florida last week and having bought a brand new SUV I did my research and was very glad I used their services. My cars were delivered in perfect condition and on time, I was extremely pleased with everything and as soon as I received them Martha followed up with me to make sure the cars and everything went well. I will use their services again without a doubt, totally recommend it and specially Martha Castillo who gave me peace of mind and made it possible to ship my cars in a weeks time without any problems. Her service was exeptional, she went above and beyond to make this process easy and stress free for me. Best customer service ever received. ...[More]
By Vanessa Perez on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 20 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 8 Hours Ago
MARTHA CASTILLO 360-464-2504 Call for a free quote! You were in a tight Jam and I got you out within just a couple of phone calls to some our top rate...[More]
no communication between myself and carrier. He claimed his truck broke down but he managed to get it home and spend a week there. Not one time did he call me and let me know anything that was going on I had to text him every few days to find out anything. EASY CAR MOVE INC. washed their hands of it after they took my deposit. They did not seem to care when or if I got my vehicle. I wouldNOT LET THEM HAUL MY GARBAGE!!!...[More]
By mark on Easy Car Move about 21 Hours Ago
Transport was professional and communicative. Transport was on time and arrived when expected. Vehicle was not damaged, but normal road use/dirt was on the vehicle upon arrival. Would use transport service again in the future if we needed to transport our vehicle again....[More]
By Joshua Holm on Auto Transport 123 about 21 Hours Ago
I was greatly impressed with how everything turned out through this process. The price was competitive and fair. Lance was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend this company to anyone Account executive was Lance Staab ...[More]
By Anthony Gallerani on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 22 Hours Ago
Response from Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Greg Bailey about 7 Hours Ago
Lance Staab 360.406.4893 Tony, Thank you for the great review. I know the vehicle has not been delivered yet. I real...[More]
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