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Car Shipping Pros 
1201 S Lejeune Rd
Miami, FL 33134
Phone Number:1-888-389-9927
Secondary Phone Number:616-622-4899
Time On Site:2 Years, 8 Months. Since 9/30/2012
FMCSA Licensing:
Common CarrierNone
Contract CarrierNone
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Company Type:
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With Car Shipping Pros, you have the best guarantee we can secure some of the most reasonable rates based on the amount of cars we move a month! Is that simple. Our 40k LIKES ON FACEBOOK from previous repeat shippers show you we are #1 in this industry and we have the largest carrier network nationwide so odds are we probably have a truck near your demographic region today! Call 888-389-9927 and we will check your route for you and give you our most attractive auto shipping quote!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Think the lowest price is the best option? Did you know lower rated carriers with older trucks are the ones that will be interested in that low price? Older trucks = more probability of break downs and damage = delays and higher costs in rental car fees. The lowest prices are issued by desperate companies with the lowest ratings. Still think price is the same as value? Think again. We here at Car Shipping Pros price competitively to ship within a 72 hr window. Route Specialists standing by to answer all of your logistics and scheduling questions Mon-Fri 9-7 Sat 10-6 Sun 12-4 Email 24-7 - We price to ship so you have the peace of mind you will not be left stranded waiting to be picked up or even worse have to incur rental car fees due to delays in delivery.We also provide enclosed shipping for collectibles and high end beauties RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE to ensure you catch that flight at competitive rates******************* AAA specials, military rebates, senior citizen and AARP discounts******************* Join the 40k people who LIKE our Facebook page at : Stay up to date with monthly auto shipping promotions Never pay a dime at the time you start the process and book your reservation with us! Stay in the driver's seat, always empowered with Car Shipping Pros and avoid all the shenanigans you hear about in the auto shipping industry. The never leave a man behind approach guarantees you will have your vehicle picked up REGARDLESS what difficulty rating your route is tagged with!! Door to door service for your convenience. Call today 1-888-389-9927 We are AAA recommended ,5 stars across the board REAL REVIEWS from REAL clients on here ======================================================================================================================= See our state of the art trucks we use for auto transport at to view our beautiful gallery of previously shipped vehicles. Car Carriers used are on the site. For military auto shipping visit ====================================================================================================================================================== Never require any up front deposits or fees prior to assignment of a pick up date and we solely specialize in our exclusive door to door service. Book today without paying a dime so you are fully protected. The same carrier you're going to hand your keys over to, is the same one delivering at your front door at the final destination. We certainly can accommodate last minute moves and do cater to the brave men and women who we owe our freedom to, our military. We work closely with the United States Marine Corps as well as other branches of the military, providing a smooth, hassle free move during deployment or leave. Wonderful discounts with military ID. Visit : ====================================================================================================================================================== No gimmicks or games just the straight forward, honest approach you deserve so very much as a paying consumer. Call 1-888-389-9927 to experience the Car Shipping Pros difference today. Remember 80 percent of the time the first company consumers choose does NOT get the job done. Fall in the 10 percent that gets it right the first time and call us today! ====================================================================================================================================================== We offer reasonable prices while always valuing the safety of your vehicle while ensuring it is promptly delivered. Typically a quarter of a million dollar in insurance coverage is included. ====================================================================================================================================================== Highly trained logistics specialists at Car Shipping Pros standing by to offer you a free, no obligation auto shipping quote at: 1-888-389-9927 OPEN MON-FRI 9am-7pm EST SAT 10am-6pm EST Facebook page has car carrier pictures utilized in auto transport. Join the 40k to LIKE US and receive special shipping deals, discounts, and monthly promotions
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    Subject: Car shipping pros
    Review:Sold one of our car and shipping it from FL to TX is a breeze with Car Shipping Pros. At first I was hesitant but their shipping consultant is very knowledgeable in explaining the process. Car buyer received the car in pristine condition, i would def... [ More ]
    Poster:Warren WestThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:5/25/2015 11:16:00 PM
    Subject: Terrific Car delivery
    Review:I was pleased when my mother gave me a call that the car I ordered from NY - FL arrived yesterday. She loved my present and she would also like to send her thanks to Car Shipping pros. They made my surprise possible! [ View ]
    Poster:Amy BakerThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:5/25/2015 3:56:00 PM
    Subject: Successful FL to WA shipping!
    Review:Car made it to WA in perfect condition. It's been great doing business with Car Shipping Pros. All transactions were done fast and stress-free. Communication was great from pickup to delivery. Thank you car shipping pros! [ View ]
    Poster:Linda FrittsThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:5/21/2015 4:18:00 PM
    Subject: Awesome Service
    Review:Thank you Car Shipping Pros. Just as promised, here's my review when I arrive in Japan. Car Shipping Pros did a great job in doing a rush delivery before I leave the country. Keep up the good work and a big thanks to the people behind this company! [ View ]
    Poster:Beverly Dantonio
    Date:5/19/2015 9:08:00 PM
    Subject: I really liked these group of folks THANK YOU
    Review:So I called Car Shipping Pros and I too did my research and I was expecting a certain number of bad reviews on all companies but thats really expected when travelling at hotels with shipping companies etc. I really did feel comfortable speaking to th... [ More ]
    Response:We are very happy Maureen that you actually found us to be such a terrific company! We always strive for great customer service and shippers are not just a number for us they are our pride and joy and so is their car! Safety comes first with car shipping pros so we are grateful we could provide you with such amazing service- - - - - - - - - - - - for a free quote call 1-888-389-9927 - - - - - - [ view ]
    Poster:maureen This reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:12/26/2014 12:51:00 PM
    Subject: They Lost My $40,000 Vehicle!!! BEWARE!!
    Review:B E W A R E ! ! ! I did my research, got several quotes & chose these guys. They contracted the job out & my vehicle was picked up June 30, 2014. They lost contact with the driver & the load of several cars. They then denied responsib... [ More ]
    Response:Mr. Harris: We explained to you that the carrier companys insurance was the one handling the loss of your vehicle. This was the exception not the rule and we have no control of how much the insurance company states your car was actually worth (which as we both know was not $40k more like $10k) I understand there was a dispute between what you though your vehicle was worth and what it actually WAS worth but these insurawnce companies DO GO BY black book more then kbb. Especially since your vehicle was USED Fredrerick and not NEW. This IS and remains an important aspect of the evaluation and valuation of a vehicle. As far as us returning your funds that refund was not approved because our employees spent several weeks dealing with your mul;tiple phone calls you rightfully so had since you had questions and we remained happy to assist but those employees do need to be compensated. In our contract it stupulates once we render services and we deliver to you to the contract carrier the transaction is ended by that carrier since it was begun by us. The insurance policy on file was given to you and the reputation of the company even was also given to you so therefore we indeed in fact did our due dilgence from step 1, just like we promised. We do not deserve or warrant this review as we also helped you along the way with filing the claim with the contract carriers insurance company. WE REMAIN TOP 8 IN THE NATION FOR A REASON. And the insurance company has already made an offer to you you were not happy with. Contact Progressive. Write reviews on them and the contract carrier company. We did our job. And we held your hand thorughout the entire transaction as we never hid or ignored your calls. We do wish you the very best Mr. Harris and remember emotional value has very little to do with actual property value of your car. To your auto shipping success! :) [ view ]
    Poster:B. Harris
    Date:12/10/2014 3:27:00 PM
    Subject: Pleasantly Surprised
    Review:It was very nice. Thanks. The car was in great condition. There were a couple spots that I thought were new nicks, but turns out it was just some kind of adhesive that came off with rubbing compound. Car was otherwise very clean. Walter, the drop of... [ More ]
    Response:victoria thanks so much for your kind words. We honestly try to always pair up our 5 star rated truckers in our safety network with our shippers. This industry I suspect like in any industry, has variables as we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. Mother nature also never usually cooperates this is why we advise our clients to book with ample time to allow our drivers a 3 day pick up window and 3 days delivery window so all goes according to plan . Walter sis one of our gems! He has always been on time with pick ups and deliveries. =======================================================call 18883899927 for a free no obligation car shipping quote we are open dec 26 dec 29 dec 30 until 7pm and half day on new years day!=============================== [ view ]
    Poster:Victoria C
    Date:11/13/2014 3:55:00 PM
    Subject: Easy and painless auto shipping
    Review:What a happy surprise! We shipped a brand new Mini Cooper with great trepidation. Bettzy was reassuring and professional on the phone. Double bonus: she managed to find us a driver THE NEXT DAY. The car arrived in perfect shape. Price was right. ... [ More ]
    Response:Maggie thank you for taking 3 minutes to write such a wonderful review for Bettzy! She really is one of our prized gems! And yes we work fast in this case 24 hrs! We knew how much of a sense of urgency you had so time was of the essence! For quotes go to our website and get an instant quote at or check out our 31 thousand likes on facebook [ view ]
    Poster:Maggie Morrissey
    Date:8/11/2014 11:44:00 AM
    Subject: Wonderful Customer Service & Great first experince in Auto shipping....
    Review:This was my first time shipping my vehicle and I seen so many negative things about the auto shipping industry. I was so scared of possiable scams and other horror stories. But Bettzy at car shipping pros was wonderful. She anwsered all my questions ... [ More ]
    Response:Sophie thank you so much for all the awesome comments you mentioned about Bettzy. She is one of our best team members but everyone in all honesty at car shipping pros is knowledgeable and well trained so we overdeliver. AND WE DO CARE! UNLIKE SOME OTHER COMPANIES THAT LOCK YOU INTO A 10 DAY CONTRACT AND THEN TAKE YOUR MONEY FOR DEAR LIFE REGARDLESS IF THEY SHIP YOUR CAR OR NOT we always strive to do right by the shipper. Challenges do occur in this industry because we deal with mother nature, inclement weather, weight station delays, float tires you name it but we as an auto shipping company know that if we cross out Ts and dot our Is and earn shippers business from the get go, we have a fairer shot of the shipper having a fantastic experience! We are also Sophie the only company in the industry thats rock solid and our facebook likes of previous repeat shippers demonstrate it! Over 20k likes today! to get our best rate to ship your vehicle today! [ view ]
    Poster:SophieThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:7/30/2014 5:12:00 AM
    Subject: dishonest company, unrespectfull, asking extra money
    Review: Review: this company is a group of thieves, and dishonest, they arranged driver for me, during the delivery the Driver called me, threatening me over the phone asking for extra 100 $ or he will not deliver the car, don't deal with this company, Bet... [ More ]
    Response:Hassan I think we both know we earned the $100 we made off of your transport sir. We lowered our fee which is something we never do even after you made the decision of placing more then 200 lbs in the car visibly blocking the drivers visibility. When the driver who will get fined $500 minimum penalty arrived at your front door sir he instructed your mother to either unpack the belongings from the car or he would rightfully so charge $100 more which was a deal in itself as he was the one taking the risk and risking DOT shutting him down and inspecting his entire truck for drugs as this is the procedure that is done when they see belongings packed in cars that are not supposed to be there to begin with. When your mother was complying and removing the items you instantly called her and asked her NOT TO REMOVE A THING that you would pay the $100 cause after all you were a doctor. You then proceeded to call our company daily multiple times asking for $100 back which you were advised we do not work for free especially based on the bad decisions YOU YOURSELF MADE HASSAN. You had the opportunity to have you mother remove all belongings as she was doing or a portion of them as the carrier was even nice enough to allow some items but not the entire vehicle as we are a car moving company and not a household moving company. You neglected to act civilized with the driver on the line Hassan utilizing profanity and even mentioning at one point you were a doctor and didn't have to speak to a driver on the line cause that was beyond your socioeconomic category yet this review came in for $100? As we told you before and we will reiterate again, belongings in cars are allowed out of courtesy and not obligation and is ultimately up to the discretion of the driver and not us. We allowed a reasonable amount, you made the decision to take advantage of it and then were upset at your own decision when you were charged $100 at pick up. However the driver could have simply left and left your car for someone else to pick up but you instructed your mother to go ahead and repack the stuff. In the end we know as a corporation we can not simply please every single person. But dishonesty we are not on the contrary we remain one of the most well rounded companies with reasonable prices out there. Variables exist in any industry sir and unfortunately we deal with irrational minds that wish to take advantage of any situation to get a buck back. Our company has value and we rendered services as we always do not even charging up front to do right by the client so to this review I say: We always try to do the right thing. You should learn from our actions and take notes. Be well Hassan and understand at least in America, the world is not handed to you for free. All services have a price tagged to it. We offer the best value to every one of our valued and precious clients we serve. [ view ]
    Date:7/26/2014 7:24:00 PM
    Subject: AWFUL experience - AVOID GT Transport
    Review:The broker, Car Shipping Pros, was marginally acceptable (they tried to help, but not helpful - hence this review). The carrier, GT Transport, was AWFUL. Truck arrived with over $3000 damage and GT Transport refused to pay for it (said WE had to pa... [ More ]
    Response:Robin this case as we shared with you, was the exception and not the rule Robin as you know and you mentioned, these carriers we utilize day in day out are all part of our safety network of carriers, all with high credentials and rock solid ratings. This industry of ours has variables like life itself and when inclement weather for example happens, or truck repairs slows us down a little due to the carrier having to stop forcefully, or hydraulic systems don\t raise any more, we certainly don't hide or not answer the calls like we unfortunately hear some of the folks in these industry do. We face every challenge focusing on the solution every step of the way just like we did Robin on your deal. We were diligent and asked you for the bill of lading and when we received it it demonstrated you had signed off that the vehicles were delivered in the same acceptable condition they were picked up in **why the insurance company declined your claim because the bill of lading is the legally binding document that proves if there was damage or not. We instructed you to be present BOTH at the 5 point inspection at pick up Robin as well as delivery. This obviously was not done. If you would have been present or paying attention then you would have been present to notate on the bill of lading the alleged damages your vehicles had. We helped you in every step of the way with the insurance claim however please understand there is only so much we can do when the insurance companys adjusters themselves decline teh claim due to factual evidence demonstrating you released this carrier company from all liability when you signed off the cars were in great shape at delivery on that bill of lading with the 2 safety checks on it. Things happen in this industry and we arent ranked consistently top 10 auto shipping companies nationwide by being mediocre and dropping the ball. We deal with a third party and their insurance company and in thsi case a weak case at best. We are an auto shipping company and a darn great one but we are certainly not miracles workers when factual evidence proves otherwise. [ view ]
    Poster:Robin Sampsell
    Date:5/2/2014 4:03:00 PM
    Subject: Car Shipping Pros
    Review:This is very positive feedback from a customer. Auto Trans Experts delivered my 1972 Corvette early despite very cold, snowy weather. The vehicle was enclosed, protected and none the worse for wear from the 500+ mile trip. Alec, the transport driver,... [ More ]
    Response:Mr. Fletcher thank you so very much for coming through and taking the time to post a wonderful review. This was Montana to Colorado not the easiest of routes whatsoever as a matter of fact and Jenny Patterson still got you done correctly and promptly! Like I told you we would. 1 day pick up and delivery time was not too shabby either huh! LOL $705 ENCLOSED transport was just a steal like I shared with you so I am certainly glad all worked out in such a terrific matter for you but honestly I am not surprised because like I also shared with you we strive for flawless execution from beginning to end. =============1-888-389-9927 ======================== [ view ]
    Date:12/10/2013 12:04:00 AM
    Subject: Mrs. Melek took great care of me
    Review:called car shipping pros for the shipment of my 1998 Bmw M3 and we spoke to Mrs. Melek over in logistics. She took great care of our car shipment and she made sure the drivers were there on time at pick up and delivery. Michigan to Florida 3 day trip... [ More ]
    Response:Thanks Giselle for your kind words! Michigan to Fl is one of our specialties since one of our corporate headquarters is in Grandville Michigan! FOR AN INSTANT QUOTE GO TO WWW.MYAUTOSHIPPINGQUOTE.COM OR CALL 1-888-389-9927 EXTENSION 102 9-9 7 DAYS A WEEK [ view ]
    Poster:Giselle R.
    Date:11/12/2013 8:14:00 PM
    Subject: Awesome Service
    Review:I would recommend this shipper to anyone that is seeking a trustworthy shipper. There are so many people in this industry and you simply do not know who to trust. This company was the first company I contacted via phone directly and I had a great f... [ More ]
    Response:Kathleen and Jenny certainly thank you Shern for taking the time to go out of your way to ensure our future shippers know Car Shipping Pros is a company they can all trust. We are A rated in the Better Business Bureau a dying breed among auto shipping companies nationwide. Fl to Ga was certainly a very well known route by Jennifer Patterson as well so she immediately had 7 drivers lined up for ya! I know you liked the fact that we NEVER ask for any money up front at the time of booking your reservation and this is one of the reasons why clients come with us besides the flawless execution we deliver on ever auto transport. GO TO GET A FREE QUOTE AT WWW.MYAUTOSHIPPINGQUOTE.COM if you are in teh military we are the preferred shipper of the USMC so please visit to qualify for special savings and get your free quote as well. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND RECEIVE DISCOUNTS JOIN ONE OF THE 11K SHIPPERS ALREADY LIKING US ON FB [ view ]
    Date:10/10/2013 9:20:00 PM
    Subject: rep Sally-cross country trip only 8 days
    Review:Called around several auto shipping companies and they were all telling me my trip took 10-12 some even told me 15 days! I was wanting to have my Civic shipped from Spokane to Baltimore and I did procrastinate,never lied to anyone. Bottom line, I ne... [ More ]
    Response:WA-MD 8 days is lightning fast yes and with team driver assignment this is a cinch! Fortunately we here at Car Shipping Pros have a variety of car haulers both teams and solos, flat beds, stingers, heavy equipment, 3-4 car wedges you name it that can certainly get the job done quickly and safely as SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST! The fact that you were a Civic as Sally discussed with you, was certainly a huge plus because you were in demand when it came to what the drivers were seeking as the final spot on their rigs. It was a tad more because of the rush delivery status tagged on the account but $1100 for a cross country move is extremely attractive especially during high season! Thanks for the review C! ============================================== Contact Sally at 1-888-389-9927 ext 101===================== or request a quote at ========Military go to [ view ]
    Date:9/25/2013 7:28:00 PM
    Subject: Awesome service!
    Review:I called car shipping pros 2 weeks ago to set up my auto shipping from Florida to Maryland and I spoke to Kathleen Parker there. Sarah first answered and she was very professional and she looked up my reference number and told me I was assigned to Ka... [ More ]
    Response:Lee Kathleen here. Lee first and foremost I LOVE RESPECT AND ADMIRE SINGLE PARENTS. So immediately of course I wanted to make sure we exceeded your expectations. Thanks for looking us up on Google and deciding to click on our website and ultimately choose us to take care and handle the auto shipping. Besides you had the Z3!!!!!!!! How can we forget we only spoke about it for 20 minutes. I loved my Z3 too when I had it it was a lot of fun yes! I like to explain every step to the consumer. Why some competitors ask me? Simple. If the consumer knows what to expect everything flows better more tranquil because they know exactly what we are doing and they can also value the amount of effort you're putting in to make the deal work. This is definitely a ton of hard work but like Steve Jobs once said: "When you like what you do...the vision pulls you." I love what I do! Thanks Lee and you my friend also rock!================================== Kathleen is available to discuss transport insurance and door to door service with never any money up front required at 1-888-389-9927 extension 103 [ view ]
    Poster:Lee J.
    Date:9/23/2013 10:05:00 PM
    Subject: Kept Me in the Loop
    Review:First I want to say thank you Jenny for always letting me know exactly where my truck was sicne you knew we were working with 1 lonely car. You kept my wife and I informed every step of the way and we appreciate that very much. Price was fair, Maria ... [ More ]
    Response:Maria would like to thank Mr. Steen for allowing her to book the order. Jennifer Patterson would of course like to express her gratitude to Sonny for working with her and being patient with her every step of the way. We appreciate the complements of the assigned carrier we utilize and yes we are very good friends with those folks over there and they have done a multitude of favors for Jen over in dispatch for quicker pick ups and later deliveries due to flight delays on the consumer's end. We are also glad the rain cleaned your truck so Jennifer says all this and a free car wash too! You simply can't beat it ============================================== Call Maria Trujillo at 1-888-389-9927 extension 102 10-9pm mon-fri sat 10-2 [ view ]
    Poster:Sonny Steen
    Date:9/20/2013 1:55:00 PM
    Subject: Show Car
    Review:I authorized service on Thursday afternoon and Car Shipping Pro's called on Monday morning with a pick up for Tuesday morning, but the driver wanted an additional $50.00 which I agreed to. The car was derlivered the next day in perfect condition. Be... [ More ]
    Response:Larry did mention to Maria this was a 5 star review so the 4 star rating is a slight slip of the finger here. We worked very hard for a 5 star review so Maria wanted to point this out here. Larry on behalf of the crew at Car Shipping Pros it was delightful to deal with you sir and I personally thought this was amazing team work from the very start so no wonder all turned up excellent! As we mentioned to you when you placed the order we usually quote within a $50 margin window so if the driver calls in wanting additional funds due to their designated flat fees then that won't be a hurdle we have to cross with the consumer. So you were cool when he asked and we presented you with the option naturally. We got this done earlier then expected as we originally told you we needed a 3-5 BUSINESS DAY time frame to get this done and we did it in the second business day. Just how we like it! We always over deliver Larry just like i promised ya! Thanks Mr. Wagner for your business and I am looking forward to taking care of your auto shipping when you need to return! ============================== Kathleen Parker============18883899927 extension 103====== [ view ]
    Poster:Larry Wagner
    Date:9/20/2013 1:07:00 PM
    Subject: Laredo no problems with Kathleen
    Review:Everyone I spoke to told me Laredo Texas and El Paso were horrible areas to get cars shipped from or to. They all gave me ridiculous prices I could not afford and I knew something was wrong. These folks were honest straight forward and at the end got... [ More ]
    Response:Kathleen Parker remains one of the best logistics coordinators this industry has seen. She does specialize in Laredo Texas, El Paso and Brownsville the 3 most difficult cities in Texas for auto shipping. She mas it look too easy! GET A FREE QUOTE AT WWW.MYAUTOSHIPPINGQUOTE.COM OR CALL 1-888-389-9927 X103 [ view ]
    Date:9/20/2013 7:36:00 AM
    Subject: My car arrived on time without a scratch
    Review:This is the review I promised Jen as she did a wonderful job taking care of the back end of our deal always ensuring we were satisfied customers. And we are Jennifer! We had a car transport from Seattle to Miami and it was seamless. We actually ex... [ More ]
    Response:====Washington to Florida and cross country trips are Jen's specialty===== Her team of gals under her are also as terrific as she is as a supervisor. Jennifer memorizes routes and dedicated car haulers doing the routes like kids memorize their A-B-C's LOL We are very fortunate to have her spearheading our dispatch department here at Car Shipping Pros and always seek to empower her to make flexible decisions that will benefit not only the company but the consumer. Because bottom line.........WITHOUT THE CONSUMER THERE IS NO COMPANY. Thank you to all our wonderful current and repeating clientele as well as our dealership corporate accounts that entrust hundreds of vehicles a month to Car Shipping Pros. We will never let you down. ========================================= Call Kathleen Parker for an auto shipping quote today as she works hand in hand with Jennifer but in reservation at 1-888-389-9927 extension 103 Kathleen is very hardworking always working OT 9-9 mon-fri sat 10-7 sun 12-4 ============================================== [ view ]
    Date:9/19/2013 8:44:00 PM
    Subject: TX-MD $600 Job well done Maria!
    Review:After going online to request a shipping quote I was called by 20 different companies giving me different rates and different stories on how this industry worked apparently. I was scared by the time I got done with the 6th company. Then I called the ... [ More ]
    Response:Ray thanks so much for your complements regarding Maria and Car Shipping Pros. We really have a policy here not to hound people as much as the rest of the companies we've heard about in auto shipping. We sent you the quote and wait 2 days prior to even reaching out most of the time. Like Maria says she doesn't want to be the first to earn your business she wants to be the final and last. In this case this statement served true. Thanks Ray for your business, your trust, your effort and of course. This review!============================================ Maria can be contacted at 1-888-389-9927 extension 102 10am - 9pm EST mon-fri sat 10am-2pm EST Sun she's off however the company remains open==== [ view ]
    Poster:Ray Fletcher
    Date:9/19/2013 4:13:00 PM
    Subject: Awesome Customer Service
    Review:Like I told Kathleen Parker after finishing speaking to her. I have 3 words girl for you IT'S ALL TRUE! I had to ship my Jeep from LA to Atlanta and everyone gave me some sob story how GA was not a desirable area??? I was honestly in shock because A... [ More ]
    Response:Louis this is Kathleen. Words can not express how grateful I am for your kindness and due diligence in executing this review. It's funny, folks out there don't realize that getting a review is actually harder then making a sale! If you do right by the consumer (which I ALWAYS do) you hardly ever hear back from them well until they need a transport again. In all fairness I do have a ton of repeat business coming my way because of how I treat human beings Louis. We do California to Georgia all the time so Jennifer already knew who to call. Plus you were wonderful to keep contact with always answering our calls when we needed to reach you which is so very important in this industry. Louis you were communicative and a pleasure to deal with and positive from the start so naturally=======ALL WENT SMOOTH [ view ]
    Poster:Louis D.
    Date:9/19/2013 10:30:00 AM
    Subject: Great Service
    Review:We are snowbirds shipping regularly from Elizabeth to Miami, Fl. This year we decided to ship a little earlier since the winter is predicted to be tougher as well. Spoke to a very nice lady by the name of Maria there and she helped us out. She even... [ More ]
    Response:NJ-FL Snowbirds are our favorite shippers to deal with and all of the northern sister states really primarily due to their no bs, straight forward approach they bring to the table. We are exactly the same so naturally it's a match made in heaven! Yazmine we thank you for your awesome review ma'am! [ view ]
    Date:9/18/2013 5:39:00 PM
    Subject: Corvette shipped to Fl in 3 days
    Review:I contacted Car Shipping Pros to ship my 1969 Stingray from Bedford to Naples. Spoke to Sally who was very pleasant from the start. In the middle of the order process we had Kat who assisted in sending me the driver's info along with Jennifer Patte... [ More ]
    Response:Kathleen, Sally, and Jennifer yes a wonderful combination there! All 3 are superb logistics coordinators always giving their best to every client they touch (and they service about 200 calls each daily) Amy we still have pics of your Vette in the office up! What a beauty my lord! Unlike our competitors in this industry Amy we DO release driver's information right away. we don't hold on to it for deal life because there is simply no need for that especially when you are being truthful and one actually has a carrier. Honesty is always the best policy and it has worked for us day in day out. MA-FL is a 3 day trip but again we always say 5 to give the driver also some breathing room for any potential challenges like weight stations being backed up or blow outs. We aim to be as considerate as we possibly can with everyone. ============================================= 1-888-389-9927 ext 101 Sally=========================== for a free auto shipping price quote [ view ]
    Poster:Amy Balisi
    Date:9/17/2013 5:16:00 PM
    Subject: Kathleen Parker service
    Review:This was my first car shipping experience and I picked Car Shipping Pros after looking at many companies and reviews. There is a good reason why they have a 5 star rating. Kathleen was prompt, courteous and knowledgable and met or exceeded all of th... [ More ]
    Poster:Allan Bartholomew
    Date:8/22/2013 9:02:00 AM
    Subject: Maria here's your well earned review
    Review:Maria sorry to have taken this long with placing this review but my wife got sick and I was in and out of the hospital taking care of her. Maria at Car Shipping Pros was a pleasure to do business with. I had my 2007 Mercedes S500 shipped from Seattle... [ More ]
    Response:Car Shipping Pros is happy you have chosen us to transport your vehicle door to door on a nationwide auto shipping network. Call Maria at 1-8888-389-9927 ext 102 and get a free auto shipping quote today! Thanks Rohit true pleasure dealing with you as well as your wife========================== [ view ]
    Poster:Rohit SharmaThis reviewer reports they were or plan to compensated for posting this review.
    Date:8/17/2013 1:54:00 AM
    Subject: Kentucky was no problem for Jen
    Review:I called Jen last week and I had her ship my car from Margate to Ky. Everyone else had explained to me Ky was a difficult state to deal with so naturally I was concerned. Jen was nice easy to deal with and she got it done in 48 hours. Thanks Jen for ... [ More ]
    Response:Jennifer Patterson knows Kentucky and the Tennessee areas like the palm of her hands. Contact her at 1-888-389-9927 ext 101 Car Shipping Pros thanks mika for a great review for an auto transport done from Margate, Fl to Louisville Ky. We did transport this vehicle in a 48 business hour turnaround time as we cater to express shipping. Thanks again for such a wonderful review============================================================================================== [ view ]
    Date:8/12/2013 7:34:00 PM
    Subject: NJ-Fl great experience with Maria
    Review:Maria at Car Shipping Pros was professional, courteous, and she certainly knew what she was doing. My husband and I were very pleased with their price and we will using them again in a couple of months when going back to Elizabeth. Our BMW 318 was de... [ More ]
    Response:NJ - Fl is Car Shipping Pros specialty especially in this snow bird season! We hold your hand throughout the entire transaction and make sure you come back year after year! If you like what you hear and aim to be treated with integrity and respect choose Car Shipping Pros for your nationwide auto shipping needs. Cassie Maria Trujillo thanks you for a job well done and a wonderful attitude in working with us as a team to get you out within a short period of time. Snowbirds Call Maria at 1-888-389-9927 extension 102==================== and of course for military auto shipping go to our military car shipping page at [ view ]
    Poster:Cassie B.
    Date:7/16/2013 3:48:00 AM
    Subject: Amazing!!!
    Review:Overall the experience was great! With such a big move from the NE down south I was glad I felt comfortable about the whole experience from the moment I arranged the order to the car being pulled up to our new hOme was amazing The price was in the b... [ More ]
    Response:NY-TX during the busiest season of the year and we still got you done Jeremy thanks for the review! We always aim to exceed our shipper's expectations so they return to us year in and year out like they do. Car Shipping pros does specialize in areas of Texas that most companies wont touch like El Paso, Laredo, Fort Worth, Brownsville. Of course we also do Houston and Dallas needless to say. Check out our beautiful gallery of previously shipped vehicles at or military please go to our newest site for you brave men and women at ======================= [ view ]
    Poster:Jeremy gardner
    Date:7/9/2013 11:43:00 PM
    Subject: Jennifer Patterson-One in a Million!
    Review:I contacted Jennifer Patterson at Car Shipping Pros, with the challenge of getting my hot rod shipped across country in a short period of time. She's a true professional! She worked with me until she found a transport company that could quickly p... [ More ]
    Response:WI-AZ was a successful transaction here with Jennifer Patterson due to the willingness of the customer to be flexible of course and just an overall sweetheart to deal with. My challenge I overcame was the reasonable price with it being a hot rod. It's like wanting a Porsche with Corolla prices LOL yet I still got it done pulling some strings and chatting with some reasonable drivers from Madison. Thanks Degerman for your awesome review and folks if you need great service with no money down call me at 1=888=389=9927 ext [ view ]
    Date:6/29/2013 1:24:00 AM
    Subject: Highly Recommended.
    Review:After a couple of minor hiccups, everything was handled on time and in a very professional manner. Highly recommended. [ View ]
    Response:FL-NY auto transport for my favorite English chap! Bryan Ginns you were one of my favorite shippers and repeat shippers by far. I certainly look forward to shipping many more vehicles for you sir as you are a gentleman and a scholar! Car Shipping Pros specializes in any car move from Miami or Ft Lauderdale or even West Palm Beach as we have one of our corporate offices in Fl. We can then offer you reasonable rates without waiting the usual 10 day period most brokers tag on their contract automatically. Call Kathleen Parker or Jennifer Patterson at 1-888-389-9927 Kathleen is at ext 103 Jen [ view ]
    Poster:Bryan Ginns
    Date:6/19/2013 5:51:00 PM
    Subject: Took great care of my STS thanks Kat!
    Review:Kathleen Parker at Car Shipping Pros was just an unbelievable transport representative to deal with! Honestly I did my homework people and I spoke to 13 different auto transport movers for 3 days in a row and when comparing her to every other...there... [ More ]
    Response:Kathleen Parker is not only our best logistics representative here at Car Shipping Pros but remains a one of a kind gem in the nationwide auto shipping industry highly scouted and very much in demand by her many repeat clients that proactively seek her out to ship their vehicles without dealing with any unnecessary stress or frustrations. Kat will explain it all in detail and you will never feel like just another number or dollar on the books. Kathleen works 12 hours a day from 9am-9pm EST time to accommodate most working person's schedule. is her email and she answers with the fastest turn around time of anyone in the industry live! Within an hour or less Kathleen will answer all your auto shipping concerns. ===================1-888-389-9927 extension 103 [ view ]
    Poster:Sean Miller
    Date:6/17/2013 2:26:00 AM
    Subject: Best Motors uses Car Shipping Pros Wa-FL
    Review:Best Motors has used the services of car shipping pros for the last year and we are very satisfied with the help Maria, Ernesto, and Kathleen always give us. This last shipment was of a 1991 Acura NSX to one of our VIP clients in Deland, Fl and the N... [ More ]
    Response:Dealerships yes we offer a great bulk shipping perk rebates for you! Wa-Fl was this route we worked on and again we thank Lee for such an amazing and positive feedback on our overall level of service provided. The Acura NSX remains our favorite collector's item and we certainly knew it was low clearance low to the ground and so we immediately asked Jenny and her dispatch team of gals under her to get the ball rolling with reaching out to carriers possessing low clearance ramps and experience so the undercarriage Lee would not be damaged. Team work is so essential in any auto shipping company and in any business in general and we are blessed to have such an elite team here whose morals and ethics remain always in the front line when booking and dispatching a deal. [ view ]
    Date:6/15/2013 8:15:00 PM
    Subject: Fantastic service a great Job
    Review:Thankyou Maria , you did a great service to me. very professional great communication everything explained and Im just impressed of how easy your company is to deal with and you made it fun. I will use you guys on the return for sure [ View ]
    Date:6/14/2013 2:44:00 PM
    Subject: Wow Service
    Review: Car Shipping Pros is the best in town. I had the chance to get my car transported from Florida to Massachusetts with the best cost and all security procedures applied. They help me every step thru and I can definitely say they have the best custo... [ More ]
    Poster:Edwing Guilloteau
    Date:6/12/2013 5:18:00 PM
    Subject: Great price and honored military discount
    Review:Carshippingpros did a great job of lining up a driver for a difficult and less traveled route. The pickup was on time and so was the delivery. The driver communicated his ETA and arrived earlier than promised. Overall a great service from a compan... [ More ]
    Response:CAR SHIPPING PROS- THE LEADER IN NATIONWIDE AUTO SHIPPING- Sean Thank you so very much for not only taking the time to place such a favorable auto shipping review (military nevertheless which we love and admire) but submitting it twice to ensure it was actually live on the site! We certainly hope Car Shipping Pros has earned your respect (which by the looks of it we have ) and you send many of your fellow veterans which wish to ship their vehicles our way! Jennifer Patterson and Kathleen Parker really placed forth maximum effort to ensure the transport of your VW was as smooth as we could possibly arrange it! Yes the route MN to OR is off the beaten path but certainly no match for Car Shipping Pros 40 plus years of combined experience. They say in life Sean less is more. IN auto shipping, more is more! Due to our extensive network of pre-screened carriers we have previously worked with and pulling strings and favors for one of them to detour and get this done, we are now pleased to have one more veteran recommending us. Much obliged Sean and God Bless you man! And I know you're an Army guy but SEMPER FI from Car Shipping Pros! Click on gallery to view our previously shipped beauties and the state of the art car carrier we've used to safely deliver them! [ view ]
    Poster:VW owner
    Date:6/7/2013 3:58:00 PM
    Subject: Their military discounts rock!
    Review:I'm currently in the Army and stationed in san antonio TX and I was given leave. The Army did not take of shipping my second car so I knew I had to take care of it myself. I decided I would drive one car and ship the biggest one to save money on gas ... [ More ]
    Response:Truly a pleasure for Car Shipping Pros to have been able to handle an Army move for a female in the service! Tricia thank you for your service ma'am! It was our pleasure to save you $600 from that ridiculous price those other folks were issuing you. As we explained to you this was considered a "MIXED LOAD" meaning an SUV with a coupe (a 2 door sports car) and the SUV was an Escape so as we shared with you it wasn't a heavy SUV either! We believe in eating every day not just one day Tricia especially with military personnel. We are happy we could provide you with the peace of mind during your leave you deserve ma'am. To your safety and may God Bless the great US of A! 1-888-389-9927 [ view ]
    Poster:Tricia Ewelling
    Date:5/26/2013 4:37:00 PM

    Archived Reviews

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