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Tru Auto Transport Inc. 
Boca Raton, FL 33433
Phone Number:561-948-1451
Secondary Phone Number:866-440-7531
Time On Site:4 Years, 5 Months. Since 12/4/2010
FMCSA Licensing:
Common CarrierNone
Contract CarrierNone
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Company Type:
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We pride ourselves on integrity. There is a process as to how the auto transport industry works. PLEASE do your research before choosing a company. If you want your vehicle picked up in a timely manner, by a REPUTABLE company, please call or email us ASAP. We would love to explain how our industry works and answer any questions/concerns you may have. Understanding how our industry works and doing your research will ensure a stress free auto transport.
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    Next Reviews on Tru Auto Transport Inc.
    Subject: TRU auto transport review
    Review:I really had a great experience with TRU auto transport i dealt with kim and she was awesome and educated me on how the industry works and was very honest and kept her word from start to finish provided her own personal cell # and we stayed intouch t... [ More ]
    Poster:martin alejandre
    Date:5/20/2015 8:08:00 PM
    Subject: 5 star service, trustworthy and dependable
    Review:Tru Auto Transport is a great company, I've used them 4 times for 4 different vehicle purchases. I have always received outstanding service. Kim always provides excellent customer service. In an industry that can have "issues" I have felt c... [ More ]
    Date:5/18/2015 3:05:00 PM
    Subject: Kim Foster/Tru Auto Transport
    Review:Kim Foster was wonderful to do business with at Tru Auto Transport Inc. She was very knowledgeable about timing for pick up, length of time to east coast and offering open/closed containers etc. We were concerned about our new 2015 car and asked it... [ More ]
    Poster: Segel
    Date:5/15/2015 3:41:00 PM
    Subject: Kim with Tru Auto Transport
    Review: I have a very good experience with Tru Auto Transport. The very first time I spoke with Kim I so excited and knew within myself this is the company I’m gonna have transport my vehicle. She has a very good sense of humor, down to earth and v... [ More ]
    Date:5/11/2015 7:09:00 PM
    Subject: Delivery of Model A pickup
    Review:I have worked with Kim before and this transaction was as competent as were the others. Very efficient , on time and safe delivery. I would use Tru transport again if I needed another delivery [ View ]
    Poster:Deacon Jim
    Date:4/27/2015 5:49:00 PM
    Subject: KIMS THE BOMB!
    Review:Kim comes through again shipping me another vehicle in a timely manner and cost effective while maintaining contact via email or phone 24/7... Customers truck showed up in great condition as well, diver was also very nice.. Thanks again KIM!! [ View ]
    Poster:Ryan M
    Date:4/27/2015 1:50:00 PM
    Subject: Great Service
    Review:Kim with Tru Auto Transport was Great! Being a first time car shipper she was able to ease my nerves and assure that she would be able to get my car to me. I honestly started with 20 different companies narrowed down to 5. Kim was the third person I ... [ More ]
    Poster:Kendra A.
    Date:3/6/2015 5:02:00 PM
    Subject: Kim Foster
    Review:What a breath of fresh air. I had never shipped a car before and had no idea how the industry worked. After a month of online searches and phone calls, I was about ready to drive it myself. Kim started by carefully explaining the process and the ind... [ More ]
    Date:8/24/2014 1:18:00 PM
    Subject: Honest and Hard Working
    Review:My transport was of a 1971 Pontiac Catalina convertible. Ultimately the issue became one of size - because the car is over 19ft long it would have taken the space of two cars on the truck. Understandably truckers wanted double the typical transport... [ More ]
    Date:8/8/2014 9:57:00 AM
    Subject: Kim really does a good job
    Review:Before I called Kim, I used a broker telling me FOREVER that dispatch looking for a driver for me. So I called her on a Tuesday afternoon, telling her my story and that I will be leaving on Friday, and she was very knowledgeable to answer all my ques... [ More ]
    Poster:Jiawei L
    Date:8/8/2014 12:57:00 AM
    Subject: Awesome Experience
    Review:I used Tru Auto Transport to ship my vehicle to my home in Louisiana, and the experience was unbelievable. Kim was a true professional in every sense of the word. She was very prompt in her response, and was very honest. She also found the absolute... [ More ]
    Date:8/7/2014 1:39:00 AM
    Subject: New Jersey to Texas in 3 days flat.
    Review:Tru auto transport is the bomb, Kim is honest and very knowledgeable about the business. He educated me on the scams and after checking around, everything he said was true. He helped me determine a shipping price that was the lowest reasonable pric... [ More ]
    Date:8/6/2014 12:47:00 PM
    Subject: Tru Auto Transport
    Poster:Donelle Coleman Jr.This reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:8/4/2014 1:43:00 PM
    Subject: Transport to Texas from pa
    Review:Kim was a great broker. She returned phone calls(even on weekend)! We had trouble finding a broker that would tell the truth about how long it would take to find a hauler. She told u right out it was a route used a lot but she found a hauler in a sho... [ More ]
    Poster:Kim K
    Date:8/4/2014 10:33:00 AM
    Subject: Transport to Texas from pa
    Review:Kim was a great broker. She returned phone calls(even on weekend)! We had trouble finding a broker that would tell the truth about how long it would take to find a hauler. She told u right out it was a route used a lot but she found a hauler in a sho... [ More ]
    Poster:Kim K
    Date:8/4/2014 10:33:00 AM
    Subject: Kim Foster
    Review:To cut through the bull I had a magnificent experience using Kim and her company. She did everything (and more) that she promised! I have another vehicle that may possible need to be shipped and I wouldn't contact anyone but her. She was the epito... [ More ]
    Date:7/21/2014 4:19:00 PM
    Subject: Motorcycle
    Review:Working with Kim through the process of getting my son's motorcycle shipped home before he leaves for deployment was a huge relief! She made the whole process stress-free for this way stressed out mom! She kept me informed the whole time it was on it... [ More ]
    Poster:Christina Propst
    Date:6/1/2014 5:57:00 PM
    Subject: Excellent service
    Review:I was duped by a different carrier who never intended to ship my car at the price they quoted. At this time they have yet to refund my deposit as they promised. I contacted Kim after reading the reviews here and she was terrific. She went throug... [ More ]
    Date:6/1/2014 5:42:00 PM
    Subject: Truly a Great Experience !!
    Review:What can I say, wish that I would of gone with this company from the beginning, Kim Foster is an amazing woman and I would do business again with her anytime. She explained to me how this business works and was very honest doing so, I spoke to her la... [ More ]
    Date:5/29/2014 11:51:00 PM
    Review:I first contacted Tru Auto Transport on Mar 15, 2014 to arrange the shipment of a car in May. Kim told me it was too early to give a final price and that we should talk again closer to the shipment date. On Mar 18 I placed an order online and got an ... [ More ]
    Response:Every broker uses a software called Jtracker. We send emails through Jtracker to customers requesting quotes to ship vehicles. We all use the same software. In the initial email that goes out to a customer, on the bottom, there is a link that says .....For your convenience, place order here. The customer can or cannot fill out their info for transport. Address' number's.....etc..........Immediately after they do that, they receive an AUTOMATED email that says Thank you for placing your order with.......someone from.....will contact you shortly to well, the broker gets an AUTOMATED email saying....placed an UNVERIFIED order....this email comes through red in our system and it says UNVERIFIED customer has edited contact to stays UNVERIFIED until we click a button that says verify. There is a big difference between VERIFIED and UNVERIFIED. Naomi Rippy Demarco clicked that link therefore, I received that email stating UNVERIFIED order placed. I always immediately contact anyone that does that. Why wouldn't I ? That is how I make money. From orders. We all love seeing that someone has placed an order on line. I left Naomi Rippy Demarco 3 voice messages and three emails in a THREE WEEK PERIOD. Not 4 hours as she states, THREE WEEKS. I will provide a time stamp later in this review to prove that. After 3 weeks, 3 calls, and 3 emails, I must guess that she is not interested in doing business. If she was, she would contact me like everyone else does that clicks that link. Sometimes when I call after getting the UNVERIFIED notification, people say oh I am sorry, I clicked it by accident. oh sorry, I decided to go with someone else........or Hey thank you for calling how do we move forward. When a potential customer does not contact me back, my only guess is they are not interested in doing business. No problem, I move on to someone else. But I do have to cancel it in my system so it does not show up in my orders section. I attempted to contact Naomi Rippy Demarco once a week for THREE WEEKS (not 4 hours) and then gave up. I only waited the three weeks because her transport was for 2 months out, so I gave it some time. The following is what I do this every time I get an email from an UNVERIFIED order when I do not make contact. I send an email (so I have proof in writing) that clearly states in the subject line REQUEST CANCELED DUE TO NO COMMUNICATION - NO DEPOSIT - NO CREDIT CARD - NO CONTRACT ON FILE I wrote a little note that I attempted contact with no response and wished her luck on her transport. Well guess what? 5 minutes later Naomi Rippy Demarco is on the phone ripping my head off. Yelling at me. Saying I am a liar. I never called her. Screaming like crazy and cursing at me. I could go on and on.......I hung up on her. She then sent me an email telling me to F*** OFF - and she even spelled it out !!! And yes, I still have that email. She said oh you are so rich you do not need my money?? It goes on and on from there. Naomi RIppy Demarco sure does not like to be told no. Talk about a take away close ! Here is the time stamp from Jtracker that I cannot alter New lead 03/12/14 2:05 pm New quote 03/15/14 12:20 pm Follow-up(1) 03/16/14 10:04 am New-unverified 03/18/14 2:06 pm Cancelled 04/08/14 6:21 pm As you can clearly see........ lead...... quote............the new UNVERIFIED order. Then on APRIL 8th CANCELED. This is certainly not 4 hours as she claims. Naomi Rippy Demarco was to have her car shipped on MAY 2nd. Say to say I left her without transport not true. She booked with another broker, who I will not name. They low balled her and STILL have not picked up her car. They told her I was SOLELY responsible for her car not getting picked up. I have NOTHING to do with this. She was NEVER my customer and of course you can guess, NEVER will be. I never had her order. Never shipped her car. She got angry with me because I canceled her. She was SO ANGRY that she went onto Go Daddy and bought the domain She told me this. And told me she would RUIN my life with that domain she bought. This is not normal behavior. Who does that?? Unfortunately the policy of this wonderful site is because Naomi received an AUTOMATED email from Jtracker that stated.... thank you for placing your order.............her review is allowed on this site. They claim that makes her a customer. Beware brokers this could happen to you ! [ view ]
    Date:5/13/2014 4:17:00 PM
    Subject: Tru Auto Transport is Awesome!
    Review:Tru Auto Transport was a real life saver! The owner Kim was exceptionally helpful. I was extremely nervous to ship my car because a few years ago I shipped my furniture and my stuff was stolen/broken/3 weeks late/ and twice the price! Needless to say... [ More ]
    Date:4/22/2014 10:56:00 AM
    Subject: Amazing
    Review:Well people always say go through someone from a referral. Well I was referred to Tru Auto from a close military friend that had used the company. I was so surprised how honest and nice Kim was. She answered all of my text and calls even though she w... [ More ]
    Date:4/13/2014 2:45:00 PM
    Subject: Would use again
    Review:Great customer service - kept me informed on when vehicle was picked up and when it would be delivered. [ View ]
    Poster:Clearwater Automotive
    Date:2/13/2014 3:27:00 PM
    Subject: Amazing Service
    Review:Kim has been a great help specially when we had a urgent need to ship the car. She made all the arrangement so quick while making sure that the car get delivered on time. She is very quick on responding on my email and calls. I am very happy that I c... [ More ]
    Poster:Manoj Sigdel
    Date:2/13/2014 12:19:00 PM
    Subject: Model A Ford
    Review:I called kim told her what i needed gave her the contack number and sat back and it was all done for me, The car came on time and just the way it left, and the price was fair, I was very happy, she is my transporter from now on, thanks Kim , Rudy M .... [ More ]
    Poster:Rudy Marinosci
    Date:2/10/2014 5:22:00 PM
    Subject: Excellent Communication
    Review:Kim got the job done in under 48hrs when other companies I had contacted were taking weeks. My vehicle was broke down out-of-state, but I did not have to be physically present for the pickup, which was a great benefit due to my work schedule. Also,... [ More ]
    Date:2/10/2014 3:43:00 PM
    Subject: Worry free transport
    Review:This is the second time I have used Tru Auto Transport and I am once again extremely happy with the service. I gave Kim three days notice and she was able to pull off my transportation needs from Los Angeles to Minneapolis at a great price. I had s... [ More ]
    Poster:Paul H
    Date:2/10/2014 2:26:00 PM
    Subject: Mazda move
    Review:Kim was great,did what she said she would do and car was delivered early. Bent over backwards to make sure everything went smoothly,and really helped during a tough time,thanks Kim [ View ]
    Date:2/10/2014 12:34:00 PM
    Subject: great service
    Review:Kim was the only company that contacted me by phone to talk about her company and was able to pick up my car the same week that I called her and deliver the next day when other company's couldn't give me an exact pick up or drop off date. Super frien... [ More ]
    Date:2/9/2014 11:20:00 PM
    Subject: Tru Auto Transport
    Review:Really great and dependable service. Honest and good communication. I would Highly recommend! Also, very reasonable/inexpensive cost as compared to other quotes. There are many other brokers that just don't get it done, from my experience. Don't... [ More ]
    Poster:Shane Korfike
    Date:2/9/2014 4:50:00 PM
    Subject: Kim at Tru Auto Transport is Great!
    Review:I have used Tru auto Transport Inc twice and they have been great to work with. I felt safe and knew that my car would be protected. Kim worked very hard at getting me the best price possible. It was delivered safe and sound each time. [ View ]
    Poster:KaraThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:1/20/2014 8:31:00 PM
    Subject: Great Service and experience!!!!
    Review:First time I had ever needed this service. Kim was honest and upfront about everything!!! The price was well below what other transporters and brokers gave me. I highly recommend Kim and the great service she provides. She will be my first call if ev... [ More ]
    Date:1/20/2014 7:50:00 PM
    Subject: Kim is the best!!
    Review:I'm am very pleased to recommend this company, Kim to be exact being as though I've done business with her. She's professional, knowledgable an most importantly she doesn't make promises without the intentions of keeping them. She provided a quote an... [ More ]
    Date:1/19/2014 4:42:00 PM
    Subject: Good service transport review
    Review:Kim is great , everything went smoothly and like clockwork, even at a good price.She kept me informed every step of the way, will defiantly use her again, especially since I got toasted by another company in the past. Thanks Steve [ View ]
    Poster:Steve A.
    Date:1/11/2014 7:19:00 PM
    Subject: Transport of Antique Car
    Review:I needed to transport a vintage car from Tenn. to Ohio. I called Tru Auto Transport Inc. and received a reasonable quote. They scheduled the transport in a timely manor and the pick-up was done on time. The vehicle was delivered in a covered carrier... [ More ]
    Poster:Rick Fisher
    Date:1/8/2014 2:02:00 AM
    Review:I had never shipped a car before and was VERY skeptical. I had a few quotes from other companies but I wasn't comfortable with them. I spoke to Kim Foster and she was just amazing. She explained the process in so much detail which made me very com... [ More ]
    Date:12/23/2013 1:58:00 PM
    Subject: Excellent Service
    Review:Kim with TruAutotransport was the most easy going, sharp as a tack auto-transport rep I've ever worked with. I discerned her integrity right off the bat, after talking with at least 15 overly aggressive guys who didn't impress me with their "we'... [ More ]
    Poster:Wendell Taylor
    Date:12/20/2013 6:44:00 PM
    Subject: Excellent Service, Highly recommend!!!!!
    Review:Kim is a top notch, honest, and very straight forward person in the business and I would recommend her and her company to anyone wishing to transport a vehicle. When I decided to use Tru Auto Transport, Kim immediately found a driver and a then deci... [ More ]
    Date:12/1/2013 10:42:00 AM
    Subject: Excellent Service
    Review:Kim was absolutely awesome. Her honesty made the process much smoother than other companies I had tried to work with. Pick-up was on time, delivery was early and I didn't pay a penny more than what was quoted. I will definitely call Kim again and aga... [ More ]
    Poster:Josh Calderon
    Date:11/21/2013 1:49:00 PM
    Subject: Transpoet
    Review:I got the best of care and Kim Foster was and is a lot of help. I would suggest this company with anyone who needs transports. Thank you Kim you the best. Beverly Winham [ View ]
    Poster:Beverly WinhamThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:11/11/2013 8:47:00 AM
    Subject: Kim at tru auto transport
    Review:Kim was great to work with, very nice and has great relations with the drivers. She was able to get my car on time and without any problems. I would recommend using her to anyone who is looking to ship their car in the future. [ View ]
    Poster:Travis Bird
    Date:10/29/2013 5:11:00 PM
    Subject: Delivery Of TransAm
    Review:Found Kim during an online search, from there it has been a great experience. Kim has integrity which is sometimes hard to find in this industry. I was so satisfied with the first delivery, I've contacted her since and she assisted my with other de... [ More ]
    Date:10/28/2013 8:32:00 AM
    Review:I was lucky enough to have gotten this company as a referral from a fellow Marine mom and I have to give a HUGE shout to them! We had my son's Jeep picked up in Los Angeles and shipped to Maryland. The owner is also a military mom named Kim Foster so... [ More ]
    Poster:Lisa Hansen
    Date:10/27/2013 11:18:00 PM
    Subject: SCAM
    Review:Kim Foster took $200 and never picked up my truck. Returned only one phone call within a span of two weeks, to ironically tell me she was not a con artist. No pick-up of my vehicle was ever conducted. I've since placed over 20 calls to her contact... [ More ]
    Response:There is no name attached to this wonderful review. I can only assume this is Jonathan Wagner. The ONLY customer I have had in 8 years, that refused to sign my contract. I sent the contract to you at least 10 times. I emailed you that without the contract signed, there will be no transport. I made that very clear. I do not break the rules for any customer . I have before, and that never works out. Just because you gave me a deposit, does not mean that you are contracted with me. AGAIN , you refused to sign my contract does that make me the bad guy??? Anyone who refuses to sign the contract for auto transport is up to no good. Therefore, I will not do business with anyone who will not follow my company rules. Oh and thank you very much for wasting my time ! I would expect more from a military guy. [ view ]
    Date:10/14/2013 2:31:00 PM
    Subject: Would use again
    Review:Transporting a vehicle can be somewhat confusing and picking a company for the first time is very overwhelming. The reviews on many of the companies are all over the place because it can vary so much by driver. This company is the only one I saw with... [ More ]
    Poster:Ann from Nyack
    Date:9/8/2013 9:11:00 PM
    Subject: 17' Boat on trailer
    Review:Had previous problems with a broker then met Kim and she explained what was happening and helped me cancel and get started again. Kim told me what to expect and what not to expect and estimated the true cost and how all this works. Kim found a transp... [ More ]
    Poster:Mike Deaner
    Date:8/27/2013 7:19:00 PM
    Review:I love working with Kim. I try other transport companies. I hated them. They always ask for lots more money, once you sign up with them. I used KIm for the last ten cars. She always keeps me update on what going on. Kim works very hard on keeping m... [ More ]
    Poster:John Pope
    Date:7/23/2013 8:58:00 AM
    Subject: Stolen money
    Review:Kim charged my credit card $950, which is the total for the car transport. The day before my car is to be delivered, I find out she told the trucking company that the fee was to be paid at delivery. She has not returned any phone calls, texts or emai... [ More ]
    Response:LESSON FOR ME: When a customer begs to pay the total amount for the transport all on credit card, say no. No matter what the circumstance. They are doing it so they can get the transport for free . This is exactly what Tami did. She set me up, in order to NOT pay a broker fee and ATTEMPT to get her entire transport for free. I took Tami's credit card payment because she said there was NO WAY she could get cash to her daughter for the delivery. Reluctantly, I said yes to take the entire payment on the credit card..........MISTAKE....... Tami called me 25 times in ONE HOUR....... I was not available during the time she called. When I did not return her call DURING THAT ONE HOUR, she disputed her credit card charge. This was ridiculous, since it was FOUR DAYS before the car was to be delivered. When I called Tami back, she said well I was freaking out, I thought you left the country or something with my money. REALLY? During this short period of time, I had received about 30 text message and emails saying she was calling the police and charging me with fraud. So I asked Tami.... Did you dispute your credit card charge? She said.... NO I DID NOT DISPUTE MY CHARGE, I WAS GOING TO, BUT I CHANGED MY MIND....I did not believe that for a second, nor did the carrier. They said she was out of control, yelling and threatening them and me. The carrier said she appears to be one of those people that are trying to get something for free. The carrier recommended to me that we see what happens in the morning with the credit card charge. GUESS WHAT?? She had disputed the charge and the $950 was immediately taken out of my bank account. So of course since I did not have any of Tami's money any more, I was not paying the carrier. And they completely agreed. They said they would only deliver if it was cash. Tami then tried to pay the carrier by credit card. They said no way. Cash only and Tami agreed. Funny that miraculously Tami could find the $950 in cash to get to her daughter, but when I asked her, it was not possible. Sad, that people set out to pay by credit card solely so they can dispute their charge and get something for free. I work too hard to have a customer pull this on me. But, it is my own fault for taking the payment up front. Never again. So STOLEN MONEY??? No I think not. If I stole your money, I would have your money. This whole thing cost me money and hours of phone calls to the truck driver. There are good and bad people in the world....................... [ view ]
    Poster:Tami DeFrank
    Date:7/12/2013 7:48:00 PM
    Subject: Kim is the best!!!!
    Review:Kim Foster is the best. This was my first time transporting my car and I was very nervous. Kim assured me and gave me the best service. Very honest and helpful broker. I have and will be recomending Kim to all my friends and family. [ View ]
    Date:7/3/2013 2:49:00 PM
    Subject: 85 vet
    Review:Kim was very help full. she keep me up to date. I would recomend her to anyone.VERY HONEST. She has a great personality and very dedicated to the customer even after she learned how to fall off her tricycle,and broke a few bones, she still manage to... [ More ]
    Poster:Brian Bartelt
    Date:6/25/2013 7:03:00 PM

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